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Yvette Carnell writes about politics, international and cultural issues for Your Black World and is the founder of BreakingBrown.

Before embarking on a career in new media, she served as a Congressional aide, first to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), and later to former Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR).

In her time on the Hill, she also worked as Regional Field Director for America’s Families United (AFU), one of the largest non-profit Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns active during the 2004 election cycle.

In the broader Democratic Party, she served as assistant to the Director of the Women’s Vote Center at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). She has since distanced herself from the Democratic Party and considers herself an independent.

Her articles have been featured in the Huffington Post and YourBlackWorld. She has been featured by national news outlets including, but not limited to; The Nation, The Guardian, Politico and NPR.

She received a B.A. in Political Science from Howard University.

Contact her HERE.  Or email editor@breakingbrown.com for speaking engagements or media appearances.








  • Moe Seager says:

    Paris calling: Mr.Carnell, Yvette, As an American  living in Paris I find your site, your various p.o.v. pieces nourishing. I contribute with a blog, Paris Calling,  and as a published poet – I read and agitate for change in the States – I’m in various U.S.cities about 3 months each year. My latest indictment theme – Ethnic Cleansing – America’s modern era warfare waged on people of color.  Keep up your most vital, urgent contributions. In the spirit, Moe Seager

  • eedan0833 says:

    First of all, I don’t want to discuss black business with white people. We need to exclude whitey whenever possible. I realize Oprah can’t do anything without the white man but she could do more for us
    But like Obama she is restricted. Because of crackers like OReilly, Hannity, Rush and other racist scumbag will be all over her.

  • TransientObservationist says:

    So glad I discovered this site!

  • shajuan1955 says:

    A great American leader of African descent (whom the majority of African Americans never heard of) observed that ever since we started calling ourselves “black” we have been more divided and more hateful towards each other than at anytime in our history. I am sure when we read our history we will never see the term “negro on negro crimes.” Black is a negative term. Every description in the dictionary where the term black is used is negative. Black plague, blackmail, black magic, black sheep (bad person), blacked out (loss of consciousness), blackout (loss of electrical power), black hole (object in space), a black outlook (problems), black balled (blocked from something), blacklisted (list of those blocked) etc. etc. The synonyms for black is: dark, gloomy, obscure, dusky, murky, dim, shadowy, sooty, swarthy, dirty, dingy, sad, depressing, somber, doleful, mournful, funereal, disastrous, calamitous, sinful, inhuman, fiendish, devilish, infernal, monstrous; atrocious, horrible; nefarious, treacherous, traitorous, villainous. And we are surprised by our hateful treatment of each other and when people of other ethnic groups think badly of us. Contrasting to black is all the wonderful positive descriptions for “white.” No wonder the majority of African Americans and some of the members of other ethnic group all worship the imagery of the Caucasian people. Subconsciously we reject “black” and aspire to be “white.” Using the term “black” as an ethnic identify is one of the mentally crippling things that have been causing us problems since the 1960s. Human beings must stop identifying themselves as a color. In addition we are feeding the egos of Caucasians by calling them “white.”

  • shajuan1955  
    I agree with what you have written. Negro is a Spanish word for Blacks. I am currently living in the Middle East, the word that is used is Nubian, when they actually say Black they have a frown upon their face.

    this confusions come about because the so called Black Intellectuals are so confused themselves, trying to fit in amongst white elitism.

  • thinkiqnc says:

    For some reason, my computer will not display your website as it originally did. I have a brown background and nothing is in order. If I respond to a topic it comes out under the Al Sharpton piece. Any suggestions?

  • thinkiqnc empty your cache

  • thinkiqnc says:

    Yvette Carnell thinkiqnc  Thanks

  • suggswriter says:

    Ms. Carnell,
    I am attempting to get my resume along with a letter of inquiry to you. The email I sent to editor@breakingbrown.com was kicked back. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • Deep0071 says:

    So they toldja to be black… that you are black when you look white. If you look white but are black… does one try harder to be black. Why? Who told you to identify with black. Who implanted the suggestion.  How can you really be ‘black’ if you LOOK white???? But the better question is why marginalize yourself as a color. Who implanted that suggestion as a goal.  It induces you into a moral weakness in which either power or money can be promised and you have no choice but to follow.
    The Matrix has you. Everything you think you know is a LIE

  • Kintu says:

    The ancient people of Kemet and Sumer called themselves black.The only negative connotation to the use term black, is in your twisted mind.

  • VivaHabbitVanAssen says:

    Hello, I wanted to pass this on for your to read after I listen to your piece on you tube tonight I think you will find this a most interesting  read.


