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American Reportedly Dies in Battle While Fighting for Terrorists in Syria

American Reportedly Dies in Battle While Fighting for Terrorists in Syria
Douglas McAuthur McCain

Douglas McAuthur McCain

An American who’d flown to Turkey reportedly died while fighting for a terror organization in Syria, says the State Department.

Douglas McAuthur McCain, of San Diego, California died while fighting for the terror group ISIS. His family says that McCain was born a Christian but had converted to Islam.

McCain, 33, went from an aspiring rapper who was once an “all smiling” high school student to an ISIS fighter in Syria.

According to NBC, Douglas began calling himself Duale and spoke on Twitter of being a warrior:

On June 9, Duale wrote to an alleged ISIS fighter on Twitter: “I will be joining you guys soon.” He also asked if another self-proclaimed ISIS fighter had made it to “r town” – an apparent reference to Raqqa, the militants’ Syrian stronghold.

Then came another post: “I’m with the brothers now.” Later, he retweeted: “It takes a warrior to understand a warrior. Pray for ISIS.”


Administration officials told NBC News that they believe a number of Americans have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS.

“The threat we are most concerned about to the homeland is that of fighters like this returning to the U.S. and committing acts of terrorism,” said the official.

According to PBS, Westerners from both the U.S. and Europe are joining ISIS, and here’s why:

Some security experts call it the result of an increasing generational divide between Al Qaeda and ISIS, while others attribute the expanding lure to the group’s stunning battlefield success, a savvy online recruitment strategy and the promise of life inside an Islamic caliphate.

And just like al Qaeda, U.S. policies have benefited ISIS:

The reality of US policy is to support the government of Iraq, but not Syria, against ISIS. But one reason that group has been able to grow so strong in Iraq is that it can draw on its resources and fighters in Syria. Not everything that went wrong in Iraq was the fault of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, as has now become the political and media consensus in the West. Iraqi politicians have been telling me for the last two years that foreign backing for the Sunni revolt in Syria would inevitably destabilize their country as well. This has now happened.

By continuing these contradictory policies in two countries, the US has ensured that ISIS can reinforce its fighters in Iraq from Syria and vice versa. So far, Washington has been successful in escaping blame for the rise of ISIS by putting all the blame on the Iraqi government. In fact, it has created a situation in which ISIS can survive and may well flourish. 

McCain’s body was found carrying $800 in cash and an American passport.

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26/08/14 Black News , Black Politics , ybw #

Darren Wilson Supporter to Resident: “Learn to Speak English”

Darren Wilson Supporter to Resident: “Learn to Speak English”

Ferguson Wilson rally

Tensions are running high in Missouri, especially now that supporters of Officer Darren Wilson–who gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown–are becoming more vocal.

In a tense moment, CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed supporters of Darren Wilson who expressed frustration that the officer is being maligned by the media before he even gets an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

During Tapper’s interview with a Wilson supporter, a local resident expressed his displeasure at the rally. The man, who spoke with a slight accent, just didn’t want to see trouble erupt in his neighborhood. For that, he got a taste of good ‘ol American racism and xenophobia.

Here’s the exchange:

While CNN was talking to pro-Wilson demonstrators, a local resident, Victor Dewan, came by to tell the rally to go home, that he doesn’t want trouble in his neighborhood.


“We don’t want any controversy. There’s a lot of black people live around here and I want for the peace. Let them get out of here. We don’t want this street to be any violent,” said Dewan.


But as he voiced his displeasure, divisions here became apparent once more, with protesters telling Dewan that it is their First Amendment right to protest, and telling him they are U.S. citizens.


Dewan replied that he is a U.S. citizen, too. Then one protester told him to learn to speak English.

“I am speaking English,” Dewan said.


Watch the video below:

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Two Ferguson Police Officers Were Accused of Hitting and/ or Hog Tying Children

Two Ferguson Police Officers Were Accused of Hitting and/ or Hog Tying Children


After unarmed teen Michael Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson, residents took to the streets to protest the teen’s death. Soon after the protests began, however, the behavior of police in Ferguson became a central issue. It wasn’t just because of Brown’s tragic death, but also due to the military force immediately deployed by police.

Before there were any reports of Molotov cocktails or glass bottles flying, police were in the streets with dogs and military style weapons. Now we’re also learning that the city’s response to protesters isn’t the only failing of police in Ferguson, since at least two of its officers have previously been accused of hitting and hog tying children while another was suspended after a racist rant came to light and yet anther threatened to kill protesters.

As was reported this past weekend, the officer who pushed CNN’s Don Lemon during a live segment was suspended after being caught on video ranting about “four s?domites on the Supreme Court,” and engaging in racist conspiracy theories about the “undocumented president” from Kenya.

Another officer was relieved of duty after telling protesters that he would “f*cking k¡ll them.” Now both the Huffington Post and NYMag are reporting that at least two officers are accused of hog tying and/or hitting children.

