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Michelle Obama is Your Class Enemy and Individual Striving Won’t Fix the Black Community

Michelle Obama is Your Class Enemy and Individual Striving Won’t Fix the Black Community

In this short video, Irami Osei-Frimpong breaks down exactly why we don’t have independent black media in this country and what’s wrong with the black media pundits we do have. He also provides a class analysis which explains why Michelle Obama is not your class ally. Here are the top three points from the six minute video, which appears at the bottom in its entirety:

1.) Our class enemy is not the broke racist white guy voting for Trump. It’s the banking lobby which pushes cities to close health clinics rather than renegotiate bonds.


2.) Michelle Obama is your class enemy. She talks about dreaming big, but then keeps her mouth shut when her hometown guts public education, harasses teachers and even closes the neighborhood school that her kids would go to if the Obamas deigned to go to non-selective enrollment public schools.

3.) We are broke and we are being poisoned and no amount of individual striving can substitute for having a government that works for us to guarantee public goods.

4.) Both Democratic and Republican establishment lobbyists pay black media to tell other black people not to organize to make claims on the government regarding public goods.

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17/10/16 Black News , ybw #

A Black Person Doesn’t Even Show Up on Billboard’s List of Top Moneymakers Until No. 27……at a Paltry $8.8 Million

A Black Person Doesn’t Even Show Up on Billboard’s List of Top Moneymakers Until No. 27……at a Paltry $8.8 Million

Seeing black celebrity through the lens of Beyonce leads African-Americans to believe that black celebrities have money just like white celebrities. The numbers, however, tell a different story. Beyonce and Yeezy are top earners, for sure, but they are not an accurate representation of black entertainers.

In Billboard’s list of top moneymakers for 2015, Taylor Swift tops the list at $73.5 million, followed by Kenny Chesny at $39.8 million, the Rolling Stones at $39.6 million and Billy Joel at $31.7 million.

Both the Rolling Stones and Bill Joel are older acts who produce infrequent albums, yet they’re still raking in the dough. Meanwhile, J Cole, the hottest act in hip-hop right now, doesn’t appear on the list until number 27 with $8.8 million. Even with crossover appeal, the Weeknd followed J. Cole at $8.6 million in total revenue for 2015.


To put this in context, Britney Spears, a throwback to the 90’s, beat out both J. Cole and The Weeknd with $10.6 million in revenue.  Tweet this!


This is instructive in understanding the limits of black celebrity and the money earned from it. Some people frequently tout the supposed trillion dollars in buying power in the ‘black community’, but if blacks truly had that level of consumption power, black celebrities would be higher earners. Furthermore, the key to the success of any community is not consumption, but production. Tweet this!


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17/10/16 Black News , ybw

Stop Saying “African-Americans Should be More Like Asians”. It’s Ignorant.

Stop Saying “African-Americans Should be More Like Asians”. It’s Ignorant.

“Replicate what whites do and all these Asians, Arabs and Hispanics do.” –Dr. Claud Anderson

by Yvette Carnell

That African-Americans would be better off if only we were more like “Asians” is stubbornly ignorant, homespun wisdom that gets continuously recycled in the African-American community. The idea that African-Americans, an underclass descended from chattel slaves, can model the wealth creation of other immigrant groups is ignorant as a standalone premise. Even more ignorant, however, is the view of Asians as a homogeneous group whose culture holds answers to African-American poverty.

Most people who we classify as Asian don’t view themselves as Asian. According to a Pew study, 62% of Asians refer to themselves by country of origin, such as “Chinese” or “Chinese American,” “Vietnamese” or “Vietnamese American,” and so on.

Grouping them all as ‘Asian’ has posed a problem since these communities have vastly different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as experiences. From VOA News:

The observers say Americans typically “lump” Chinese Americans who have a “successful” public image in the same group as other ethnic Asian citizens whose livelihood struggles are little understood. They say such “lumping” has made U.S. society ignorant to hardships suffered by all of its Asian minorities. It also has prompted some ethnic Asian communities to join forces to help their members overcome such struggles.


Gallagher says that in reality, many Chinese and other Asian Americans are struggling financially, live in poor neighborhoods and lack sufficient health care.


“Those Asian Americans do not have the means to achieve the American dream. They are in jobs that they cannot advance from, and their children are going to face the same situation,” he says.


