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Companies That Drug Test Actually Hire More Black Employees, Not Less

Companies That Drug Test Actually Hire More Black Employees, Not Less

Urine Sample

Black people suffer disproportionately due to America’s war on drugs, especially where incarceration is concerned. As it turns out, though, blacks may actually benefit from employee drug testing.

Quartz reports that companies which drug test their employees actually hire more blacks. Abigail Wozniak, a Notre Dame labor economist, studied the impact of drug testing on different groups and came away with a counter-intuitive conclusion: In states where testing is prevalent thanks to supportive laws, black employment increased between 7% and 30%, and wages for black workers increased by between 1.4% and 13%.”

Although blacks are stopped and arrested more often for drug related crimes, when blacks are actually tested for drug use, they come up clean more often than not. This may be in line with studies which show that although blacks are harassed more often for drug related crimes, whites and blacks use illegal drugs at around the same rate.

Wozniak explains that white hiring managers tend to rely on stereotypes and sometimes assume that blacks use drugs, but drug tests disabuse them of that notion, resulting in more black hires. So in that sense, blacks actually benefit from drug testing.

From Quartz:

Without the testing, employers went by their gut biases. But when testing became common and showed that black applicants were not actually using drugs, hiring rates for black applicants went up. Wozniak concludes that this is evidence of discrimination against black workers before testing, driven by some combination of racialized belief and ignorance. One other interesting finding from the study is that absent drug testing, employers tend to hire white women instead of black men.




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19/05/14 Black News , Race & Racism

Bar Owner Settles Lawsuit After Refusing Entry to Blacks and Hispanics

Bar Owner Settles Lawsuit After Refusing Entry to Blacks and Hispanics


A Boston bar owner has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit for $100,000 according to

The 2011 lawsuit filed against Peggy O’Neil’s Bar & Grille and owner Caron O’Neil accused bar staff of refusing to allow entry to black, Hispanic and Cape Verdean customers.  The suit claims that in several instances, the bar discriminated against people because the staff didn’t want “trouble” or “problems.” White customers were allowed entry without incident.

The state Attorney General’s office confirms that the bar must pay $80,000 to victims plus attorneys fees while $20,000 is suspended pending compliance.

The consent judgement also precludes the bar “from denying entry, requiring a different or inflated cover charge, or requiring a different standard to qualify for entry based on a patron’s actual or perceived race, color, or national origin,” reports Attorney General Martha Coakley said in a statement.

‘‘Massachusetts businesses should not subject individuals to discrimination of any kind, including decisions that are based on prejudice or stereotypes,’’ Coakley said, according to The Boston Globe. “Businesses owe it to their customers and their communities to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that they operate free from all forms of discrimination.”

The bar’s owner initially denied claims of discrimination and said that those who were denied entry to the bar were intoxicated. If the case had not been settled, it would have gone to trial later this month. The bar was founded in 1963.





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Woman With Enormous Tumor Denied Care Because She Didn’t Have Health Insurance

Woman With Enormous Tumor Denied Care Because She Didn’t Have Health Insurance


The woman in this picture appears to be pregnant but she’s not. That’s not a baby growing inside her stomach, it’s a massive tumor. To make matters worse, the woman can’t get doctors to remove the tumor because she doesn’t have health insurance.

Georgia resident Doris Lewis, 59, says four different hospitals have turned down her request for surgery because she doesn’t have health insurance. Lewis says she lost her health insurance after her husband passed away but it didn’t become a problem until the tumor started growing.

“It’s getting bigger every day,” said Lewis. “I can feel it on my body. My heart hurts a little bit. I didn’t know it was a tumor in there. I thought I was just gaining weight at first. Some of the guys [doctors] looked at me and said, ‘You got a tumor in there. That is so big. Bout to pop.’”

Lewis says doctors told her the tumor is wrapped around her ovaries. She says she’s attempted to have a number of different surgeons remove the tumor but has been denied due to lack of insurance.

“I’ve been trying to get insurance for the longest but had no success,” said Lewis.

Family members have also grown concerned about her health condition.

“I don’t know how long that she has to be able to live with this thing in her,” said her daughter, Sarina Lewis.

After another trip to the emergency room for pain she was experiencing, Lewis finally found a doctor who said he’d treat her regardless of the cost. Her surgery is scheduled for June.


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Arson Suspect Acquitted by Jury in Only 4 Minutes

Arson Suspect Acquitted by Jury in Only 4 Minutes

Ryan Wilson

Given George Zimmerman’s acquittal and the mixed verdict in the Jordan Davis trial, it would be only normal to view Floridian jurors with a certain degree of suspicion. However, a jury in Florida acquitted an arson suspect in only four minutes after reaching the conclusion that he’d been wrongfully accused.

News4Jax reports  that Ryan Wilson was acquitted mainly because jurors believed that his accuser, also his ex-girlfriend, wasn’t being completely honest. In fact, they believed that the woman was pinning the blame on him as a way of being malicious.

Wilson was accused of setting a string of fires but was found not guilty on three counts of arson and two counts of burglary. Wilson was arrested in August.

Authorities say at least 10 vehicles and two apartments had been set on fire in the early morning hours.

“His actions have resulted in thousands of dollars in property damage and resources spent through the fire department, as well as law enforcement and could have caused serious injury or death,” said Sheriff Bill Leeper said at the time.

The fires were set between February and May, but police tied Wilson to the April 25 arson. Jurors did not agree with police and acquitted Wilson.

Police are still searching for the real arsonist and offering $11,000 to anyone with information which leads to an arrest.




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Why Are People More Concerned About Sagging Pants Than Global Warming?

Why Are People More Concerned About Sagging Pants Than Global Warming?


by Forrest Palmer

If I go up to the typical white man in Amerikkka and said the following things, these would be the responses:

“We need to do be worrying about this Arctic ice issue” – Response: Silence

“We need to be worried about the end of our industrial economy once peak oil cause a collapse of proportions never before seen by humans” – Response: Shrug of the shoulders

“We should be concerned about the amount of particulates in the atmosphere from the pollution that is causing respiratory illnesses amongst people globally, and especially the youth” – Response: Indifference


No matter the politically correct language that is used today, the sentiment still remains the same…I have heard a million conversations from mfers saying that black folks are the problem, EVEN FROM MANY BLACK FOLKS…BUT, I have never heard ANY of the above conversation outside of me being the problem in any everyday interactions between folks here in Amerikkka…Plenty of ‘the n¡gger problem’ talk, but little of anything else…something like this doesn’t even register a blip on most people’s radars…sagging pants, yes…the death knell of one of the most important environmental structures on Earth..not so much…

As a species, we truly deserve our coming reckoning…


An article at Mother Jones describes how climate change is melting sheets of ice and impacting sea levels. This could have disastrous repercussions:

That’s why scientists have long feared a day like this would come. Two new scientific papers, in the journals Science and Geophysical Research Letters, report that major glaciers that are part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appear to have become irrevocably destabilized. The whole process may still play out on the scale of centuries, but due to the particular dynamics of this ice sheet, the collapse of these major glaciers now “appears unstoppable,” according to NASA (whose researchers are behind one of the two studies).

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