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L.A. Cops Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Sue Over Racial Discrimation

L.A. Cops Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Sue Over Racial Discrimation

Two Los Angeles cops who shot an unarmed black man in 2014 are suing over racial discrimination, Reuters reports.

Both officers Sharlton Wampler and Antonio Villegas are alleging racial retaliation over not being allowed to return to the field after the shooting death of 25-year-old Ezell Ford, who is mentally disabled.

In court papers filed on Wednesday, Wampler, who is white, and Villegas, who is Latino, accuse  supervisors of denying their requests to return to the field due to their race and the race of Ford.

Also, the lawsuit alleges that the officers have been denied transfers and overtime because of their race.

In a unanimous vote, the Los Angeles Police Department determined that “one of the officers involved in the shooting acted against police department policy throughout the confrontation with Ezell: from how he approached Ezell, to how he scuffled with him, to how he drew his gun, to the shooting,” CNN reported in 2015.

The two officers confronted Ford on August 11, 2014 as he walked through his neighborhood.


Officer Wampler told investigators that he wanted to talk to Ford, but Ford kept walking. Wampler said the area was known for gang and drug activity and that was reason enough to stop Ford. Wampler said when he caught up with Ford and touched him on the shoulder, Ford began to tackle him.

Ford ended up on top of Wampler and Villegas fired twice, fatally wounding Ford.

If Wampler and Villegas are successful in their lawsuit, it would not be the first time that cops have been rewarded for shooting a black man.  A jury awarded nearly 4 million dollars to two Los Angeles cops who gunned down an unarmed, autistic black man in 2010.







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Feds Seal Alton Sterling Autopsy Report

Feds Seal Alton Sterling Autopsy Report

Autopsy results in the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, who was fatally shot by Baton Rouge police, have been sealed by the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Louisiana.

“We have been issued a second Federal Court Order prohibiting the release of the first court order as well,” the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office said in response to a request from local station WAFB. 

It has already been reported that Sterling died from gunshot wounds to the chest and back outside the convenience store where he was selling CDs.

Both Baton Rouge Police Department officers involved in the shooting–Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake–have been placed on leave.

According to WAFB, the sealed autopsy report means “federal authorities will not allow the release of additional information, including the toxicology analysis.”



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22/07/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Protesters Storm North Miami Police Department Over Shooting of Therapist Charles Kinsey

Protesters Storm North Miami Police Department Over Shooting of Therapist Charles Kinsey

Protesters stormed North Miami’s police department to demand justice for a black man who was shot while his hands were in the air.  The protesters shouted “Whose streets? Our Streets” before officers forced them out of the building.

According to local affiliate WSVN–the network that broke the story–the unnamed officer who shot Charles Kinsey has been placed on paid leave.


The officer released a statement on Thursday saying he did what he had to do “in a split second” by shooting Kinsey. Kinsey, a worker at a group home, was unarmed and only trying to help an autistic man who was playing with a toy truck.

As BreakingBrown previously reported, the officer claims he was actually trying to shoot the mentally disabled man.

Protesters just stormed into #NorthMiami police department demanding justice for #CharlesKinsey @wlrn @NPR

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21/07/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw

North Miami Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man While His Hands Were in the Air: “I Did What I Had to Do”

North Miami Cop Who Shot Unarmed Man While His Hands Were in the Air: “I Did What I Had to Do”

The unidentified North Miami cop who shot an innocent, unarmed black man three times while his hands were in the air has released a statement.

I took this job to save lives and help people. I did what I had to do in a split second to accomplish that and hate to hear others paint me as something I’m not,” he wrote, according to Local 10. 

The cop did not explain in the short statement why he shot Charles Kinsey, who wasn’t posing a threat to him or anyone else. To the contrary, Kinsey works at a group home and was helping an autistic man who was playing with a toy truck.

Cellphone video released by WSVN on Wednesday shows Kinsey lying on his back, hands in the air, telling officers that weapons aren’t necessary.


North Miami Police Chief Gary C. Eugene and U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson held a press conference discussing the shooting.

“We have witness statements that there was a gun,” said Eugene. “We had a 911 call with that same information. However, I want to make it clear there was no gun recovered.”

Again, if the officer never saw a gun (which he didn’t since there wasn’t one), no one was behaving aggressively, and Kinsey was calmly explaining that neither he nor the autistic man had a gun, why open fire?

Throughout the incident, it is Kinsey who is working to de-escalate the confrontation—telling the autistic man to lay on his stomach, and trying to calm the situation–not the officers.

According to someone who witnessed the incident, Kinsey always kept his hands in plain view and at one point told the officer, ” OK, I’m going to stand up now” and asked, “please don’t shoot me.”

The officer shot him.

Kinsey says he asked the officer why he shot him and was stunned by the answer he gave.

“I’m like this right here, and when he shot me, it was so surprising,” Kinsey said. “It was like a mosquito bite, and when it hit me, I’m like, ‘I still got my hands in the air, and I said, ‘No, I just got shot! And I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me, he said, ‘I don’t know.’”

To make matters even worse, WSVN is reporting that the officer meant to shoot the autistic man:


This would make the unidentified cop a bad shot who was aiming at a mentally challenged man playing with a toy truck.

Watch the video below:


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12/07/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw #

Owner of Store Where Cop Fatally Shot Alton Sterling Sues Police

Owner of Store Where Cop Fatally Shot Alton Sterling Sues Police

The Constitutionally protected rights of all Americans are being eroded at breakneck speed in America. Policing methods like stop and frisk, as well as asset forfeiture–a complicated name for giving cops permission to steal–have gutted the Fourth Amendment. And a recent decision by the Supreme Court  dealt another blow to the coveted protections against search and seizure. The idea that cops need probable cause and a warrant to search or seize a citizen’s property seems like a relic of history given these developments.

Alton Sterling was shot dead outside of a local convenience store by Baton Rouge cops who’d already pinned him down. Now the convenience store’s owner is suing the city of Baton Rouge and the police department for violating his rights.

Store owner Abdullah Muflahi claims police took him into custody for nothing and illegally confiscated his security system.

The U.S. Department of Justice is leading a criminal investigation into Sterling’s death and local officials are currently investigating as well. Baton Rouge police would not comment on the lawsuit brought by Muflahi.


This wouldn’t be the first time that police confiscated footage after a questionable fatal shooting by cops. After Laquan McDonald was gunned down by police in Chicago, cops there actually gained control of the video and deleted files, Burger King district manager Jay Darshane said at the time.

When members of Chicago’s Independent Review Authority arrived the day after the shooting to review the footage, they noticed that video was missing.

“We had no idea that they were going to sit there and delete the files,” said Darshane. “I mean, we were just trying to help the police officers.”

Watch Muflahi’s interview below:


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