September 19, 2016 10:46 am

Investigation Underway After Black Motorcyclist Allegedly Trapped, Shot Dead by D.C. Police

A second Washington DC police officer has been placed on leave and is under investigation in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Police claim Terrence Sterling, 31, was fatally shot after ramming his motorcycle into a police cruiser. Officers say they spotted Stirling’s motorcycle driving erratically at around 4 a.m. on September 11th.

A witness, however, told Fox 5 that Sterling was trapped and trying to get away when he was shot dead by police:

According to witness Kandace Simms–who was sitting in her car waiting for the light to change– Sterling rode his bike down the left lane next to her, and he suddenly collided with a Metropolitan Police Department cruiser. Simms says the cruiser pulled into the intersection in what appeared to be an attempt to block the motorcycle, and the collision in her opinion was unavoidable. She tells FOX 5 Sterling then revved the engine, and appeared to be trying to find a way to drive off when the window on the passenger side of the marked cruiser rolled down, and the officer in the passenger seat fired two shots. Simms says she heard no commands from the officer, and neither the police car’s lights nor the siren were on. Sterling, she says, immediately fell off the bike and she could see blood coming from the area around his helmet.

Several witnesses also told NBC News that Sterling was not trying to ram the police cruiser at the time of the shooting.

Several witnesses said the collision was unavoidable and Sterling did not intentionally strike the cruiser. They also said the officer was not trying to get out of his car, but instead rolled his window down and shot Sterling from inside the car after the crash.

The officer did not turn on his body camera until after the shooting.

Sterling’s employer says the motorcyclist had just left a bachelor party at the time of the shooting.

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  • Darryl Miller says:

    This sounds like a hit job.

  • Garner Whinthrope says:

    Investigation of men are the target..we are the ones who aren’t fighting back against this war on us..we don’t have any civil rights so forget it

  • RhondaMiller2 says:

    Oprah need to quiet herself, she know its not bout slavery, that what she shouda said is about the last 40 years we all are still here for

  • Rhonda Miller says:

    So his family,going to get a million dollars,…. what games is this mr president, you sure made it cckea you not the black president .

  • James Darryl Ross says:

    More offices getting away with murder

  • Rayshon Anders says:

    Sick of them cops get away with to much evil

  • Darryl Miller says:

    Encourage everyone to have video cameras to film cops

  • Akoti Carolyn Israel says:

    Zechariah 11:5 Thy possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.

  • Rayshon Anders says:

    It got sunglass built what a camera in it people need to put video cam. Front and back of the car

  • Charles Davis says:

    YES Y’ALL: THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: The tactical terrorists, “race soldiers”; “fatal police shooting of an unarmed Oklahoma man (named Terence Crutcher) with his hands held high up, could be seen in” ‘public open view and on video cameras. “difficult to watch” video released by predatory police Monday, September 19, 2016.’

    TERRORISM: The tactical thug taser terrorists: “Tulsa (predator) police said one officer fired a stun gun (thus to terrorize – traumatize a healthy Humanoidian male) and another officer fired one (satanist) shot that killed Mr. Terence Crutcher, who was black, (who was and is a holistic human biological bodily being as an American of Africa’s ascent. Nobody baby born, bloodlines are birthed “black”, nor “white”. This is a solemnly stated scientific fact!
    Furthermore, a female feminist, fired her firearm. A criminal crazy CauCrazian Caucasoidian cop, obscene objectionable offender; “Officer Betty Shelby, who is white”, (perceptibly pearly paleface pink= Pinkskin), foolishly “fired the fatal shot”; that killed – murdered, executed, and assassinated an ‘Afro-African American’ man who was unarmed, had no firearms or handguns. He was a friendly, kindhearted and peaceful person!

    And the other offending; “Officer Tyler Turnbough, who is also white, (Pinkshin) deployed his (tender tissue traumatizing – terrorizing tactical) taser, police have said.”

