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Comedian Kamau Bell Wants to Buy Klansman a Piece of Pie and Chat in Coffee Shop

by Yvette Carnell W. Kamau Bell is going to “explore” the Ku Klux Klan in his new series ‘United Shades of America’, according to the promotional clip posted on CNN’s

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Here’s Why Roland Martin Offered to Shine Fox New Host Bill O’Reilly’s Shoes

NewsOne‘s Roland Martin has a challenge for Bill O’Reilly after the Fox News host called black youth “ill-educated with tattoos

Melissa Harris-Perry Joins as Editor-At-Large

After an abrupt departure from MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry has landed at as editor-at-large. “Joining is an opportunity to combine my

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Black Girl at Mostly White Private School Arrives Home With Severe Rope Burn Around Neck

Authorities in Texas are investigating how a 12 year-old black girl who attends a mostly white private school ended up with severe rope burns around her neck after a school

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Black People Are Killing Each Other at “Barbecues, Family Reunions, Music Festivals, Basketball Tournaments” and Nobody Cares

When a white cop kills a black person, the media pays attention. There is also widespread attention paid to cases involving a mass shooter. The same cannot be said of

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“Ungrateful Pets”: Light Skinned, Blue Eyed Runaway Slave’s Covert Mission to Free Her Family

Mary Walker was a fourth generation slave owned by the Cameron family, one of the richest slave-owning families in the

African-Americans Don’t Have Any Balls

by Yvette Carnell At wealthy schools around the country, kids aren’t playing with legos or blocks, they’re being told to 

That Time Chicago Cops Got an Unconscious Man They’d Shot to Confess

As reporters and activists continue to call out Chicago police over instances of police brutality, we reflect back to a

Black Female Trump Executive: Trump Isn’t Racist for Calling Out a “Flawed Immigration System”

Lynne Patton is a black female employee of the Trump family and according to her, the Trumps have stuck by

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