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Victims of Russell “Rush Card” Simmons Barred From Filing Lawsuits Over Missing Money?

Russell “Rush Card” Simmons was present at the Million Man March where several thousand black people gathered to discuss empowerment. Only days later, thousands of Rush Card users were reporting

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White People Use “Next Door” Website to Report “Suspicious” Black Neighbors Making U-Turns, Walking

An investigative report by East Bay Express found that white residents of an Oakland community were using a website to broadcast “suspicious activity” about their black neighbors. At issue is

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Rev. Al Sharpton’s Latest Defense of Obama: Clinton Was Worse

by Yvette Carnell The preacher who was handpicked to become President Obama’s ambassador to the African-American community is now grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to defend the

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Low Budget Snitch Al Sharpton Allegedly Took $20-150k from Donald Trump

by Yvette Carnell The man who the first black president chose to be his representative to the black community is also a favorite of the current republican frontrunner for president.

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Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

by Yvette Carnell Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King is being attacked by the right wing–The Daily Caller and Breitbart–over his racial identity. According to reports, both of King’s parents

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Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

by Yvette Carnell In forgiveness Olympics news today, Al Sharpton has accepted the apology of a former adviser to Donald Trump who called his daughter a n*****. Adviser Sam Nunberg

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Why Are Both CNN and NBC Lying on Sandra Bland?

by Yvette Carnell “I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?” Those were Sandra Bland’s EXACT words. That’s a QUESTION. Here’s what CNN reported: “I

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Oprah Winfrey: Black Respectability, Neo-liberal Huckster for White Capitalism or Not?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most respected women in America, but have we ever taken a critical look at Ms. Winfrey’s legacy? In this video, BreakingBrown founder Yvette Carnell

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Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

The terrorist who opened fire during Bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina has been arrested unharmed. It is already being called a hate crime by most,

Read More Bought Out by Latino Media reports that has been bought out by Univision, a network which boasts itself as “the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the US.” Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) announced today

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