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Racial Inequality and Hollywood in 2014, By the Numbers [Infographic]

Racial Inequality and Hollywood in 2014, By the Numbers [Infographic]

by Nick Zurko

Following a year that saw a surge in Black films obtaining both commercial and critical success, culminating in the recent Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave, 2014 has gotten off to a positive start for African-American filmmakers, with audiences turning out for such hits as Ride Along and About Last Night. However, this is hardly the first time that mainstream audiences have been exposed to a broad spectrum of Black voices on screen, only for Hollywood myths, such as Black films do not perform well in the global marketplace to retain their hold over Hollywood executives. Those executives in turn shy away from promoting diversity in the films they finance and market.

In order to place Black film’s “breakthrough” year in a greater historical and statistical context, the New York Film Academy compiled an infographic looking at the accomplishments and hurdles that Black cinema has encountered over the past century.Even in a year when the number of Black movies in the top 100 grossing films was equal to 2011 and 2012 combined, the top five grossing Black films’ combined box office gross was still less than the box office take for the number one grossing film, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Yet, when one takes into account the significantly smaller budgets and number of screens these films played on, they still banked a similar Return On Investment (ROI) at the global box office as their big-budget counterpart. In looking at the bigger picture, this infographic highlights how Black filmmakers and actors have made considerable inroads into a biased studio system while looking at the influential and emerging auteurs of Black film that are shaking up studio stereotypes.

New York Film Academy takes a look at black inequality in film


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Rev. Al Sharpton Says He Wasn’t an FBI Informant, Just Scared

Rev. Al Sharpton Says He Wasn’t an FBI Informant, Just Scared
Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

The Smoking Gun released a bombshell report on Monday evening alleging that Al Sharpton was an informant for the FBI. What makes this report different from all of the other allegations is that TSG, through a Freedom of Information request, obtained FBI documents confirming Sharpton’s role as an informant who secured information against the Genovese crime family.

According to TSG, Sharpton was an informant with the FBI for several years, beginning in the 1980’s, and was even given the code name “C-17”. The documents obtained by TSG claim that the Genovese family trusted Sharpton and Sharpton returned that trust by taping conversations with the mob family and turning them over to the FBI.

Sharpton wasted no time going to the New York Daily News to clarify his story. Although he admitted helping the FBI, he says he helped the agency because he was afraid, not because he’s a snitch.

“If you’re a victim of a threat, you’re not an informant — you’re a victim trying to protect yourself,” he explained.

“I encourage kids all the time to work with law enforcement,” he continued. “You’re acting like it’s a scandal for me to do that?”

He goes on to say that if he was an informant, he had no idea.

“I was never told I was an informant or I had a number or none of that,” Sharpton continued. “Whether or not they used some of the other information they got during that period for other purposes, I don’t know.”




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Revealed: Al Sharpton Worked as FBI Snitch to Take Down Mob, Documents Show

Revealed: Al Sharpton Worked as FBI Snitch to Take Down Mob, Documents Show

Al Sharpton office

Although Rev. Al Sharpton has gone from marching on the streets of Harlem in jumpsuits to becoming counsel to President Obama, his past continues to haunt him. Just last year, the Tawana Brawley scandal made headlines again, and now The Smoking Gun has revealed documents which clearly demonstrate that Sharpton once worked as an FBI informant.

The extensive report shows that Sharpton’s work for the FBI began back in the 1980’s when Sharpton allegedly worked as a snitch to help take down the mob. He is accused of working with the FBI/NYPD task force to obtain incriminating evidence against the Genovese crime family. Through a Freedom of Information Act request by TSG, it was revealed that Sharpton was referenced as C-17 and provided assistance to several agencies during his time as an informant.

Documents reveal that members of the Genovese family became comfortable and spoke openly around Sharpton, and Sharpton took the information he gathered back to the FBI. TSG details the extent of Sharpton’s involvement:

A total of eight separate U.S. District Court judges–presiding in four federal jurisdictions–signed interception orders that were based on sworn FBI affidavits including information gathered by Sharpton. The phones bugged as a result of these court orders included two lines in Gigante’s Manhattan townhouse, the home phone of Genovese captain Dominick “Baldy Dom” Canterino, and the office lines of music industry power Morris Levy, a longtime Genovese family associate. The resulting surreptitious recordings were eventually used to help convict an assortment of Mafia members and associates.

Officers interviewed for the report say that they were initially suspicious of the outspoken Sharpton, but admitted that his work as a snitch yielded valuable information. In his book, “The Rejected Stone”, Sharpton denied having worked for the FBI, but these  documents contradict that denial.

Many have previously alleged that Sharpton was caught up in an FBI sting and was “flipped” to work as an informant, another charge that Sharpton has vehemently denied.

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Ebony Magazine Throws Editor Under the Bus Over Tweet, Apologizes to Right Wing

Ebony Magazine Throws Editor Under the Bus Over Tweet, Apologizes to Right Wing


by Yvette Carnell

In another gotcha moment, which have come to represent both the uselessness of American politics and its media, EBONY Magazine kissed the ring of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, after one of its editors got into a Twitter spat with RNC staffer Raffi Williams.

