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Cop Claims Intercourse With Woman Who Called to Report Daughter Missing Was Consensual

Cop Claims Intercourse With Woman Who Called to Report Daughter Missing Was Consensual

Maleatra Montanez claims in an interview with the New York Daily News that she’d only recently given birth and her doctor had advised specifically against having sex when she encountered a Syracuse police officer.

This is why, according to Montanez, she never would’ve consented to have sex with the officer dispatched to her home after she’d reported her daughter missing. Montanez had sex with the officer, however. Montanez claims she was raped while the officer insisted that the sex was consensual.

Montanez told the Daily News that she called police after her teenage daughter went missing. She says Officer Chester Thompson was fidgeting upon his arrival and began complimenting her on her butt and lips–while speculating on how they could be used.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We don’t have to do this,” Montanez, 40, said she pleaded with Officer Thompson before being forced to have sex in the living room of her home with her infant present.

Montanez claims she felt threatened because Thompson had asked if she loved her son.

From the Daily News:

The veteran cop initially forced the mother of four to perform oral sex, and then ordered her to get a condom from an adjacent bedroom.


When she returned, Thompson demanded she turn around-looking right at her newborn son — while he raped her from behind, according to a sworn court deposition Montanez gave in February, obtained exclusively by The News.

Before leaving, Montanez said Thompson asked if she was going to report him.

Montanez went to the hospital the day after the incident and reported it to Syracuse police.

Thompson, who is white, was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts for having sex with Montanez and another woman.

Thompson lost his job on the force, but Montanez says that’s not nearly enough.

“I believe a rape took place in this case,” said her lawyer, Ed Sivin. He alleges that Thompson had a history of abuses.

Montanez has filed a $7 million suit against Thompson and Syracuse police.


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09/05/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

How Snarky Cop and Poor Local Reporting Led to Misinformation in Case of Black Teen Arrested for Texting Nude Video to White Girlfriend

How Snarky Cop and Poor Local Reporting Led to Misinformation in Case of Black Teen Arrested for Texting Nude Video to White Girlfriend

Last week Shaun King of the New York Daily News published an article about a Louisiana teen who’d been arrested for sexting his white girlfriend.

Levar Allen, who is black, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor after he and his 16-year-old white girlfriend mutually exchanged nude videos. New information, however, revealed that the white girl was not only charged, but charged first.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington said Allen was charged as an adult since he’s 17.

According to a piece published in The Times-Picayune , King’s piece, which called the arrest of Allen a “bogus symptom of the mass criminalization of black folk in the New Jim Crow”, was irresponsible.

The folks at Picayune have accused King, and others who expressed outrage over Allen’s arrest, of being a part of an “outrage machine.” This is ridiculous.

The real outrage here should be directed at local affiliate KSLA for omitting facts from the story King used as a source.

“When he ran the story, he left those facts out,” Whittington said of KSLA’s reporting. “We’ve been slandered and slammed over something we handled by the book. If my people had handled it any differently, I would have fired them.”

KSLA has reporters on the ground, not Shaun King. KSLA had a responsibility not to omit that quote about the white teen’s arrest, not King.

And Bossier Sheriff’s Lt. Bill Davis, who was interviewed as part of the KSLA story, came off as particularly dismissive about whether race was a factor in Allen’s arrest, which gave even more oxygen to the story.

“I have nothing to say about that,” he told KSLA. “It doesn’t matter what your race, what your religion, what your ethnicity, don’t do child pornography. Plain and simple.”

This isn’t patiently answering the public’s questions. This is chest pounding bravado.

The bigger story here, however, is that kids shouldn’t be arrested for voluntarily sharing nude pictures. Being an adolescent shouldn’t be criminalized within our justice system. Maybe the good ‘ol Louisiana cops should fix that and stop playing the victim.


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05/05/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Chicago Cop Who Shot Laquan McDonald Over a Dozen Times Gets Extra Court Security

Chicago Cop Who Shot Laquan McDonald Over a Dozen Times Gets Extra Court Security

A judge has granted the Chicago officer who fatally shot Laquan McDonald extra court security.

The decision to provide Officer Jason Van Dyke with extra security when he leaves and enters court was approved by Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan, CBS Chicago reports.

