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what breitbart tells us about breitbart

While we’re all (still) discussing Rep. Weiner’s departure from Congress, we should take a moment to peel back the layers of how he was caught and who was involved. Let’s start by looking at what we know so far.

Blogger Andrew Breitbart, best known for bullying the USDA into forcing Shirley Sherrod to pull off to the side of the road so they could fire her for words she did not say and racist inclinatins she did not harbor, was responsible for exposing (literally) Rep. Weiner’s freaky tweets. Breitbart said  he was alerted to Rep. Weiner’s underwear tweet by Dan Wolfe’s (@PatriotUSA76).  Wolfe has since deleted his Twitter Page.

We know that Breitbart is an attention hound who held a magnanimous press conference after the tweets were confirmed to be that of Rep. Weiner. And just a few days ago, Breitbart disrupted a NetRoots conference for no other reason than to garner attention and cause a raucous.  Breitbart obviously knew that he’d be received by the NetRoots crowd with hisses and boos, but he couldn’t resist. There’s a colossal ego at play here. Of course the fickle folks at NetRoots were too busy frothing at the mouth to effectively combat Breitbart, but his presence bespeaks a man fueled by confrontation. A man dying to be accepted by the political class of which he (supposedly) is not a part (begin violins here).

And in the lead-up to Anthony Weiner’s resignation, Breitbart told reporters that he had a cache of fleshy Weiner photos, but the question is how did he GET the pics?

It has come to the attention of the New York Times that fake twitter accounts were used to get information on Weiner. The fake accounts apparently used profiles of adolescent teens, one of whom was requesting that Rep. Weiner be her prom date.

Early on in the scandal, Breitbart  said that Weiner had a history of having “relationships with girls that are quite young.” Did Breitbart know this because he followed Weiner on Titter (he says he didn’t) or because he owned one of the fake accounts apparently used to bate Weiner?

And did Breitbart really get all the compromising pics of Weiner from a woman in Texas as he asserts, or did Weiner himself send them to one of Breitbart’s fake Twitter accounts? There’s no way to know for sure if the two fake accounts already discovered are the only fake accounts involved.

What is clear, however, is that Breitbart is now chief wrangler for a new totalitarian arrangement whereby all who step outside the acceptable chalk marks are purged from our decision-making system. Shirley Sherrod was purged because of her work to help black farmers. Rep. Weiner was purged because of his ability to effectively slice through propaganda and recover a nugget of truth.  Breitbart is the perfect person for such assaults because he is not affiliated with any media organization, allowing him the ability to freelance his targeted take downs.

For those who would like to view Breitbart from a leftist prism, or as the wrangler of the Right, let me point out that Breitbart promoted his book on at least two MSNBC shows. What does that tell you? It tells me that MSNBC isn’t anymore leftist than I am cocoon and that Breitbart is widely accepted by the supposed “left wing” media that he constantly berates.

It tells me that there is a whiff of collusion in the twitterverse.

It’s a bit like returning to work from vacation to find that someone’s been sitting in your cubicle. You don’t need to know exactly what happened, or how it happened, to know that your area is a bit askew. Is your desktop too far over to the right? left? Who knows. But something ain’t right.

The Shirley Sherrod case was important because it not only exposed who Shirley Sherrod really was, but who President Obama wasn’t. He’s not a man who carries with him the conviction to uphold the traditions of his elders. He doesn’t believe that he stands on the shoulders of greatness, of those who came before him. Just doesn’t. It’s not in him.

The Weiner fiasco is important because it not only exposed who Weiner is (sexually, not politically), but who Breitbart isn’t. He’s not some random guy doing random stuff. He’s a made man. The question is by whom and for what reason.




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