December 27, 2016 9:10 pm

Was Obama the First African-American President?

by Yvette Carnell

In 2010 I wrote an editorial for the Huffington Post  declaring unequivocally that President Obama was not the first African-American president:

In classic Obama style, he’s adorned the costume which we’ve come to associate with all rebellious agitators. Unlike some who’ve compared his speaking style to MLK, I see more of Malcolm than Martin in Obama’s mettle performance. Short, decisive, snappy comments, which linger with the listener by virtue of their verbosity and in your face intellectualism. This was Malcolm’s marker. In 21st century America, Obama is Malcolm’s emulator, but not his heir apparent.

While African-Americans were busily working for change during Obama’s 2008 campaign, we absentmindedly forget that history often foretells future events.

Born to a white mother and a Kenyan father, young Obama’s world view was fashioned in Indonesia and Hawaii through the prism of his mother. There is nothing unseemly about Obama’s upbringing, but it does belie the difficulty inherent in labeling President Obama as African-American.

My attempt to distinguish Obama, born of a white mother and Kenyan father, was met with enraged black voters who wrongly believed I was questioning Obama’s blackness. Now that some time has passed, Antonio Moore and I again explore the question of whether Obama is African-American. Watch the video below:

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  • Edwin Boone says:

    Yep, so get over it. You can’t snatch away his Black card simply because you don’t like his policies.

  • Johnw11 says:

    Is President Obama the first African American president? Since, in my mind,  the matter is rooted in both genetics and culture, the answer is both “yes” and “no.” Genetically, yes: since he is of African descent and was born in America =African American. But culturally, NO, since he has no cultural relationship with the Black collective, those of us who are directly descended from chattel enslavement, and the legacies of old and new Jim Crow. In fact, if he had such a history, he would never have been selected by Wall-Street’s “Super-Delegates” to become president in the first place. A slave with memory is never allowed the highest level of power in the master’s house.
    In fact, President Obama, according to biographers David Maraniss (“Barack Obama: The Story,” 2010, and David Remnick, “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama,” 2010), Mr. Obama gave false accounts of his psychosocial history in his book — “Dreams for my Father” (1995) — in order to fabricate for himself what he thought was an African American narrative as he sought a political career in a primarily African American political district (probably based on stereotypes he was taught about Blacks by the whites who raised him): (1) that he was abandoned by his father, and (2) that his mother was a poverty-stricken single mother on welfare.
    In fact, their research discovered that Mr. Obama was reared in wealth and privilege not available to most people “black or white,” and that his mother left his father rather than the other way around.
    In my mind, a more appropriate question would be, has President Obama been good for Black people? There my answer is not split at all. It is, beyond the possibility of contradiction, a resounding NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In EVERY socioeconomic indicator, Blacks have been set back at 50 years by him. In every socio-legal indicator, Blacks have been set back at least 50 years by him. And psychologically, some Blacks have been totally devastated, enmeshed in zealotry and fanaticism so extremely that it is painful to even listen to them make such fools of themselves.

  • Johnw11 says:

    Johnw11  Addendum:
    It should be noted that his lack of cultural “African Americanism” was a primary obstacle to his early political career in Chicago where he “popped-up” circa mid 1980s. His Black political opponents questioned his “Blackness” often, stating that, “We don’t know this guy, or where he came from. All we know is that he is not one of us.”
    Given this, the above article is not out-of-line with the standard narrative about Mr. Obama not being “African American,” with which I agree in the cultural sense. It is a decades long charge dating back to his earliest days on the mainland.
    When one studies his political rise, he either had powerful backers, or the kind of luck that a casino gambler or lottery player could only dream of. He won his first political office (state senator) by getting the person (African American woman) already holding the seat kicked off the ballot. One more time: he won his first political office by having the person already holding the seat kicked off the ballot. Something almost never heard of before.
    He then ran for congress a few years later, but was defeated by the useless Bobby Rush. Rush declared repeatedly that Obama was “not one of us,” and “we don’t know where he came from. He just popped up out of nowhere running for office.”
    Four years later, Obama ran for the U.S. senate. Strange thing is, about one month or less, before the primary, he trailed his opponent by 30-points or so. The media attacked his opponent — a wealthy white guy– on behalf of Obama,  for IPV (intimate partner violence) against his wife. The guy was forced from the race leaving only Obama virtually unchallenged. Obama won the Dem senate by default.
    Then in the general election, Obama’s opponent was a young rising GOP star. He was considered a “family values” guy and miles ahead in the polls over Obama. Problem was he’d been married to a Hollywood actress and divorced because Mr. “family values” had tried to coerce his wife to have public sex with him. The divorce papers containing the politically damning information were sealed.
    Everyone had better sit down for this one.
    Although Obama was running as a Dem, the local REPUBLICAN newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, led the drive to have the divorce papers unsealed. Sure enough, Mr. “family values”  had indeed tried to force his ex-wife to engage in public sex. He was forced to drop-out the race.
    While there were several well known white GOP potential candidates in the state who wanted to challenge Obama, polls showing they all would have beaten him badly, the state GOP chose none of them. Instead, they chose for Obama an out-of-state Black mental patient named Allan Keyes. A man so delusional he was once arrested for showing up at a GOP presidential debate and demanding to be included although he wasn’t even running.
    This ensured Obama’s selection to the U.S. senate.
    Before he was even sworn in as senator, the media anointed him as the next president. And it came to be, before he’d served barely half his first term as U.S. senator he became president.
    With that kind of luck, if his personality-cult worshippers had any sense, as broke as many of them are, they’d be writing him asking for a “lucky” lark of his hair, so they can play the lottery, Grand Powerball, or something.

  • Tony Fair says:

    . . . and this is why this page never get the feedback that it should. Of course he’s black. Stop it already!

  • claudioi says:

    Obama spent his whole presidency deserted by Democrats, obstructed by Republicans, and questioned by those who should be in his corner. If you spent less time questioning his African American credentials and more time supporting him, he would have been a great president and had the political clout to actually do some of the things you were hoping for. People forget that he sleeps next to a strong black “African American” woman every night. This country deserves 16 years of Donald Trump like leaders to realize that there will not be a Messiah president that will solve all issues. Modern day issues are complex and solutions are incremental. There are no Big-Bang solutions to issues.

    • Cornelia says:

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    • Hi Amanda! I LOVE Roadkill Rescue! Beckie is so sweet, and she is how I found you! I just started using Windows Live Writer and I think I like it…the jury's still out… think I'll check out that post to see if I can work out some o'da bugs!Thanks so much for the party! Gwen

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    • hehehe, funny post! we have a saying in Romanian: one can make money come even from plain rock… (that means one has a good eye for business)

    • Miriam, te doy la razón en que somos tan etnocentristas… Por eso hay muchas cosas que nos perdemos, por no valorar las que tienen otros.La receta es… sorprendente y me encantan los colores. Son tan delicados. Me apunto esta receta para alguna merienda entre amigas en casa.Ya le he pasado el ling a mi marido para ver si me hace la grulla que él es un apasionado de la papiroflexia.Un besote preciosa

    I’M not sure any of us actually know OBAMA’S past,a lot of it was hidden and whitewashed away,but early on the name FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS was mentioned as OBAMA’S potential father and the media at the time simply ignored the story and it went away

    I’M not a conspiracy theorist ,I’m a researcher and I go where the information leads me, and if you look up FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS’S past a lot of question about OBAMA will be answered.

    I’M sure with a new administration coming who is no friend of OBAMA a lot more information about his actual past will become known and from what I have learned his followers are in for a rough ride!

  • Johnw11 says:

    claudioi Obama spent his “whole presidency” not being “obstructed” by anyone. I know you don’t want to hear it, but I’m going to tell you the truth anyway. The very Republicans that you claim “obstructed” Obama are the very ones that gave him powers greater than those of any president in history. For example, the power to detain indefinitely any American citizen without charge or trial (NDAA), on and on.  
    Obama spent his whole presidency enabling Republicans and making a fool out of people like you. Obama tried to strike a “Grand Bargain” with the GOP that would have cut Social Security, and aid to the poor by $4 trillion. They refused, and you should be glad they did. The claim that Black people did not support Obama and that caused his presidency to be a failure is stark delusional. Black people elected Obama twice with nothing to show for it but economic and legal regression back at least 50 years: some scholars say back farther than that.
    Obama never cared one thing about you. Obama cared only about himself and the Wall-Street players who made him president and picked his cabinet. When Obama entered office in 2009, he had more clout to do whatever he wanted than any president in modern history (some polls showed up to 79% of the American public supported him). Rather than use his clout to help people who’d elected him and desperately needed his help, Obama turned his back on them and pursued only Wall-Street enriching policies, and worked to revive what was in 2009 a moribund GOP. Obama brought the GOP back to life deliberately, claiming a strong GOP was needed to Keep Dems in check. Obama often negotiated with the GOP, striking deals behind Dems back.
    Obama said on the Axefiles (21/26/16) in an interview with his former campaign strategist David Axelrod how he played you. Obama said Dems should appeal more to people’s “emotions” rather than facts. You are a victim of that strategy, Obama played you by appealing to your emotions (First Black President) and he virtually bragged about it. Obama is almost gone now, off into the sun-set a very rich man. He no longer needs to play you. but his con-game was so effective, you are now playing yourself. Obama also said in the same interview that Dems should spend less time promising things to people they have “already won over,” and focus on people they need to win over. Obama did nothing for Blacks because he already had them “won over.”
    No one asked Obama to be a “messiah,” or to “solve all issues.” By making that claim, you are being “visceral” (emotional) just like Obama said you should be played. What was expected of Obama is the same things that are expected of all elected officials, that they use the power of their office to lead policies to help people: socioeconomically and socio-legally when indicated. African Americans have lost economically under Obama in all indexes, Obama has not lifted one finger to help, if he has, then name the finger for me, because the only finger I’ve seen is his middle finger. Obama has not prosecuted a single lyncher for violating the Civil Rights of Blacks, even though many of the lynchings were televised (captured on video).
    While it pains me to see you being as lost as you are, Obama was right when he told Axelrod that once you get people emotionally hooked, facts don’t matter. It is the same thing I’ve been saying for years when I addressed personality cult-worship, zealotry, and fanaticism. As I listed to Obama’s interview, I almost felt that he’d been reading my posts in that regard.
    Therefore, I know that you will pay no attention to the facts I’ve presented. Obama knows it too.
    The good thing is, Obama will be gone in a few weeks. I’m glad. My only regret is he’s not taking his snitch Sharpton with him.

