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Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

by Yvette Carnell In forgiveness Olympics news today, Al Sharpton has accepted the apology of a former adviser to Donald Trump who called his daughter a n*****. Adviser Sam Nunberg

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Why Are Both CNN and NBC Lying on Sandra Bland?

by Yvette Carnell “I’m in my car, why do I have to put out my cigarette?” Those were Sandra Bland’s EXACT words. That’s a QUESTION. Here’s what CNN reported: “I

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Oprah Winfrey: Black Respectability, Neo-liberal Huckster for White Capitalism or Not?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most respected women in America, but have we ever taken a critical look at Ms. Winfrey’s legacy? In this video, BreakingBrown founder Yvette Carnell

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Black Pastor Says Killing of 9 Blacks at Church Was Anti-Christian, Not Racist

The terrorist who opened fire during Bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina has been arrested unharmed. It is already being called a hate crime by most,

Read More Bought Out by Latino Media reports that has been bought out by Univision, a network which boasts itself as “the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the US.” Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC) announced today

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Toni Morrison: “My father Was Very, Very Serious in His Hatred of White People”

In a recent interview with NPR, acclaimed novelist Toni Morrison credits her mother with teaching her to look beyond race. Morrison says her father’s interaction with the worst kinds of

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Dear White Media: Stop Asking Black People About Forgiveness

by Yvette Carnell Walter Scott’s mother said during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she forgives the cop who killed her son. This came after Cooper asked her about

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Trevor Noah Enjoys Stereotyping African-Americans, Too

by Yvette Carnell Soon after Trevor Noah was selected to take over Jon Stewart’s role at The Daily Show, interested parties and observers began digging through his Twitter feed. For

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Yvette Carnell: Byron Allen’s Lawsuit Exposes Al Sharpton as Hustling Street Preacher [Video]

  In an interview with the right wing Daily Caller, Byron Allen went in on Rev. Al Sharpton for being a “pawn” for his “white masters.” According to Allen, Sharpton

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Rev. Al Sharpton Allegedly Rewarded With “Chicken Dinner Payoff” for Keeping Other Blacks Off TV Blacks Off TV

Street preacher Al Sharpton was allegedly paid millions to keep his mouth shut while cable TV discriminated against black programming. According to a $20 million dollar lawsuit brought by the

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