Officer Eddie Boyd III is accused of hitting children between 2004 and 2006, HuffPost reports:

In April 2006, Boyd got into an argument with 12-year-old Jerica Thornton while following the girl and her brother home from school, according to a judge’s summary of the investigation.


After a verbal altercation turned physical, Boyd tackled the brother to the ground. When Jerica came to his aid, Boyd struck her in the head with his gun.


Boyd later claimed that he had pistol-whipped the girl “accidentally.”

Internal affairs determined that Boyd should have been fired, but he was only demoted. In 2007, Boyd responded to a fight at a high school and chased Christopher Dixon, who wasn’t even involved in the fight but said he ran because he feared being arrested. Boyd said he mistakenly hit Dixon in the face with handcuffs. Boyd resigned shortly after that incident.

Justin Cosma, the same officer who made news when he arrested two national reporters, is accused of abusing a boy while the child was checking a mailbox.

From NYMag:

According to the lawsuit, a shirtless boy was standing at the end of his driveway checking his mailbox when the two officers approached and asked if he’d been playing on a highway nearby.


The suit says that after he said no, the officers “became confrontational,” grabbed the boy, choked him, and threw him to the ground. He suffered “bruising, choke marks, and cuts across his body,” as the officers “hog tied” and arrested him. The cops accused the 12-year-old of “assault of a law enforcement officer third degree,” and “resisting/interfering with arrest, detention, or stop,” but prosecutors refused to bring charges.



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“Anyone Who Identifies Too Closely With Blacks Gets Laughed At..”

“Anyone Who Identifies Too Closely With Blacks Gets Laughed At..”

YouTube white supremacy

In a recent YouTube video, a white man has an interesting response to a Facebook friend’s question about why more white people don’t speak out against racism.

According to Elijah Hamilton, it all has to do with reward and punishment. Those who identify too closely with blacks are laughed at, says Hamilton. The truth, he says, is that most checks are written by white people and both blacks and whites are expected to adhere to white supremacist standards if they expect to be rewarded.

He also observes that although whites are quick to condemn racism that happened in the past, they are far less likely to take a strong stance against racism in the present.

“While my tone is inflammatory, my intentions are to foster connection and understanding between people of all colors, and I encourage anyone who is inspired by this video to join me and others in the antiracism movement. I got more videos on the way,” says Hamilton.

Watch the video below:

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25/08/14 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Ferguson Police Defend Decision to Leave Michael Brown’s Body in the Street for 4 Hours

Ferguson Police Defend Decision to Leave Michael Brown’s Body in the Street for 4 Hours

by Yvette Carnell

Most people cannot imagine having a family member gunned down, then watching him or her lay dead in middle of the street for hours, but that’s exactly what Michael Brown’s family endured. It was horrific not only for the family, but crying could also be overheard in the YouTube videos posted by the community immediately after Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson.

Esquire‘s Charles Pierce channeled why it means so much that a black teen’s lifeless body was left to swelter in the heat for four hours:

Bodies are not left in the streets of the leafy suburbs. The bodies of dogs and cats, or squirrels and raccoons, let alone the bodies of children, are not left in the streets of the leafy suburbs. No bodies are left in the streets of the financial districts. Freeze to death on a bench in the financial districts and you are whisked away before your inconvenient body can disturb the folks in line at the Starbucks across the street. But the body of a boy can be left in the street for four hours in a place like Ferguson, Missouri, and who knows whether it was because people wanted to make a point, or because nobody gave a damn whether he was there or not. Ferguson, Missouri was a place where they left a body in the street. For four hours. And the rage rose, and the backlash built, and the cameras arrived, and so did the cops, and the thing became something beyond what it was in the first place. And, in a very real way, in the streets of Ferguson, the body was still in the street.

Michael Brown street

But wait, police in Ferguson say there was a good reason why Michael Brown’s body laid in the street for so long. Unusual circumstances, they say.

From the New York Times:

The St. Louis County Police Department, which almost immediately took over the investigation, had officers on the scene quickly, but its homicide detectives were not called until about 40 minutes after the shooting, according to county police logs, and they arrived around 1:30 p.m. It was another hour before an investigator from the medical examiner’s office arrived.

And officials were contending with what they described as “sheer chaos” on Canfield Drive, where bystanders, including at least one of Mr. Brown’s relatives, frequently stepped inside the yellow tape, hindering investigators. Gunshots were heard at the scene, further disrupting the officers’ work.

“Usually they go straight to their jobs,” Officer Brian Schellman, a county police spokesman, said of the detectives who process crime scenes for evidence. “They couldn’t do that right away because there weren’t enough police there to quiet the situation.”

In the Times piece, St. Louis County police “defended their work, saying that the time that elapsed in getting detectives to the scene was not out of the ordinary, and that conditions made it unusually difficult to do all that they needed.”

So now it seems that, just as Michael Brown is being put on trial for his own murder, Ferguson police are accusing bystanders for being the reason why Brown’s body was not removed from the scene earlier. In the estimation of Ferguson police, everything is everyone else’s fault. At what point do these folks take responsibility? Or does white privilege provide an opt out for that as well?

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