Editor Jamilah Lemieux called Raffi Williams, son of Fox News’ hack Juan Williams, a white man. “Oh great, here comes White dude telling me how to do this Black thing.  Pass,” tweeted Limieux during a back and forth with Williams over the RNC’s black conservative initiative:





Williams is clearly not white, and Lemieux acknowledged as much and apologized:


Apparently, that apology wasn’t enough to prevent right wing news hacks, and RNC’s Priebus, from taking the opportunity to pounce on Lemieux, eventually forcing her employer, EBONY magazine, to bend (over). The magazine released the following statement:

EBONY strongly believes in the marketplace of ideas. As the magazine of record for the African American community, Lemieux’s tweets in question do not represent our journalistic standard, tradition or practice of celebrating diverse Black thought…

EBONY acknowledges Senior Editor Jamilah Lemieux’s lack of judgment on her personal Twitter account and apologizes to Raffi Williams and the Black Republican community.

Of course the Twitter beef was mostly nonsense, but in a news cycle filled with distractions, this is what folks in the media look for when attempting to generate page clicks. Yes, we have the whole Ukraine situation, a stagnant economy, and a stock market that appears to have been injected with growth hormones, but Twitter is where we f¡ght our battles.

Even more troubling is how capitalism establishes the framework which left EBONY magazine no choice but to cede to the wishes of the RNC. Most of the companies advertising in EBONY mag are headed by white executives. Once they begin to feel heat from conservatives, they advertisers might bail, and EBONY might be left with a drop in revenue. So no matter what the honchos at EBONY felt about Lemieux’s tweet, the dollar is the only driver in a market economy, so even so called free “black” magazines are beholden to white folk.

In this economy, you’re always somebody’s b*tch.


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White on White Crime is on the Rise, So Where’s the Outrage?

White on White Crime is on the Rise, So Where’s the Outrage?


by Faith Walker

Can anyone shed light on the media’s fixation with so-called “Black on Black” hom!cide? You wouldn’t know it by listening to the mainstream media, but Black on Black hom¡cide has actually dropped from a high of 94% in the 1990s to 91.3% in 2012. This may not seem significant, until you realize that White on White hom!cide has risen during the same period.

In addition, if you listen to the likes of Fox News, Blacks are not only murder¡ng each other, but they are k¡lling off the White race in their spare time. However, statistics clearly show that while Blacks may be murdering each other,  Whites are engaged in the same behavior.

James S. Robbins’ response to the Zimmerman trial uses FBI data to prove this fact. In his article, “White on Black Murder: Who Really is Killing Whom?” he states the following: According to the most recent (2011) FBI statistics, of the 2,695 murders in which the victim was black, 91% were committed by people of the same race. Odds are if the victim was wearing a hoodie, the perp was too. The same pattern of intra-racial v¡olence holds for whites. 83 percent of white mµrders in 2011 were within-race killings, and only 14% were black on white. These data tell us that murder in America is decidedly not a matter of racial hatred.”

This misrepresentation about crime only breeds more unfounded fear of Black America. Whites are more likely to respond with fear to Blacks and respond with force, even when they are in no immediate danger themselves. The recent shootings of Jonathan Ferrell and Renisha McBride show the danger of being Black while seeking help. In both cases, they were k¡lled by frightened Whites.

There are intellectuals who are attempting to wake up White America such as Tim Wise, who points out to his fellow White Americans that they are more in danger of being k¡lled by another White person than a Black Person. He delves specifically into this issue with his article “Nazis Can’t do Math Reflections of Racism Crime and the Illiteracy of Right Wing Statistical Analysis”.

In 2010, for instance, whites killed whites 3,252 times: 4.6 times more than the number of whites k¡lled by blacks. Why no generalized fear of white people then? Why assume that black-on-white murder (which occurs about one-fifth as often) somehow portends some larger social trend, while white-on-white mµrder is merely random, individual, and signifies nothing more important, socially, at all? Why? Because racists are racists, that’s why.

Wise’s statements are greeted by disbelief from his counterparts. Instead of embracing the irrefutable truth, they try and disprove facts. They use “smoke and mirror math” to disprove his statements. When their math is questioned… they claim that Wise simply hates his own race. Why else, they question, would he post such things? They will not accept the truth of his statements which is htat Whites are k¡lling Whites in record numbers.

At one point in 2012, White on White Homicide was recorded at 88%, Black on Black remained steady at 91%. Each of these percentages is unacceptable. It should be a call to action…but it’s not.

Black people must be aware that they are no better or worse than their White counterparts. As long as the perception is that it’s a Black on Black problem the alarm isn’t being raised. As long as White America feels safe in the knowledge, that it’s not their problem the stats will continue to climb, and the death toll rise. Only when White America realizes that it too has a problem, will it become an American problem…until then Whites, Blacks and Browns will continue on this race destructive path.

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