Van Dyke may even be allowed to skip some hearings, with his attorney citing death threats and racial slurs.

“There are reasonable grounds to believe that Defendant’s personal safety has been jeopardized by his attendance at previous court appearances and there is reasonable apprehension that the Defendant will continue to encounter the same level of exposure to personal harm in the future,” Van Dyke’s attorneys wrote in a request that would allow him to skip some routine court hearings.

Van Dyke is charged with murder in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Dashcam video showed McDonald running in the middle of the street while holding a knife when Van Dyke and his partner arrived on the scene. Van Dyke exited his vehicle and opened fire only seconds later. According to The Daily Beast , over a dozen bullets were fired while McDonald was lying on the ground in the fetal position.

Van Dyke emptied a 15 round magazine on McDonald and began reloading before being stopped by his partner.

None of the multiple officers on the scene attempted to administer first aid to McDonald.






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25/04/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Florida Police Department Where Deputies Allegedly Watched 3 Black Girls Drown Has Long List of Dirty Cops

Florida Police Department Where Deputies Allegedly Watched 3 Black Girls Drown Has Long List of Dirty Cops

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri on Friday defended deputies who are accused of watching three black girls drown.

Deputies allege that Dominique Battle, 16, Ashaunti Butler, 15, and Laniya Miller, 15, stole a Honda Accord from a Walmart parking lot the night of March 30 and inadvertently drove it into a pond at around 4am.

Originally, the deputies were heralded as heroes for taking off their belts and trying to save the girls, but newly released  dashcam video seems to recast their efforts as less than heroic.

“He’s off road in the water!” said one deputy, according to BayNews9. “They’re in the water stranded. Get me a unit over on 275 just south of Gandy.”

Another deputy then suggests using a boat to rescue the girls.

“Let’s get rescue out here in a boat,” one deputy said. “We might have to go in, in a boat.”

While one deputy seems to indicate that the occupants can’t be saved.

“They’re done. They’re done. They are 6-7, dude.”

“I thought I heard yelling,” another deputy says.

“As it was going down,” the other answers. “But now, they’re done. They’re done.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri held a press conference supporting his deputies.

“In reports that were written by the deputies who took their gun belts off, took their clothes off and went in the water – those deputies aren’t lying.”

The problem isn’t just the action, or inaction, taken by the deputies, but the reputation of his police department.

In January a Pinellas deputy was charged with manslaughter after shooting a handcuffed man. Around the same time, seven deputies within the department were charged with cheating.

Watch video detailing problems plaguing the department below:


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15/04/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

“My Teeth Hit Cement”: Police Refuse to Release Video of That Led to Excessive Force Complaint

“My Teeth Hit Cement”: Police Refuse to Release Video of That Led to Excessive Force Complaint

Norfolk police are refusing to release video of two interactions that led to excessive force complaints.

The Virginia Pilot initially reported on the complaints and requested video of the incidents, but according to the paper, police won’t release the video during their investigation.

Two men claim officers broke their teeth during confrontations.

Bryant Stith told the Pilot that police roughed him up after four other teens who were being followed by police jumped out of a truck and ran.

According to Stith, he was on foot and didn’t know the teens in the truck, but a police officer beckoned for him anyway. The officer, believing he was one of the suspects, allegedly slammed Stith to the ground, chipping his tooth.

“My teeth hit the cement,” Stith told the Pilot. Stith says he had trouble breathing after another officer placed a knee in his back.

Stith says after the officers ran his name, they realized he wasn’t a suspect and told him he was free to go.

According to Stith, that wasn’t good enough since they’d chipped his tooth, so he filed a complaint.

Witness Jackie Murphy recalls seeing the police chasing the teens as Stith was “walking nicely” down the street.

Stith says he’s never had any run-ins with police prior to now.

According to the Pilot, Stith’s complaint is not the first:

On March 18, Maurice Johnson was arrested in the 2400 block of Barre St. on two felony drug charges.


After he tried to kick out a police cruiser’s window in the backseat, four officers slammed his face into the ground, breaking his front teeth, giving him road rash on his cheek and sending him to a hospital. Norfolk police and the NAACP are investigating.

Watch the video below:

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