  • Barbara Johnson says:

    Hell NO, Obama was NOT the 1st Black President! For I doubt IT seriously, if there is a WHITE MAN on this planet that have PURE EUROPEAN WHITE BLOOD! That is, unless they came from Hitler’s Era, and have been PRACTICING that RACISM! 90% of so called White Folks have at least 1% of NEGRO/BLACK BLOOD running throughout their VEINS! For their White Ancestor’s took ADVANTAGE of Black Slaves SEXUALLY, therefore, its how 80% of them are NOT PURE WHITE …. DESPITE THE FACT, that they DISOWN their mixed blood children! Heck, Yvette, you’re a product of that ownership RACIST mentality! Do your DNA to learn the Ancestry you came from! Hell, you could be related to Thomas Jefferson, because we KNOW what his deal was!

    • Robinson says:

      Great article but it didn’t have evrgithyne-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

    • Fak! Teraz na prawdÄ™ siÄ™ opÅ‚aca to kupować, super sprzÄ™t, dyski gratis… A dla firm.. sześć dysków?! Masakra, imo chyba lepszej okazji na firmowe NASy nie byÅ‚o.

    • Huh? The entire controversy is because Jimbo replaced a successful QB.If Smith had been playng poorly or the team was losing, there would have been no controversy.

    • Cand aceasta comisie a fost citata de USL ca este cea mai democrata si mai buna institutie ( legat de referendumul pentru demiterea presedintelui )a fost bine, nu mai exprimau opinii . Acum faptul ca a tras niste concluzii si si-a exprimat opinii legate de USL-istii pucisti mai este buna . Are doar caracter informativ, se dau si aia cu parerea ..bla bla .

    • Obot No. 1024 here. I thought you birthers, er, constitutionalists were willing to pledge your lives, your wealth and your sacred honor for the cause. So get your butts over to Orly's and give her some of your wealth so she and her experts can go to Hawaii. She set a date for the subpoena and by golly she ought to be there at the apointed day and hour. Now hustle on over.

    • Pronto está muito bem, embora não seja nem a minha versão favorita, nem a minha voz feminina favorita.Por outro lado deixa dar uma beijoca de parabéns, está muito giro isto tudo branco, parece maior! :)Beijos

    • Hei pÃ¥ deg! Du er herved invitert til Ã¥ lese bloggen min karijaquesson.blogg.noDa ville du oppdage at jeg hverken er eller leker perfekt. Men hvorfor er det sÃ¥ viktig Ã¥ spise pÃ¥ McDonalds? Ikke det at jeg aldri har gjort det, men hvorfor er det et kriterie for Ã¥ ikke være ekkel? Hmmm.. interessant..Vel, hÃ¥per du stikker innom bloggen min. 🙂 Jeg liker faktisk alle mennesker, jeg – om noen mer enn andre

    • Hola, Violant!He estat uns dies en tasques de manteniment i no havia pogut fer el meu comentari al teu excel•lent post.Primer: Em sembla genial la teva idea!!Segon: M’agradaria participar. Ara cal que les meves possibilitats m’ho permetin.Tercer: Crec que has explicat molt bé com penjar un vídeo al YouTube, de totes maneres, si algú es troba amb alguna dificultat concreta la pot indicar en aquest mateix fil de comentaris i entre tots ajudar-lo/la. Et sembla bé?Un petó!!!Jordi

    • Super skøn ide, jeg sidder klar pÃ¥ Saxo pÃ¥ lørdag kl. 9, og vupti er jeg med . Skøn og dejlig ide, for jer to.Glæder mig for vildt til dec. Kh. Lis

    • You are my intake, I own few blogs and very sporadically run out from post . “To die for a religion is easier than to live it absolutely.” by Jorge Luis Borges.

    • Kem – Backing the BSM!December 2, 2012 at 9:53 pmHahaha The Retard Volumes would need it’s own film Trilogy with the amount of fuck ups Wenger has done since the last volumes!

    • (Isaías 54:17) . . .Sea cual sea el arma que se forme contra ti, no tendrá éxito, y sea cual sea la lengua que se levante contra ti en el juicio, la condenarás. Esta es la posesión hereditaria de los siervos de Jehová, y su justicia proviene de mí”, es la expresión de Jehová.

    • Poate ca esti un pic adormita sau distrata… Vin si eu cu patania mea…. in dorinta de a imi face cafea la filtru un apa in filtru, apas pe on…si astept…aud sfarait si hop top, cu parul ciufulit si pleoapele cazute ma duc sa imi pun cafeaua…stupoare! nu pusesem cafea….fapt pentru care a trebuit sa reiau procedeulbuna dimi cu cofi !!!

    • madi, jess and basia, what a great blog! thanks so much for keeping us up to date way back here in canada. we are starving to hear more and speaking of food, i can only imagine that madi was the author of the food part of the blog! you folks are amazing and so fortunate to be there. remember you are there because you are also very talented! Nap lots…. cynthia (madi’s mom)

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    • / They had a ditactorship opressing (long lines just to buy the bare minimum for your existence, just for example) and killing their own people and then say they did so to prevent tyrants?

    • I seem to recall reading somewhere, must have been a year or so ago, of somebody who had seen some new road signs back in the 1970s there the imperial units seemed to have been plated onto the signs on a new motorway, almost as if the metric information was actually underneath and waiting to be uncovered.There might have been another reason for it but it would be interesting to see if this had in fact been done and if so how much it had cost at the time.

    • Dom brukar hamna där hos mig men jag har hittat dig. Jag har nog haft tur för jag har inte upplevt nÃ¥got strul egentligen pÃ¥ blogger och det är väl tur det för sÃ¥nt kan driva en till vansinne. Men jag följer med dig dit du gÃ¥r 🙂 MÃ¥ gott

    • – The first portrait of the groom, the shot of the bride entering with her father and the portraits of the couple are all amazing.You keep getting better and better Anton!

    • Roberto,Credo che si riferisse al commento 13 Scusate, ho capito adesso dove ho sbagliato. Ho incrociato i thread. Timey wimey, wibbly wobbly, spoilers, etc.Vado a uccidere Hitler e torno.

    • La lectrice de l’ombre dit :Comme toi, très peu de bijouxA mes mains, seulement mon alliance (dès que j’ai des bagues, ça me gene…),Pas de boucles d’oreilles pour cause de grande sensibilité des lobes (meme celles à clip je peux pas…),De temps à autres, pour habiller un peu le décolleté, un petit collier mais discret,Les bracelets comme les montres, je les enlève pour la douche ou pour dormir…et j’oublie régulièrement de les remettre…Sinon, on parie quoi pour le gri-gri ??

    • you support White GENOCIDE, as you did yesterday, nothing would happen.But if you said you support the GENOCIDE of any other RACIAL group, other than White people, you would be going to JAIL for a long time.It takes NO COURAGE at all to be YOU. You are a “radical for the establishment”.Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.

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    • Que lindo post super merecido a Manu!! 🙂 Y sus lindas palabras sobre Flur!! Que genia!!!Nos encanta su estética, la nueva colección e increíble campaña por Brian Kazez. Su paso por Moweek y el cierre con su desfile fue increíble!Felicitaciones!! <3

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    • I hope your visit to the GP went well, I have had similar experiences and I know first hand about denial and social phobia, I used to hide behind a wall of lies hide an `inadequacy` that didn’t continue living. It was insomnia that led to my diagnosis with GAD. three 24 hour periods of no sleep was pretty surreal, and for some reason I chose to watch Fight Club…not the most reassuring thing for an insomniac to watch lol.

    • Dito, ce sont plutôt les préventions de l’église à l’égard des comédiennes et des danseuses qui précipitérent celles-ci, du moins certaines d’entre elles dans le demi-monde…

    • Czy kilka tysiÄ™cy prób antydopingowych autora nie przekonuje? Zeznania takich Å›wiadków, jak byÅ‚a kochanka i jackieÅ› skruszone ćpuny, to trochÄ™ za maÅ‚o aby udowodnić kogoÅ›, że braÅ‚. LiczÄ… siÄ™ tylko badania medyczne.

