February 26, 2015 12:12 pm

Byron Allen: Rev. Al Sharpton Being Used as “Black Pawn” by “White Masters”

Byron Allen and Al Sharpton

Unlike Rev. Al Sharpton and most other black talking heads, Byron Allen owns his own media platform. According to Allen, Sharpton is getting paid pennies on the dollar, what he describes as a “chicken dinner payoff”, to give Comcast cover as the company actively discriminates against black owned media companies.

Allen, chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment Studios, combined forces with the National Association of African-American Owned Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, and the Urban League. All of the listed organizations have taken “payoffs” from Comcast, according to the lawsuit.

“It’s cheaper to give Al Sharpton money than it is to do business with real African-American owned media,” Allen said during an interview with The Daily Caller. “What Comcast does is they give Al Sharpton money so he doesn’t call them racist. That is the issue here.”

As Allen points out, Comcast pays $11 billion in licensing fees to networks that it carries, but only $3 million of those dollars go to African-American owned companies.

Many critics speculated that Al Sharpton’s MSNBC gig was a payoff for him having signed off on Comcast’s merger.

“Why is Sharpton on TV every night on MSNBC? Because he endorsed Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal. He signed the memorandum of understanding back in 2010,” said Allen. “He endorsed the merger. Next thing you know we’re watching him on television trying to form a sentence. Every night we have the privilege of watching adult illiteracy.”

Allen says what makes matters even worse is that Sharpton doesn’t understand how he’s being played by his paymasters.

 “Al Sharpton is nothing more than a black pawn in a very sophisticated white economic chess game,” Allen continued. “He’s not even bright enough to know he’s on the chess board and he’s being used by his white masters at Comcast, specifically [executive vice president] David Cohen and [chairman and CEO] Brian Roberts.”

Allen, who has also filed a discrimination lawsuit against AT&T, says Sharpton’s been bought off by them as well.

“I find it outstanding that AT&T is the biggest sponsor of Sharpton’s 60th birthday party,” Allen said. “AT&T spent more money on Al Sharpton’s birthday party than they have on 100 percent African-American owned media combined. [Sharpton] should return the money because AT&T doesn’t even celebrate Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. The employees there take it as a sick day.”

Allen then continued, calling out Rev. Jesse Jackson as well.

“Reverend Jesse Jackson, you were on the balcony when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Why are you taking money from AT&T? Why is Al Sharpton getting more money from AT&T than Ebony Magazine, which has been around for 70 years?”

Allen says the bigger problem is with having a racial spokesperson at all. There is no “white guy who speaks for all white people”, Allen says.

Allen went on to blast President Obama, saying that “Obama uses him to control the Negroes.”

He goes on to call out Obama for doing nothing to help African-American owned media.

“President Obama, you control a couple billion dollars in advertising. What have you done to make sure African-American owned media is participating in government advertising? We got more respect from President Clinton.”



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  • Johnw11 says:

    Everything said in this article is consistent with my own research on the embarrassing buffoon Al (“CI-7”) Sharpton. I have one point of disagreement– it is not true that Sharpton does not know that he is being used. Sharpton is fully aware that he is selling-out, and that his behavior is hurting other Blacks. Sharpton is a hustler-pimp, he’s fully aware of what he’s doing. He doesn’t hide the fact that he is a pimp — look at his perm-pimp hairstyle.
    Given the damage that Sharpton has done to Blacks’ interest over the past several decades with his pimping and snitching, it’s a very good thing that prominent Blacks have begun to tell the truth about him.
    My only question is, what has taken them so long?


    SAVE IT…..How can that be when Bryon Allen’s bald head clearly evidences which one of the two is being used by “white masters” Clearly we never see ourselves as others do.

  • Kevinjohnson30 says:

    These are long used tactic that probably started with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and of course the Rev. Al Sharpton jumped on when he also discovered that hollering racism had cash value.  
    The tactic is to embrace another black person’s issue about race discrimination and turn it into huge “we back into slavery” campaign that scares the shit out of white people, who have never been able to reconcile this racism thing anyway.  When you make someone else’s issue your issue for money, you are destroying any potential unity based on a solidarity moving black people forward and independent of another peoples refuges.
    I support Byron Allen and I wish that he had made these statements long ago, Al Sharpton and his tactics are nothing new.

  • Moonbeam1999 says:

    Kevinjohnson30 There’s not much need to “embrace another [B]lack person’s issue about rac[ial] discrimination” when the very same issues & discrimination tactics & ploys have plagued us ALL the same way since way “back into slavery” days.  Uncle Toms are still in play.  ‘House’ Negroes, still in play.  Brown paperbag tests, still in play. Posse comitatas executions, still in play. PLEASE Mr.Johnson. Did U tell Nazi concentration campers to stop whining about the food too?

  • david19082 says:

    Kevinjohnson30 I agree with your comment 100%. I think the reason Byron Allen didn’t speak out long ago is because Sharpton exploiting black people didn’t affect his bottom line, now it does. In others words he didn’t give a damn. It doesn’t make what Byron Allen said any less truthful but it shows the disconnect so many of our wealthy Negros have with those of us who aren’t. These legitimate issues Sharpton and those like him take advantage of didn’t affect Allen so why bother to speak out. Good to know he came to the realization many of us have about these self appointed race “leaders” like Sharpton. I would hope Allen continues to speak out regardless of his reason$.

  • BlackJesuscom says:

    When asked about the color of Jesus on his MSNBC show, Sharpton
    said it doesn’t matter and he couldn’t care less. That should tell you
    all you need to know about the real motives behind his decisions
    as it relates to Black people. At heart, he is a entertainer and a 
    promoter of Sharpton. No more, no less. Black people we don’t
    need any more leaders, we need more Black business owners
    who can create jobs and wealth in our community by accessing
    our $1 tril buying power.

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