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Black Crime & Incarceration

84 Year Old Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking

Approximately six years after the recession engineered by Wall St. caused the greatest economic downturn in American history, no bankers have been arrested. In fact, the only person arrested in

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London: Soldier Chopped to Death by Machete Wielding Terrorist in Broad Daylight [Video]

Sometimes terror is a coordinated effort, even a state sanctioned operation, and at other times, terror is the act of one or two lone outliers. Today in London, terror revealed

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Colorado: Blacks Make Up 4% of Population and 100% of Death Row Inmates

In Colorado, officials are readying themselves to render the state’s second execution in 45 years. Nathan Dunlap, the Chuck E. Cheese k*ller, is scheduled to be put to death for

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Ga. State Lawmaker Tyrone Brooks Indicted on Federal Charges of Misappropriating Funds

At this point it’s difficult to know whether Blacks are prosecuted at a higher rate than whites or if  Black lawmakers leave themselves open for federal prosecutions. In recent months

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Police Drop All Charges Against 16 Year Old Whose Science Experiment Exploded

After two weeks of protests and petitions, Florida authorities have finally dropped the charges against a teen whose science experiment exploded at Bartow High School. Kiera Wilmot’s combination of household

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