    • I take ‘passion’ to mean ‘suffering’ and blame the HR mis-moguls, whose raison d’être it often seems, judging by the amount of time and spinning-effort it takes to fill in their blasted application forms, is to actively put people off applying and turn academic science into a great management PR pretence game. ‘Don’t even think about working here unless you are prepared to be abused and discarded if you don’t get us into the top ten.’ In that regard, perhaps it is not so inappropriate.

    • Ох и не говори, Дарюшенька:, (Фонтан),, (Молодые и Богатые), (Клуб Растущего Достатка) и конечно же: (Человек и Кошка) по вопросам приюта животных до сих пор звонят!

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    • N'y aurait t-il pas un autre moyen de réduire les pesonnes ?Par le biais d'une thérapie génétique par exemple qui consisterai à introduire le gêne du nanisme (?) à un individu sain.Je ne sais d'ailleurs même pas si le nanisme est une maladie génétique dans le sens d'une mutation, d'un gène supplémentaire ou une maladie qui laisse inactif un gène…Des spécialistes dans la salle ?

    • Christian – no problem. My feeling is that the commotion it has stirred up suggests it was exactly the audience to say this to. Ideally these questions would already be being asked within the Flash community, but they’re not. I see a lot of naked emperors complaining about being cold right now…

    • Where’s the nearest cash machine? Mindy Vega is sexy! Would love to play with her. If they cut the music and let us hear her moan it would be a better video.

    • MiniPhasme,et si le regard décalé de James Thurber déteint sur ses amateurs, pourquoi pas aussi son trait épais (mais expressif). Sans doute, sous le gros crayon de Thurber, l’écrevisse serait devenue un homard. Et être assis sur un homard, quoi de plus inquiétant. JMJ, vous l’avez l’a echappé belle, sans parler du maître d’hôtel, (pendant qu’on y est, n’est-ce pas).

    • Daniel Larsson skriver:Som ett gammalt brännbollslag hette uppe i UmeÃ¥, ”Det är lätt att vara ödmjuk när man vet att man är bäst”. Trist med försäkringsbolaget! Roligare med Portugal!

    • Halperin calls obama “a Dick ” on live tv…” The story is on Politico and lots of funny comments.——————————————————————————————He should be suspened for not using the correct term for Bounel ,D*** Head.I thought Bounel came off as an arrogant stuttering fool in yesterday’s propoganda conference.

    • floor last week with the intention of banning ammunition magazines carrying more than 10 rounds.The introduction of the bill follows a mass killing in Tucson that left 19 individuals shot and 6 dead.“I know what it’s like

    • loriannlouiseGreat review ! I never thought of when the makeup artists use the disposable brushes that it would be the mascara and not the brush ..great thinking Debs !! I love these review videos you put up ,really helps ! love your leopard scarf btw ,so cute xoxo

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    • Poppy seed dressing is my favorite, and I'm quite sure I don't have this recipe. I do love avocado but have never thought of pairing it with grapefruit. It sounds refreshing!

    • , Kristie!I mentioned to the whole Armstrong clan last weekend so I’m hoping theyget it soon, too. I enjoy your blog today, too. I bet this is fun. I’m lookingso forward to seeing you again this summer at Maranatha.Love to you,Veronica

    • Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed is not functioning today. I tried including it to my Google reader account but got absolutely nothing.

    • Den där otäcka väntan är över…tänker pÃ¥ familjen som alla vi bloggläsare fÃ¥tt följa.Er fru och Mamma delade med sig lite av sig själv, och er, och kanske vi förtod lite grand, hur viktigt livet är.Ta hand om er.

    • Het is niet zoals tegenwoordig alleen op ‘het internet op te zoeken.Ik dacht reeds in 1962 uit gegeven boek ”in foto’s en documenten”inhet 19e deel Japan wordt verslagen,blz.60′siBo

    • yang duduk berselubung tu macam jantan je… ini berlakon ke apa?(…untuk besarkan gambar, right click pada gambar dan "Open image in new tab" kemudian tekan Ctrl (+) beberapa kali… untuk kecilkan gambar, Ctrl (-), untuk kembali ke saiz asal, Ctrl (0)…

    • oh yeah u can still keep it, but the netflix offers is the best one if ur gonna do one of the offers, and i think you can use a debit card as long as it has like a visa logo on it, thats what i did and it worked great

    • Satu hei! Oletko kirjopittanut kirjan? Yks – yhden Sadun, jonka nimeä en muista ja kirjakin on lainassa just – olen lukenut. Todella hyvä kirja, olit tai et;-)

    • Jerry Pournelle's CoDominium had a US/World elite feeding 'borloi' to numb the US proles in their hopeless 'Welfare Islands'. Borloi being the perfect 'sit and watch TV all day' drug.

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    • Yhtäkkiä muistin, etten ole muistanut kertoa Risto Reipas -leikistämme täällä mitään. Sehän oli odotetusti menestys. Mikä vain, missä on vauhtia ja isoa ääntä, viehättää poikiamme, ja tämä oli hyväntuulista menoa.Leikin varjolla kävelymatkojakin saamme vikkelämmiksi! Leikki varioi myös helposti: mm. "Minä olen Ironman!" kulkee vaivatta vieressä. Saapa nähdä, minkälaiset mittasuhteet leikki vielä saavuttaakaan. Kiitos, Jenni :-)!

    • Love the plush forest series in the beginning. He looks like a cupid. Also the crooked smile and the mohawk are especially adorable. Amazing captured joy and delight. You are a great talent.

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    • · I read this out loud to “my tim” and we both so enjoyed hearing your love story! We are thrilled for you guys! May God continue to bless you richly

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    • I have plenty of opportunity to do both this week as I am away at Green Mountain At Fox Run (holistic women’s health retreat)…not sure if I will get a post up on Thursday or not, but will get to it ASAP!

    • August 7, 2009 – 2:11 pm Very cool. I haven’t had to change any listings with Bing but I would imagine with their relaunch they went out of their way to be user friendly. I wonder what it will be like when it becomes MicroHoo…lol…do they plan on merging local or what?

    • Da har jeg noe Ã¥ gjøre nÃ¥r samboeren spiller Skyrim hele dagen Sikkert litt bedre for helsa Ã¥ spille dette enn Ã¥ sitte foran PCen og spille minesweeper dag inn og dag ut.

    • in that photo where’s he’s manhandling a hungry Corn Dookie, matth looks like he has frosted tips. or maybe it’s premature greying and/or his hair falling out in clumps do to stress/lack of food and sleep.

    • Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Appreciate it!

    • Very nicely put, Fe. This: “It’s about vigilance, taking personal responsibility, and pursuing action without fear.” Everyone needs to put away the pacifiers, and get back to ‘imece’ for the world’s sake.

    • I changed my account to director status via my channel profile. Then uploaded a program our astronomy club produces on Cable Access. These shows are basically public domain and I had permission to upload this to Youtube. I did it. It uploaded was supposedly processed and when I went to look at it was told the video was deleted because it was to long.Video encode was over 100 megs in size for the uploaded video to be processed. I uploaded an M4v file of about 160 megs in size. The upload seemed to work. The encode may have but apparently they have the 10 minute limit and no way to get around it.

    • "Yes, you are right. That's why it's not a good idea to elect a bm for President. Things will simmer after the next Presidential election."Let's check the logic here.This isn't the first time I've heard this from the wingnut section.Electing a black man as President is bad for race relations……because……well…it upsets racists and makes them act irrationally.Yup.

    • Maybe just three instead of five.Good (3 stars)Average (2 stars)Bad (1 star)I tend to five star things that are good, and one star things that aren't. If there were only three instead of five, it might cause more people to use the middle ground.

    • Me encantan todos los bizcochos con zanahoria o calabaza pero hasta ahora no he encontrado el idóneo de zanahoria. Probaré este a ver que tal. Tiene una pinta espectacular.Besos

    • This comment reminds me of that great shirt one of our students would wear: Careful or you’ll end up in my novel. Hey, when you’re a character with a good, real-life plotline, you should expect to have it documented somehow–pray for a contemporary romance novel and not the cover of Newsday.

    • After 15 hours of negotiations Friday-into-Saturday — and 149 days of lockout start to finish — representatives of the NBA owners and players reached a tentative deal on settling their various lawsuits that should lead to a new collective bargaining agreement that will salvage a shortened 2011-12 season beginning on Christmas Day.

    • Your bag is gorgeous! I love that pattern so much that I devoted a board for them on pinterest. I haven't made on yet, but yours has inspired me to make one when I have a stressful day! lol

    • Helt enig! folk mÃ¥ fÃ¥ bestemme selv. Barnet er mer avhengig av moren sin, samt at mor ofte gjerne trenger litt tid pÃ¥ Ã¥ bli "seg selv". Synes derfor ikke det blir riktig at mannen skal ha like mye permisjon. Tror ikke det er sÃ¥ mange menn som ønsker dette heller. Uansett ingen familier er like og man bør fordele slik livssiuasjonen til hver enkelt familie tilsier det.

