August 15, 2016 9:19 am

Total Collapse: 31 of 56 Black Neighborhoods in Wisconsin Are Jails

In trying to understand the riots that erupted in Milwaukee over the weekend, and why “calls for peace” are wrongheaded, we should first understand that Milwaukee’s black neighborhoods are prison neighborhoods.

Middleton High School student Lew Blank revealed to Madison365 that while researching racial disparity in Wisconsin, he’d come across isolated black neighborhoods in the middle of nowhere.

It seemed odd to Blank, and for good reason. He would later learn that the pockets of black population were in fact jails:

Thirty-one of the 56 black neighborhoods in Wisconsin are, in fact, jails,” he says. “And I found out that the places that weren’t jails, weren’t great places to be – homeless shelters, section 8 housing, food deserts, etc.”

Of the black neighborhoods in Wisconsin that aren’t jails, Blank found that 21, or 38 percent, are apartment complexes, Section 8 housing, or both. Two are homeless shelters, and one is a job corps center. The only one left is Milwaukee’s general residential black neighborhood, which overall is doing very poorly.


Even though Milwaukee is 77 percent white, the jails are filled up almost entirely with blacks, and the disparity persists throughout the state:

 Forty-one percent of inmates in Wisconsin’s jails are black, despite black people making up only 6 percent of Wisconsin’s general population. This is completely disproportional to the crime rate and drug usage rate, which has been statistically proven to be near-equal between blacks and whites.

This means that the black community in Wisconsin isn’t a community at all; it’s in total collapse. If America as a whole was experiencing this level of collapse, there would be riot police on the street in every city, but it goes unnoticed in black communities because black people are considered expendable.





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  • Stephany Lowe says:

    So this is how Wisconsin lives? Horrible

  • Buck Taylor says:

    I’m sure if these black communities try hard enough they can make it all 56

  • Robert Johnson says:

    The only thing you should be absolutely sure of Buck Taylor is keep your punk ass far far away from any of them.

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Buck Taylor is the typical keyboard gangster! He wouldn’t dare say make these comments in person. This prick would shut his pants if he was ask to repeat what he said. Yes there’s a problem in Milwaukee? It’s a problem with the breakdown in the family. I mentor kids in my community. I don’t blame kids I help them. If you don’t have anything to say or do to help people? STFU!!

  • David Walles says:

    This is all by democrat design, keeps the votes blue.

  • Eddie Piper says:

    Disgusting comment Buck this neo-liberal conservative is exactly what’s wrong with America today. In addition these angry white men live in fear that their power is diminishing world-wide. Minorities live in a mono-cultural society fueled by capitalism, racism & violence. Capitalism has divided black communities where the fabric or their original communities have become fragmented & i fully believe it does take a village to raise a child your child is my child love, lets eat together. British colonialism that has pervaded these communities do not have this understanding, they only see people & culture as commodities to be traded, used & abused in environment that ignorant Europeans such as Buck thrive – sad actually.

  • Rick Manigault says:

    End the drug war and all crime prevention strategies. Sylvill Smith is dead because WE wont reject ideas that have been thoroughly proven wrong. “Looking suspicious” should not be a crime, but that’s why Smith is dead.

  • Carolyn Broadbelt says:

    Mabe your sons will turn out to be maggots just like you.

  • Rick Manigault says:

    The “white supremacist” site Infowars put out a phony video with blacks talking about whites being beaten during the unrest, I’m sure the video and all of these claims are fake, but a portion of the country believes this to be so. The is how the stage was set for Black Wall Street and other atrocities.

  • Robert Mcneill says:

    Last i checked David Walles, Wisconsin was ran by a really stupid republican governor and congress. Odd how you guys try to find blame on anyone but yourselves and your backwards ass policies…Kinda like flint Michigan

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    Wow your their mentor Lmao and thats exactly whats wrong with them thugs. They got a dumbass like you as a mentor.

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    The sheriff from Milwaukee has a brain. This guy is a mentor this guy isn’t gonna be a slave for Obama for a ebt card.

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Carolyn Broadbelt Iam sure they are….

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Lee Jay Wortham Sheriff David Clarke is a freakin prick! He’s just trying to advance his career . David Clarke is more interested in selling his book. The schmuck thinks there’s a cabinet post waiting for him in a Trump administration? Trump is trailing in Wisconsin. David Clarke is the worst POS in Milwaukee.

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    Mike your the brain washed people he’s talking about how much ebt you got on your card.

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Lee Jay Wortham you asswipe! You have family members Iam sure who have some issues? Please! Don’t judge others! You’re a disgusting POS!

  • David Walles says:

    Flint has been under democrat rule with a near 100% democrat elected city officials for 40+ years.. Those Wisconsin black neighborhoods mentioned have one thing in common, a 100% democrat elected city mayor and city officials, school board members, etc.

  • Robert Mcneill says:

    All money and checks signed still must go through the governor’s office first. Michigan had problems but nothing like what they’re going through now under this republican governor who will probably end up in prison. Wiscons has a completely different kinda idiot. But who has the same silly ideas. Tax and oppress the poor, arrest and false imprison the weak and reward and cut deals for the rich. That’s how republican governors role. We got one right here in Georgia doing the exact same thing…Screwing this state for years, and when he getscaught, he Then points fingers at all the mayor’s and city officials that work for “Him”..

  • Shirley Hooper says:

    Buck did you not hear there’s no jobs.And school system sucks so ????

  • Sandra Hughes says:


  • Alkebulan Linen says:

    Lee Jay Wortham there’s more white people on welfare than any other group in this country. Facts buddy. Now can you please go get me some Juicy juice with your ebt card.

  • Larry Suitt says:

    Bad teaching on community leaders, political officials and government. This how it starts to get to the end. All of this is a smoke screen. When america is going to be attacked. The attitude of America will be weak because of division.

  • Edward Young says:

    You can say what you want.Something is wrong with this picture

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    I’m talking bout the lazy ass white democrats too they ain’t know better.

  • Wesley Davidson says:

    How about help find a solution rather than be the problem.

  • James Oruche says:

    Mfs always assuming, folks are either not trying, or doing what they suppose to do,ignoring all the mitigating circumstances that put them there in the first place.

  • Joe Wade says:

    This guy is no more than a foot shuttling buffoon who is paid to be the face of racism and injustice in Milwaukee and he’s to stupid to realize it.

  • Lee Jay Wortham says:

    You don’t like him because he’s telling the truth about how your people are acting in the streets.

  • TinaSue says:

    This is really sad.  Poverty always hit us the hardest.  One thing we should not do is support this immigration bill for illegals.  Those people take the jobs that poor Black people always relied on.  I’m not saying you should go vote for Trump though.  Elect local officials who support our issues.

  • alcoop123 says:

    In WE, you mean White Europeans, right? Because African Americans BEEN rejected EVERYTHING white people hold or negatvely believe about us.

  • Rick Manigault says:

    alcoop123 I mean ignorant black people like YOU who are more racist than whites? Baltimore is a city run by black people, Lots of areas where we have all the power. People like you wont end the drug war or stop racial profiling for profit, So YOU are to blame. 

    You can march, cry and whine, or you can end modern day black codes most black people support. 

    Every time some old idiot on the news says “get the drugs / guns of the streets”  you give license to the profiteers.

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