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Farrakhan Suggests Ebola Was Developed to Kill Black People and Here’s Why People Believe Him

Farrakhan Suggests Ebola Was Developed to Kill Black People and Here’s Why People Believe Him


Last week BreakingBrown published an excerpt from a Liberian news article that accused the West of creating the Ebola virus. Now Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam is adding his voice to the discussion, accusing the United States of deploying the virus in order to “depopulate” the world of black people.

Here’s what Min. Farrakhan said in The Final Call:

What is the method that they are going to use to depopulate? Through civil wars in which depleted uranium and Agent Orange are used. . . . Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.

He continued:

I don’t want anyone to think I’m a racist; if any of you that are here that think of yourselves as White, don’t look at me like I’m a hater, because everything I say, I can prove it and will die on it! I’m not against any race; I am against the evil that men of that race are planning against my people.

While many find Min. Farrakhan’s remarks incendiary,  it is helpful to recall an article recently published here: “White Torture of Black Bodies, Medical Experiments of Black People You Never Knew About”:

In 1945, a black trucker named Ebb Cade was in an accident where nearly all of his bones were broken. While he was in the hospital, doctors gave him a toxic dose of plutonium. Before the plutonium could totally devastate his body, Cade must’ve gotten wind of what was going on because he escaped from the hospital. Unbeknownst to him, he’d become part of a study for which he never gave his consent. Cade died eight days after leaving the hospital. He was the first, but not last, African-American to be injected with uranium or plutonium as part of a radiation experiment. Former Secretary of Energy Hazel O’Leary declassified information on government experiments on unsuspecting African-Americans.


“I went to the Dr. who did that to me and asked him ‘why’…. I would love to have had children,” said Fannie Lou Hamer. While on the plantation, Hamer had developed a knot on her stomach. When she went to see the physician, he removed her uterus as well as the knot, preventing her from ever having children.

In the ‘big house’, the plantation owner’s wife joked about how Hamer had lost more than a tumor when she was in the hospital, and the news eventually got back to Hamer. Hamer went on to become a voting and civil rights activist. Hamer was only one of many African-American women who were sterilized, a practice which became a favorite of white doctors. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, trafficked in stereotypes and used the Negro Project to decrease black fertility.


Does that mean that the U.S. created Ebola? Of course not. Black people are not, however, being conspiratorial by thinking the worst of Western governments and medical researchers. They are remembering. As comedian Dave Chappelle once said, “what’s a black man without his paranoia?”


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Liberian Newspaper Accuses West of Manufacturing Ebola Virus

Liberian Newspaper Accuses West of Manufacturing Ebola Virus
Photo Credit: The Telegraph

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

A writer for The Daily Observer in Liberia alleges that the Ebola virus isn’t a creation of Mother Nature, but of the West.

Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology, outlined several reason which, according to him, lead to the conclusion that Ebola is a virus deployed by the West:

Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Disturbingly, many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The only relevant positive and ethical olive-branch seen in all of my reading is that reported, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” That threat still persists.

The writer then calls on African leaders to take the lead on protecting civilians:

Africa must not relegate the Continent to become the locality for disposal and the deposition of hazardous chemicals, dangerous drugs, and chemical or biological agents of emerging diseases. There is urgent need for affirmative action in protecting the less affluent of poorer countries, especially African citizens, whose countries are not as scientifically and industrially endowed as the United States and most Western countries, sources of most viral or bacterial GMOs that are strategically designed as biological weapons.

Some of the commenters derided the writer as a conspiracy theorist while other recalled a time when Liberians were used as lab rats by Western interests.





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Neuroscientist Carl Hart: Most Drug Users Aren’t Addicted to Drugs [Video]

Neuroscientist Carl Hart: Most Drug Users Aren’t Addicted to Drugs [Video]
Carl Hart

Carl Hart

If you grew up in America during the crack epidemic, then you’ve probably heard the derogatory term “crackhead”, a term used for those addicts who will do almost anything to get that next high. What most kids who came of age during that era were led to believe is that one hit of crack made you an addict for life. Now, however, neuroscientist Carl Hart is turning that belief on its head. In a Ted Talk, Hart says that drugs aren’t nearly as addictive as people think and they certainly aren’t the cause of poverty.

