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CNN’s Don Lemon Asks a Muslim Human Rights Attorney If He’s a Terrorist Sympathizer

During a broadcast last night CNN’s Don Lemon proved to the world why the Columbia Journalism Review was right to add him to its list of worst journalists at the

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Sharpton Says NY Post Can’t Criticize Because They Met With Him Too

Over the weekend the New York Post slammed Al Sharpton for accusing corporations of racism, then silencing those protests once

Former Pundit Goldie Taylor Goes Off on MSNBC via Twitter

Former MSNBC pundit Goldie Taylor has never specifically addressed why she and the network parted ways, but on Twitter yesterday,

CNN’s Don Lemon Named Worst of the Worst by Columbia Journalism Review

CNN’s Don Lemon has been the butt of more than a few jokes over the past year. Most recently, he

Why a Dialogue on Race Is Impossible

by Yvette Carnell With the number of slayings of black men beginning to unnerve even the most ferocious right wingers,

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Black Man Followed and Recorded by White Stalker Who Thought He Was a Drug Dealer

An African-American man in Minneapolis told police he was sitting in a car negotiating a car purchase with another man when he noticed someone photographing him. Demetrius T. got out

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North Carolina Cop Suspended for Spitting on Black Teen

A white North Carolina cop is protesting the suspension he received for spitting on a black teen. Officer Jonathan Collins

Alabama Councilman to Businesses: Hire Blacks Or Lose City Contracts

Those looking for solutions to black unemployment often wonder why black city leaders in majority black communities don’t use their

GOP Congressman’s Staffer Compares Black People to Escaped Zoo Animals

A staffer to the Republican congressman who recently spent $100,000 redesigning his office to look like the set of “Downton

As Blacks Cheer Obama’s Diss to GOP, Supreme Court Prepares to Gut Fair Housing Act

by Yvette Carnell We are headed toward a libertarian America, with little to no protections for minorities, and many African-Americans

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