November 1, 2014 12:56 pm

Police Change Report to Secure Conviction of Mother Accused of Driving Kids Into Ocean

Ebony Wilkerson is facing attempted murder charges for driving her three children into the Florida ocean. But whileWilkerson speaking to a reporter through tears, her public defender alleged a coverup by prosecutors and pointed to evidence which contradicts the notion that Wilkerson was trying to harm her children when she drove into the water.

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal, Public Defender Craig Dyer filed a motion claiming that “the defense was not given information about Wilkerson’s blood-sugar level, which he said was critically low the day she is accused of driving into the ocean.”

The motion also points to a police report that was changed in order to support prosecutor’s narrative that Wilkerson intentionally tried to kill her children:

Dyer’s motion also states that an initial report by Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue Capt. Scott Wise was changed to say Wilkerson blocked his entry into the van. That change formed the basis of the attempted murder charges against Wilkerson, the motion states.

In the first report, Wise wrote that Wilkerson’s van was caught in the surf and “… the driver of the vehicle was attempting to get back in the vehicle,” and  “I pulled her side (sic) and entered the vehicle through the driver side door…”

But the changed report made no mention of Wilkerson trying to get back into the vehicle. In fact, the rewritten report accused the mother of trying to block the officer from making his way to the van. “The driver of the vehicle, O1 was standing at the driver’s door blocking access to the vehicle,” read the rewritten report.

If the report hadn’t been changed to show that Wilkerson blocked the door, she never could’ve been charged with attempted murder.

It was also revealed during the hearing that Wilkerson’s children were led to believe she was dead.

“Our position is that there has to be some form of contact between the mother and the children inasmuch as the children technically are being punished,” Dyer said. “What has happened is … the son actually thought his mother had died. He was not, till later, informed she is alive. But there’s been absolutely no contact.”

No one can say for certain what Wilkerson’s intentions were on that fateful day, but this story draws attention to the need for the public to resist condemning a suspect until all the facts are in.

Wilkerson is currently out of jail on bail.


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