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Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Shot Dead After Confronting Suspected TV Thief

Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Shot Dead After Confronting Suspected TV Thief

A Georgia Walmart loss prevention officer was fatally shot on Sunday night while trying to stop a suspected shoplifter from stealing televisions.

According to WSB-TV, many of the officers investigating the fatal shooting knew loss prevention officer Jay Ferguson from all the calls they’d received from the Walmart.

Surveillance video shows the suspect pushing three televisions out of the store with a cart. When approached by Ferguson, the man pulled a gun and shot him in the stomach.

“He was stopped, asked for his receipt. He said he didn’t have one. They said, ‘Come back in, we’ll get you a receipt.’ He then said, ‘I don’t want the receipt and I don’t want the TVs anymore,’” said Lilburn police Capt. Thom Bardugan.

The family of 25-year-old Ferguson is still trying to grapple with the loss of their loved one.

“It’s still hitting me every hour that he’s gone,” Ferguson’s sister, Abreanna Ferguson, told the station.

“This whole thing is just senseless,” said Ferguson’s mother, Falesa Nash.

Ferguson’s father, David Nash, said the killer was armed, unlike his son, and had “every intention of doing something.”

The suspect fled the scene in a red four door car.

Watch the news report below:

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Chicago’s New Top Cop: In 27 Years “I’ve Actually Never Encountered Police Misconduct”

Chicago’s New Top Cop: In 27 Years “I’ve Actually Never Encountered Police Misconduct”

Chicago’s interim Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says he’s never seen an instance of police misconduct because bad cops don’t engage in that sort of behavior in front of good cops.

In a conversation with CBS 2Johnson revealed that in 27 years, he’s never seen one instance of police misconduct.

“I’ve actually never encountered police misconduct, cause you got to understand, officers that commit misconduct don’t do it in front of people that they think are going to hold them accountable for it,” Johnson said. “Now that I’m sitting in this chair, if I come across it, I will deal with it accordingly.”

This comment from Johnson contradicts a 2012 lawsuit filed by two Chicago officers claiming they were retaliated against after blowing the whistle on bad cops:

The two veteran Chicago police officers were sent to the Ida B. Wells public housing complex to work undercover and catch drug dealers. But what Shannon Spalding and Daniel Echeverria found was nothing their bosses wanted to know about, the officers allege in a whistle-blower lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court.


The two officers, according to the lawsuit, discovered that colleagues on the police force were shaking down drug dealers and framing innocent people. But when they told their supervisors, they were told to “disregard” the wrongdoing. And when, as a last resort, they went to the FBI with their claims, high-ranking police officials labeled them “rats” and retaliated against them by putting them in do-nothing jobs.


“This is what will happen to you if you go against sworn personnel,” Spalding said in an interview at her lawyers’ office. “If you don’t want a code of silence, you don’t treat officers like this. … It’s cost us everything. My career is over. … Nobody wants to work with me anymore.”

Activists took to the streets in protest after Laquan McDonald was gunned down by a Chicago cop. Originally, officials claimed that Johnson lurched toward the officer, but dashcam video proved that story false.

“I think the relationship is fractured but I also thing we can regain their trust and that’s what I’m aiming to do,” Johnson insisted.


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25/03/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Cop Pulls Gun On Another Officer in Dispute Over Who Can Run Faster

Cop Pulls Gun On Another Officer in Dispute Over Who Can Run Faster

The rationale that officers only pull their guns when in fear for their lives is an overused defense in most fatal shootings involving police. An incident in Atlanta, however, seems to indicate that some officers are mentally unstable and shouldn’tatlanta officers be allowed within 1,000 yards of a lethal weapon.

Two Atlanta cops are off-duty after a gunfight almost erupted during a disagreement over who could run faster, NBC News reports.

Officers Stephen Green and Joseph Tyer were dining at a restaurant with other members of the Atlanta Police Department on March 18 when a disagreement led to a brawl.

