April 5, 2016 11:13 am

On Black People Drinking Obama’s “Black Jesus Kool-Aid”: 18 Most Revealing Quotes About Black Wealth From Media Mogul Byron Allen

Antonio Moore recently interviewed black media mogul Byron Allen about black wealth in America. The video is posted below, but here are the top 18 revelations and quotes from Allen’s interview:

1.) African-Americans are “modern day slaves living on a modern day plantation.”

2.) “Black people, wake up and get a calculator. You’re a multi-trillion dollar industry but you get paid nothing. The cable industry spends 70 billion dollars a year licensing cable networks. Black people get zero. We’re the only community that would allow that to happen.”

3.) “As African-Americans, we do not have access to a real education. You do not have access to jobs. You do not have access to opportunity. We do not have access to capital that is not predatory.”

4.) “This is economic genocide…. We are positioned to die. We are positioned to kill. We are positioned to be killed.”

5.) “When white people talk to other white people about business, they talk about business. When black people go to white corporate America, white corporate America starts talking about charity, donations, and who they’ve given money to.”

6.) “White corporate America has a way of treating us like a burden and we don’t count.”

7.) “When you look at the billions of dollars spent in advertising and none of it going to black owned media, that speaks to why your newspapers and websites are going out of business..”

8.) Byron Allen, a black businessman, sued the first black president.

9.) President Obama’s administration has been a “category 5 disaster” for Black America. Under Obama, unemployment for Black America has gone up 40 percent. During the same period it has gone down 25 percent for white America.

10.) There are things President Obama can do to help Black America economically that don’t involve Congress:

  • “Stop approving mergers that do not have true African-American economic inclusion.”
  • “Audit the banks, you will see that banks aren’t lending to black  people. Therefore we can’t start businesses and grow businesses…”
  • “You control a 2 billion dollar ad budget, but none of that money is making its way to black owned media.”

11.) “I’m the White House’s worst enemy; a Negro with a calculator. ”

12.) Unlike the LGBT, Latino, and Jewish communities, the black community never had an ask of Obama where they organized and said, “you must deliver this..”

13.) “My mother went to UCLA and got her master’s degree in cinema/TV production.” She “positioned me for success.”

14.) The real reason why they killed Martin Luther King Jr. was because of economic inclusion.

15.) Black people have nothing to show for the Obama administration.

16.) “The violence, the drug abuse, the alcohol abuse [in the African-American community] is a direct result of the lack of economic inclusion.”

17.) Allen also reveals why he sued Rev. Al Sharpton.

18.) “Shiny things depreciate. Only invest in things that appreciate in value.”

Watch the video below:




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  • anthony4422 says:

    Yeah Byron Allen and I wonder how many employees in your empire are Black.  If I were a betting man, I would say less than 20%.  He wasn’t a part of the “in crowd” for all that licensing business and is now crying like a little …..b

  • dmac6419 says:

    Oh and byron ain’t a billionaire

  • TinaSue says:

    Why is this Byron Allen man always taling his so called “blackness” when he is married to a White woman?

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