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“We Got a Bunch of Hoodlums”: Neighborhood Watchman Arrested After Shooting at “Two Black People”, Killing One, With ‘Warning’ Shot

“We Got a Bunch of Hoodlums”: Neighborhood Watchman Arrested After Shooting at “Two Black People”, Killing One, With ‘Warning’ Shot

A North Carolina homeowner warned 911 dispatchers that he was just protecting his family before firing a shot that killed a black man standing in the street.

Chad Cameron Copley, 39, who is white, was charged with murder after fatally shooting 20-year-old Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas shortly after 1AM on Sunday morning. Thomas was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Copley used a shotgun to fire a shot from his garage into the street.


ABC 11 obtained the 911 transcript of Copley speaking to a dispatcher:

Operator: Can you tell me exactly what happened?

Caller: We have a lot of people outside of our house. They were shouting
obscenities. I asked them to please leave the premises. They were showing their firearms. I fired a warning shot. One of them was hit.

Chad Cameron Copley

Chad Cameron Copley


Operator: Someone got shot?


Man: I don’t know if someone was shot but I fired my warning shot and most people left. Two black people. They do have firearms and I was trying to protect me and my family.

According to WNCN, Copley said “hoodlums” were racing outside his home.

We got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing…I am locked and loaded and I am going outside to secure my neighborhood. You need to send PD as quickly as possible. I am going to secure my neighborhood. I am on the neighborhood watch. I am going to have my neighbors with me.”

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08/08/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Jailers Reportedly Lied Dozens of Times About Checking on Teen Who Died in Juvenile Detention

Jailers Reportedly Lied Dozens of Times About Checking on Teen Who Died in Juvenile Detention

Court records indicate that two former employees of a Kentucky state juvenile detention center lied over a dozen times about checking on a teen who died at their facility.

Employees initially said they checked on Gynnya McMillen, 16, multiple times, according to WDRB:

Former supervisors Reginald Windham and Victor Holt “knowingly recorded false information” on room observation sheets 15 and 17 times, respectively, on the night of Jan. 10 and the next morning, according to documents filed in their criminal cases on July 28.


Windham and Holt were on different shifts at the Lincoln Village Youth Center, both responsible for checking on Gynnya every 15 minutes during the roughly 24 hours she was in custody.


Both men were fired and charged with official misconduct stemming from what authorities say was their failure to perform regular bed checks and falsifying logs.

Another employee was also fired for falsifying logs.


The Kentucky State Medical Examiner ruled that McMillen died of a genetic disorder that caused an irregular heartbeat, CBS reported in March of this year.

McMillen had been wrestled to the ground using a “aikido restraint” technique. According to the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, the type of “aikido”restraint used on McMillen is banned in public schools:

Education Commissioner Stephen Pruitt on Tuesday sent an email advising school districts that Aikido restraints on public school students are in direct violation of regulations.


At issue is the Aikido method’s reliance on “prone or supine restraints.”


“Not only are such physical restraints in direct violation of (the regulations), they place our children in harm’s way,” Pruitt wrote in the email.

Video shows employees entering McMillen’s room on several occasions, but never interacting with the teen, who only moved once on the night she died. McMillen was found dead after a sheriff’s deputy arrived to take her to court. She had been dead approximately three hours.







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L.A. Cops Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Sue Over Racial Discrimation

L.A. Cops Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Sue Over Racial Discrimation

Two Los Angeles cops who shot an unarmed black man in 2014 are suing over racial discrimination, Reuters reports.

Both officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas are alleging racial retaliation over not being allowed to return to the field after the shooting death of 25-year-old Ezell Ford, who is mentally disabled.

In court papers filed on Wednesday, Wampler, who is white, and Villegas, who is Latino, accuse  supervisors of denying their requests to return to the field due to their race and the race of Ford.

Also, the lawsuit alleges that the officers have been denied transfers and overtime because of their race.

