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Ala. Man Dead After Being Pepper Sprayed by Police

Ala. Man Dead After Being Pepper Sprayed by Police

Investigators are trying to determine what caused the death of an Alabama man who was pepper-sprayed by officers.

Police were called after 35 year old Anthony Dewayne Ware of Tuscaloosa was spotted Saturday holding a gun on the front porch of a home.

“Mr. Ware had an active warrant that had been verified for attempting to elude police,” Tuscaloosa police Assistant Chief Ronnie Dunn said, according to CNN.

Ware ran once police approached him.

“Officers chased him into the woods, and when the officers caught up to him, he resisted arrest,” Dunn said.

Ware was pepper sprayed, which led to breathing problems. Ware eventually collapsed while walking in the woods and officers were unsuccessful after attempting to revive him using CPR.

“Video is being reviewed and will be released to the public as soon as investigators say it can be released without hindering the ongoing investigation,” Assistant Chief Ronnie Dunn told The Tuscaloosa News, the Associated Press reports.

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Professor Receives Citation After Officer Said He Appeared “Nervous” at Stop Light

Professor Receives Citation After Officer Said He Appeared “Nervous” at Stop Light

An Emerson College professor is fighting a criminal citation stemming from an officer’s observation that he appeared nervous at a traffic stop where he was driving without a license.

Jabari Asim, editor of the NAACP’s “The Crisis” magazine, says he wasn’t driving on the day in question and his phone’s GPS proves he was at work all day. According to Asim, his wife was running errands on that day.

The officer who wrote the citation, however, claims he did in fact see Asim at a red light at 6:15 on June 22 and became suspicious of Asim as he appeared “nervous.”

“My attention was drawn to the vehicle as the operator upon observing me immediately looked nervous and quickly turned his head forward and continued driving,” the report says, according to The Boston Globe.

The officer then claims he ran Asim’s plates and his license came up “denied/non-renewable.” The officer says he recognized Asim from his RMV photo, taken when Asim applied for a Massachusetts license, but when the officer looked up after running the plates, the car was gone. The officer then sent out a citation.

Asim had been denied a license in 2014 due to an unpaid ticket in another state that has since been paid. Asim says his license was denied and he had not re-applied since he’d not been driving and wasn’t driving on the day in question.

NAACP activists wonder why the officer ran his plates for appearing nervous in the first place.

“I’d like to see what that looks like, when somebody says I look nervous when I don’t look at you,” said the Urban League’s Darnell Williams. “What I would say as a civil rights leader is that if this is the new standard that they are using for vehicle stops and citations, then we need to have a deeper conversation with those officers, because this is something that’s indefensible from my standpoint.”

A clerk magistrate will make the final determination on whether the charge is warranted.




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Man Arrested at 17 Has Been Waiting 7 Years for Trial

Man Arrested at 17 Has Been Waiting 7 Years for Trial

Criminal defendants have a right to a speedy trial, according to the Constitution, but the law of the land obviously doesn’t extend to New York.

On the heels of Kalief Browder committing suicide after having spent three years in jail without trial, another outrageous case  has also been unearthed.

From the New York Post:

A Manhattan man has spent nearly all of the past seven years locked up on Rikers Island awaiting trial — a dubious record for pretrial incarceration that is not likely to end anytime soon, experts told The Post.


Carlos Montero, now 24, was with two pals when one fatally stabbed a man and the other slashed another during a robbery in Washington Heights on Oct. 23, 2008, authorities have charged.

Montero, who has spent six years and eight months in Rikers, attempted to get his case tried separately — while one of his alleged cohorts fights the DNA evidence — but the judge balked, and his lawyer won’t even seek bail for him now because he says it’s a lost cause.

Montero, who has been in jail since 17, says he’s just “depressed” and wants to go home.

“I still think I can get justice,” he told the Post.

Kalief Browder hanged himself after spending three years at Rikers Island without trial.

“As his father explained, he’d apparently decided that these torn strips of sheet were not strong enough. That afternoon, at about 12:15 P.M., he went into another bedroom, pulled out the air conditioner, and pushed himself out through the hole in the wall, feet first, with a cord wrapped around his neck. His mother was the only other person home at the time. After she heard a loud thumping noise, she went upstairs to investigate, but couldn’t figure out what had happened. It wasn’t until she went outside to the backyard and looked up that she realized that her youngest child had hanged himself.”

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22/05/15 Black Crime & Incarceration , featured , ybw #

Two Unarmed Black Men Shot by Washington Cop While Allegedly Stealing Beer

Two Unarmed Black Men Shot by Washington Cop While Allegedly Stealing Beer

Police in Olympia, Washington are promising a thorough investigation after two African-American men were shot while allegedly stealing beer.

The black men, stepbrothers aged 21 and 24, were unarmed on Thursday when they were shot by a white police officer at a supermarket.

Both men, later identified as Bryson Tyler Chaplin and Andre Damon Thompson, were hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds.

Officer Ryan Donald admitted that the men did not have weapons, but claims they attacked him with a skateboard.

Olympia Mayor Stephen Buxbaum said that race did not appear to be a factor in the shooting.

“It deeply saddens me that we have two young people in the hospital as a result of an altercation with an officer of the law,” Buxbaum said. “Let’s come together to support their needs, the officer’s needs, the needs of the families and our community’s needs. Let’s not be reactive.”

After news of the shooting was made public, several protests took place around Olympia.

Officials claim police were called to the supermarket in response to a shoplifting call.

FromThe Seattle Times:

Donald was one of several officers who responded to a shoplifting call at the Westside Safeway store shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday. Employees reported two men with skateboards had tried to steal beer and, when confronted, threw the beer at the employees and fled, according to police.


Donald stopped two suspects a short distance from the supermarket and “a few minutes later, the officer notified dispatch that he had been involved in a shooting,” the department said in a news release.

Officer Donald has been placed on administrative leave.



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In Response to Police Brutality, NAACP Leader Tells Blacks to Arm Themselves

In Response to Police Brutality, NAACP Leader Tells Blacks to Arm Themselves

In response to a number of high profile instances of police brutality committed against blacks, one local NAACP leader is calling on blacks to arm themselves.

The president of an NAACP branch out of Memphis, Tennessee said blacks should be prepared to defend themselves, according to MyFoxMemphis.

“They have a right to defend themselves,” said Crittenden Co. NAACP President Shabaka Afrika, “We’re not suggesting people go out and start shooting folks and taking the law in their own hands, but it is clear that law enforcement or prosecutors or the judicial system cannot or will not defend us.”

Afrika says he is partnering with the Crittenden County Justice Commission to teach NAACP members about firearms as well as their rights under the law.

“We’re going to study law, what our rights are, we’re also going to be looking at our constitutional rights in carrying our weapons and in self-defense,” said Hubert Bass of the Crittenden County Justice Commission.

The group says both religious leaders and the justice system have failed the black community.

Although Afrika made these comments late last week, they now seem prescient considering that a black suspect died on Sunday after his back was broken by Baltimore police.

Freddie Gray passed away after undergoing surgery stemming from injuries he sustained while being arrested by police.

“What we know is that while in police custody for committing no crime — for which they had no justification for making the arrest except he was a black man running — his spine was virtually severed, 80 percent severed, in the neck area,” said Billy Murphy, an attorney for the Gray family.

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