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Oprah Winfrey: Black Respectability, Neo-liberal Huckster for White Capitalism or Not?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most respected women in America, but have we ever taken a critical look at Ms. Winfrey’s legacy? In this video, BreakingBrown founder Yvette Carnell

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Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

The terrorist who opened fire during Bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina has been arrested unharmed. Bought Out by Latino Media reports that has been bought out by Univision, a network which boasts itself as “the largest Spanish-language broadcaster

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Professor Receives Citation After Officer Said He Appeared “Nervous” at Stop Light

An Emerson College professor is fighting a criminal citation stemming from an officer’s observation that he appeared nervous at a traffic stop where he was driving without a license. Jabari

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Eric Holder Re-Joins Law Firm Connected to Sub-Prime Crisis That Eroded Black Wealth

by Yvette Carnell Eric Holder’s old law firm kept his office warm while the U.S. Attorney worked his “temp gig” as top cop, reports. Last year, while many African-American

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Obamacare Insurance Premiums Set to Rise 20-40%

In countries ruled by the one percent, the rich get exactly what they want, and what they want now is

Cops Steal College Student’s Savings and Now 13 Departments Want to Split the Cash

Nowadays cops don’t need actual evidence of a crime to prove a crime occurred. In 2014, cops took over $11,000

Obama and Republicans Pass Trade Deal for the Rich While Blacks Fixate Over Confederate Flag

While most black pundits were getting ready for their close-up so they could denounce the Confederate flag on national television,

7 Ways Armed Resistance Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible

BreakingBrown previously asked why ‘Negroes with Guns’ were being erased from the Civil Rights Movement when they actually played such

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