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Mother Claims Hospital Stole Her Son’s Organs

Mother Claims Hospital Stole Her Son’s Organs
Mary Anderson

Mary Anderson, Photo Credit: Philadelphia Daily News

Mary Anderson says although she retrieved her son’s body, several of his internal organs were missing.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Anderson received her son’s body, but his eyes, brain, and some other organs were missing. She says her son, Vance Anderson, was missing several organs after passing away from a lung condition in 2012 at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Jefferson confirmed that Anderson’s organs were donated for education.

Mary Anderson says she suspected that they would investigate her son’s cause of death, but not take his organs.

“They told me they took his eyes, heart, brain, pancreas. They took every organ he had in his body out of him. I said, ‘Why? Why?’ ” Anderson said. “I thought they were going to take a piece of his lung to see what he died from.”
Anderson has since filed a lawsuit claiming that the hospital stole her son’s organs without permission. She says they threw away her son “like garbage” after using his organs for research.
“They just threw my son away,” Anderson said. “I don’t think people know what they’re doing to their loved ones. Ain’t no way in the world, if they explained to me they’re going to take my son and experiment with him and throw his organs in the trash, that I would’ve consented to that.”
A spokeswoman for the hospital explained that “when performing complete autopsies, it is customary for academic medical centers, that are engaged in educating future doctors, to remove and retain organs and tissues for teaching and continued analysis.”
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Former Congressman Booted From Radio Show After Using the “N” Word

Former Congressman Booted From Radio Show After Using the “N” Word

Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh was recently booted from his own radio show for attempting to use the “N” word on air. During his show “The Answer”, Walsh tried to have a conversation about the “N” word as compared to the word Redskins. Apparently, his general manager took issue with the racial slur and cut him off.

Here are a few texts from Walsh as the incident unfolded:

Joe Walsh 2.jpg

If you don’t remember Walsh, he’s the deadbeat dad ex-Congressman who made a habit of making racially offensive comments.

In 2013 Walsh marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington with a divisive speech:

I have a dream that all black parents will have the right to choose where their kids attend school.

I have a dream that all black boys and girls will grow up with a father.

I have a dream that young black men will stop shooting other young black men.

I have a dream that all young black men will say “no” to gangs and to drugs.

I have a dream that all black young people will graduate from high school.

I have a dream that young black men won’t become fathers until after they’re married and they have a job.

I have a dream that young unmarried black women will say “no” to young black men who want to have sex.

I have a dream that today’s black leadership will quit blaming racism and “the system” for what ails black America.

I have a dream that black America will take responsibility for improving their own lives.

I have a dream that one day black America will cease their dependency on the government plantation, which has enslaved them to lives of poverty, and instead depend on themselves, their families, their churches, and their communities.

Walsh also said that Democrats want to keep African-Americans dependent on the system.


h/t: Gawker

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Delta Airlines Apologizes for Using Giraffe as Symbol for Ghana

Delta Airlines Apologizes for Using Giraffe as Symbol for Ghana


Things went real wrong real quick when Delta Airlines tried to congratulate the American soccer team for its win over Ghana. Instead of just posting a simple congratulatory message alongside the stars and stripes, Delta used the Statue of Liberty to represent the U.S. and a giraffe to represent Ghana. Needless to say, the tweet was viewed by many as offensive.

As blogger extraordinaire Awesomely Luvvie pointed out, there aren’t even any giraffes in Ghana, so not only was the tweet insensitive, it was just plain wrong:


Then Delta ended this with an oddly phrased apology, obviously the result of a misspelling:

Delta apology

Then it finally entered a real apology which read, “We’re sorry for our choice of photo in our previous tweet. Best of luck to all teams.”

We don’t know the name of the person running Delta’s social media, but that took way too long to sort out.

h/t: BuzzFeed

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12/06/14 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw #

Prosecutor Fired After Comparing Black Juror’s NAACP Ties to White Supremacy

Prosecutor Fired After Comparing Black Juror’s NAACP Ties to White Supremacy

NAACP juror.jpg

A Texas prosecutor has been given the boot after comparing a black juror’s NAACP ties to white supremacy. Prosecutor Steve Brand booted a black juror after making the outlandish comparison, then Brand was fired by District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg.

Even though Brand removed the juror from the panel, Judge Julie Kocurek called the move improper because it was based solely on race and ordered that a new jury be seated.

KVUE reports that Brand said “It’s not because of race. It’s because in part she appeared to be an activist, and that’s what we don’t want. Just as if she was white, we wouldn’t want a white activist or a white supremacist.”

Lehmberg says she told Brand that his comments did not “reflect my opinions or my values or those of our organization.”

Brand has hired an attorney named Tom Nesbitt to represent him.

“Steve Brand is a dedicated, highly regarded, veteran prosecutor with a stellar record at the courthouse. Not once has he been accused of racially insensitive or intolerant conduct other than by Ms. Lehmberg’s recent accusation,” Nesbitt said in a statement. “His termination was an unjust, and frankly bizarre act by the District Attorney.”

Brand had defended his decision to remove the juror by explaining that “there are things on Facebook page which appeared she was an activist in several ways [sic].”


h/t: ThinkProgress

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Black Judges Forced to Take Mentoring Class Because Biased White Lawyers Rate Them Poorly

Black Judges Forced to Take Mentoring Class Because Biased White Lawyers Rate Them Poorly

A report by two psychologists, published in the Boston Globe, concludes that Massachusetts lawyers who blind_justiceanonymously rate judges they argue before are biased against black judges.

Over a span of 10 years, the study found that lawyers routinely gave lower scores to black judges than their white counterparts. There are consequences to these surveys since judges who score poorly are forced to attend mentoring classes based on the assumption that they are lacking in some core competency.

“The general theme that emerged was the idea that persons of color do not match the expectations of what a judge should look like, and therefore confront more doubt, mistrust, and interpersonal tensions than do non-minority judges,” explained the researchers.

Superior Court Judge Shannon Frison, president of the Massachusetts Black Judges Association, said this has always been an open secret among black judges for some time.

“No one is surprised,” she said. “People are just . . . mad.”

“We are minority judges, so I’m dealing with the way people feel about me every day, whether it’s written or unwritten, stated or unstated,” Frison told the Boston Globe. “This is a pretty big black eye on the bench in Massachusetts.”

Since minority judges know that they’re being held to a higher standard than white judges, they are under added pressure.

“It was felt that when combined, these factors increased the potential for minority judges to be labeled as intolerant, a bully, insensitive, and disrespectful, especially when asserting judicial authority,” concluded the study.

A commission was founded to investigate allegations of bias late last year after tensions began to swell.

Questionnaires are now being revised and input will be monitored for bias.

“Responses will be monitored on an ongoing basis to see if there continues to be any indication of bias, as no amount of bias is acceptable, and court leaders are determined to continue efforts to ensure that the questionnaires are a fair and useful tool for all judges, and that the process will allow all judges to achieve the fullest development of their professional skills, ” said Judge Paula Carey, head of the commission investigating the issue.






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