    • Kjempeviktig at du deler Anna!!! alt dette skulle stÃ¥tt i avisen faktisk. Klarte nesten ikke se bildene jeg faktisk, sÃ¥ ille virket det pÃ¥ meg 🙁

    • asc dhamaan aqyareey walahi aad uga xumahay horta aniwaka niyadjabay swedan awalbadhul gaalo aheeed ….halxal ayaa noo banaaan bada libiya yaa naga celinaaayo libiya iyada isheesato kkkkkkkkkkk walahi waan wareernay wee nagu dheldhelayaaandaadma qadeenomee afcad noo dhahaaaaan waleee yaabwaaaye ilaahow adaa raxmaaanU codee: 0  0

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    • Tu sais qu’ils existent des psy spécialisés dans la gêne. Bon faut que tu sois près à en suer un coup parce qu’ils te donnent quelques petits devoirs mais ça vaut le coup

    • O programa ficou bom. Alias o conteúdo do Faixa Livre é ótimo. Em relação aos detalhes, acho que o pano de fundo vermelho deve ser diversificado, assim como deve trabalhar com imagens ( em vez de fotos) e várias câmaras junto aos convidados. Mas isso se ajeita ao longo do tempo.Abs!

    • António, acho que, como bem dizes, os tempos que correm estão mesmo a pedir que nos retemperemos no século XVI. Thanks pela tua camoniana solidariedade.

    • A friend forwarded me this recipe, knowing what a huge Harry Potter nerd I am, and I just got back from buying cupcake pans for the sole purpose of making them. However… I lack a squeeze bottle. Where in the world do I get one? They have them on Amazon, but I don’t want to wait for it to arrive! I MUST MAKE THESE NOW NOW NOW!!! Thanks.

  • Johnw11 says:

    Actually, Hitler derived his “pure race” white supremacy ideology from the early 20th Century Eugenics Movement of the U.S. Margaret Sanger, a leader of that movement openly advocated for the genocide of Blacks. Sanger’s advocacy, now called “planned Parenthood,”  was signed onto by all Black leaders of that day, including W.E. B. Dubois — except Marcus Garvey. Hillary Clinton, who many of you all recently voted for, received an award named for Sanger. She said she was proud of the award (which puts her maniacal support for locking up “super Predators into perspective).
    The assignment of race-membership of mixed-race people in a given society depends on what type of society it is. In societies such as the U.S., a “hypo-descent” method is used. In hypo-descent societies, the child of mixed-race parents is assigned (ascribed) to the race of the parent belonging to the group with the lowest ascribed status in the society. So that how President became Black.
    Also, in the U.S., hypo-descent is not determined by actual skin complexion, but whether a person has “one drop” of Black blood. Therefore, there are no “mixed” white people unless they are passing. If it is known that they have one drop of Black blood, they are assigned Black, whether they like it or not.
    During the 1990s, many such persons made it known that they didn’t want to be classified as Black, and started a movement to have the U.S. Census Bureau add a “mixed race” category to its data collection. Some said they wanted to be classified as white. But, of course, that would never happen. 
    There’s a great scholar who passed away a year ago, a Black female psychiatrist who specialized in genetics, whose body of work edifies greatly on the subject of genetics, race classification, and racism (which she defines as “white supremacy”). Whenever I try to use her name, the comment is not published. Apparently her name has been banned by Google.

    • Bobbi says:

      No more s***. All posts of this quatliy from now on

    • I like Solange and her style, but she is the one who positioned herself as the natural hair evangelistdoing interviews about natural hair,magazine spreads, product endorsement, etc. Solange could easily fade to black if she really wanted to be “regular”. Talkn outta both sides of your neck!Sick of celebrities putting themselves out there but not wanting everything that comes along with the position.

    • Technically, what makes an epic and epic is that you have a hero that goes forth, achieves a goal and returns a changed individual. One of the better books on that is Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces.This has been your, “using a degree in Literature” moment.

    • Misa, j'ai oublie de repondre a ta question. J'ai un thermometre Mastrad, il est tres bien, programmable, il permet de mesurer la cuisson du sucre comme des viandes. Mais on m'a dit que celui d'Ikea, bien moins cher, etait tres bien aussi.

    • Birkaç gündür ben de bu yazdıklarınızı görüp, hayıflanıp duruyordum. Bu tesettürlüler giyim kuÅŸamdan baÅŸka ÅŸey bilmezler mi diye.Aman ne giysem, aman ne giysem. Gına getirdiler artık.

    • Angéla, örülök, hogy ízlett, és tökéletes, ahogy linkeltél! A képet egyértelmű, hogy a sajátodat tetted fel!:) És a kókuszfagyi, nah, igen… próbáld majd ki a banánost, mert állítólag az a legjobb, bár én azt nem szeretem…. (Jaj, és a héten készült még három féle, igyekszem feltölteni Å‘ket, míg van annyira "meleg", hogy fagyizni lehessen!:)

    • Anyone else here remember a little Republican cover up called Watergate? So impressive that every cover up afterwards was named CoverUpDuJourGate?Yeah, some people got eves-dropped, some tape went missing, and a President got impeached.Much more dangerous to the United States than random violent attacks by a claimed anti-Everything American group, apparently. Because there are people who really and truly believe that the pResident is worthy of another four years.Key-rap! Where did the US go?

    • Да вот теперь и у меня есть смайлы. *YAHOO* *DRINK* *ROSE* *THUMBS UP*[] Reply:Май 28th, 2011 at 12:31супер…….веселее даже стало……. *IN LOVE* 8)[]madonna4ka Reply:Май 28th, 2011 at 12:32ага, разбавим серые будни %) *CRAZY*[]

    • The first time I ever saw Ivy, I thought she was one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen. These are magical! Awesome location. Where’s the forest?

    • NJ, I'm so happy you enjoyed the book! Thank you for telling me you related to it — when I wrote it, I was hoping it would be a story people could relate to. Wishing you a Merry Christmas as well and hope your day was very happy and your New Year is full of surprises & joy!

    • Caraca ! O Sr. Messias nesta longa tragetória lidando com livros…deve ter historias incriveis para contar de preciosidades e bibliofilos. Minha sugestão e que le nos brinde no site com algumas destas suas historiassdsStanislaws

    • …[Reply] Ralph, ur an idiot…Minor defines nbc perfectly and states clear as a bell BOTH PARENTS MUST BE US CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF THE CHILDS BIRTH!!!! May 1, 2012 8:33 PM "Nope, that would be you. The holding in Minor has absolutely nothing to do with citizenship, period.Several courts have just recently agreed.

    • T-T…it's make me tired….(ms access project)thanks for your help..yak pak.btw your blog dsign…hmmm's fun color..(r u feel happy ha? hehehe)

    • Cats are lucky that way, maybe some dogs too. They can move onto another home. I think about some horses would would be better in a new place with a new owner, but they can’t just wander down the road and neigh at the most likely looking door…Cubby is a pretty smart cat. That’s fun that he tried to dupe you into thinking that he was dead.

    • how long that is. Lol. I guess by today’s standards that is long. I believe a marriage is something you should constantly “work” for. People change and grow, times are good and bad and when children are thrown into the mix- all these factors change the dynamics of a marriage.For my husband and myself, communication is the biggest tip for happiness. With 3 little guys, we hardly have time to talk without interruption, but we find a way. Texting, IMing, emails- anyway we can. Even if it’s just a “How’s your morning going?” It’s nice to know he is thinking of me.

    • May our Father continue to bless you for all you have done in Tim and my life, Inga the way you always believed in us and showed us what true worship is. Thank you for the covering of your ministry. Jesus is so good, thank you for sharing Him in the darkest of places, as a result mine is a life that was forever changed.Love never fails ! Thanks, Sherie Shaheen

    • Kaos, por favor modere estes comentários, não em termos de conteudo mas sim pela linguagem obscena. Não permita que alguém que nem merece classificação, a coberto do seu anonimato, utilize este espaço para vomitar as suas frustrações com insultos dirigidos aos autores dos comentários, bem como ao autor do blogue. Liberdade de expressão sim, mas civilizada!

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    • Hi catherine, Usually the shells are not flavoured just the fillings. So you would need to make a caramel ganache and either add salt into it or sprinkle salt on the shells before baking (check the flavour of each component of the bought ones to discover how the have made it). If you google salted caramel ganache there are a few recipes out there.

    • I wish she would get UNDER it and pop it out!!!!!!! I think she’s going to think it’s done and let a lot of junk in there!!!! Loved the vid!!!! Thanks!!!

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    • Yes, Amazon macht was es will….mich haben sie jetzt zum zweiten Mal “suspendiert”, wegen lächerlichkeiten, auf dass man einen “Maßnahmenplan” erstellen muss, um weitermachen zu dürfen. In addition, dass die sogenannten Amazons A-Z-Garantien eine echte Verkäuferverarschung sind. Wenn dem Kunden was nicht passt, oder er gar bleibende Schäden an der Ware hinterlässt…der Verkäufer darfs zahlen.

    • zegt:ja idd het was een geweldige ochtend en met veel inzet van ouders,en begeleiding en rolinda ,andre en Rowi maakte dit een geweldige Elfsteden tochtGr tineke

    • I haven抰 checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend

    • – Well I have to say, I’m not too sure spring has sprung yet in seattle. We still have a lot of root veggies going on at the market, but I loved this post. Sometimes certain lines from books/even the newspaper strike me — other times, like last night, I make a pretty perfect cake and the science behind the whole thing kind of blows me away. Geekiness confirmed. Miss you!

    • I thought about covering it with plastic, but I am concerned about ventilation. That laptop already tends to run a little warm, and I can see it getting overheated real quick. Since the dust concern is the ventilation of the laptop, the plastic really wouldn’t be of any use. I will take the shop vac to the vents on the laptop, probably once a month, and then every once in awhile, go inside it and really empty it of the dust.

