November 5, 2013 1:30 pm

CNN’s Don Lemon Defends ‘Stop and Frisk’, Bemoans Black People’s Need For “Political Correctness”

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by Yvette Carnell

In his radio commentary on Tuesday, CNN’s Don Lemon defended the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy, asking listeners whether they’d rather be safe or politically correct.

Commenting on today’s mayoral election in New York, Lemon said the outcome of whatever choice voters make could mean the end to “stop and frisk.”

“If you question many people in New York City, even some black and Hispanic people,” Lemon asserted. “They will tell you that on the surface they don’t really have an issue with stop-question-and-frisk. Not the idea of it, at least. Not if the controversial policy was conducted like the occasional, random airport screening.”

Lemon said minorities want to be treated nicely and have officers to ask, “Sir, I’m sorry, but I need to check your bag and your person,” but then added, “they know that that’s not the reality of things on the street.” (Yes, somehow Don Lemon knows how things go down “on the street” now.)

“They know that in reality they will probably be ordered to put their hands up, spread their legs, or lay on the ground and be handcuffed while an officer or officers have their ways with them,” explained Lemon, “touching them wherever they’d like or handling them however they’d like.”

Lemon somberly asked, “would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive? That’s the real issue facing the citizens of New York and, pretty soon, ultimately you.”

Let’s upack this: First, the idea that the only two choices available to citizens are being politically correct or safe is, in itself, a false framing. Remember when black lawmakers pushed for mandatory minimum sentences as the only way to keep black neighborhoods safe? How’d that turn out?

Race spokesman Don Lemon then boldly asserted, without any polling data to back it up, that as minorities, “we’d rather be inconvenienced by being stopped by police than shot by gun-wielding criminals on the street.”

He then bemoaned the possibility of an increase in crime if the “stop and frisk” policy outlawed, not acknowledging studies which show that crime reductions as a result of “stop and frisk” are nominal:

“Stop and frisk appears to have been an effective city-wide strategy against murder resulting in a drop of -.0002 murders per thousand people for each increase of one stop per thousand,” they find. But for other violent offenses, namely assault and rape, the results are nonexistent. Further, they find declining returns to scale on most crimes, which suggests that paring back stops could have relatively small costs even in regards to crimes where stop and frisk was found to work.

What CNN’s Don Lemon does not understand, among at least a thousand other things, is that the fervor of opposition aimed at “stop and frisk” isn’t over political correctness, but the Constitution. It is the Constitution that bans unreasonable search and seizure, and if Lemon would take a moment away from the spotlight, he could wrap his head around that.

In siding with the NYPD, Lemon is acknowledging that black men like himself don’t have the same rights as whites under the Constitution, which is a remarkably backward pronouncement, even a throwback to Jim Crow America.

The more Don Lemon talks the worse it seems to get. Please, Black America. Get your boy.

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    Stop and frisk will be modified because we have a New Major! He doesn’t like stop and frisk, and he will have a new Police Commish. I hope it will be Mr. Bill Bratton, former Police Commish of both NYPD&LAPD. !!! Don Lemon there’s a new Sheriff in town. And this Major is about respect for All The People…. Congratulations Newly Elected, Major DeBlasio :~) !!!!!

  • RicardoJones says:

    In the shadow of Americas first Presidency of color revel’s the ugly head of racism, colorism and classism. Why are so many so called Black intellectuals and media allowing the Obama administration to getaway with corruption and cronyism in its name? Harvard Law School Crony’s of the President and First Lady riddle this corrupt administration. Is this administration just a copy of the Grant presidencies? Where’s the accountable of the first President of color? Now we have re-elected a failed President. Unemployment is out of control especially among people of color. Excuses made daily for the presidents lack of moral courage. We’re living a lie that Racism and colorism have vanished because of the election of a person of color who knows very little and/or has no experience of racial indifferences towards Blacks in America. The government is failing to insure the Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for Blacks. President of color and Attorney General of color are both ignoring gross discriminations based on Race covered by the Executive branch.