    “I’m going to tell you right now, there was no gun on the suspect or in the suspect’s vehicle,” Police Chief Chuck Jordan said at a press conference Monday afternoon. “I want to assure our community and I want to assure all of you and people across the nation watching this: We will achieve justice.” Really? Truthfully?
    Butt Best Beware: believe him not on our dearly beloved lives, Strictly stating and specially saying: if he really wanted to pursue JUSTICE & JUDGMENT = JESUSTICE-1, then the Sociopath Sex Slaver She devil demon, wicked witch woman wish we-were-whites, would have been by now criminally charged a felony first degree. Arrested and arraigned accordingly, Indicted, instead of being politely and protectively placed on paid leave. OK Yawls?
    ““What I seen on the video was a man who had his hands up, to me look like in compliance with police officers,” Johnson said.” Even so, there’s absolutely no rational reasons; whatsoever, to have shot and killed an American citizen, of humanity-humankind herein, The United States Of America!

    “The only part was where he was walking back to his car, but he had his hands up. He was Tased and shot. We believe that was too much.”
    Not only was it “too much”; it was intentional murder of more melaninated minority – majority members. By namely, nationalized negative Neanderthal Neo-Nazis. Evilly evolved enemy Europeans = Eu-Roman extremists and Eu-Rope-an executors, And adversely affected, asinine a–s–s angry aggressors, as Ashkenazim-Anglo-Americans = antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. As Afrophobics and Afriphobics, always acting against Aboriginal Africoidians = America’s and Africa’s ascendants!
    We’s & Us’s will never bow down and comply, regardless of what those terming themselves the “white race”, think and believe. And all Americanized Africans, beauteous BROWNSKINS, are now shooting back, bravely and boldly by BLACKSOULS; Solitary Soldiers!
    BLACKLAW: Commands; CIVIL-GUERRILLA-RACEWAR= Urban-Race-Riots & Civil War!!= America At Guerrilla Warfare. And as a mandated militarized must, righteously render real, JUSTICE & JUDGMENT = JESUSTICE-!

  • Armanda Coles says:

    Typical thug behavior

  • ShirleyThomas says:

    That’s why when I hear that a police officer died in the line of duty i sing Hallelujah

  • ShaNell Monique says:

    They picking us off people!!!

  • msbrown says:

    Disgusting children of satan. Swine.

  • JamesStaton says:

    My parents passed along these words of wisdom to me when I was a child.
    Respect and obey your parents.
    Respect and obey adults, let your parents resolve any difficulties you encounter with an adult.
    Respect and obey your teachers and school administrators who are all adults.
    Resolve all difficulties with teachers, school administrators and other officials through your parents
    Respect and obey the police. Submit to direction and control of the police when advised to do so.
    Resolve all issues with the police and government officials through your parents.
    When I reach my teenage years and before I started driving my dad gave me the following advice.
    When alerted to pull over by the police or to stop by the police do so immediately.
    Put your hands on the steering wheel at the positions of 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock keep them there until advice to do otherwise by the police officer. If on foot, keep your hands down and at your side, fingers straight.
    If you have passengers, advise them to SHUT their mouth, say nothing, you will do all the talking.
    Be polite, show respect, address him as officer, ask permission to make any moves in order to comply with the officers requests.
    After directed to show your drivers license and registration asked the officer for permission to obtain your drivers license and the registration.(officer, may I).
    Do not make any moves unauthorized by the officer in compliance with his request for your drivers license and registration.
    COMPLY with and follow through all directives given by the Police.
    Do not raise your voice, do not use profanity, do not referred to the police officer in any manner other than officer.
    Conduct yourself as if you are in a courtroom, in front of a Judge, the Legal representative of the Government. Give the officer the Same Respect, you do not Question their authority on the street.
    When being physically engaged by the officer, do not resist in anyway, do not take any offensive action.
    You’re only objective is to SURVIVE the encounter. On the street is not the place to protest your innocence or to question why the officers are taking the actions they are taking.
    Be mindful of the officers have a badge, a gun, taser, pepper spray, a nightstick, handcuffs, shotgun in the car, and radio to call for overwhelming numbers of officers, Who are equipped in the same manner.
    They have the legal right to take the actions that they are taking and have the full support of the law and government.
    The place to express your righteous indignation, your innocence, and the unjustified reason for your incarceration, ask and have your questions answered is when you’re in the COURTROOM with JUDGE, witnesses, your attorney, and the full support of our Legal System.
    I pass these words of wisdom on to my son, who is now 41 years old and alive, after numerous engagements with the police not unlike myself, who was not a law abiding citizen in every case
    When I had any interaction with the police, In some traffic circumstances I was in breach of the law I had a successful outcomes, in view of the fact that I’m still alive and I’m now 63 years of age.
    My son has had this talk with his children who are 21, 17, 16 and 15. Three boys and one girl.
    I recommend that all parents have this talk with their children, especially their teenage and young adult children.
    Please have the talk pragmatism saves lives.

