June 26, 2013 10:50 am

Black College Students Receive “Nasty Surprise” From Obama Administration

Barack Obama, John Silvanus Wilson Jr.,

by Yvette Carnell

President Obama was exalted by the black community after his commencement speech at Morehouse College, which is not unusual, since many in the black community heap praise on Obama for just showing up. But according to Washington Post reporter Courtland Malloy, the black president who bellowed about black male responsibility at commencement is the same president who is allowing his administration to cut student loans to black students.

In what United Negro College Fund President Michael Lomax calls a “nasty surprise” , the Obama administration “has begun denying student loans to disproportionately large numbers of black parents because of blemished credit histories.”

When President Obama spoke to Morehouse graduates, he implored them to be responsible to both themselves and their communities. But when does President Obama’s responsibility begin? When should we expect him to be responsible to both country and community? It’s the height of duplicity to speak at a black college commencement about responsibility, then head back to the White House and allow loans to black students to be cut under your watch.

“We’re getting calls and e-mails from parents, at least two and three a day, saying the denial of their student loans is a disaster,” said president of the Washington-based Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Johnny Taylor. “You have black students from low-income households about to enter college or already there and pressing towards graduation, persisting just as Obama urged them to do, only to have his administration pull the rug out from under them.”

From Malloy’s article:

In the past year, for historically black colleges and universities (HCBU), the Obama administration’s policies have led to a 36 percent drop in the volume of parent loans. That translated into an annual cut of more than $150 million. The reason, according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, is to prevent parents from taking on too much debt — which is as patronizing as it is hypocritical. In April, Obama announced that he was pushing to make more home loans available to people with weak credit.

When Obama promised to be a transformational president, is this really what you had in mind?




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  • TraceyLinMiller says:

    I’ve learned through experience that those who have been taking a lengthy time to complete their degrees are in for a surprise as well, because a ceiling has been placed upon Pell Grant elgibility (600% max) and limits have been placed upon the availability of loans(subsidized $23,000 for both dependent and independent students and a max of $31000 for dependent students for all Stafford loans and $53000 max for independent undergrad students for total subsidized and unsubsidized ) toward undergrad completion of 4 yr degrees.

  • 1Sunflower1 says:

    I would have to first say I’m not a fan of student loans at all but I’m sure it hard for student to finsh there education without it if the plan is to use the saving to making homeownership affordable why not do the same with student loan with that being said credit is a factor in any transaction with money involved and the reality is why not take the time to repair your credit to be able to get a good interest rate piling debt on top of debt is not good either and it takes the government years to recover money frim student loans where as with homeownership its 45 days after closing which in our government eye is better for the economy

  • michael jackson says:

    1 word,compromise.

  • thegroupiemom says:

    So disappointed in Obama it makes me sick. Black isn’t always the answer. We did better under a white President.

  • RayTindell says:

    I spoke out against him and this issue in particular…. nobody listened to me, instead for every negative Obama comment they just deleted me on FB

  • seeChanB says:

    Ya’ll are funny – so do you think it’s only happening to blacks?!Having another president would have changed this you thing? It’s funny how we as blacks throw everything on Obama (I’m not saying he’s guilt free)  – do you forget that there is a group called Congress that actually has a lot of power too and unfortunately they do not have us in mind! Wake up and teach your kids to save money, do well in school so they can get scholarships and then you won’t have to worry about student loans at all. This is coming from a teacher and a person w/ student loans; it’s actually a blessing in disguise – when you have to start paying them back then I’m sure that will be Obama’s fault too……

  • Richard Kirkwood says:

    Some black folk really need to come to reality, and stop always blaming someone for what they can no longer get.  I use to work for the U.S. Dept of Education in Administrative Garnishment, and you would be astonished by the number of people that refuse to pay back their student loans both black and white letting the interest calculate into astronomical numbers where it was almost impossible for them to pay back.   I recently completed my B.S. in Psychology at a HBCU school and now pursuing my Masters at the Univesity of Southern California, all with student loans.  What I found most disturbing while attending my undergrad the number of students that applied for student loans with no intention of completing college, only to receive the money to buy material items (new cars, jewelry, etc.).  I started paying back my undergrad loans as soon as I graduated which a lot of people will not do.  If people stop attempting to take advantage of the system and pay back what they borrowed, then it would not reflect and affect the students that really want to go to school behind them. So in my opinion it is not Obama’s fault, it is the fault of people trying to get over on the system.

    • Lakesha Malone says:

      Richard Kirkwood  the system would work better….if they would not take out loans like free money…you are right….but we need more quality jobs with substantial pay to pay back these extensive amounts of loans…..they say pay even as little as 10 dollars…and they have programs that will forgive your loan entirely….permanenent disablity, and some teachers for sure…

  • Lakesha Malone says:

    People should not be taking out all that debt right now…you are not going to be able to pay it back…i owe over 100,000 almost at my 138000 life time mark…i have only gotten a job with one of the degrees and that job will never be enough to pay the educational loans back…..

  • tekakato says:

    I feel that native African Americans have been set back years because of President Obamas attitude toward us. I regret voting this year I think he is racist against that side of his family. He always does and have something negative about us after.we all supported him. To me he’s no better than Clarence Thomas. I expect nothing but put downs from him. He will never get another donation from me. He is against us. That is my opinion.

  • kevinmscott says:

    When is the black Americans in this country wake up?  Country first useless assholes….

    • thegroupiemom says:

      kevinmscott because why should “useless assholes” care? Give us the back the sweat of generations of lives murdered and lynched so w-trash could live the American dream. When are white folks in this country going to wake up?

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