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Angela Rye Denies Existence of Black Poverty Because She and Her Bougie Friends Are “Doing Well”

by Yvette Carnell A recent study found that the average black family would need 228 years to build the wealth

Charles Blow’s Meltdown on CNN Reflects the Black Community’s Political Immaturity

by Yvette Carnell Late last week Donald Trump told the truth about the worsening condition of the black community and

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Black Chipotle Worker Sues, Claims Latino Workers Got Preferential Treatment

A black Chipotle worker filed a lawsuit against the food chain claiming Latino co-workers got preferential treatment. In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles, Sheqweshu Clark alleges racial discrimination,

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Where Were Democrats When Rep. John Lewis Was Trying to Build the African-American History Museum?

Georgia Congressman John Lewis recently spoke to CBS about the years it took to create the National Museum of African American History and Culture. What Lewis failed to mention was how

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Milwaukee Has Deadliest Month Since Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

by Yvette Carnell In a previous article titled Total Collapse: 31 of 56 Black Neighborhoods in Wisconsin Are Jails,BreakingBrown reported

Hacked Documents Reveal How Democratic Party Stonewalls Black Community

A hacked memo  from Nancy Pelosi, released by Guccifer 2.0, shows how Democratic politicians are briefed to deal with Black Lives Matter

Hillary Clinton Started the Birther Movement, Not Donald Trump

In decrying Donald Trump’s racism, many black people are quick to point out Trump’s conspiratorial birther movement as evidence. The

Donald Trump is Right. Black People Are Poor.

Donald Trump got into a lot of trouble for his comments about black people on Friday: “Look at how much

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