“People in Asia don’t identify with pan-Asian sensibilities,” Wu says. “The notion of a ‘united Asia’ is associated with imperialism or idealism. People identify much more specifically as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino or Indian and so on. They don’t say, ‘I’m an Asian’.”

When African-Americans compare themselves to ‘Asians’, they are usually comparing themselves to the most successful Chinese-Americans, a group with whom African-Americans have almost nothing in common.

From CNN:

Take Chinese immigrants to the United States, for example: In 2010, 51% were college graduates, compared with only 4% of adults in China and only 28% of adults in the United States. The educational backgrounds of immigrant groups such as the Chinese in America — and other highly educated immigrant groups such as Korean and Indian — is where the concept of “Asian privilege” comes in.

It is ignorant to compare African-Americans, a community descended from chattel slaves, to an immigrant group with a homeland, with people who are producers of goods, and who, at 51%, have a higher college graduation rate than Americans in general, not just African-Americans.

What African-Americans seem to miss is the glaring truth that while other communities were amassing wealth, here and elsewhere, we were in chains. That matters. As a matter of fact, it’s all that matters in terms of understanding generational wealth and poverty. 

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12/10/16 Black News , ybw

Wikileaks Reveals How Black Voters Got Played by Democrats

Wikileaks Reveals How Black Voters Got Played by Democrats

Establishment Democrats are attempting to distract voters away from the Wikileaks revelations by ratcheting up rhetoric about an unfounded Russian threat.  Given that the press is on the side of the Clinton campaign, it may very well be working. Still, the revelations on how Clinton’s operatives used race to manipulate black voters should not be ignored.

Here’s a Democratic operative suggesting that Democrats use tokenism, i.e. identity politics, to win over black people:



It was also revealed that Clinton’s camp, specifically Labor Secretary Tom Perez, intentionally cast Sanders as the candidate of white people to turn minorities against him:

“Nevada is an opportunity to fight back on so many levels,” Perez argued. “First, the current storyline is that she does not connect well with young voters. Given that Nevada is far more demographically representative of America, I am confident that HRC can do well with all African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans (don’t forget the sizeable [sic] population of Asian Americans in Nevada, including Filipinos.).”

Perez continued, “Emmy and the team have a good plan to attract all minority voters. When we do well there, then the narrative changes from Bernie kicks ass among young voters to Bernie does well only among young white liberals—that is a different story and a perfect lead in to South Carolina, where once again, we can work to attract young voters of color. So I think Nevada is a real opportunity, and I would strongly urge HRC to get out there within a couple days of [New Hampshire].”

This orchestrated plot included lawmakers like Rep. John Lewis, who said he’d “never seen” Bernie Sanders during the Civil Rights Movement, and Rep. Charlie Rangel, who said he “doesn’t know any black person who knows Bernie Sanders.”

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12/10/16 Black News , ybw

Third World Conditions: Piles of Trash and Homeless Encampments in South Los Angeles

Third World Conditions: Piles of Trash and Homeless Encampments in South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles residents like Ashley Allen are fed up with the trash that litters every block of their community. Allen recorded a video where she pointed to the piles of garbage in her neighborhood.

“This is what my son has to look at every morning,” Allen said. “The amount of trash that’s been there, the illegal activity that’s been there. It’s just been kind of hard on all of us around here.”

Allen also told CBS Los Angeles of a homeless encampment where people are actually stealing electricity.

“They were definitely drawing power. So when you would come through the alley at night, you would see lights. You know they weren’t flashlights. You would see a cord that was running through several different poles that they had inside of there,” Allen explained.

Allen says whenever the homeless encampment is shut down, it just pops up somewhere else.

These collapse-like conditions should come as no surprise to those who’ve been paying attention to the unraveling of black communities in America. As BreakingBrown previously reported, several black communities over the country are experiencing similar conditions.

From Total Collapse: 31 of 56 Black Neighborhoods in Wisconsin Are Jails:

“Thirty-one of the 56 black neighborhoods in Wisconsin are, in fact, jails,” he says. “And I found out that the places that weren’t jails, weren’t great places to be – homeless shelters, section 8 housing, food deserts, etc.”

Meanwhile in Chicago, nearly half of all black men are out of work.  These are the signs of communities in total collapse, as mainstream media pushes the fiction that black communities are faring well.

Watch the video below:


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