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24/03/11 Black Politics

Little Sympathy for Wisconsin

Rules were broken, cash diverted, and the unions went, well – home. You can say that they’re all somewhere huddled up, planning for a recall fight or a court fight, but they’re not fighting NOW. And the longer Gov. Walker’s union busting plan remains in place, the more firmly secure it is in its position as the law of the land.

Union leadership is far too concerned with their proximity to power. i.e. Obama, to be of any real use. And union members are far too concerned with their own meager survival to push union leaders to do what many of them, in their heart of hearts, don’t really want done (strikes!). The union members don’t escape blame in my view. They ARE the people. And no, their little hard working hands are not tied. The idea that there is only a narrow set of options in this scenario is a rationalization for human weakness. We’ve seen it before in the struggles of humanity, we see it now, and we’re bound to see it again.

The situation for American workers is barreling toward desperate. Desperation always encroaches in crises ripe for the usurpation of power and in the end and as a last resort, people fight back. But it usually comes too late and at a time when people have lost so much that pushing uphill is painstakingly precarious. You would think people would learn. They don’t. They look for “leadership” and for that alone, my sympathy is steadily dissipating.


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22/03/11 Black Politics #

The Dangle of Angle: Sharron Angle’s Slight Return

There are so many extremists in the Republican Party it’s hard to keep track of them all. A few of them rise above the fray if only because they are so far out of the mainstream. In Nevada, rising from the ashes of a devastating defeat to Harry Reid, a Democratic senator many considered a dead man walking, Sharron Angle announced she will run for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

A vacancy opened up with disgraced Republican Senator John Ensign announced he would not run for reelection following the exposure of his affair with another man’s wife. Rep. Dean Heller declared his candidacy to replace Ensign thus creating an opening for Angle to angle into it–even if other Nevada Republicans aren’t crazy about the idea CONTINUE READING AT JEFFWINBUSH.COM


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