  • RicardoJones says:

    The real concerns of who we are as a ethnic group (Black people) revolves around the exploitation and manipulation of the Black poor and/or the Black working class. The Black middle class have become what they believe to be the Black Elite by titles. The Black Intellectuals have been around from and before reconstruction. We all evolved from the Black poor as a result of some form of Slavery. During Slavery there was the House Negro’s and the Field Negro’s. 
    Today we still have the same groups the Black Elitist and Black Intellectuals are the House Negro’s and Black poor and Black working class are the Field Negro’s. The House Negro’s have forgotten where they come from originally the Black poor. 
    Many of the House Negro’s pretend to be concern about the Field Negro’s but this is just smoke and mirrors. The question is where and/or whom are the Field Negro’s and are they moving up to become House Negro’s? Are the Field Negro’s just being eliminated and replaced with others?
    The issues that affect us as Black Americans are accountability for all to include the Black Elite and/or Black Intellectuals and the president. If were going to make exceptions for the Black Elite and/or Black Intellectuals then we have only copied and accepted the white racist system. Then we must find someone to oppress to be true little racist bigots. Whom will that be? Corruption, Racism and Bigotry all go with the system we’re inheriting from our oppressors. Is this what we inherited from our grand parents and pass on to our grand children?

  • RicardoJones says:

    This information is more powerful than “Watergate of the 1970?s”. Thats why many are trying to make this about Ricardo Jones. The public has been lied to by obama and his handlers. The right to work in a hostile free work environment is a fundamental right and the bedrock of this country. Once the president engages in this corruption and fraud against the public this raises to level of high crimes and misdemeanors? Which means what? The president did appoint his wife’s friend (Ms. Berrien) from Harvard law school to head the corrupt and/or rogue EEOC correct? The president when he was the only Black/White looking senator was on the Subcommittee on Employment an Workplace Safety correct? The president is a Harvard Law Professor correct? The EEOC is a Rogues agency correct? Whom benefits from this corruption? Attorneys and Bad employers correct?
    How many executives orders have the president signed reference to the Rogue EEOC. The key to EPA is the hiden salaries which the government has Federal and/or State taxes and (W-2 forms) correct? Did the president’s executive order for Ms. ledetter state the aforementioned NO!
    Has Tavis Smiley or Ph’d (Dr) Cornel West ever pointed out the above? NO. This is too important to all Americans to make fun of it correct?
    Ricardo E. Jones Sr.
    Former Senior Federal Investigator EEOC-NYDO
    US Army Retired, MSG/RA Bronze Star Medal

  • corbin56 says:

    Sooo, it is ok NOT to be politically correct???  How about if we all call you a _aggot from now on??  Is that ok, you effin douche bag.

  • EIESOC says:

    Don hasn’t had his “Nigger” moment yet!

  • arobinson214 says:

    I don’t know if stop and frisk is the answer to the violence in our community.  Or, as alleged, African Americans are just violent by their nature?  That the increasing poverty in the African American Community is the cause.  I guess that one could chose either of the stated or cite others.  This is do know from observation during my 53,650.00 miles journey from north to south and east to west that the violence in our communities are the same in which ever direction of travel.  If there is a common denominator it has escaped me.  But one common thread remained throughout my travels:  That Black life and the community concern is aroused when a Caucasian is taking that life; other then that we remain silent.  This has been a common thread through out my travels.
    I began my travels in October and finished it in March 2013.  I was stopped and frisked in New York City, Chicago IL., Jacksonville FL., Atlanta Ga., Washington DC., State of Washington, and many areas of the Midwest, Central, Mountain and west coast. One other common thread is the entrenched poverty and hopelessness in the African American Community as well as a feeling of abandonment. 
    Each community had thrown their hands up in defeat and surrender to the violence, but we refuse to acknowledge that we are out of control.  There has been many initiatives, such as stop and frisk, they have been met with resistance, by a community in peril.  Living under threat of the same people that resemble them.  These are the circumstances nation wide.
    Yes, stop and frisk has its rewards as well as its casualties.  But, the decision belongs to those living within the community.  they must weigh the rewards against the causalities, and decide which are the greater of the two evils.   what I have witness is state of emergency for those living in these communities and the decisions should be left to those communities. And not some one from the outside of that community seeking press, regardless of their skin complexion. 
    If the African American Intellectuals, or community organizers are not willing to live in that community and choose to come from the suburbs talking of racial profiling and racial injustice, I say bring your families to live in this culture of fear.  If not remain mute of that issue.