    • na verdade não vejo nenhum erro de estalem em fazer isso com nazistas porque eles mataram muita gente inocente agora deve-se o socialismo sovietico apoia algumas coisas do comunismo como a liberdade leis rigidas e pessoas educadas uma coisa que o brasil não tem,oque o nosso pais morrer tanta gente inocente e ter pena de bandido e politicos militares corruptos

    • « L’organe voméronasal est le plus souvent absent.  » ce qui peut laissé supposer qu’il reste présent chez certains individus, les plus primaires peut être ? est ce vraiment l’avenir de l’humanité ? j’en doute. si comme indiqué par certains c’est le produit de dégradation des hormones sexuels mâle on retourne vraiment à l’ére des primates, le plus testéroné qui triomphe. Quel progrès! pour les mules perduent dans la civilisation.

    • buru selatan menyimpan banyak tmpat wisata dan bnyak kekayaan alam, tpi bnyak orang yg tidak mengetahuinya dan kurang keseriusan dari pemda untuk mengelolanya. saya hrap stu saat nnti pemda burselmampu mngelolahnya dengan baik dan smua kekayaan itu bisa mnjadi rahmat bagi masyarakat buru selatan aminnbeta rindu mau pulang ke buru selatan

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    • And keeping up interesting web sites… yes I can see that.You do have to have time management to not run yourself frazzled – I’m still working on that at 45 years of age ^^.

    • Actually, Maurice, the answer is to tick the Libertarianz box on your ballot paper. Quite simple really…(one thing I think Peter should do with this blog is institute a rule of "If you didn't vote Libz – don't complain"; the comments section would die immediately ha ha!)

    • c14bSy mo tanya, sy tertarik dgn Silver B. Apakah sdh termasuk sealer? Lokasi sy d bandung, bisa minta contact cabang resmi goodtea d bandung trus minta alamat / tempat yg sudah dbuka d bandung. Untuk gambaran sy aja, apakah prospeknya masih luas atau tdk? Mohon d jawab k email sy aja yaa… Trimsc2

    • That is great news! As a newlywed who also works with my husband and want to have a family soon I have been thinking about the same work-life balance issue that is to come. your stories and honesty do help. thank you! and congrats on the new job and more time with your babe.

    • These comments are unbelievable, just like Beck. It’s funny, for a group that prides itself, Glenn Beck especially, on asking questions, they’re sure ready to believe everything they’re told. Beck is no profit, he’s not even well read. It’s not hard to find, in fact it took less than five minutes for him to misrepresent history in his speech. Funny though, after listening to his speech, he sounded like a revolutionary on the same ilk as Osama bin Ladin. Look, if you want a strong conservative voice, at least listen to O’Reilly. He checks his facts.

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    • Josh Eden / LOL! I play MPM ever since the day it was released and this is so true. I guess it is difficult not to feel tempted to execute a dick shot just to see how they react.

    • I've just tried saying the title of this post aloud – quite a tongue-twister!The boat may not be seaworthy, but it looks lovely. I think I would put some tubs of plants in it and have it in the garden!

    • – Awww, thanks, Jenn! Somehow it doesn’t surprise me how much you like those shoes. They were amazing, and probably every girl would want them in her closet. LOL! Thanks for speaking so enthusiastically about us to others! Hugs to you and the family.10.15.10 – 8:52am

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    • I ask myself this question almost every day, Mark! Why the heck would anyone want to spend all of their time working on something that, according to the stats, will probably fail? Why do we keep working on things when people tell us they’re not going to work?Good job answering these questions.

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    • What a well-written post! Schwartzie would be proud. Seriously, it’s so nice to see you two enjoying your current journey. It’s just too bad you didn’t take a camera person along as it would make a great documentary. I do hope you two are planning on a book….

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    • My assumption is that these MF jobs will get outsourced to cheap labor sights overseas as soon as the domestic job holders retire or move on. I’m sure that the training programs are already in place at these cheap labor sights to pick up the MF slack as soon as it becomes available (i.e., “The early bird gets the worm”, etc).

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    • Also, it is rumored that a lot of the workers sent to overseas projects by Chinese state companies (in particular China State Engineering and Construction Company) are convicts who are released on the condition that they go to work on projects in far-flung corners of the globe. Converting to Islam is often part of that.

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    • Yes, Heavy D was only 44. Sad. I liked that dude.Yes Brooklyn, you got it right. The '99 case was a slam-dunk. Dumping it was deliberate. They didn't even need the victim with an adult witness to the act."The word is that Sandusky was asked to resign back then. But the university still gave him a pension and allowed him to use their facilities. BTW, he has had this charity (where he had contact with young boys) since the seventies.

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    • Das beisst sich nichtmal mit den Thesen Hamers, da es sich um eine Verletzung handelt bei der Mikroben “mit Gewalt” an Orte im Körper gelangen wo sie nichts zusuchen haben. Da muss der Körper erstmal lernen damit umzugehen, falls das nicht rechtzeitig geschieht, dann kann es schlimme Folgen haben, kein Zweifel!

    • – Amazing!!! They all are so gorgeous! Especially love the one where you two are leaning against the truck and you’re laughing/Paul’s smiling. Love love love!

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    • I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your much loved grandmother. I think keeping busy and speaking of your loss so soon will help you heal – although the loss of anyone close will never heal completely as we will forever miss them. Thinking of you x

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    • I love your prose, Sherry! Each one of your books has a unique voice and you peg the era just right with the details you choose. That agent is just around the river bend!

    • NO…..unless there was someone involved in the accident that was killed or could die. It is requested at times, but not required. They would need a search warrant or court order to require a blood sample on a simple fender bender with no injuries. Was this answer helpful?

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    • Compulsory public religion is new Kim. It’s commonly attributed to Jimmy Carter. Altho’ there’s the Religious Right to consider. I think American politicians tend to hold public Bible bashing sessions more out of fear of the slander this lot will cook up than anything else..However it’s also true that one could get fined for non-attendance in Washington’s day. At least in Virginia..Whatever just please not here. Keep God out of it. Even Jesus agreed.

  • Johnw11 says:

    One last point on this subject, I’d like to make as a behavioral / social science professional. Societal status, including race, generally come in at least two ways (1) ascribed (assigned) and (2) merit (earned). The status of race is ascribed, and never based on “merit.” In other words, one can never work hard enough to overcome (if that’s one’s wish) his / her status as a Black person. However, sometimes, like in the case of President Obama, very rare “meritorious” exceptions are made for an individual to be given “honorary” status not generally afforded to members of the assigned status group  if the leaders of society see a need to place such a person in a particular role responsibility for the “good of society,” which always means what’s in the best interests of the rulers of the society. In this case the 1%.
    So, when Senator Harry Reid said that Obama was “light skinned and spoke with no Negro accent,” he was saying in code to white Dem voters that Obama is “not one of the Blacks.” He is not one of our ex-slaves and therefore he can be trusted = he has no experiential ‘memory’ of slavery or Old Jim Crow. And he doesn’t care about New Jim Crow. Joe Biden was saying the same thing when he said that Obama was the “first clean, fresh, and intelligent” Black to run for President.  Fresh and clean = not tarnished by slavery. Intelligent = loyal to white supremacy which is the system that rewards his career objective, and not foolish enough to squander his career success by caring about the rest of them = Blacks.
    It was necessary to “market” Obama this way in order to get him elected because his hypo-descent “ascribed” status of African American could never be changed. So an “exception” based on “merit” (he’s not like the others, he’s well educated and has earned the right) was used.
    Obama, grateful for the career opportunity, responded in kind. He scolded Blacks using right-wing GOP talking points, as “irresponsible, criminals and thugs, don’t raise their children, falsely blaming racism, racism is over, society is post-racial,” and other unscientific nonsense: while he transferred more wealth to Wall-Street than any president in history.
    Meanwhile, millions of Black families in urban and rural communities try to make do on $2 per day;mothers and fathers selling blood at donor centers to feed their children, homelessness and home foreclosures sky rocketing, communities torn apart by poverty rooted violence (($2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America,” K. j. Edin and H. L. Shaefer, 2015). Also Blacks are being lynched on TV (not a single lyncher prosecuted).
    But it’s all good, according to some, because he “sleeps” with a Black woman. In other words, pornographic sexual fantasies are worthy substitutes for curative policies to end mass Black socioeconomic and socio-legal suffering. And that’s all such beliefs could be intra-psychically speaking. Indeed, even if one assigns such thinking to symbolism; the need for “family role models” supposedly due to the much discussed decline of the Black family patriarchy system, the fact is the problem is not caused by any “moral deficit” or lack of “role models” of Blacks. There are millions of such Black families already in existence, spanning the entire socioeconomic spectrum, long before we’d ever heard of Obama. The cause is rooted in the lack of economic resources available to Blacks to form and maintain families (Pew Research Center — “Record numbers of Americans Never Marry”).

  • Ella Lingard says:

    All of you are pissing me off! Why do we turn against our own, I say da*m all of you who take up white forks talking points and yes! President Obama is the first African american President! That thing about that racist Abrham Lincoln, for get about it!

    • Terrah says:

      Awesome you should think of soiethmng like that

    • Je partage complètement ton point de vue. Trop de rigolos surfent sur le rêve de gagner de l’argent en bloguant…Pour ma part, j’ai encore laissé adsense sur mes blogs, mais juste pour faire les yeux doux à google.