  • TimSmith7 says:

    JamesStaton  I’m so glad you wasn’t around to free the slaves. Be willing to buck the system. Allow your sacrifice to over- take your fears. Stop teaching your loved ones to accept the cultural conditioning of being inferior and demand others not to marginalize you. I would want my children and grandchild to live a life of truth and fearless. You can’t live in fear of the truth.

  • AnthonyAllen says:


  • AnthonyAllen says:

    Shirley i love you and dont even know you. Lol Those brothers who knocked off those cops are African American heroes.

  • JamesStaton says:

    you missed the point. You must be Alive to Standup for your rights in Court. You will benefit by expanding your knowledge of history. Google (convict leasing) (worst than slavery) (peonage). Talk to your relatives who grew up in the 30’sm 49’s, 50’s early 69’s. Life in America did not start when you were born. Read the emancipation proclamation. Making assertions devoid of Facts speaks loudly about you. Choose you battles wisely, Courts not Streets and Live.

  • AnthonyAllen says:

    Brother please only one devoid of facts is you. Look up Anthony Allen versus Sheriff Simon Leis. I resisted arrest and beat em in court. . I tell my kids ,grandkids ,and brothers ,and sisters this . If that white man puts his hands on you to take your life ,take his instead. I stay leagally strapped i wish a pig would. I understand your theory ,but that will never stop that animal from killing you or trying. That cave dweller understands two things. money and violence learn to speak his language and i and mine are adept at both. Those pigs approach me with respect as a black man or risk losing it all. MALCOLM X says ” dont lay down your life all by itself , preserve your life its the best thing you got.” On your advice thanks but no thanks. Im a field negro i hate the master and hope he dies. Those house negro’s can stay in the house if they like.

  • JamesStaton says:

    Trust you have you will ready. Those who refuse to learn from History are doomed to repeat it mistakes.

  • JamesStaton says:

    Who do you call when your loved one are being assaulted, robbed, raped, shot?
    Who did the 500 plus families call when their loved ones were murdered in Chicago?

  • AnthonyAllen says:

    Silly rabbit i never call the pigs. They rob , rape, and murder just like the crimminals they claim to be after. Read the paper , watch the news. Not a day goes by without another pig being indicted for crimminal begavior. James stay off those mind altering drugs you on. Lol

  • JamesStaton says:

    You will love Somolia, they have no government, no police. Maybe Lybia, Yemen, Syria?

  • AnthonyAllen says:

    I wouldve pre US intervention and meddling. The United States installs and supports corrupt governments in all those countries. You sound like white folks suggesting i and we leave . How bout resistance you acquiescing clown. Lol

  • vezetov says:

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  • hpontes says:

    JamesStaton I have a question for you….Who showed up when the levees broke in Katrina.  The same people showed up!

  • Daniel Lee says:

    JamesStaton I appreciate the wisdom of respecting the authorities and seeking accountability through proper channels. The meek shall inherit the earth, and both rebellion and injustice always have an answer in the eternal scale. Vengeance corrupts instead of setting things right; just have to be faithful in the small things. Now black women officers have risen higher in departments like Los Angeles to have power and legal authority!

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