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Teen Once Told She Was Too Heavy for Tennis Pulls Off Stunning Upset at French Open

Teen Once Told She Was Too Heavy for Tennis Pulls Off Stunning Upset at French Open


If you want something, go get it.

That seems to be the lesson for anyone watching 18 year old Taylor Townsend upset 20th seed Alize Cornet during the third round of the French Open today.

Even if you haven’t heard of Townsend, it’s not because she hasn’t been making her mark on the tennis world. Although this is her first grand slam, she won the 2012 Australian Open junior tournament.

Townsend is the youngest player to advance to the third round in five years, and as USA Today noted, it’s not just the fact that she won her match, but how she won:

An 18-year-old playing in her first Grand Slam and upsetting the No. 20 seed is special enough, but Townsend earned the win  after losing a big lead in each of the final two sets to a Frenchwoman playing in front of a raucous hometown crowd. Townsend was up a set and two breaks in the second and couldn’t close against Cornet. She got off to another fast start in the decisive set and had four match points at 5-1, before lost 12 of the next 13 points. No matter. Townsend calmly served it out to win, 6-4, 4-6, 6-4.

Even though she’s always been a performer on the court, Townsend was once benched by the United States Tennis Association because of her weight.

Discussing the situation, Patrick McEnroe, the general manager of the United States Tennis Association development program explained that “[the organization’s] concern is her long-term health, number one, and her long-term development as a player.

Given Townsend’s bright smile and honesty, America won’t have any problem falling in love with its newest tennis star.

“I got really nervous and I was just trying to focus on doing the right things, but this is such a new moment for me. I was trying and it just wasn’t happening.” said Townsend after the match.


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School Officials Won’t Allow Student With Best GPA to be Valedictorian

School Officials Won’t Allow Student With Best GPA to be Valedictorian


An Illinois student has the highest GPA in his class but school officials say he won’t be awarded the top spot of valedictorian because of a rule no one’s ever heard of.

Ladarius Sapho has the best grades at Proviso East High School and wants recognition for his hard work, but says school officials are standing in his way.

“I have to be the best. Myself and me. I have to be the best I can be,” Sapho told Fox 32 News.

His determination to be the best earned the 18 year old a 4.135 GPA, an above perfect average which reflects the number of honors courses Sapho matriculated through during his time in high school.

“I was gonna be number one, valedictorian of 2014. I was going to be giving the speech at graduation,” said Sapho.

That all changed when Sapho and the salutatorian were brought into the principal’s office and told that they couldn’t take top honors because they were transfer students. Principal Tony Valente told them that since they began at the school as sophomores, they were both disqualified.

“You’re gonna tell me just two weeks before graduation? I had a speech ready, I was ready to give this speech, practicing and he tells me I can’t be number one,” said Sapho.

Antoinette Gray, a community advocate, says the policy to which Principal Valente is referring doesn’t even exist.

“There is no policy,” said Gray. “They have been asked not once, but two or three times to produce that written policy. And the reason that was given by Tony Valente, the school principal, was that it was his discretion to make that decision.”

The graduation is scheduled for Saturday but Sapho hopes that by then, the school will have reversed its decision.

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Black Church Being Demolished to Make Way for Soccer Field

Black Church Being Demolished to Make Way for Soccer Field

Orlando church.jpg

For over a year, leaders at a black owned church have negotiated with the city of Orlando over the sale of their church, but now those talks have broken down and the city is suing in order to force the church to sell.

The city needs the land where Faith Deliverance Temple sits so that it can build a $115 million dollar soccer stadium

Orlando Sentinel‘s Mark Schlueb reports that the church’s owners had initially been offered $1 million dollars, double the appraised value of the church, but refused. The city eventually increased its offer to $4 million dollars, but the family that owns the church turned it down. The owners reduced their bid from $35 million dollars to $15 million.

City Attorney Mayanne Downs says the city is willing to pay the church much more than the appraised value, but  the church owner’s asking prices is just too high.

“We’ve got a duty to safeguard the assets of the city,” Downs told the Orlando Sentinel. “While we were certainly willing to pay the Williams family a substantial amount of money — much more than the property is worth by any estimate — there comes a point where we have to go to court.”

Now a judge will decide if the church property can be taken by the city using eminent domain. If the judge finds that building a soccer stadium is a legitimate public use, then the church owners will lose. If that happens, then the next step is to determine the fair market value of the property, which is much less than the $4 million offered by the city.



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Start-Up Seeks to Replace FICO Score With Earning Potential

Start-Up Seeks to Replace FICO Score With Earning Potential

Anyone who has ever been plagued by bad credit knows the desperation associated with being judged by one’s pastcreditscore hardships and mistakes. One Harvard Business School graduate seeks to change all that by giving borrowers loans based on their future earning potential as opposed their FICO score.

Louis Beryl tried to get a loan to pay for business school tuition, but even though he had previously worked on Wall Street and had good credit, he couldn’t get a loan. The rejection gave him the idea of founding a start-up called Earnest, which hopes to give people loans based on their earning potential as opposed to their credit score. Beryl’s company has raised $15 million dollars so far.

“The credit system looks at so few things,” said Beryl, 33, told the Wall Street Journal. “For people that are just starting off, and haven’t built up that history, it’s very hard to get started. They’re either being overcharged or they’re being denied.”

During the application process Earnest asks potential borrowers about their education, salary, job, and other questions which help determine a person’s earning potential. The company also derives data from online profiles like LinkedIn, then runs the information through an algorithm which determines how likely a borrower is to repay the loan.

Two other companies, LendingClub and Prosper, also use new technology to help offer loans to people who don’t qualify for traditional loans.

Earnest has given out thousands of dollars in loans to residents in Massachusetts and Florida and will soon open up to residents of New York, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Utah.


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Why Are People More Concerned About Sagging Pants Than Global Warming?

Why Are People More Concerned About Sagging Pants Than Global Warming?


by Forrest Palmer

If I go up to the typical white man in Amerikkka and said the following things, these would be the responses:

“We need to do be worrying about this Arctic ice issue” – Response: Silence

“We need to be worried about the end of our industrial economy once peak oil cause a collapse of proportions never before seen by humans” – Response: Shrug of the shoulders

“We should be concerned about the amount of particulates in the atmosphere from the pollution that is causing respiratory illnesses amongst people globally, and especially the youth” – Response: Indifference


No matter the politically correct language that is used today, the sentiment still remains the same…I have heard a million conversations from mfers saying that black folks are the problem, EVEN FROM MANY BLACK FOLKS…BUT, I have never heard ANY of the above conversation outside of me being the problem in any everyday interactions between folks here in Amerikkka…Plenty of ‘the n¡gger problem’ talk, but little of anything else…something like this doesn’t even register a blip on most people’s radars…sagging pants, yes…the death knell of one of the most important environmental structures on Earth..not so much…

As a species, we truly deserve our coming reckoning…


An article at Mother Jones describes how climate change is melting sheets of ice and impacting sea levels. This could have disastrous repercussions:

That’s why scientists have long feared a day like this would come. Two new scientific papers, in the journals Science and Geophysical Research Letters, report that major glaciers that are part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appear to have become irrevocably destabilized. The whole process may still play out on the scale of centuries, but due to the particular dynamics of this ice sheet, the collapse of these major glaciers now “appears unstoppable,” according to NASA (whose researchers are behind one of the two studies).

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