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Rep. Maxine Waters on Release of Scott Video: “I’m With the Wife, I Don’t Care What the Law Says!”

Rep. Maxine Waters on Release of Scott Video: “I’m With the Wife, I Don’t Care What the Law Says!”

Congresswoman Maxine Waters reacted to the release of video showing the moments just before Keith Scott was shot to death by Charlotte police.

In the video, Scott’s wife, Rakeyia Scott, can be heard pleading with police not to shoot her husband.

“Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him,” she says. “He has no weapon. He has no weapon.”

Police yell again at Mr. Scott: “Drop the gun! Drop the f—ing gun!”

“He doesn’t have a gun,” she says. “He has a T.B.I. [traumatic brain injury]. He’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.”


After commanding Scott to drop the gun several more times, police opened fire, killing Mr. Scott.

After reviewing the video, Rep. Waters said, “I am so upset, watching this video and listening to the cries and pleas of a wife who says he has no weapon and had just taken his medicine.”

Waters also questioned why, since Mr. Scott wasn’t threatening anyone, police had to shoot him.

“Even if they had to sit there and wait it out until she talked him out of the car, why did they have to advance and kill him?” Waters asked.

Waters was then asked about the North Carolina law that prevents the release of dashcam or bodycam video.

“I don’t care what the law says,” Rep. Waters said. “You have a wife who videoed what took place, her husband has been murdered, and if you tell me that she should care about a law that is in place literally to protect police anyway, and that she should not have shown it, I’m with the wife. I don’t care what the law says!”

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20/09/16 Black News , ybw

Flint’s Right to Sue Over Lead Poisoning Revoked by State of Michigan

Flint’s Right to Sue Over Lead Poisoning Revoked by State of Michigan

Imagine being poisoned with a neurotoxin, then being denied the right to sue the state that poisoned you. That’s exactly what’s happening to the residents of Flint, Michigan.

After Flint Mayor Karen Weaver took action to protect the city’s right to sue over lead-filled water, that right was revoked by the state.

From the Detroit Free Press:

The controversy began March 24, when Flint filed a notice of intent to sue the State of Michigan in the Court of Claims. At the time, Weaver and other city officials said they had no plans to sue the state but had to take the action to reserve the city’s rights, should city leaders later determine a need to sue the state over the lead contamination of Flint’s drinking water. Under state court rules, the city had 180 days from the time it became aware of a potential claim to file the notice or it would lose the right to sue in the future, city officials said, and March 24 was the 180th day.

State lawmakers demanded that Weaver withdraw the notice, and when that didn’t happen, they took matters into their own hands.


Since Flint is no longer ruled under a Democratic process, but by an advisory board, revoking the city’s rights was easy:

….the state quickly and quietly defused any imminent legal threat, using the Receivership Transition Advisory Board that continues to oversee many aspects of Flint city government while the city emerges from emergency management.

However, “the (advisory board) resolution also clarified that its approval was required before the settlement or initiation of litigation,” Heaton said in an e-mail to the Free Press on Friday.

Now Flint cannot sue the state without state approval.

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20/09/16 Black News , ybw

White Louisiana Residents Outraged at Firing of Police Chief Who Blamed Obama for ‘War’ on Cops

White Louisiana Residents Outraged at Firing of Police Chief Who Blamed Obama for ‘War’ on Cops

A white Louisiana police chief was fired after blaming President Obama for a supposed war on cops. One would think that would be the end of the controversy, but many white people in the Louisiana community are upset over the chief’s firing.

Chief Skylar Dore was fired over an unprofessional and factually unfounded post that accused President Obama of not doing enough to stop the mostly imagined ‘war on cops’.

As BreakingBrown reported in July, the chief launched into an expletive filled rant against Obama after three Baton Rouge police officers were killed by a black gunman.


“Hey Mr. (expletive) president when are you going to grow a (expletive) pair. And tell it like it is. These are terrorist. That have declared (expletive) war on my brother. (White police officers) enough is enough,” Chief Dore ranted in his adolescent social media tirade.

