August 30, 2016 2:58 pm

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Allegedly Called 11-Year-Old the N-Word and Shouted “Beat His -ss!”

Charges have been dropped against a Wyoming man who allegedly called a child a racial slur.

Travis Mead was originally charged with ethnic intimidation after allegedly repeatedly yelling the N-word at an 11-year-old boy at school.

According to WOOD TV, Mead, 34, also yelled “beat his -ss” during a January incident. Mead could have faced up to two years in jail if convicted.


Fox 17 reported at the time that three other boys at the school also reported hearing Mead using the racial slur.

Kent County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker insists that the charges were dropped because the victim stopped co-operating and didn’t show up to court.

“We cannot proceed without their assistance,” Becker wrote.


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