  • RicardoJones says:

    Corruption of the Black Church involves the EEOC and the Law Dept of New York City. Many in the Black community refuse to admit that we have sellout’s in the Black Elite that reaches to the White House and beyond. This is a story that is like a bad video (Training Day) with Danzel Washington. But, it involves Rev. Anythony L. Trufant of Emmannuel Baptist Church of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn NYC. The Right REV’s wife is Muriel Goode-Trufant Esq, Chief/EEO Officer at NYC’s Law Dept. Ms. Goode-Trufant is the Daughter of former Mayor of Philly and Black sellout Wilson Goode. Other members of Emmannel Church are Jacqueline Berrien Chair of the Corrupt and/or Rogue EEOC HQ’s in Washington DC and friend of the First Lady Michelle Roberson-Obama friends from Harvard Law School. Michelle Roberson-Obama was special assistance to the most corrupt Mayor and/or family in Chicago the Daley’s for 18 months. Richard Daley (brother of Mayor Daley of Chicago and Michelle Roberson-Obama’s former BOSS) was one of Obama’s chief of staff at the White House (Later Replaced). Berrien and Goode-Trufant use Emmanuel Church to recruit Young Black Female lawyers to undermine the Black community. Rev. Trufant on Sunday Morning Good Friday last year (2012) praised Berrien to the church for undermining the Black community with the help of his wife daughter of sellout ex-mayor Wilson Goode. Attorney’s are recruited from the church and trained to sellout the Black community in the Law Dept’s of New York City and/or EEOC. They recieve internship at the EEOC and the Legal dept’s of the city of New York. Later they’re hired as staff attorney’s at the aforementioned.

  • TDOD says:

    Again this NEGRO is looking to be the spoke’s person for this nation’s black communities..HE’s NOT and we as AFRICAN AMERICAS need to STAND againsT this White man’s Negro who goes along to get along with massa’s BULLCRAP.. Hey Don why are you the only  NEGRO left on CNN?  All the CNN AFRICAN AMERICANS either got fired or you’re that TOKEN negro asking MASSA how high do you want me to jump for you to keep my job? Folks Stop tuning into CNN when Donald Lemon is on the air.. he will get low ratings and lose his job.. BOYCOTT DON and send home back south(atl)..out of NYC..

  • KieshaPinkyMakins says:


  • RicardoJones says:

    Based on media coverage and discussions I have had with a few people within the past week about the ruling by the Federal Court of Appeals regarding Stop and Frisk, I think it may be helpful to offer some insight:
    First, The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in its ruling last week did not overturn Judge Scheindlin’s decision/order in Floyd vs. City of New York, regarding the constitutionality of the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk practice.  The decision is still in place.  The appellate court put on hold (or “stayed”) any required action or implementation in response to the decision until the City’s appeal from Judge Scheindlin’s decision is disposed of.  The process for this appeal begins January 2014. Further, the Court of Appeals removed Judge Scheindlin from the case because of what it claimed was an appearance of bias in favor of the Plaintiffs.  See attached order by the Court of Appeals.
    What You Should Know about Stop and Frisk
    Judge Scheindlin’s decision is divided into two parts: the first part is 198 pages, which addresses only whether Stop and Frisk was unconstitutional (liability); and an additional 39 pages, for the issue of damages or remedial action.  If you have not read the decision and have only relied on media information, you really do not know what Stop and Frisk is about.  The following are some aspects of the decision which I have read and share fromFloyd vs. City of New York, 08 CV 1034, Decision and Order, Liability, at pages 1-30:
    1)Judge Scheindlin’s decision was based on official documents and testimony provided by the NYPD regarding the 4.4 million stops for which a police form, UF-250, was completed.  Be mindful that these UF-250 forms only include the police officer’s version, and not every stop resulted in the completion of the UF-250.  Therefore, the results or analyses of the Court are likely more conservative than in reality.
    2)Of the 4.4 million stops recorded, there was a higher percentage of contraband or weapons found on Whites than either Blacks or Latinos, even though Whites accounted for the smallest percentage of stops, i.e., 10%.  Moreover, stops of Whites were more likely to require further law enforcement action (e.g. arrest, summons, etc.) than Blacks.
    3)Blacks and Latinos were more likely than Whites to be stopped even in low crime areas, and Blacks were 30% more likely to be arrested than Whites for the same suspected crime.
    4)The greater the black population in a particular precinct, the less likely the stop would result in any sanction at all.
    5)88% of all stops resulted in no further law enforcement action, even though over half of those stopped received a frisked, and 8% of the stops led to a search inside the person’s clothing.  [Note that these searches are generally conducted in broad daylight.]
    6)In 98.5% of the stops, no weapon was even found.
    7)One officer testified at trial that suspicious behavior justifying a stop included a person merely “walking a certain way,” “stuttering,” “changing direction,” etc.
    8)Evidence revealed that officers were more pressured to achieve quotas rather than focus on the legality of stops, as supervisors routinely review the productivity of officers and not the basis for the stops.
    9)The practice in place encouraged the targeting of young black and Latino men based on their prevalence generally in crime complaints, and not the specific criminal activity by the individual person being stopped.   94% of those stopped were not arrested.
    10) As quoted directly from Judge Scheindlin’s decision, “One NYPD official has even suggested that it is permissible to stop racially defined groups just to instill fear in them that they are subject to being stopped at any time for any reason….” Id at 14.
    Although she has paid a hefty price for her contribution, Judge Scheindlin is viewed by many as being responsible for exposing the racism in the Stop and Frisk program.  Reportedly, she directed the Plaintiff’s attorneys, the CCR (Center for Constitutional Reform), to file the lawsuit.  The New York legal profession is what it is  when it comes to fighting systemic racism.  However, women are tough though least recognized in the struggle for liberty, and the judge’s gift to our community (to our children) will hopefully be remembered and not proffered in vain.
    Melissa Pressley, Esq.
    100 Church Street, Ste. 843
    New York, N.Y. 10007
    Tel: 646-845-7333
    Fax: 646-845-7334

  • keithbk says:

    At airport you have stop and frisk. It helps. Same on streets

    • arobinson214 says:

      keithbk In New York City when I was stopped and frisked the authorities were very polite. I can not answer for  those who have had other experiences. But I was just as polite in my compliance to his request.  But, one thing stayed with me after talking to an older couple shopping at the store in the are:  Before the police started stopping and searching people, my wife and I could not walk to the store, because you were either going to be shot or robbed.  No one should have to live under those conditions. We do so because we have give the murders, thieves and sociopaths a haven in our neighborhoods, either due to silence, when questioned. or refusing to get involved.  All that is needed for evil to prosper is for good to remain dormant.   I live in a neighborhood where a drug dealer would not dare show his face.  It was hared work and struggle getting it to this point.  There was a time in our neighborhood when you were afraid to let your children go outside during the day.  We cleansed and  purged this neighborhood Street by Street.  We mapped our neighborhood.  Put construction blockades on many streets to restrict access from major thorough fares, Put flood lights and videos recorders in windows, what ever it took we did.  When you are in a war and a state of emergency exist, you must be inventive and ruthless.  It is well established that if you come in this neighborhood with less then honorable intent your are under surveillance. We have compassion for those of either complexion.

