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Boys Will be Boys, Unless They’re Black, In Which Case They’re Men Headed to Prison

Boys Will be Boys, Unless They’re Black, In Which Case They’re Men Headed to Prison

Dr. Steve Perry is still getting roasted for posting a celebratory tweet about convincing black boys to cut their hair. The problem for black boys, however, is not aesthetics so much as how they’re viewed by society, regardless of whether they have a fresh line-up.


Along with the curriculum and teaching problems black children encounter in schools around race and culture, there is a legacy of positioning black males and black children in troubling, dehumanizing ways.


For example, scholars note that black children, specifically black boys, are often viewed as mature and “adult-like.” Their behaviors and experiences are not seen as part of the normal arc of childhood development. Scholars find that in this “adultification” process, black children are not given the allowance of childhood innocence.

This helps explain the ease with which even charter schools are fast-tracking black students to prison.

From U.S. News: 

Charter schools suspend students at a much higher rate than non-charter schools, some of which have suspension rates north of 70 percent. But a disproportionate amount of those suspensions fall on black students, who are four times more likely to be suspended than white students, and students with disabilities, who are twice as likely to be suspended as their non-disabled peers.

Black boys aren’t allowed to be boys. They’re men–headed straight to prison either now or later, school administrators believe. None of this will be fixed by getting your son to the barber shop every two weeks.
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Riding Bikes While Black: 81% of Bike Violations in Tampa Issued to Black Riders

Riding Bikes While Black: 81% of Bike Violations in Tampa Issued to Black Riders

First there was driving while black, then walking while black, and now bike riding while black.

A Department of Justice report found that the Tampa Police Department issued more citations to black bicyclists than to riders of other races.

According to the Miami Herald, the department issued 544 bike citations in 2014. Of the citations issued, 443 —  81 percent — were given to blacks. Blacks, however, only make up a quarter of the city’s population.

The Tampa Bay Times obtained a copy of the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services report, which concluded that the policing tactic, intended to lower crime rates, never worked.

“Though these stops were intended to reduce problems in areas with high crime rates, which were mostly black, the disproportionate citing of African-American bicyclists was unfair and, even if not intended as harassment, often perceived as such,” COPS office director Ronald Davis wrote in the report  released on Tuesday.

Blacks were not stopped because they ride bicycles more than whites, but they were more likely to be ticketed than their white counterparts.

The report makes several recommendations to the Tampa Bay Police Department, including reducing the overall number of bike related stops and greater community monitoring of racial disparities.

“This is a very powerful moment,” Davis said. “A department can learn from the data how better to deploy their resources … Tampa can be the model.”

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Police Chief “Sorry” for Arresting Children But Isn’t Dismissing Charges

Police Chief “Sorry” for Arresting Children But Isn’t Dismissing Charges

During an interview with NewsOne‘s Roland Martin, Zacchaeus Crawford, father to three of the children arrested for not breaking up a fight, told Martin all he wanted was an apology.

Crawford’s kids were arrested outside of Hobgood Elementary School in Tennessee a few weeks ago and charged with “criminal responsibility for conduct of another” which allows for arrest if a “person fails to make a reasonable effort to prevent”.

According to The Tennessean, Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr has now apologized for handcuffing and arresting 10 children aged 6-12. At least five of the 10 children were black.

“I am so saddened, and I’m so sorry this incident happened,”  Chief Durr said, “because I truly think it could have been avoided.”

Although Chief Durr expresses regret, it appears that the charges have not been dropped:

In an exclusive interview with The Tennessean, Durr expressed his concern over the outcomes in a case that has garnered attention nationwide and put a spotlight on police-community relations. The matter is before the Juvenile Court of Rutherford County. There are no plans to dismiss the charges at this point.

The arrests were apparently connected to a bullying incident days earlier. And according to Durr, at least one of the elementary school aged kids is being investigated as part of a more serious criminal case.

“Remember there was a victim here too, so if my officer didn’t do their job that day, and we ignored the victim, what would this conversation be today?,” Durr asked. “That we failed to do our job.”

Video of the incident was brought to the attention of the School Safety and Education Officer and later obtained by police. Durr is not sure who decided to arrest the kids.

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06/04/16 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw #

“I’ll Smoke You”: Cop on Trial After Allegedly Threatening and Hurling Racial Slurs at Black Man

“I’ll Smoke You”: Cop on Trial After Allegedly Threatening and Hurling Racial Slurs at Black Man

A Philadelphia police officer is facing three misdemeanor charges after allegedly threatening a black man and hurling racial slurs at him.

The confrontation occurred at 2:45 a.m. on Oct. 20, 2013 in South Philadelphia where people hang out near Geno’s or Pat’s, reports.

Daniel Iannuzzi, who worked at Pat’s at the time of the confrontation, says gatherings at that location were not uncommon.

On the night in question, however, two men–one white and one black–began yelling at each other, Iannuzzi recalls.

The white man, identified as off duty police officer Edward Sawicki III, 36, was allegedly yelling racial slurs at 39-year-old Lamar Fouse.

At one point, Sawicki also reportedly yelled, “I’ll smoke you!” and pulled up his shirt to reveal a gun.

Sawicki’s on trial facing charges of making terroristic threats, simple assault, and possession of an instrument of crime.

Defense attorney William J. Brennan claims Fouse was the aggressor in the altercation.

Racism within America’s police departments is beginning to reach alarming numbers. It was widely reported in 2015 that white supremacist groups had infiltrated America’s police departments.

Only last week it was revealed that even more San Francisco police officers were implicated in a racist and homophobic texting scandal.

Young black men between the ages of 15 to 34 were nine times more likely to be killed by police than other Americans in 2015.

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31/03/16 Black News , Race & Racism , ybw #

Jury Finds Man Who Repeatedly Stomped and Kicked Black Man in the Head Guilty of Hate Crime

Jury Finds Man Who Repeatedly Stomped and Kicked Black Man in the Head Guilty of Hate Crime

A federal jury convicted on Wednesday an Iowa man who repeatedly kicked and stomped a black man in the head.

Randy Metcalf, 40, was found guilty of committing a hate crime by causing bodily injury to Lamarr Sandridge, who is black, based on race, The Gazette reports.

The charges stemmed from a 2015 bar fight where Metcalf showed off his swastika tattoos and talked about cross burnings.

Ted Stackis, owner of the bar, testified during trial that Metcalf not only made racially offensive remarks, but also directed the N-word at Sandridge and his two white female companions.

Bartender Becky Burkes describes what led up to the fight:

Stackis left the bar before the fight but Becky Burkes, a part-time bartender at North Side, testified the physical assault happened when Sandridge’s friend Katie Flores knocked a cellphone out of Metcalf’s fiancee’s hand. Metcalf then went for Flores and Sandridge grabbed Metcalf from behind, but Metcalf’s two buddies put Sandridge in a headlock and repeatedly punch him until he was unconscious on the floor. Metcalf then started kicking and stomping on Sandridge’s head.


Burkes, who is also a nurse at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, said she tried to push Metcalf and others back and get between them and Sandridge. Sandridge was bleeding heavily and Burkes said she was worried he would choke on blood. Burkes kicked out Metcalf and his friends and then called 911.

Surveillance video shows Metcalf leaving the bar, then kicking an unconscious Sandridge in the head after he returns to get his jacket.

Sandridge doesn’t recall most of the beating.

Metcalf faces up to 10 years in prison.


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