As the argument escalated, Tyer threatened Green: “I’m going to punch you in the face.”

“What?” Green replied.

“I’ll punch you in the face,” Tyer raged, then demanded that Green step outside.

Once outside, the two officers began fighting until other officers broke it up.

During the fight “Tyer pulled his duty weapon.”

Tyer resigned and Green has been suspended with pay.



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24/03/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

White Anchor Describes Shooting Suspects as “Young Black Men” with “Multiple Siblings From Multiple Fathers”

White Anchor Describes Shooting Suspects as “Young Black Men” with “Multiple Siblings From Multiple Fathers”

A white Pittsburgh anchorwoman has apologized for the way she described the suspects in a shooting that left five people dead.

Victims of the shooting were gunned down during a cookout after gunmen opened fire from a nearby alley.

According to WKBN,  WTAE anchor-reporter Wendy Bell described the suspects in the shooting as “young black men” with “multiple siblings from multiple fathers” and “their mothers work multiple jobs.”

Bell apologized in a Facebook post.

“I have removed a post that I initially placed here on Monday. I sincerely apologize for that post about the Wilkinsburg mass shooting and the restaurant employee whom my husband and I encountered,” she wrote. “I now understand that some of the words I chose were insensitive and could be viewed as racist. I regret offending anyone. I’m truly sorry.”

In her original post, Bell drew her own profile of the shooting suspects.

“You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday.

‘They are young black men, likely teens or in their early 20s.

“They have multiple siblings from multiple fathers and their mothers work multiple jobs. These boys have been in the system before.

“They’ve grown up there. They know the police. They’ve been arrested.”

The anchor then said “there’s hope”, referring to a young African-American teen she’d seen “hustling like nobody’s business at a restaurant.”

Read all of her comments below:






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11/03/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw

Jail Surveillance Video Shows Joyce Curnell Throwing Up Repeatedly in Cell Before Dying of Dehydration

Jail Surveillance Video Shows Joyce Curnell Throwing Up Repeatedly in Cell Before Dying of Dehydration

Surveillance video indicates that South Carolina jailers knew inmate Joyce Curnell was ill, but allowed her to die anyway.

Curnell, 50, died of dehydration on July 22 after repeated vomiting deprived her body of fluids. She’d been taken to the hospital by ambulance on July 21 after experiencing abdominal pain. While at the hospital, officials determined that she had an outstanding bench warrant for a 2011 shoplifting case.

Curnell’s son, Javon Curnell, called 911 and made them aware of his mother’s warrant so she could detox from alcohol, The New York Times reported, but his mother had never been locked up before.

Video obtained by the Post and Courier  indicates that “many people” at the jail saw Curnell and could tell she was ill, but none took action that could’ve saved her life.

In the video Curnell appears ill from the moment she enters the jail.

“She was placed in a pod that was nearest the bathroom due to her shaking so much whenever she walked,” wrote detention officer Charlene Jackson. “After a few minutes of being in the unit, she was in the bathroom throwing up.”

Still, the deputy who arrested Curnell said she showed no sign of illness.

Video also shows Curnell stumbling as she makes her way to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Curnell vomited, then spoke with a nurse for about a minute and a half. According to the nurse, Curnell said nothing was wrong.

Nurse Thomas Barron says Curnell did not report any issues and interacted with inmates.

Witnesses claim Curnell tried to drink water from the fountain but could not keep it down. Tylenol and Zofran were prescribed for any nausea. She still continued to throw up mostly clear liquid.

“While waiting for the nurse, I observed her throwing up nonstop,” Jackson wrote. “She would say her meds were brought here and she needed to get and take them.”

Video shows Curnell falling back down each time she tried to sit up in her bed at 7a.m.

An inmate reported that Curnell got progressively worse.

“She seemed fine but weak,” wrote Kristen Cook, 41. “She laid down through the afternoon, still vomiting.”

“The last words she spoke … was she’s been having problems with blood pressure and threw up some more,” Cook said.

Curnell died in bed.



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