      • keithbk says:

        arobinson214 keithbk Exactly. If were not cutting up like we do we wouldn’t have to worry about stop and frisk. A black South African told me Cape town was safer under apartheid when blacks were stopped and frisked. NOw it is full of violence because they protested against it saying it violated rights. Our constitution is too old and we need a new convention for new amends

        • arobinson214 says:

          keithbk arobinson214 Those of us who are intolerant to Crime in the African American community towards the violence, drugs, robberies and other socially dysfunctional behaviors are labeled uncle toms and other names that are not flattering.
            And, those that are willing to look past the dysfunction are considered normal African Americans. It is the norm, rather then the exception, not to talk to the authorities or provide them with the information they need to apprehend criminals. 
            We have become so tolerate that we fault the system for the Mass Incarceration of young African American males, rather then contributing it to the actions and behaviors of those who are incarcerated. If you are of a dissenting opinion you are viewed as a traitor to your race. 
            Yes, there are inequalities in the sentencing structure as well as in the employment structure, but if we are going to solve those issues, we must first address the issues in our community; to be viewed and taken seriously. 
           How can I attack a Caucasian for Killing a Black Youth and demand justice, when Black youth are killing, other of their own race and, I remain silent.
           I do not see it as racial profiling when the majority of the killings in our neighborhoods are conducted by other African American?  It only becomes racial when there is no probable cause. 
          We are hypocrites.  Because you are Black does not confer to you innocent of your actions, because of an injustice.  We must take responsibility for our behaviors in order to hold others accountable for theirs.

  • kamsteele says:

    Don Lemon is a real hypocrite. He now says he supports Stop and Frisk tactics, and basically said Black People should get over it. That being said, I’d like him to explain how, when that happened to “him” in Philly in 2000 I believe, he didn’t “forget” it. He sued…….for Fifty Thousand Dollars, claiming that the incident hurt him to the point it affected his career. Ex plain that Don. It’s ok for us “average”, hard-working people of color, but for you high-falutin’ Negros who have become successful, that same is unacceptable?

  • ROBERT@atx says:

    I find it odd that in none of the previous comments the constitution and the bill of rights are mentioned.
    THE point is that the government has no right to stop and frisk you it’s a violation of your fourth amendment right  of search and seizure .
    ITS up to the police to find a way to stop crime without violating the rights of its citizens.
    WE should not have to sacrifice our rights because the police claim it protects us from crime.
    THIS is a fatal mistake and we are see the result of this by the abhorrent behavior of the police throughout the country.
    IT only gives them the right to kill!

  • 907611 says:

    don Lemon is a wanna b he thinks he is white and he will say anything to keep his job he is a pathetic excuse for a human just as soon as he looks in the mirror and discovers that he too is a black man subject to the racial profiling as other Black men he will commit suicide poor  fool

  • RicardoJones says:

    Many of our Black elitist have formed white values or lack of values. All white people aren’t bad and/or all Black people aren’t good. They have crossed the color line in their minds. The KKK will show them the tree and rope no matter where (Havard and/or Columbia) University they were allowed to attend and/or how much white blood they have. Easy to pretend to be white hard to be morally just. Many died so we can vote. Let’s not forget Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voters Rights Act of 1965. In chicago 1968 Dem convention Black delegates were denied access and the chicago police attacked and beat Black delegates. Have we forgot?Racial profiling is a common practice against Black’s in NYC. The NYPD set-up safety checks points near housing projects where people of color live. The criminals who aren’t of color get a free pass from the NYPD in NYC. Many have a get-out of jail card (PBA card) they buy from their NYPD officer friends. This card get them special treatment before and after arrest by NYPD and NYC jailers. NYC is the largest Black community in the country and the Blacks can’t or won’t stop this civil rights violation. This is the tip of the iceberg. Many young blacks are arrested for no reason and forced into the corrupt criminal justice system. If the young Blacks could get work or find work they wouldn’t be profiled illegally by the NYPD. Most of the Black complaints of Title VII race (black) discrimination are dismissed by the rogue EEOC, DOL and city and states human rights agencies. This must stop now what has the DOJ done look the other way.

  • BlackheywoodHeywood says:

    Anyone who believes Black people should forgo our 4th amendment Rights does not have  our best interest at heart. Don Lemon believes he’s excluded from the laws he says we should give up. Keep in my many of Black folks enemies have been other Black people, Don Lemon is one of those unfortunate folks.

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