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Officer Wilson Reportedly Claims Michael Brown Fractured His Eye Socket

Officer Wilson Reportedly Claims Michael Brown Fractured His Eye Socket


As we prepare for the grand jury to hear evidence relating to the fatal Michael Brown shooting, the case that Ferguson police are building to support Officer Darren Wilson is becoming clear. The rumor currently being circulated is that Officer Wilson suffered severe injuries at the hands of Michael Brown.

According to right wing blog The Gateway Pundit:

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

First, no charges have been filed against Dorian Johnson, as confirmed by Ferguson police, and the convenience store owner never called police on Johnson or Brown. A customer at the store called 911. Still,  this blog gives us a clue as to the picture being painted by Wilson and the Ferguson police.

Although this hearsay indicates that Wilson was injured, video provided by a witness to the incident shows Wilson at the scene, pacing back and forth. At no time does he reach for his eye or show any evidence of being seriously injured.

Watch Piaget’s Crenshaw’s interview with CNN and pay close attention to the video she recorded:

Keep in mind that George Zimmerman was never severely injured after his scuffle with Trayvon Martin, but he was still able to convince jurors that he feared for his life due to his minor nose injury. Although it is unconfirmed, if Officer Wilson did suffer an eye socket fracture at the hands of Brown, this means that police are betting that the fracture will be enough to prove that Wilson had good reason to use lethal force.

Still, even if there was a fight, if Brown had his hands in the air, what reason did Wilson have to open fire?


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Ferguson Market Never Called 911 on Michael Brown, Says Attorney

Ferguson Market Never Called 911 on Michael Brown, Says Attorney

Ferguson Market

It was previously reported that Michael Brown, the unarmed teen gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson, had stolen cigars from the Ferguson Market store prior to being fatally shot. The market’s attorney, however, is now reporting that a customer called 911, not the store.

According to local affiliate Fox2Now, the store’s owners say they never called 911 on Michael Brown:

The owner of the store dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911, saying a customer inside the store made the call.  They also say St. Louis County issues the warrants for the hard drive of surveillance video Friday.

The attorney for the owners of the store says the owners do not wish to be wrapped up in the middle of this. They are simply complying with police orders and again the attorney wanted to emphasize the 911 call did not come from the owners or an employee.

“They didn’t call the police. They didn’t ask police to come and take the video,” Ferguson Market’s attorney, Jake Kanzler, said.

As was previously reported, Michael Brown’s parents were not allowed to view the alleged robbery video prior to its release.

“They were appalled by it,” Grey told an ABC reporter over the weekend. “They saw it for the first time – a glimpse of it — on nationwide TV. They had requested an opportunity, through the attorneys, to see any video footage before it was released. That request was not honored.”



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Kansas City Officer Under Review for Posting Fake Michael Brown Photos

Kansas City Officer Under Review for Posting Fake Michael Brown Photos


After Trayvon Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman, a number of media outlets posted pictures of “Trayvon” throwing up what was alleged to have been a gang sign. The only problem was that the the man in the picture wasn’t Trayvon Martin. In jumping the gun, media outlets helped tarnish Martin’s reputation. Although the media has not made that same mistake in the Michael Brown case, that hasn’t stopped ordinary citizens from passing around fake pictures of  Brown, the unarmed teen who was slain by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson.

Kansas City Officer Marc Catron made negative comments about Brown and passed around images of a man he claimed was Brown. As it turns out, the man pictured with money in his mouth and a gun is actually an accused criminal from Oregon.

The Kansas City Police Department’s spokesperson told local affiliate KCTV that they are addressing this like a personnel issue and provided the station a copy of the department’s social media policy.

“Because members of this department are held to a higher standard than general members of the public, the online activities of members of this department shall reflect such professional expectations and standards,” the department policy states.

In the photo posted by Catron, a man accused of fatally wounding his grandmother, Joda Cain, is seen with cash, liquor, and a firearm.

Catron posted the picture to Facebook with the caption, “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community.”

Catron continued: “Remember how white people rioted after OJ’s acquittal? Me neither.”






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Fox News Reporter Gets Cursed Out on Live TV for Calling Protesters Undignified

Fox News Reporter Gets Cursed Out on Live TV for Calling Protesters Undignified

A Fox News reporter got an earful while reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri on Monday night. After calling theFox News Ferguson late night protests “child’s play,” Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan was confronted by a protester who told him that the protests were not a game.

“This is right now a media event, pure and simple. This is people running towards tear gas, running away from it. The dignified protestors went home at dusk. This is just child’s play right now,” Harrigan told Fox News anchor Shepard Smith.

A protester within earshot of Harrigan took issue with that characterization of the protest.

“Say that sh*t. I don’t give a d*mn you’re on TV, say that sh*t,” the unidentified protester challenged Harrigan. “We see this sh*t every day. This is just child’s play? Who is the child playing with toys? That’s them.”

“I don’t want to argue with you,” Harrigan told the man.

But is it true that Harrigan didn’t want to argue with protesters, given the fact that he demeaned them while reporting for Fox News? Whatever happened to fair and balanced? Where you only report the facts as they exist on the ground without editorializing?

Harrigan then interviewed another protester on what he plans to do.

The man said, “What I’m going to do is stand here with my people every night and all night. No pillow, no covers with my twin or my brothers.”

According to local affiliate KSDK, the curfew for Ferguson has been lifted since it has done nothing to end the nighttime protests.

“Last night, Ferguson, Missouri experienced a very difficult and dangerous night as a result of a violent criminal element intent upon terrorizing the community. As long as there are vandals and looters and threats to the people and property of Ferguson, we must take action to protect our citizens,” said Gov. Jay Nixon.

Watch the video below:

h/t: Mediaite

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Loneliness Destroys the Brain and the Body, and Blacks Are Lonlier Than Whites

Loneliness Destroys the Brain and the Body, and Blacks Are Lonlier Than Whites

When we discuss the impact of racism in this country, we should consider the plethora of ways that systemic racism tears away at black life. It is psychologically defeating and it can cause increased rates of stress that lead to lonelyhigh blood pressure and other ailments.

An article in The New Republic from 2013 also points to ways in which marginalization can cause loneliness, which acts as a destructive force on the body.

According to TNR, loneliness is not just an emotional hiccup. It is lethal. We live in an age where large numbers of people don’t have anyone that they feel close to and that wreaks havoc on the human body. The loneliest people in our society are those who feel rejected, a grouping which includes African-Americans:

Who are the lonely? They’re the outsiders: not just the elderly, but also the poor, the bullied, the different. Surveys confirm that people who feel discriminated against are more likely to feel lonely than those who don’t, even when they don’t fall into the categories above. Women are lonelier than men (though unmarried men are lonelier than unmarried women). African Americans are lonelier than whites (though single African American women are less lonely than Hispanic and white women). The less educated are lonelier than the better educated. The unemployed and the retired are lonelier than the employed.

And after a study on gay men, scientists discovered that this isolation eats away at the immune system:

The social experience that most reliably predicted whether an HIV-positive gay man would die quickly, Cole found, was whether or not he was in the closet. Closeted men infected with HIV died an average of two to three years earlier than out men. When Cole dosed AIDS-infected white blood cells with norepinephrine, a stress hormone, the virus replicated itself three to ten times faster than it did in non-dosed cells.

In that sense, we’re not wired to live behind a veil of false identity. Those groups that are shunned by the majority have an increased likelihood of illness and death.



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