    • Yes its frightening either way Loose ends are a constant in my world. Starting to get used to it. Needing Grace constantly for that. Thanks for kind words and for your eyes and heart being over here, friend.

    • Great vid thank you very much. I’m still getting used to it on my droid. Unfortunately mine doesn’t come with that nifty little Custom cursor thing that the droid X has. That magnifying window was awesome but I don’t have it.And yeah hardcore blackberry fans are gonna get on you about the “lazy cow” line. Me being one of them haha.

    • News about ero-anime. Now that’s rare.These guys had made “Discipline,” “Cleavage,” “Nee, Chan…,” and “Oudeo 48.” They’re…That company’s WAY better than Anik/Himajin, the people who made “True Blue” and “Immoral.” So I’ll keep a lookout for these titles.

    • My son formated my computer and in stalled windows 7. Working like a dream and using IE to play Frontier. Finally got my new mission had it finished in under 2 hours.

    • This I can get behind, leave the weird ultra nationalistic, gut churning diatribes at home. If he is eligible and not hurt but won’t show up in the Hex, then we can have a different conversation. Until then, let’s see what magic we can work.

    • Uh, Steve, did you read his "or else"? Or else conservatives won't "survive in an increasingly diverse future." In other words, it's just the usual lecture about "you better do this for your own good, Sonny." It has zero political implications.

    • Caro José Luís V. C.Desejo-lhe um feliz aniversário e a repetição deste dia por muitos anos.Que sejam dias felizes os vindouros, para chegar ao fim da caminhada…sorrindo!Um abraço fraterno da Felismina Costa

    • As it turns out, we had no cranberry juice on hand but some raspberry instead. So I made up a batch and they are indeed good, but like any martini, can definately hurt you. thanks for the recipe.

    • Sorry, Christopher Story never existed and his real personage is akin to Benjamin Fulford. Therefore, There was Never A C. Story who paid with his life. ALL fable and giant rabbithole.

    • I’m not a jock, and I thoroughly enjoyed it when all those California computer freaks lost their jobs in the bust, just because of their arrogance and contempt for average Americans.

    • Ooh that dress is beautiful! I can see you strolling down the beach in that treasure… I adore your xmas tree – those handmade crimplene baubles are THE BEST and that doll is the most fab vintage/goth/angel topper ever. And I always love a glimpse into your beautiful home… the patchwork cushions rock my world! Love! Sarah xxx

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    • When Obama is brought up on charges for ignoring the rule of Law, I want to see the journalists from the big 3 networks and papers charged with aiding and abetting.Without the internet nobody would know the truth.

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil was a Zionist agent who set up this site merely to keep you trolls occupied, thus preventing you all from doing any real good or creating any real change for the Palestinians.

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    • and I’m pretty sure there’s an American car ad form a few years back which is the same insight. By it’s own high standards VW ads have been pretty lame of late – the middle aged crisis men being another example

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    • I like that. Like a painting sketching something which is iconic and therefore might become iconic to the hearer and seer of faith.I like monasteries or places like that. We need more of that, or I know I do. Wish we had such books in our tradition, or at least more of them (I had to look up that word as well, which tells us a lot, since I think so many of us from our Protestant and evangelical tradition likely would have to.)

    • C’est drôle Curt, les seuls souvenirs clairs que j’ai de M sont liés à Dukas et Debussy. Plus vagues, une histoire d’araignée de verre, et une observation relative la valeur (positive, ça va sans dire) de l’action mussolinienne.

    • such a great idea. and i LOVE those little snowmen in the cheesecake!! i keep saying i’ve got to have one of these. maybe i’ll make it a goal next year.

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    • She was of a quiet sort, but very musical. She could sing, play piano, and dance. In fact, she danced for Tolkien in the woods once and that’s kinda where he got his inspiration for Beren and Luthien. In fact, he had “Luthien” inscribed in her grave when she died (his children would have “Beren” placed on his later).

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    • The November election will have a barrage of attack mail between the Janet candidate, her hubby Tom, and the Van candidate, Bruce Tran, what a waste. I fail to see how either faction has helped the community as a whole.Andrew Do should be recalled due to poor performance and the alarming fact that he does not live in Garden Grove.

    • For et koselig innlegg, og en tapper og skjønn gutt som stiller om for mammen sin. Og det med Jul…….. Kanskje det er en ide Ã¥ begynne pÃ¥ den tanken ja.

    • I do enjoy the way you have framed this specific concern plus it does give us a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, through what I have personally seen, I just simply hope as the actual comments pack on that people keep on point and not embark on a soap box involving some other news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional point and though I can not necessarily concur with it in totality, I value the perspective.

    • Thanks so much for following this series. I'm thrilled that it really held your attention. I can't wait now to see what you'll think of book 4!Happy Reading*Hugs* And thanks for the Birthday wishes. Time for me to go eat some cake!Katie Salidas

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    • I WANT THE VIDEO WATCHED BAR BACK NOW!!!! You hear me? NOW!!!!!!!!!You guys already made the website a disaster when you got rid of the old bulletin box then you got rid of the masterpiece channels and NOW YOU GOT RID OF THE AMOUNT OF VIDEOS WE WATCH! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!!??

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    • In Colorado we're have record number of forest fires. It certainly gives pause for those of us who are looking for bug out locations. Not too surprising, the fire in Colorado Springs is the most destructive and suspected to be man made. Over 30K evacuated. I'm just waiting for the FEMA camp announcements.

    • He was then left entirely alone, with his God, while his companions hitherto saved us, what none in this fleet could have expected for so ‘Yes, believest the prophets, and Bernice sitting by thy side there–

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    • But nonetheless, there’s still a heck of a long way down for America.And we falling quickly. The rate accelerates with each 3rd worlder who arrives. The usual suspects are overjoyed, of course.

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    • So here we have it. Basicaly. They just clarify the reason why the Normandiy fleed, they add a few closures & make clear the mass relays didn’t exploded. Thank you YouTube for sparring me 1,85Gigs…

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    • One should read Coriolanus perhaps by Bill Shakespeare. There is nothing wrong with contempt for “the people.” It is fully justified in all cases. God help anyone who assumes he can rule any mob, especially the one that currently constitutes the United States.

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    • the EU needs a political union even if it means some countries integrating faster than others.Speaking on German TV, she called for "more Europe", including a budgetary union, saying "we need a political union first and foremost". "Step by step we must from now on give up more competences to Europe, and allow Europe more powers of control."

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    • Florida Democrats have nominated four central and north Florida centrists for governor in a row and LOST! It’s time to run a candidate who actually looks and sounds like most Florida Democrats — a south Florida progressive.

    • Wow, that is an awesome chair! When my Dad was a photographer he had a unique red velvet chair he used to use all the time. Kudos to cool chairs in outdoor photos.

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  • Don Mack says:

    Pres Obama is no mlk or Malcom x they looked out for us and wasn’t a shame to say it pres Obama is just the first black pres but he’s just like the other pres when it comes to the black community he does nothing just like his predecessors

    • Bubi says:

      That inshigt would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

    • I make a version of this very often. I don't bother deep frying the potatoes but add it all in as soon as the mince is browned. I also add in cubed zucchini or beans or cabbage. I usually feel quite virtuous feeding this to my kids as they love it and it's got veg and I don't have to nag or coax them to eat it! Mine is just caramel sauce, soy, pepper and just a touch of sugar as I use beef. Also add enough water to stew all the potatoes and zucchini so it's soft.

    • Jovan, that might have more to do with the fact that 007 just killed a couple of baddies and blew something up – which have been know to give a suit that lived-in look. A little bit of that bulge in his chest may also be that Walther PPK – which is clearly happy to see us. And the 2nd part is 100% true.

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    • I would love mexican for dinner. In Iowa, there aren’t many options. In the grocery stores, you can only buy medium, mild and extra-mild salsa! Is that ketchup?Congrats on the wedding! I bet it was beautiful!-Jill

    • Merci Eva Almassy pour votre commentaire, je n’irais pas ce matin, cliqué vers le pénis de Shakespaere,je dois préparer mes bagages. Bien entendu qui est capable de lire Shakespeare ou Rabelais, dans le texte originale non traduit en langue moderne?Il y a deux auteurs qui se reconnaissent à leur musique, Shakespeare et Goethe, quelques mots suffisent, un certain rythme qui ne prend pas d’âge.

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    • I love his clothes too and I get the same reaction from random people. Plus I feel feel fabulous in them – more to the point! So funny you posted this today. I wore a stunning Lim silk shift to dinner the other night and as I was walking through to our table, a lady stopped me to say how lovely my dress was. As far as I am concerned, those compliments are returns on your investment!!

    • Wow! I guess the body bugg works. I had my doubts. Will you send me pictures of your place in Manila. I think you told me you had some.

    • É tão bonito como os foguetes nas festas da aldeia… Fica tudo armado em palhaço, a encolher os ombros ao som do "pum pum". E pronto, é tudo. Lindo.

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    • Ashley K – Kat:I of course have liked (more like LOVED) the page for a very long time. I am a huge fan of your work. You are an inspiration. Your style is refreshing, and real. I absolutely love every photo. I have already emailed you letting you know that no matter what, I’m doing a session with you in 2012. I also shared your photo. Thanks for the opportunity! xoxoxCan’t wait to see all of the amazing work in the year to come.

