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Melissa Harris-Perry Walks Out on MSNBC Show: “I am not a Token, Mammy, or Little Brown Bobble Head”

by Yvette Carnell For well over a year (see here and here), I have been predicting the end of a group of black pundits who I derisively refer to as

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Oprah Winfrey in 1989: “I Think a Lot of People Still Use the Slavery Experience as an Excuse”

by Yvette Carnell In an essay that catapulted him to national prominence, Ta-Nehisi Coates argued in favor of reparations in

Sorry Ta-Nehisi Coates, The NAACP’s Reparations Plan Looks Exactly Like What Bernie Sanders Is Proposing

by Yvette Carnell In a thinly disguised attempt to generate distrust of Bernie Sanders among black voters, Ta-Nehisi Coates of

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Black Lives Matter Activist Demands Apology From Hillary Clinton: “I Am Not a Super-predator”

by Yvette Carnell A Black Lives Matter activist interrupted presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during a Wednesday event to demand an apology from Clinton for calling black youth “super-predators”. In a

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Min. Farrakhan Blows More Kisses at Donald Trump: “I Like What I’m Looking At”

In a January interview with Alex Jones, Min. Louis Farrakhan revealed that he believes Donald Trump was “wise” for encouraging lawmakers to vet Muslims entering the country. Now Farrakhan is

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Dr. Cornel West on John Lewis: “The Great John Lewis of 50 Years Ago is Different Than The John Lewis Today”

by Yvette Carnell The black political establishment used its sway with black voters to secure a strong victory for Hillary

In 2008 CBC Spent $700,000 on Lavish Party, More Than It Gave Out in Scholarships, After Raising 55 Million

Last week there was much discussion over the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) PAC endorsing Hillary Clinton. Prior to the discussion,

Here’s Why Rep. Maxine Waters Was Nowhere to Be Found During CBC Press Conference Supporting Hillary Clinton

Congresswoman Maxine Waters has no problems with her colleagues supporting Hillary Clinton since she herself is a Clinton supporter, but

Rep. John Lewis Backpedals After Slamming Sanders, Never Meant to “Disparage His Activism”

Civil rights icon John Lewis is retreating from comments he made questioning Bernie Sanders’ activism. During a news event with

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