Hart, who grew up in a poor Miami community, says he engaged in petty crime when he was younger. In fact, he’s gone from selling drugs as a kid to studying them as a neuroscientist. What he’s found is that drugs aren’t the cause of poverty and that there are many factors at play where addiction is concerned.

“My family, we were poor before drugs entered the picture,” Hart said. “I engaged in petty crime but it had nothing to do with drug addiction. It was about money and status. If you take drugs out of the equation, poverty and crime still exist. It’s not drug addiction causing people to commit crime. It’s other factors.”

Since black communities are heavily policed (many studies have shown that police search blacks more often for contraband than whites), the so called ‘war on drugs’ has been extremely detrimental to black communities.

“Drug laws are not uniformly enforced across all segments of our society, and this perpetuates the cycle of poverty and crime,” Hart said.

He has also reached the counter-intuitive conclusion that about 80 to 90 percent of drug users aren’t addicted to drugs.

“The overwhelming majority of drug users don’t have a drug problem,” he said.

After studying crack and meth users, Hart found that even drug users who were addicted made rational decisions when asked to choose between drugs and even small amounts of money, such as $5.

h/t: The Raw Story

Watch the video below:


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Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

Boyce and Yvette2

In the following video, BreakingBrown founder & Your Black World contributor Yvette Carnell discusses Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy for Michael Brown with Dr. Boyce Watkins.

If you missed the eulogy, Sharpton said black folks are “sitting around having ghetto pity parties rather than organizing and strategizing.”

“Blackness was never about being a gangster or thug,” he said. “Blackness was about how no matter how low we was pushed down, we rose up anyhow. Blackness was never surrendering our pursuit of excellence. When it was against the law to go to some schools, we built black colleges and learned anyhow, when we couldn’t go downtown to church, we built our own AME church and our own Church of God in Christ. We never surrendered, we never gave up.

“And now we get to the 21st century, we get to where we got some positions of power. And you decide it ain’t black no more to be successful. Now you wanna be a n*gga and call your woman a ho. You lost where you come from. We got to clean up our community so we can clean up the United States of America.”

Watch the video below:


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Police in Ferguson Are Now Arresting Journalists and Politicians

Police in Ferguson Are Now Arresting Journalists and Politicians
Photo Credit: The Washington Post

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

As was reported last night, police in Ferguson, Missouri arrested two journalists, one from the Washington Post and one from the Huffington Post. In addition, police have also arrested a local politician.

Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly was interviewed on All In with Chris Hayes last and night said he was arrested after a Ferguson SWAT team shut down a McDonald’s that was being used as a hub for journalists to recharge equipment.

“The officer in question, who I repeatedly later asked for his name, grabbed my things and shoved them into my bag,” said Reilly. “He used his finger to put a pressure point on my neck.”

“They essentially acted as a military force. It was incredible,” Reilly said. “The worst part was he slammed my head against the glass purposefully on the way out of McDonald’s and then sarcastically apologized for it.”

Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery confirmed that he was also arrested for being in the McDonald’s too long.

Now a St. Louis Alderman has been arrested for unlawful assembly. From USA Today:

Antonio French

Antonio French

Antonio French, a St. Louis elected official who had been providing frequent updates about the protests and police action in Ferguson, Mo., was arrested late Wednesday for unlawful assembly.

French, alderman of the 21st ward in St. Louis, was taken into custody, said his wife, Jasenka Benac French, who uses the Twitter handle @senka.

Also, although police say Molotov cocktails have been thrown at officers, many protesters who’ve been protesting non-violently say they’ve also been sprayed with rubber bullets and tear gas:

Watch more news videos | Latest from the US

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