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    • Be more specific about the supposed blood test Carl Lewis flunked! Where did he flunk it? What meet and the date of the meet he flunked the test in question? Who can verify that he flunked it? If the author cannot furnish these facts, then he’s spreading lies!CJohnson

    • Tina and family be strong and just to let you know that we are thinking of you and all your family. If you need anything just call we will be praying for you.John, Tammy, Johnna HormanBrandon Thompson

    • and the youngest looking person on there was the second one and she looked like she was 13 or 14. But I’m sure there were littler kids were there. but there is also other reasons like for legal reasons or just didn’t want their picture taken.

    • Sigh. I am from the Rio Grande Valley, AKA Northern Tamaulipas. This does not even surprise me. I was pulled over by Barney there in '99. Officer dipshit took my CZ75, and racked the slide, whiteout dropping the mag, his finger on the trigger, while giving me a Lee Paige lecture. Shenanigans in Matamoros are Hogan's Heros meets Dragnet.

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    • Haha, thanks Rose :)So maybe you can’t have all your quiet times on a big wooden hill with a cross, but what a rockin’ awesome place for when you really just need to be close to God!!Love love love “Passion and Purity,” Elizabeth Elliot is great. And AMEN with that statement, “The more you do it the more you want it, and the less you do it the less you want it.” I can testify to that.Love you Rose! -KFF-

    • I like the third photo. I dream of having my dream kitchen become a reality, too. Big open space with a big island that doubles as cooking and snacking place.

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    • Para la otra ya sabes, en cuanto se ponga roñoso le retacas un buen supositorio de glicerina por donde su cola… no está y que reniegue, de todas formas va a renegar y luego ni caso te va a hacer…Apoyo la moción de Crónicas, vuelve a los cuervos.

    • Canelo je svakao moj omiljeni borac mladje generacije. Uvek trazi borbu, dobar i sa distance i iz blizine, udara jako, brzo i tehnicki perfektno. U sledecih par godina ocekujem da stoji rame uz rame sa Pacquiaom i Mayweather-om. Napred Canelo!

    • P.S. to TimOnce again: If you are right, where are the practical results?If it could work the way you say — replacing petroleum with less than 2 percent of farmland! — how the fuck do you imagine it's not already happening?Tard.

    • es un tema en el que no voy a entrar porque lady se nos pone muy malita solo de pensarloArgggggg ¡lo has vuelto a hacer! me voy al baño que se me ha revuelto el desayuno…. agggg

    • RE: – I agree they need to take steps in this direction, I’m just not sure how much impact it will have. After all, it’s only the Fannie/Freddie loans, not the whole market. And I think I remember reading that there’s a push to close down these two and start over with something else, although I’m not sure what that gains anybody except the political cover of having two effectively insolvent embarrassments go away. – Rate this comment: 0  0

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    • So I always knew that Alan Alda was smart and funny and lovable, but the flame challenge proves that he's up there with my hero, Einstein, and the theory of everything. I remember being told as a child that I asked to many questions, and finally along comes Alan Alda.

    • Great comment, Michael. Much more illuminating and accurate than the linked article.Bowker is an antiquated system that gouges indie authors and small publishers, and has somewhere between zero and negligible value. I like Michael’s idea – start with a base ID number then just add a 1 for hardcover, 2 for paperback, 3 for ePub, etc.I have never once missed having my “own” ISBN, or regretted accepting Smashwords’ offer to provide me with a free one (to get my books into those few places that require them).

    • “Religion has nothing to do with it. Nothing. Don’t let anyone divert you into endless arguments about religion or ethnicity.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! You know I agree with you completely! But a disturbing thought occurs: If what you say is true, than what does that make Mondoweiss?

    • WOW! I love your hat display stand!This is some great advice! I also only use padded hangers. I think I'll keep your one in, one out advice to mind. xxx

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    • Great start! Mix is pretty good too. I’d like to hear a lot of MIDI brass… just kidding.Needs a melody, but maybe that will be you singing. Looking forward to what you add over the next week.

    •  ( 2012.03.10 10:43 ) : I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already Cheers!

    • Damned Conjuror, I’ve read a couple other of the series and liked them too. I hear one of the latest by A.S. Byatt is really good.Daphne, it is a quick book and kind of mind-bendy. Hope your library has it!

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    • Wowza is all I can say! It was absolutely fantastic to see all our “old” Lions and to meet our newest Lions! I am looking forward to the best year EVER!

    • Oct09Nick Verlaney Paul, I couldnt agree more on the mobile QB thing, obviously. Its just depressing to know the outcome of games ahead of time based on what offensive system we are playing.

    • I entered to win your giveaway!!! You know you have photographed us since maternity and we have always loved your work. You are amazing! Thank you for capturing my family’s moments : ))

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    • Such good, wonderful news Sara! I love being able to see God’s miracles…..I continue to see them every day and you have definitely received one. Love you much.

    • Hi Vix,I love your style, and its been such fun perusing through your archives. If I could I would want you to take me to all spots you know of for shopping. Guaranteed nobody looks like you!Chadina

    • É sim uma his­tó­ria de hoje, Ber­nardo, fil­mada por um cine­asta como não há hoje: viril, enér­gico, mais inte­res­sado no ritmo do que na moral. O Cop­pola andou, no Cot­ton Club, à pro­cura de rimas com este Roa­ring Twen­ties. O final na esca­da­ria é, como diria o Bénard, inadjectivável.

    • , I will change it from just a list of blogs to something I want to promote to my readers. And you’ll certainly be there. 6) I do want to rebalance things a bit, especially adding “suggested exercises” that people at different stages of their journey can try. But thank you for the encouragement just to open up and share my heart. It means a lot coming from you.

    • Reality Bites is a pretty cool movie. I would also go as far as to say that you would rather be compared to Janeane instead of Winona. Winona’s style in the movie reminds me of why I never want the nineties to return.

    • These are really cute yet spooky, thinking of those recordings you can play on Halloween with chains clanking and creepy fab decor.xoxo, Tanya

    • Stundars on kyllä tosi ihana paikka, siellä on muuten heinäkuussa paljon kivaa pienimuotoisempaa ohjelmaa; ma, ti & pe kattijahtia sekä ke & to aikamatkaa, aikataulut löytyy sieltä museon sivuilta.Meillä on vielä Strömsöön uimaranta käymättä tältä kesää, kun ollaan niin viihdytty tuolla kotikylä rannassa, mutta lupasin veljen tyttöystävälle näyttää paikan ja saattaapa olla, että jo tänään löytyy siihen yhteistä aikaa 🙂

    • merci beaucoup de votre réponse ,je n’avais pas vu que la tension est de 12v pour le moment , mais sachez que le débouché est bien la pour du « vrais » MPPT en 36v et 48v , n’hésitez pas à me recontactez quand vous aurez développé un tel chargeur , ça m’intéressera toujours cordialementjosselin Bonmartel

    • letters from every anniversary. To see this ceremony in action, check out Maria and Erik’s Virginia wedding ceremony! Photo Credit: Ever After VisualsTree Planting: Another way to keep the memory of your wedding

    • Ya ves, los jugadores van a tener que sudar y no amedrentarse contra estos marruleros Abrazo y a ver si sumais 3 puntitos vosotros también, me haria ilusión ver al Betis en Champions!!

    • Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Great choice of colors!

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    • since you gave her permission to drive your car you’ll need to file the claim with your insurance, you did not give her the wrong info so that’s your friends issue, the lady she hit should be satisfied by your insurance and then it’s between you and your friend. I wouldn’t let your friend borrow your car ever.

    • Euh, nymphette sur canapé, ce que nous voudrions savoir (JC me donne des coups de coudes pour que je vous pose la question), c’est si Vladi (ou Vera) a mis sa main dans votre petite culotte ? Le fantôme de Sainte-Beuve affirme que c’est capital pour connaître son oeuvre, surtout si vous êtes le modèle de Lolita. Prenant un air de vierge effarouchée, le fantôme de Marcel Proust prétend que ça n’a rien à voir. Mais dans le fond, je vois bien qu’il meurt d’impatience en attendant votre réponse…

    • Clearly this mother was willing to take a risk for her child. BTW, where is the father? I noticed that you did not mention anything about the father. Why is it that bm such as yourself never mention or question 'where' the father is?Yes, I will pray for her and all of the parents fo black children who WANT to learn. Unfortunately, that won't be that many. It's too bad the black community doesn't have the energy or 'desire' to parent and demand a high standard of education in their own community.

    • मी श्रावण वगैरे पाळत नाही.. फक्त नवरात्री चे नऊ दिवस काही खात नाही ( जगदंबेचं नवरात्र ( घट ) असतो घरी म्हणून).मुंबईला जवळच आहे अहमदाबादहून.. करा मुंबई ट्रिप प्लान.. फक्त मुंबई आणि पुण्यातच शिल्लक आहेत इराणी हॉटेल्स.

    • MajÄ…c takie poglÄ…dy jak tu prezentowane, powinien Pan zadbać by Wiedźmin byÅ‚ grÄ… przyjaznÄ… dla legalnych użytkowników. LiczÄ™ na to jako fan takich gier.SwojÄ… drogÄ… odbyÅ‚ Pan chyba pewnÄ… ewolucjÄ™ – albo nie jest do koÅ„ca szczery – gdyż PaÅ„skie antyczne (i rewelacyjne!!!) Electro Body (podobnież Robbo…) zmuszaÅ‚o do ciÄ…gÅ‚ego kartkowania instrukcji i szukania jakichÅ› kodów.

