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self help computer software maintenance for blacks in the great recession

Dear afrosphere colleagues and others with computer function problems:

Because Blacks tend to earn less for doing the same work, and because we’ve been hard hit by the latest Great Depression, we might not have the money or the desire to pay a technician to resolve our computer problems. We may have more time than money and so we want to fix our computers ourselves. If you feel this is you, then this is what I want you to do:

Your computer is working painfully slowly and you don’t know what to do. Then it seizes completely and barely moves from page to page. When this happens to you, you need to already have downloaded and updated the following tools, in the indicated locations. READ FULL POST



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23/03/11 Black Media #

Demand Aljazeera in the USA

Demand Aljazeera

With FoxNews on the far right, MSNBC hosting charlatans such as Lawrence O’Donnell and Martin Bashir  (Rachel Maddow being the only bright spot), and CNN morphing  into a TMZ –ish mess before our very eyes, Aljazeera could provide us with, you guessed it –real news. Go to Facebook, like the Aljazeera page, do your part. That simple.


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Via Black Youth Project: A (Long Winded) Defense of Jalen Rose

After the initial broadcast on ESPN last Sunday night, Grant Hill wrote a response to Rose–which appeared in The New York friggin’ Times, mind you (Duke alums stay elitist classy all day, everyday, I guess.), calling the moment a “sad and somewhat pathetic turn of events.” Hill later refers to Rose’s comments as “garbled.” The shout out to John Thompson’s awesomely black Georgetown Hoyas teams of the 1980s notwithstanding, Hill’s response reeks of that we often smell when Negroes go about defending the respectability that “made them who they are today.” In this case, specifically, that which partly helped make Hill an attractive Duke recruit in the first place. Further, Hill’s op-ed exacerbates the irritatingly misleading chorus of negative responses to Rose’s comments. I understand the impulse to “defend” his family, but Hill’s rhetorical strategy merely further obscures that which spawned the comments in the first place: rejection.


Jalen Rose gave his detractors an out, or rather an attractive distraction, by employing the term “Uncle Tom” to characterize Duke’s black players. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL POST.


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