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White Georgia Cop Who Told Black Driver, “I Don’t Care About Your People” Suspended for Only 2 Weeks

White Georgia Cop Who Told Black Driver, “I Don’t Care About Your People” Suspended for Only 2 Weeks

A Cobb County, Ga. police officer who made a racially offensive comment to a black driver and is accused of aggressively following black city Commissioner Lisa Cupid will only be punished with a two week suspension without pay.

Cobb Police Chief John Houser released a memo on Friday recommending Officer Maurice Lawson be suspended for 80 hours without pay.

BreakingBrown previously reported on the incident:

Middle school teacher Brian Baker, 33, was stopped on Nov. 16 at around 2am and given two tickets–one for speeding and one for failing to maintain lane–by Officer Maurice Lawson.


After receiving the tickets, Baker asks if he can leave. Dashcam video of the shows Lawson then begin to make fun of Baker by repeating the question.


Lawson then says: “Leave. Go away. Go to Fulton County. I don’t care about your people, man, go.”


Fulton Co. is Atlanta, so Lawson seems to be telling Baker to go back to his mostly black county. According to the Census, in 2014 blacks comprised only 27% of Cobb County’s population.Baker asked Officer Lawson what he meant by the comment.


“I said Fulton County,” Lawson replies. “Do you want to step out and talk to me?”


“Why do you need me to step out of the car?” Baker asks.


“Go back to Fulton County, sir.”


After Baker drives off, Lawson seems to explain to two other officers why he has problems with blacks.


“I lose my cool, man, every time. Why do I got to deal with (stuff) like that. This is the (expletive) America we live in, ain’t it?”

Chief Houser wrote that Lawson’s behavior damaged the officer’s credibility.

“Loss of emotional control, statements that can be construed as racially biased or insensitive, and unnecessary banter and invitations to step out of a vehicle that have the potential to lead to an altercation are unacceptable and damaging to the citizens involved and our community as a whole,” Houser wrote, according to The Marietta Daily Journal. “The Cobb County Police Department is built on courtesy and professionalism. Any conduct that undermines those values will absolutely not be tolerated.”

Watch the video of the incident below:


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White Coach Resigns After Being Accused of Making Racially Offensive Comments to Black Players

White Coach Resigns After Being Accused of Making Racially Offensive Comments to Black Players

A Texas high school football coach who was placed on administrative leave last November after being accused of making racially offensive comments to black players has resigned.

Teacher and coach Todd Campbell of Centennial High School was placed on leave after 50 parents and community members met with Centennial principal Randy Spain and other school officials about Campbell’s remarks to mostly black players, Dallas News previously reported. Those complaining about Campbell said he was making racially stereotypical comments to black players, although no details were released.

“We are unable to discuss specific details of the allegations, the investigation into the allegations or the findings,” spokeswoman Shana Wortham said in a statement at the time. “It is the district’s expectation that its staff conduct themselves in a professional manner and that all staff interactions with students are respectful and reflective of that professionalism.”

The resignation follows an investigation by the school district.

“The resignation is effective as of February 29, 2016,” Frisco ISD said in a written statement, according WFAA. “The District and Coach Campbell believe this action is in the best interest of both parties. As this matter involves student and personnel information that is confidential, we are unable to discuss specific details of the allegations, the investigation into the allegations or the findings.”



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30/12/15 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw

Judge Who Allegedly Hit Black Mentally Ill Man and Yelled, “Run N***er, Run” May be Removed From Job

Judge Who Allegedly Hit Black Mentally Ill Man and Yelled, “Run N***er, Run” May be Removed From Job

A Mississippi judge who allegedly slapped a mentally ill black man on the back of the head and yelled, “Run, n***er run” may be removed from office.

The Mississippi Commission of Judicial Performance has recommended that the Mississippi Supreme Court remove Judge Bill Weisenberger from office, WJTV reports.

“The full Commission finds the conduct of (Weisenberger) to be so egregious that it would be error to recommend anything short of removal from office,” read the commission’s recommendation.

The commission claims Judge Weisenberger engaged in judicial misconduct when he allegedly slapped mentally ill 20-year-old Eric Rivers on the back of the head and yelled, “Run, n***er run.”

The incident occurred after Weisenberger reportedly spotted Rivers groping a woman at a flea market.

Weisenberger’s attorney, Bill Kirksey, insists that the incident never occurred, The Clarion Ledger reports.

“They had three witnesses that claimed this occurred in three different locations,” Kirksey said. “I had four witnesses that said it didn’t occur, two of them independent, one from Vicksburg and one from Texas, who contacted me after they read what had allegedly taken place. I believe it’s absolutely absurd that they found he should be removed. I do not believe the evidence was clear and convincing.”

Weisenberger was also charged with felony simple assault on a vulnerable adult.

The commission recommended Weisenberger be fined $1,000 and assessed costs in the amount of $5,918.46.

Only a high school diploma or equivalency is required to be a Justice Court judge in Mississippi, the Ledger reports. The judges get training after they’re elected.