Actually, there is no war on police, white or otherwise, as violence against police officers is actually decreasing:

The FBI’s preliminary statistics, part of a larger Uniform Crime Reporting release coming in the fall, indicate that 41 police officers were intentionally killed in the U.S. while in the line of duty in 2015. Every officer death is tragic, of course, but this number marks a decrease of nearly 20 percent compared to the 51 law enforcement officers killed in 2014.

But Dore was getting overly emotional, something not foreign to police officers judging from the dashcam footage of shootings and beatings posted on YouTube. What is more worrisome is the response of some white citizens in the Jonesville community to Dore’s remarks.


The post instantly cleaved the community in two. Many black residents, who make up 70 percent of Jonesville, saw it as a racist rant. Some whites defended Dore, saying he had the right to speak his mind. Two days later, the majority-black town council fired the young chief.


Some whites said he was a victim of a witch hunt. According to Stevenson, at least one commenter appeared to threaten violence against blacks….


Tillman Jolly, a white carpenter whose Facebook page includes a photo of a gun atop a Bible, urged people to march to town hall and demand Dore’s reinstatement. Jolly thought Dore’s post had been “tough but fair” and that Jonesville had axed its best police chief over political correctness….

Dore, of course, sees no issue with how he behaved. And why should he? NOLA also reports that he’s gotten numerous job offers since his firing.

“I was upset with the president. Quite frankly, I still am,” Dore said.  “I’m a police officer. I’m a chief. But I’m also an American citizen, and I have just as much rights as any other American citizen.”

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19/09/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw

Investigation Underway After Black Motorcyclist Allegedly Trapped, Shot Dead by D.C. Police

Investigation Underway After Black Motorcyclist Allegedly Trapped, Shot Dead by D.C. Police

A second Washington DC police officer has been placed on leave and is under investigation in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man.

Police claim Terrence Sterling, 31, was fatally shot after ramming his motorcycle into a police cruiser. Officers say they spotted Stirling’s motorcycle driving erratically at around 4 a.m. on September 11th.

A witness, however, told Fox 5 that Sterling was trapped and trying to get away when he was shot dead by police:

According to witness Kandace Simms–who was sitting in her car waiting for the light to change– Sterling rode his bike down the left lane next to her, and he suddenly collided with a Metropolitan Police Department cruiser. Simms says the cruiser pulled into the intersection in what appeared to be an attempt to block the motorcycle, and the collision in her opinion was unavoidable. She tells FOX 5 Sterling then revved the engine, and appeared to be trying to find a way to drive off when the window on the passenger side of the marked cruiser rolled down, and the officer in the passenger seat fired two shots. Simms says she heard no commands from the officer, and neither the police car’s lights nor the siren were on. Sterling, she says, immediately fell off the bike and she could see blood coming from the area around his helmet.

Several witnesses also told NBC News that Sterling was not trying to ram the police cruiser at the time of the shooting.

Several witnesses said the collision was unavoidable and Sterling did not intentionally strike the cruiser. They also said the officer was not trying to get out of his car, but instead rolled his window down and shot Sterling from inside the car after the crash.

The officer did not turn on his body camera until after the shooting.

Sterling’s employer says the motorcyclist had just left a bachelor party at the time of the shooting.

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16/09/16 Black Crime & Incarceration , Black News , ybw

Man Allegedly Chases Dog Walking Black Man, Attacks Him, Slaps Dog

Man Allegedly Chases Dog Walking Black Man, Attacks Him, Slaps Dog

A St.Louis man has been charged with a hate crime after allegedly attacking an African-American man.

Ibrahim Secic, 23, allegedly began yelling racial slurs at the man as he walked his dog at 7am on Wednesday.

Secic then began running after the victim and hit him on the back of the head. Police also allege that he hit the victim’s dog in the face.

When police arrived, Secic refused to put his hand behind his back.

Secic is charged with assault motivated by discrimination and resisting arrest. Bail was set at $10,000.

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