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Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

by Yvette Carnell

In forgiveness Olympics news today, Al Sharpton has accepted the apology of a former adviser to Donald Trump who called his daughter a n*****.

Adviser Sam Nunberg was let go from Trump’s team after posting racially inflammatory comments on Facebook.

Sharpton initially blasted Nunberg for describing President Barack Obama as “Kenyan” and “Muslim,” and a 2007 post where Nunberg called Sharpton’s daughter “N—!”

“You would have to wonder why this guy would be comfortable enough to post this on his Facebook and then have that job and not be concerned … that someone that does not have views that are racial would even be open to him being around them,” Sharpton initially told Business Insider. “This appears to me to be very much his persona. This is not a secret.”

Nunberg, however, sent Mr. Sharpton a letter on Monday apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Sharpton quickly forgave Nunberg and explained his reasoning.

“Trump did the right thing” by firing Mr. Nunberg, explained Sharpton, “and the guy did the right thing to admit he was wrong and apologize.”

Sharpton added that he once “forgave a guy who stabbed me once in Bensonhurst.”

“Unlike others who have had accusations, he at least did not deny the gravity of what he did,” Mr. Sharpton said of Nunberg.

Actually, Nunberg had no choice but to own up to it since the posts were unearthed on Facebook. He had little choice but to apologize after he’d been found out.

Still, this is what African-Americans are far too often willing to accept. Remember how gleeful so many blacks were that Clinton apologized for slavery?

Black people loved Clinton because he “publicly called Africa the cradle of civilization” and “apologized” for slavery, said Tom Joyner, when writing about how important Clinton was to blacks.

Even though that apology wasn’t accompanied with a check for all the wealth and labor stolen from blacks throughout generations?

Most conservative (even, especially evangelicals) still haven’t forgiven Sharpton for that Tawana Brawley debacle, but Sharpton acts as a forgiveness machine, doling it out to anyone who needs their conscious soothed so that they can re-enter the fray of American politics with disclaimer, “Hey, Rev. Al forgave me!”  This is part of Al’s role in the public sphere. He knows it. And his racial performative preacher politics have bestowed upon him a life that wouldn’t have been possible without it.

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22/07/15 Black Media , Black News , ybw #

Why Are Both CNN and NBC Lying on Sandra Bland?

Why Are Both CNN and NBC Lying on Sandra Bland?

by Yvette Carnell

“I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?”

Those were Sandra Bland’s EXACT words. That’s a QUESTION. Here’s what CNN reported:

“I am in my car. I don’t have to put out my cigarette,” Bland says.

And here’s the screenshot of what CNN is reporting:

cnn misquoteSee what they did there.

Watch the videos again (below) if you don’t believe that Sandra Bland asked a question rather than disobeyed a command.

And CNN is not alone in its misrepresentation of Bland. Here’s a quote from NBC News:

Bland acknowledges that she’s annoyed because he was tailing her, then pulled her over. Encinia then asked Bland to put out her cigarette. When she refuses, he tells her to step out of the car. “I don’t want to step out of my car,” Bland says, adding, “I refuse to talk to you other than to identify myself.”

Actually, no. Again, Bland doesn’t refuse to put out the cigarette. She merely questions why she is being asked to put out the cigarette, which is a valid question.

So why are both NBC and CNN, ‘the most trusted name in news’, misquoting Bland? At this point, I have no other choice but to believe that the misquote and mischaracterization of Bland is intentional, given that the video and accompanying transcripts have been out for hours. This feels like collusion between law enforcement and media to paint Bland, who never raised her voice until she was assaulted, as an angry black woman who got what she deserved.

And here’s the full video:

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07/07/15 Black Culture , Black Media , Black News , ybw #

Oprah Winfrey: Black Respectability, Neo-liberal Huckster for White Capitalism or Not?

Oprah Winfrey: Black Respectability, Neo-liberal Huckster for White Capitalism or Not?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most respected women in America, but have we ever taken a critical look at Ms. Winfrey’s legacy? In this video, BreakingBrown founder Yvette Carnell and Benjamin Dixon of The Benjamin Dixon Show discuss the potential harm of Oprah’s self help pronouncements. When people require political change, is it helpful to advise them to turn inward, or outward to “The Secret” and a board full of material goods to change their lives? Has Oprah been used as a willing tool of neo-liberal capitalists? Is she a neo-liberal capitalist? Ben & Yvette debate Oprah’s legacy:

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18/06/15 Black Media , Black News , ybw #

Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

The terrorist who opened fire during Bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina has been arrested unharmed. It is already being called a hate crime by most, with the exception of one black pastor who was interviewed on Fox News.

Bishop E.W. Jackson blamed the shooting on “the rising hostility against Christians because of our Biblical views.”

“Nine people dead… it’s sad but it’s the world that we live in,” added Jackson.

A Fox anchor then commented that it was “extraordinary” that this slaying was already being called a hate crime.

This theory being peddled by Fox News makes little sense when you consider the words of the shooter.

Sylvia Johnson spoke to WIS-TV about the shooting: “At the conclusion of the Bible study, from what I understand, they just start hearing loud noises ringing out … and he had already wounded, the suspect already wounded a couple of individuals.”

Johnson says someone who was in the church revealed to her what the shooter offered as his reason behind the killings.

“You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go,” Johnson said the survivor told her.

The shooter was identified as 21 year old Dylan Storm Roof, reports an FBI spokesperson.





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21/05/15 Black Media , Black News , ybw Bought Out by Latino Media Bought Out by Latino Media reports that has been bought out by Univision, a network which boasts itself as “the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the US.”

Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) announced today that it sold The, an on-line magazine focused on news, opinions, culture and entertainment from the perspective of African Americans, to La Fabrica, a division of Univision Interactive Media, Inc. The Root launched in 2008.

“Donna Byrd, publisher, and Henry Louis Gates, co-founder, established The Root and made it the success it is today. We are extremely proud and grateful for all they have accomplished, and we are excited for the new growth opportunities today’s sale gives them,” said Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO of Graham Holdings.

The sale was confirmed at as well.


“This bold new partnership between Univision and The Root underscores the ties that have long bound people of color together throughout the Western Hemisphere and is a sign of even greater levels of communication, collaboration and exchange between these culturally vital groups of people,” said Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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