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Innocent Black Man Only Awarded $18 After Being Shocked and Punched by Police

Innocent Black Man Only Awarded $18 After Being Shocked and Punched by Police

DeShawn Franklin was asleep when cops stormed into his bedroom and attacked him.

According to family members, officers didn’t have a warrant and didn’t ask permission before barging into the home and shocking, punching, then dragging 18-year-old Franklin out of bed.

Franklin, who was then handcuffed and placed in a police car, told the Washington Post that he was “asleep” and “didn’t even know what was going on.”

According to the Post, officers were looking for Franklin’s older brother:

The incident happened about 2:30 a.m. on July 7, 2012, when Franklin and his parents were sleeping. Officers Eric Mentz, Aaron Knepper and Michael Stuk, of the South Bend Police Department, were looking for Dan Jones, Franklin’s older brother, after receiving a domestic violence call. The officers received information that Jones may have gone to his parents’ house, according to an internal affairs investigation report by the police department.

Officers later apologized and were disciplined with written reprimands.


The 2012 incident led to a lawsuit brought by the Indiana family against police.

The jury agreed that the Franklin home was wrongfully entered without a warrant by three white officers, violating the family’s rights. The jury decided, however, that the family’s rights were basically worthless.

Although the jury sided with the Franklin family, the dollar amount awarded to them was a slap in the face. Each of the defendants in the lawsuit was only ordered to pay $1 each, totaling $18.

Rev. Mario Sims told the Post that this sends a clear signal to black people that their rights are only worth $1.

“Essentially even though the jury found their rights were violated, the jury didn’t value those rights,” said Sims. “They didn’t think this poor black family warranted any type of substantial monetary reward.”

Since there were no “medical bills, lost wages, property damage, post-traumatic stress, psychological treatment”, the jury couldn’t find evidence to warrant the more than $1 million dollars in damages requested by the family, the Post reported.

Now four years later, Franklin, who has no criminal record, lives in fear of police, says the family.


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Hacked Documents Reveal How Democratic Party Stonewalls Black Community

Hacked Documents Reveal How Democratic Party Stonewalls Black Community

A hacked memo  from Nancy Pelosi, released by Guccifer 2.0, shows how Democratic politicians are briefed to deal with Black Lives Matter activists.

“As you see I’ve been gradually posting DCCC docs on different states,” Guccifer 2.0 wrote on Wednesday. “But besides that I have a folder from the Nancy Pelosi’s PC and I’d like to share some docs from it with you. They are related to immigration, Hispanics, BLM, Islam and other issues.”

The document cautioned Democratic Party candidates and members not to use the phrases “all lives matter” nor mention “black on black crime”.  The document also advised Democrats to show concern to Black Lives Matter activists without actually making any firm commitments:

Black Lives Matter

This document, if true, accurately represents how Democrats deal with the black electorate; by making promises but offering few solutions or initiatives.

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Angela Rye Denies Existence of Black Poverty Because She and Her Bougie Friends Are “Doing Well”

Angela Rye Denies Existence of Black Poverty Because She and Her Bougie Friends Are “Doing Well”

by Yvette Carnell

A recent study found that the average black family would need 228 years to build the wealth of a white family today. The study made the rounds and was published at a number of outlets, still CNN eye-rolling extraordinaire Angela Rye doesn’t believe black poverty is a problem because she and her friends are doing well.

Rye  said the following on CNN while discussing Trump’s comments on poverty in the black community:

John (Berman), it’s not about us all having to be lifted out of poverty. I’m not impoverished, and I have several middle class friends who are doing well in this country. And so I reject the notion that we constantly need to be talking about-…

Rye went on to say that blacks are not monolithic, not understanding that economics is one of the few areas where we actually are monolithic:

What situation, though? So that’s part of the problem. So the fact that African-Americans are talked about as monolithic entities as, you know, we all need to pull ourselves up by our boot straps when we were barefoot on plantations building this country for free is highly problematic to me.


To the contrary, wealth accumulation is actually flat in the black community. I’ve no idea why the African-American community rails against white supremacy while giving black functionaries of the white elite like Rye a pass. Here’s more from the study mentioned above about black wealth:

Those are the key findings of a new study of the racial wealth-gap released this week by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and the Corporation For Economic Development (CFED). They looked at trends in household wealth from 1983 to 2013—a 30-year period that captured the rise of Reaganomics, expanded international trade and two major financial crashes fueled by bubbles in the tech sector and housing prices. The authors found that the average wealth of white households increased by 84 percent during those three decades, three times the gains African-American families saw and 1.2 times the rate of growth for Latino families.

And from a Huffington Post article titled “Black Wealth Barely Exists in One Terrible Chart”:

Upward mobility from the bottom of the income distribution is much less likely for black than white Americans: 51% of the black Americans born into the lowest fifth of the earnings distribution remain there at age 40.

Not only are we not excelling, we’re actually falling behind, according to the data. And not only do we not have money, we don’t have land either:

The five largest white landowners in America together own more rural land than all of black America combined. According to CNBC, this small group’s total land holdings are about 9 million acres.

In the report “Who Owns the Land,” the United States Department of Agriculture disclosed all of Black America only owns just under 8 million acres. In fact, it was further explained that African Americans own less than one percent of U.S. rural land, worth a mere 14 billion dollars.

A group of people who are descended from slaves, downwardly mobile, have no wealth, land or inheritance are monolithic in that they are poor, regardless of whether Rye drinks mimosas with her middle class friends on Sunday afternoon.

It’s ignorant of Rye to use her friends as barometers for Black America anyway. That’s what data is for, and yet she’s on CNN neck rolling and eye popping in defense of a worldview that does nothing to advance the condition of the majority of African-Americans in this country.

What would’ve been the reaction had a white person on CNN said, in reaction to Trump’s comments, “Well, I have middle class black friends who are doing fine.” Black twitter would’ve roasted that person. And Rye shouldn’t get a pass either just because she’s black.

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Charges Dropped Against Man Who Allegedly Called 11-Year-Old the N-Word and Shouted “Beat His -ss!”

Charges Dropped Against Man Who Allegedly Called 11-Year-Old the N-Word and Shouted “Beat His -ss!”

Charges have been dropped against a Wyoming man who allegedly called a child a racial slur.

Travis Mead was originally charged with ethnic intimidation after allegedly repeatedly yelling the N-word at an 11-year-old boy at school.

According to WOOD TV, Mead, 34, also yelled “beat his -ss” during a January incident. Mead could have faced up to two years in jail if convicted.


Fox 17 reported at the time that three other boys at the school also reported hearing Mead using the racial slur.

Kent County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker insists that the charges were dropped because the victim stopped co-operating and didn’t show up to court.

“We cannot proceed without their assistance,” Becker wrote.


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