July 18, 2016 4:44 pm

Man Arrested After Facebook Post Urging People to “Just Kill All White Cracker Cops”

A Georgia man is under arrest after writing a Facebook post urging people to hurt police officers.

Derrick “De De” Hudson, 19, wrote “Just kill all white cracker cops” in response to a post by a Macon news network, according to The Detroit News. 

Hudson was reacting to a post showing Alton Sterling’s son break down in tears during a press conference about his father’s death.

He’s charged with soliciting people to commit murder.

As BreakingBrown previously reported, President Obama signed the “Blue Alert” law to help catch people who threaten cops.


Detroit police arrested four people this month for allegedly making threats against police on Facebook.

“Social media is new territory, and while it’s been established that hate speech is protected by the First Amendment, we’re talking about people specifically saying on Facebook they want to kill white police officers,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

“If someone threatens to kill the president, that person would be arrested and prosecuted. How is it any different when someone threatens to kill white cops?”

The problem is that criticizing cops can often be conflated with threatening cops, as BreakingBrown reported:

In 2012, Thomas G. Smith was arrested by the Arena Police Department in Wisconsin for calling police officers racist on Facebook. Smith had accused the police of being racist after the department thanked the community for helping to apprehend two black kids.

After making the comment, Smith received a call from police asking if he had indeed made the critical post. Once he admitted making the comment, police came to Smith’s home and arrested him.

Prosecutors alleged that Smith’s speech could incite violence and was not protected by the Constitution. Although an appeals court eventually cleared Smith, he filed a lawsuit claiming police continued to harass him even after the ruling.


Given that the U.S. is barreling full speed ahead toward a police state, it is probably wise not to vent any frustrations or express antagonisms on social media since online platforms have become computer to prison pipelines.



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  • Watchful says:

    Ms.Carnell et al., have been warning ppl not to post stuff on ur FB pages that can be viewed as ‘threatening’ towards law enforcement bcuz u could be charged with a ‘hate’ crime, or worse, as being a ‘terrorist’. We all need to be smarter in how we express our anger and frustration, especially on social media, cuz they’re lookin’ for any lil excuse, legitimate or otherwise, to lock our blk asses up.

  • NikitaSamuelle1 says:

    This man is foolish. There are many lawful solutions to ending police brutality. As a member of the Metro Atlanta Crime Commission, I helped construct the FIRST NATIONWIDE STRATEGIC PLAN TO END POLICE BRUTALITY and it is working. All lawful solutions that are legislative, judicial, sociological, spiritual, economic, technological, law enforcement departmental and regulatory reform and more. This guy should have learned from the example where Latousha Nedd did the exact same thing in Clayton County, GA and was arrested by the Sheriff’s department and US Marshals. As we have told BLM, there are better ways that are legal, lawful and credible without placing yourself at risk. To get a copy of the FIRST NATIONAWIDE STRATEGIC PLAN TO END POLICE BRUTALITY, email today. It’s free.

  • NikitaSamuelle1 says:

    Knowing your rights is YOUR responsibility. Everything you might want to say is not covered under the First Amendment. Hate speech, terroristic threats, inciting violence and abusive language are NOT covered under the First Amendment. And even if you believe they are, you would likely have to prove that after being arrested. There are many lawful solutions to end police brutality. But becoming violent against law enforcement is not one of them. Try using social and political pressure on the people who hired them or who they answer to. But stay legal and when in question,, don’t say it.

  • 44blue says:

    NikitaSamuelle1  Looting and rioting are not protesting.  I agree with you that we have to rise above!
    it is strange that in Oklahoma, a white woman shot and killed a black man. No BLM, no protests. She is charged, and will be tried, and that’s as it should be.

    In NC, a black man killed a black man, and BLM was right in there, fomenting violence.
    70% of those arrested for violence were from out of the area. Some politician’s got to be paying them; that state’s in play…and who has all the money and loves to divide the races? HILBAMA.
    Tamir Rice was the worst video I ever watched; I cried. The cop shot that goofy little kid the minute they pulled up. It’s outrageous that he wasn’t convicted of the murder of that young boy. 
     The Blue Wall has got to crack!
    Posting things like this man did, after the Dallas massacre of police, is only stupid. it’s completely counterproductive.

  • 44blue says:

    Any comment on the video of the destruction of the Trump Pence car? It’s on Drudge right now, and racism is running high.

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