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28/12/15 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw #

Texas Car Dealership Fired Top Salesman for Doing Business With Blacks, Lawsuit Claims

Texas Car Dealership Fired Top Salesman for Doing Business With Blacks, Lawsuit Claims

A Texas car salesman claims in a lawsuit that being the top salesman at a luxury dealership didn’t prevent him from getting fired.

Steven Calderone, 53, claims he was fired from the Sonic Houston JLR dealership for “insubordination” after violating the dealership’s rule of not selling to African-Americans.

According to Courthouse News Service, Calderone earned over $360,000 in commission a year from selling high end vehicles.

Calderone says a black customer called Coach Henry put down $2,500 on a car, but claims his supervisors wouldn’t release the “buy order” because Henry was black.

“Henry was angry and told Calderone that the reason was racial discrimination, in these words: ‘Do I look like I have an ‘N’ painted on my chest? I’ve been dealing with this all my life. I know when I’m being sent to the back of the bus,'”the lawsuit alleges.

Calderone claims he also tried to sell cars to another black man and a Middle Eastern man, but the dealership again refused to sell to them.

Sonic profiles blacks as “exporters,” Calderone claims, which excludes them from buying new cars because Sonic thinks they can’t afford them and are buying them for shipment overseas.

Calderone said the dealership forced him to make black customers sign an “agreement not to export” and one customer, Theresa Blackwell, detected the racism of the agreement.

Blackwell, who in 2014 was shopping for a Land Rover, complained about Calderone.

“There was some assumption for whatever reason that was made that I could not afford the vehicle. I am still asking myself today what prompted that assumption but have chosen not to take that train of thought any further and just go with the fact that the guy is a general *ss,” Blackwell said of Calderone in an email, which he cites in the lawsuit.

Calderone, however, says he’d already complained about the discriminatory policy to finance manager Frank Pecka, and was yelled at over the complaint. That led Calderone to file a complaint with HR manager Marlena Warthen.

Calderone alleges that he was retaliated against after filing the complaint. He says mystery shoppers sent from company headquarters gave him negative reviews and he was also made to take a drug test.

During a conversation with Warthen about the investigation, Calderone says Warthen said to him, “You are insubordinate.”

Sonic fired Calderone three weeks later “because of the Theresa Blackwell complaint,” he says, even though the agreement Blackwell was being asked to sign was required by the dealership of all black customers.

Sonic denies the allegations.



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21/12/15 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw

Investigation Into White Cop Who Told Black Driver He Doesn’t Care About “Your People” Delayed Indefinitely

Investigation Into White Cop Who Told Black Driver He Doesn’t Care About “Your People” Delayed Indefinitely

Last week many in the media were on alert after being told to expect a decision about a Georgia officer who made racially offensive comments to a black driver. This week, however, that investigation has been inexplicably delayed.

“In order to conduct the most thorough investigation possible, the Cobb County Attorney’s office has revised its original timeline based on the need for additional review of records and scheduling of additional interviews. The report will be delayed until all information is collected and analyzed,” Cobb County spokeswoman Sheri Kell said.

In what seems like an open and shut case, Cobb County police Officer Maurice Lawson told black driver Brian Baker, “Go to Fulton County, cuz” and “I don’t care about your people.” This was all in reaction to Baker having been annoyed at being pulled over.

Even by Lawson’s own account of what happened, he admits to escalating, as opposed to de-escalating, the encounter with Baker. Part of the stop was captured by Officer Grizanti’s bodcam.

From 11 Alive:

“The first thing out of his mouth was – I was like ‘how are you doing tonight, sir’,” Lawson said. “And he was like ‘Sober – what did you stop me for!’ He yelled at me and I yelled back.”


Grizanti replied, “I’ll go talk to him.”


Grizanti approached Baker.


“Good evening Mr. Baker,” Grizanti said.


“Why are you bothering me? I didn’t do anything wrong. Can I have my tickets so I can go?” Baker replied.

Baker says he was annoyed at the questions being asked by Lawson.

“He asked me where I am coming from – it’s none of your business where I’m coming from. Where I’m going is none of your business, either,” Baker said. “Are you the Gestapo or something? You asked the question, I answered, and you’re still going on, man!”

As usual, the Fraternal Order of Police was quick to dismiss Lawson’s racially inflammatory remark.

“Officer Lawson did absolutely nothing wrong other than lose his temper,” said Steve Gaynor, president of the local Fraternal Order of Police, according to 11 Alive News. “He’s an outstanding officer.”

Cobb County police Capt. J.D. Adcock apologized Baker in a letter and admitted that Lawson violated the police department’s code of conduct. Baker’s tickets were also reduced to warnings.

Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid, who is also African American, had recently complained about Officer Lawson following her in an unmarked car at 1:30AM. She was told that Lawson was working undercover as part of an investigation into vehicle break-ins.

“That police officer was not there to protect and serve. He was there to harass and intimidate,” Cupid wrote in a memo to the police department, according to Channel 2 Action News. “I do not believe for one moment that a Lexus RX 330 would be tailed and intimidated by a police officer in East Cobb, West Cobb or North Cobb, Vinings, the Cumberland area: especially if the driver was white or a neighborhood of affluence.”

Watch the video below of Lawson’s interaction with Baker:

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