    I really like very much of your view point  we’re pretty close in mind set.  yours Viva

  • ericathescholar89 says:

    As a young black woman(aspiring to be a doctor),its truly refreshing to come across websites like this….much peace and love ?

  • rwspino says:

    shajuan1955 I thought that we had fought this particular war about the connotations of the word ‘black’ in the 1960’s.  That it is being raised again is puzzling to me.  While it is the case that naming, labeling, does matter, there is a physical characteristic of our skin color and tones that we are black/brown/tanned/light skinned and so so.  My preference would be to lean towards truth in labeling.  We are Black, talented, and proud.  As a writer and philosopher what I’ve tried to do is to continue the propagation of the spirit of the Black Power movement that was essentially affirmative about being Black and refusing to make any apologizes for being so.  In this connection I have published one novel, “The Black Garden”, one of whose themes is that there is black beauty in nature as exhibited in flowers and plants.  In addition, I written, but not published, another novel, “Black Sunshine”, that shows how blackness is a characteristic of the very physical nature of the universe.  So, I say lets not retreat from the acceptance of how we visually appear but take pride in who we are.

  • ScootiePayton says:

    I love your commentary. You have a realistic view on what affects the lives of our people.

  • monodookiekie says:

    Yvette we love you to death sister…keep it up.

  • P Bennett says:

    Really enjoy your content and youtube videos.
    Thanks for putting it out there.

  • Mynews says:

    Love listening to you Yvette Carnell. Your commentary is real, raw, full of exposure, and enlightening!! I will continue to follow you and your work. Keep up the much needed and now (some Blacks) wanted work.

  • freddylongsongs says:

    I’m a fan and you put a battery in my back about Soul Work and that alone is potent. I’d patent, market and sell that motto. Soul Work!

  • Koach K says:

    I LOVE THIS!! Hey FAMILY!!! I attended Howard University….Poli Sci major as well……this is SO REFRESHING….for years now I’ve felt frustrations with the Matrix knowing and seeing it isn’t or hasn’t been working for our peoples as a whole…..only for the BOULE so to speak…..and its been hard reaching peers who’ve bought into the american dream (sleep) enjoying success, but forgetting struggles of the whole (and I don’t think they do it intentionally just the indoctrination runs deep)…I AGREE with your points on reparations, real politics and love this source of REAL NEWS!! TIRED OF CNN/FOX lies and propaganda!! I give praise to the FATHER for the AWAKENING is COMING!! Your brother Thomas aka KIP lol

  • Michael L Shavers says:

    Stumbled across your Presidential Results video on YouTube. Full disclosure, am a Conservative Black Man. But found your TRUE care and commentary on Our People’s situation to be refreshing. I do not fully support the Republicans. And I cannot support a political party that has, I my humble opinion, continually promised to help with problems within Our Communities, taken Our People’s vote for granted, and have yet to do anything more than give us more lip service. Your dissection of the disaster that was the Democratic Party’s Presidential Nominee was on point. I warned others that her baggage would be her undoing. And as you said, the American People have always suspected that the candidate was VERY flawed, to put it politely, but we had no real proof…until Wikileaks. Now that the proof was laid bare for all to see, the VERY flawed candidate became downright toxic for most Americans. And I, just as you did, informed those on the opposite side of the political spectrum months ago that Mr Sanders would be a better choice as he cannot possibly have more baggage than she who should not be named. For your obvious TRUE love of Our People and REAL talk about the situation, you gave my respect and attention. I will be following you as I appreciate someone who is real…as opposed to Van Jones, for example.

  • shbkyn45 says:

    I just recently discovered this African site, even though I was told it is not own by Africans.  My complaint, I find there are pictures that is so distasteful, and disgusting, if I continue to see this kind of stuff, I will stop visiting your site.

  • Michael L Shavers says:

    1) Not an African site, is a ProBlack/Brown American site, 2) What distasteful/disgusting pictures? With exception of the white officer thumbs up picture, all others are tasteful and informative (much props), and lastly 3) Please don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. To make it simple: BYE.

  • vanity12 says:

    your the best!!!

  • convertz says:

    Yvette Carnell is the TRUTH.  My wife and I just love her insightful commentary.

  • SarahJohnson5 says:

    Hey Yvette, have you read this proposal being sent to Trump this week by the group Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration?  Here is the memo link: http://lawenforcementleaders.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/LEL_Agenda_for_a_New_Administration.pdf
    I read through the proposal and I thought their ideas were really smart and research based. I have read The New Jim Crow and I think even Michelle Alexander would concur with these ideas. I sent an email to Mr. Trump asking him to consider it and I’m going to contact my senators and representative asking them to support the legislation they are trying to resurrect:  The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 which was killed in the senate.


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