In a unanimous vote, the Los Angeles Police Department determined that “one of the officers involved in the shooting acted against police department policy throughout the confrontation with Ezell: from how he approached Ezell, to how he scuffled with him, to how he drew his gun, to the shooting,” CNN reported in 2015.

The two officers confronted Ford on August 11, 2014 as he walked through his neighborhood.


Officer Wampler told investigators that he wanted to talk to Ford, but Ford kept walking. Wampler said the area was known for gang and drug activity and that was reason enough to stop Ford. Wampler said when he caught up with Ford and touched him on the shoulder, Ford began to tackle him.

Ford ended up on top of Wampler and Villegas fired twice, fatally wounding Ford.

If Wampler and Villegas are successful in their lawsuit, it would not be the first time that cops have been rewarded for shooting a black man.  A jury awarded nearly 4 million dollars to two Los Angeles cops who gunned down an unarmed, autistic black man in 2010.







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Feds Seal Alton Sterling Autopsy Report

Feds Seal Alton Sterling Autopsy Report

Autopsy results in the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, who was fatally shot by Baton Rouge police, have been sealed by the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana.

“We have been issued a second Federal Court Order prohibiting the release of the first court order as well,” the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office said in response to a request from local station WAFB. 

It has already been reported that Sterling died from gunshot wounds to the chest and back outside the convenience store where he was selling CDs.

Both Baton Rouge Police Department officers involved in the shooting–Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake–have been placed on leave.

According to WAFB, the sealed autopsy report means “federal authorities will not allow the release of additional information, including the toxicology analysis.”



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Black Former Police Commissioner Calls Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby “Incompetent”, Hear How She Responds…

Black Former Police Commissioner Calls Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby “Incompetent”, Hear How She Responds…

The fallout is still ongoing after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby dropped the charges against officers in the Freddie Gray case. At least one juror has spoken out publicly and now, Baltimore’s former police commissioner is also expressing intense criticism of Mosby.

Jurors in the Freddie Gray case had been under a gag order until all of the trials of the officers were over, but now the former jurors are free to talk.  The Baltimore Sun spoke with attorney Susan Elgin, one of the 12 jurors in the trial of Officer William Porter.

“The above stated verdicts reflect the honest and best judgment of our jury on the evidence presented at trial,” Elgin said in a statement provided to the Sun on Friday. “We listened carefully to the court’s instructions and did our best to apply the law given to us to the facts proven in the courtroom. It was not an easy task and we had legitimate differences of opinion, but the justice system was well served in this case.”

Porter had been charged with involuntary manslaughter, second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office.

Marilyn Mosby blasted police investigators for thwarting her case against the officers in a press conference explaining why she decided to drop charges in the case.

“There were individual police officers who were witnesses to the case, yet were part of the investigative team,” said Mosby. “Interrogations that were conducted without asking the most poignant questions, lead investigators that were totally uncooperative and started a counter-investigation to disprove the state’s case by not executing search warrants pertaining to text messages among the police officers involved in the case.

Mosby also said the judge did not agree with the prosecution’s theory of the case. In doing so, Mosby explained why successful prosecutions of police officers are near impossible due to the level of corruption in many (if not most) police departments.


In an interview with WJZ, Mosby said she has no plans of resigning her post.

“So what I can say is that I was elected by the people of Baltimore City, and there’s no way–absolutely no way–that I will ever resign. With regards to the lawsuits, they’re still pending and open and I can’t make a comment.”

Former Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, who is also black, called Mosby “incompetent” and “vindictive”:


In response, Mosby said Batts began spreading misinformation after Freddie Gray’s death and she warned him about it at the time.

“People are going to get angry about that and start burning things down,” Mosby recalled telling Batts.

When asked about Batts’ assessment of her as incompetent, Mosby said “I think there’s a reason why he’s no longer the commissioner” and said he had displayed a “lack of leadership.”

Watch Mosby’s interview below:

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