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Victims of Russell “Rush Card” Simmons Barred From Filing Lawsuits Over Missing Money

Russell “Rush Card” Simmons was present at the Million Man March where several thousand black people gathered to discuss empowerment. Only days later, thousands of Rush Card users were reporting

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White People Use “Next Door” Website to Report “Suspicious” Black Neighbors Making U-Turns, Walking

An investigative report by East Bay Express found that white residents of an Oakland community were using a website to

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Latest Defense of Obama: Clinton Was Worse

by Yvette Carnell The preacher who was handpicked to become President Obama’s ambassador to the African-American community is now grasping

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Firefighter of the Year Who Allegedly Pointed Gun at Black Couple Outside Applebee’s Only Charged With Misdemeanors

A former Savannah, Ga. Firefighter of the Year is only facing misdemeanor charges after allegedly pointing a gun at a black couple outside an Applebee’s restaurant. Capt. Barry R. “Ricky”

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Oh, Look. White Conservatives Are Again Ignoring Black Led Efforts to Fight Urban Crime

“What about black on black crime!” is the rallying cry among conservatives each time the black community calls out police brutality. Still, whenever black activists work to combat crime in

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Police Say Teen Shot Himself, Father Says That’s a “Total Lie”

Authorities in Normandy, Mo. allege that a suicidal teen took his own life after an encounter with police, but the

Record Low Number of Black Doctors After Obama Cut Dollars to HBCUs That Produce 85% of Them

by Yvette Carnell A disturbing NPR report found that there were fewer black medical doctors in 2014 than 1978. This

City of Jackson to Poor Resident: Pay $19,403 in Fines or Spend 335 Days in Jail

One of the clearest signs that America is devolving into a feudal society, with serfs on one end of the

Obama Approves $12 Million for Holocaust Survivors, Not One Dime for African-American Reparations

by Yvette Carnell Tragic as it was, the Holocaust didn’t occur in this country. It was a foreign atrocity. Still,

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