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Suicide Watch

Francis Holland is an abundantly talented political blogger with a proclivity for  suicide. Now, one may ask why doesn’t someone send him help, therapy, a watchman! Well, it’s apparent from Holland’s blog that he’s been there, done that. But in between his suicidal narratives, of which there are many, Holland effortlessly delves into the racist and oppressive structure of the Obama administration in particular and America in general. For what it’s worth, even his suicidal self reflections are riveting… if you into that sort of raw morbidity. I am.

From Holland’s latest blog entitled “I Feel Anguish”:

“I’m not going to pretend that my life is worthless; I have a wife and three step-children who depend on me to some degree, who receive my love and who love me, too. I have colleagues who have learned to rely upon me for certain kinds of expertise and determination.

All of that notwithstanding,”

Like I said, riveting.

Having lived in more than a few countries, Holland also benefits from a global perspective.  I pray that depression doesn’t overtake Francis. His perspective is one that is absent amongst most African American thought leaders.




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