August 16, 2016 7:24 pm

Baltimore Mom Made Famous for Slapping Son During Riots Is Now Homeless

A mom made famous for smacking her son during the Baltimore riots is now homeless.

After video of Toya Graham striking her son went viral in 2015, even Oprah called the mom to express her approval. “I understand what single moms go through”, said Oprah.

Now Graham needs Oprah’s help after that same son, 17-year-old Michael, accidentally set the family’s home on fire while frying chicken, WBFF reports.

“I had stepped away to the bathroom real quick,” said Michael. “When I got back, there was smoke and fire coming from the pan.”


Michael, home alone, then threw water on the grease fire, which made it worse.

Now the single mother of five children and one granddaughter is homeless.

“I’m not blaming Michael,” Graham said. “But I’m angry.”

 Graham also admitted that she’s growing weary of the challenges being thrown her way.”I’m tired of the struggle, I feel broken,” she said. “You try to hold on because you try to do everything, you try to be strong for your children. You try, but this is a lot.”

The family has a GoFundMe set up to take donations. 


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  • LorMarie says:

    Is this real?

  • Janice Turner says:

    Thus is why you get apartment or home insurance

  • Carol R B Greene says:

    See how many come to her aid now ! Oh by the way where is her white man ?
    All should be good huh ?

  • Mike Smithh says:

    Carol R B Greene Iam not sure what you’re talking about? Or what it has to do with this incident? If you’re not going to donate? And people like you usually don’t? Then other than have some kind of low Gap or IQ score? Why comment!!!

  • Nathan D Smith says:

    Well, people bailed out a criminal for beating up the racist white dude who shot the people in the church up. Bailed out a guy within 24 hours of hearing about the jail incident and no one knew who he was. So I’m sure people will take care of this woman right?

  • Vanez Burkett says:

    Fox news should because they asses had all praises for her and telling other blacks they should follow her lead

  • Alex Martin says:

    What? I’m pretty sure gofundme will buy her a house

  • Lamar Rip Box Bradford says:

    She got all dat fame for stopping her son from rioting and nobody to help her now that she’s homeless. Where all then white people who had her back for the moment?

  • TinaSue says:

    Honest to God, I have empathy for Black women trying to take care of their children.  I hope she can get back on track.  I’ll support her fund.

  • Watchful says:

    What an unfortunate situation to have to go thru … I’ll definitely be making a donation. That said, I remember Ms.Graham receiving both praise and condemnation for her actions during the uprisings in Baltimore last spring, but one thing I strongly believe to be true, is that her son very much loves and respects his Mom.

  • mrchipssAlex says:

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  • shbkyn45 says:

    Oprah and many other African people praised this woman for embrassing her teen son, to the world.  This is my first time voiceing
    my complaint about the mom slapping her son, on TV or otherwise.  When will Afircan people realize we whip 
    and beat our children to much, which I feel causes so many African people to be violent.  

    We need to talk to our children, living under a white racism system, that along is stress enough.  Going to schools 
    in which the curriculum,  destroys African children self esteem, and cause our children to hate school and 
    puches them out of school into a world of crime.   White school’s curriculum causes all African people to feel bad 
    about ourselves.  The curriculum has been in place every since we went to school in America for the first time about 150 years ago.

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