    • Det är helt underbart! Som harlequin fast i helt andra miljöer. Samma poser pÃ¥ omslagen, dock. Himmel. Vad de kan hitta pÃ¥.Undrar förresten hur det känns att mÃ¥la de där omslagsbilderna… Det kan ju vara en karriär att ha i Ã¥tanke!

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    • letto la pagina di Guglinsky?Penso che tu possa porre le stesse domande a lui.P.S. Credo di aver detto una ca…ta parlando di asse terrestre, me ne sono accorto solo dopo…(ma speravo che nessuno se ne accorgesse:-)Ovviamente l'asse terreste non è una cosa che dipende dall'ora…Non sono l'interprete di Guglinsky, eventuali critiche fatele a lui.

    • « c’est dégueulasse de rendre public un sms faux ou pas concernant l’intimité d’un individu, président soit-il »Ce qui est déguelasse, c’est le mépris pour ceux qui ne sont pas à genoux devant blingbling!Cette histoire de sms en dit long sur le degré de confiance inspiré par le patron de l’entreprise france !!

    • By November 28, 2011 – 6:58 pmRebecca:I recently got a lovely little Feedburner e-mail list going. Subscribe on the Upcoming Books page to automatically receive an e-mail when I post about a new release (don’t forget the verify your e-mail address)

    • I can handle the summer a few weeks more but we had some nice nights lately, down into the 50s. Nice.The burger does look rocking! I saw those buns and thought, "Oh no she didn't!" What a great idea.

    • 아이를 키우는 입장에서 작가님께서 진행하실 힘든 싸움에 응원 열심히 드리고 싶어요.정말 한페이지 한페이지 얼마나 정성을 다하셔서 만드셨는지 작가님 책을 보신 엄마들과 아이들은 다 알고 있을거에요. 작가님 힘내세요.

    • sabe que es lo peor?? que la ley se hace de la vista gorda para no castigarla como se lo merece, y el pueblo termina olvidando, dentro de unos cuatro años mas va a termninar en algun puesto de gobierno, si no es que antes.

    • What about the city? Helene woke in a strange hotel room. Viscious rays of sun struck through an open white curtain. She picked up the bottom of Jack daniels from the nightstand and saw the engraving on the small, aluminum lamp; No Tell Motel, Phoenix, Arizona?I’m just being a smart ass. I’ll follow the rules.

    • Keep pushing, Vikki. Teachers not only lack awareness of NF titles and links to standards, they often lack the freedom to step away from strictly controlled curricula. The more aware they become, the more they can justify stepping away (and the more advocates will be created). INK posts and the database are featured in my workshops for teachers, and should be shared by any of us who might shape teachers' choices.

    • La manera como las cosas alrededor se van descoñetando está coolesta temita provoca como escucharlo en vivo con una botella de Anís el Mono en el bolsillo trasero del jean

    • “…On bol vždy žiarlivý typ a rada pod kontrolou…”Láska a žiarlivosÅ¥ v nás ľuďoch je zvyčajne problém, ale nie tak s Bohom. V poriadku, písanie na.Larry Nevenhoven nedávno vyslaný..

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    • The Cardinal Newman Society just went up even more in my estimation. I have to say I was relieved when Fr Drinan died as he made me very angry. Now here he is still getting me upset!!!!!

    • ‘Likely it was not an apple, but that is irrelevant. Adam is your genetic relative and his sin is in your genes as it is everyone on earth.That you ask “which sin is greater” means you have no concept of sin.That you don’t understand the very passage you quoted means you have little understanding of the Bible and Jesus’ words.Go back and read it again.

    • Mis aplausos como siempre, don RDP. Ya estaba juntando las moneditas para pagar su rescate, mire vea. No sé qué me da más miedito, si continuar el roller-coaster de la señora o pensar que si a ella le baja la presión por más de 48 hs, Ex-Amado y/o la Betty se sientan en el sillón.

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    • im cancer all the way(: hope ur mom has a happy birthday! btw the shades of the nail polishes are Star Estrella (baby blue) and Princess Princessa (purple)(: xoxo

    • Think this is definitely a City problem. People in the City generally live a faster life, and just don’t have time or cant be bothered to do as much basic cleaning as people who don’t live in the city, for example basic things like carpet cleaning and cleaning beds.

    • 2-6-2011 Jajaja ese man no cambia; compararse con jesús y con ghandi q goce, y q cinismo decir q a el nunca le ha importado el dinero. Ojala regrese algún dia… pero para q lo metan preso por ladrón.

    • Vreau si eu sa-l incerc pentru ca plec destul de des in alte localitati si de cele mai multe ori ma abtin sa beau apa ca sa nu fiu nevoita sa merg la toaletele publice..

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    • law take a back seat to the primary issue. There is no dancing around that fact. You accuse Riley and me of not seeing the whole picture, or not grasping the full ramifications when you can't see past your own nose. Your beliefs on governance lead to anarchy and chaos.

    • I just looked at my two very ripe bananas on the countertop tonight, wondering what to make, and then you 'appeared'…thanks – gonna have to try this. I'm WILD about cream cheese, so that's a very inviting combo for me. Thanks much for sharing.

    • Nedávno jsem se s kamarádem Karlem v naší útulné hospůdce bavil na toto téma a shodli jsme se, že nejrovnÄ›jší by bylo aby vÅ¡ichni jeli ve stejné káře. Pak by se ukázalo jací jsou Schumi, Alonso a další závodníci.

    • hi tony.sorry for that. i did not know amanda would use the same pic as me.I asked amanda if she liked it.amanda answer was yes i do and i am going to steal it.hi Amanda i hope you are well going to try and call you the next time you are on bs.i am glad you liked the pic.your no1 fan who loves you loads.wolfie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • la idea esta barbara !!! tiene que salir de lo comun esta megafiesta . ya que no tenemos recitalesde este estilo 🙂 baaaaaaaarrrbaroooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! estaria bueno estuviera VIcentico , Calamaro y porque no Javier Calamaro no? saludos ….

    • Hello Reverend Joe,The Hansman boys will be there. I can’t say what they’re likely to do, but I’m sure it will be memorable. Mason is getting better at keeping them in the right line.Thanks,Eric

    • Poppin, that was one of the most hilarious productions I’ve seen yet! They all had such a fun time. I don’t think they knew to get the sac, so we might be in for an encore presentation in the near future. Ya made my night!

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    • Really glad that you asked that, Addicted – have often wondered about that myself! Have just read gazza’s response and will attempt it tomorrow. From one dinosaur to another

    • I just couldn’t leave your site before suggesting that I really loved the standard info a person supply on your visitors? Is gonna be again regularly in order to investigate cross-check new posts.

    • I liked Wood Harris’ version of Jimi Hendrix. I think he did very well in the role. I think folks have forgotten that a movie about him has already been done, and it was a good movie too. Hendrix, it came out in 2000…it was made for TV, but still good.

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    • November 7, 2009 at 13:11I agree to you. The movie is damn emotional… but leaves a thousand and one questions unanswered. When I saw that movie with few of my friends (we all do science/PhD).. all of us ended up arguing about things all the way till home. Reply

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    • Wow! He even made the puppets himself, too – what a talent! This film deserves wider exposure than just ‘limited release in limited cinemas’ – Constance Marks should press for more than that. Billy.

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    • I’m all on board. For everything. I want to go raw. I’m vegan now and I know I can reach healthier physical states. I’m bummed that I’ll have to reconsider soy milk. I just looked at the ingredients on the brand that I buy and it’s got all kinds of salt and sugar pumped into it. I really appreciate your work. Thank you. It’s changed my life for the better.

    • Thanks guy, this is my first story, and english isn’t my first language, so I still need to polish some parts, but I like that you guys liked the end. Comment by Tekrow on February 14, 2012 at 1:33 am

    • Good information! If it helps, I don’t remember seeing any dogs at all last year. Maybe all the activity scared then off. Don’t know. Good thought about the sunscreen. Last year it was do completely overcast, I never notice shade or lack thereof… Thanks for the reminder! As for the light – see If you can find a small clip light that would fit on the bill of a hat. There were definitely dark sections last year into and out of the park – I was glad I had a light. Great training weekend!!!!

    • Crunchy friends in Naked Hot Tub. Oh how I miss such freedom. sigh…I think what should have been posted:Can’t live with em, Can’t leave em chained up in the basement. Too much paperwork!

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    • I remember seeing a documentary warning what would happen if they allowed modern dancing at school proms. No one took it seriously at the time – and now we see the results.The school district should sue Kevin Bacon (& Kenny Loggins).

    • The only upside to that is that hopefully we can get everybody on the internets nattering to each other about anthropogenic young earth UFO Mayan vaccine autism, and they’ll be too busy to listen to the guy up at the big podium telling them to throw Jews in ovens and machine gun everybody who wears glasses.One Nobel Peace Prize comin' up!!TCM

    • Thanks for posting about the BR t-shirt, Kirk. What an interesting project. You just picked up all sorts of ideas throughout your journey and it’s most interesting to read how other people are displaying their acts of kindness, too. Thanks again for helping us to focus better and more often on those RAK!

    • maggie camilleriVulnerable … Brave … A Child… may her efforts and sacrifice not be in vain … I believe Malala should be nominated for The Children’s Peace Prize. I wish for her a full recovery so that she may receive it in good health.For she certainly deserves it.thank youMaggie CamilleriAustralia

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