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Cop Who Gunned Down 16 Year Old Kimani Gray Awarded “Cop of the Year”

Cop Who Gunned Down 16 Year Old Kimani Gray Awarded “Cop of the Year”

kimani gray

“Cops give a d@mn about a Negro, pull a trigger, k¡ll a n¡gga he’s a hero..” -2Pac

One of the officers who gunned down 16 year old Kimani Gray has declined to accept a “Cop of the Year” award due to community pressure, reports ThinkProgress.

Gray was fatally wounded in 2013 when two plainclothes NYPD officers opened fire on him. Officers alleged that Gray pulled a revolver on undercover cops, but no gun was ever found. Gray was shot 7 times, including three bullets to the back. Witnesses also disagreed about the sequence of events, with one eyewitness saying the teen was “running for his life” when he was gunned down: “He was running for his life, telling the cops, “Stop,” said witness Camille Johnson. ”They really are, seriously, walking around, shooting little kids.” Another eyewitness said Gray was adjusting his belt at the time he was shot: 

Sgt. Mourad Mourad, one of two officers involved in the shooting, was named “Cop of the Year”  by the NYPD Muslim Officers Society, but declined to accept due to public pressure.

“He’s done a lot of work taking down criminals and taking a lot of guns and drugs off the street,” Lt. Adeel Rana told the New York Daily News when first asked why he’d been chosen for the award.

“It’s an insult to the family and the community,” said former city council member Charles Barron, who is close to the Gray family. “There has been a pattern in the Police Department to reward cops who killed our Black youth.”

In addition, the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, Linda Sarsour, said the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition contacted both the Muslim Officers Society and Sgt. Mourad directly to protest of the award.



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Only 8% of Black Voters Support Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Against Challenger

Only 8% of Black Voters Support Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Against Challenger

Rahm smiling

When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel ran to replace Richard Daley as mayor, Emanuel was given the benefit of the doubt by black voters because he’d been President Obama’s chief of staff.  A lot has changed since then though; crime has spiraled out of control in the city, Emanuel has overseen the closure of 50 public schools–to be replaced by privatized charter schools– and corruption appears to be at an all time high.

A poll commissioned by the Chicago Sun Times which measured Emanuel’s support against his potential opponents — including County Board President Toni Preckwinkle —shows that most black voters no longer support Emanuel as mayor.

“Among African-American voters surveyed, Emanuel gets 8 percent, barely above the 3 percent registered by Fioretti and Shaw. Preckwinkle got 35 percent. Lewis scored 16 percent,” according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Considering how Emanuel has funneled public funds from the bottom to the top, it’s no surprise that his star has fallen in the eyes of black voters. Emanuel claimed that there was not enough funding available to keep public schools open, yet he’s opening new charter schools, including one named after President Obama.

Emanuel’s drastic decision to close such a large number of public schools actually caused a teacher’s strike, the first in 25 years. Although Emanuel’s drop among blacks is enormous, he doesn’t fare much better among Hispanics either.

“Another warning sign is the mayor’s meager 2 percent showing among Hispanics, Chicago’s fastest-growing demographic group, compared with Preckwinkle’s 40 percent,” the Times reports.

Emanuel’s only hope is whites, with whom he still has a 3-1 advantage in the polls. Still, if the race were held today, Emanuel would defeat Preckwinkle by three percentage points.


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High School Dropout Who Fails at Everything Selected as Clippers CEO

High School Dropout Who Fails at Everything Selected as Clippers CEO

Dick Parsons

Dick Parsons is a curious fellow. He fails at everything he tries and yet, those in power keep blessing him with opportunities. As The Daily Banter noted in an in depth 2012 piece, shareholders at Citigroup filed a lawsuit against the outgoing chairman for his corporate raiding. Parsons’ history is littered with these types of corporate failures and embarrassments, and yet, CNN reports that Parsons is set to lead the L.A. Clippers.

Parsons has a habit of leading companies right into the ground, then scampering away with golden parachutes for  top executives. While at Citigroup, the Too-Big-to-Fail bank that got the largest bailout from the government, Parsons hooked up top executives with enormous payouts.

“He arranged a pay package for CEO Vikram Pandit amounting to $53 million despite the fact that Citi’s stock plummeted 44% last year, and has woefully underperformed other bank stocks even by their low standards,” wrote Mark Ames of the Banter.

And before Citigroup, there was Parsons’ failure at AOL Time Warner:

Parsons headed AOL Time Warner, where he helped pull off what is widely considered the single worst business deal in corporate American history: a fraud-rife merger that wiped out $200 billion in shareholder value, ruined employees, retirees and investors, sparked numerous criminal investigations and dozens of lawsuits, and yet somehow managed to enrich a tiny handful of executives—including Dick Parsons—to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

And even prior to that, Parsons was chairman of Dime Savings, a firm guilty of mortgage fraud. In the 1980’s, the company falsified documents to allow unqualified borrowers to get loans.

The question then becomes, how can a man with so little by way of achievements still elicit so many lucrative job offers?

Parsons doesn’t even have a stellar academic record. He is a high school dropout who got his GED and enrolled at the University of Hawaii, then flunked out of college. Almost miraculously, Parsons’ life changed after he met Nelson Rockefeller. Parsons’ father had been a groundskeeper for the family and Parsons’ life began to blossom under the wealthy family’s influence. According to the Banter, Parsons admitted that the Rockefellers began hooking him up.

Somehow, the black slacker kid who dropped out of high school and flunked out of college got into Albany Law school and became the school’s valedictorian. Parsons also took the New York state bar exam and scored the highest in the state, surpassing even those of notoriously competitive Ivy League high achievers.

Somehow a lackluster student became brilliant, with some assistance from the Rockefellers, and now that same man, who has proven to be a failure as an executive, is headed to the Clippers. Isn’t it time to pump the breaks and ask why a man so unqualified is again being selected to lead? And what hand are the Rockefellers playing in Parsons’ corporate pillaging?

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New Study Shows African-Americans Are Still Being Left Behind Economically

New Study Shows African-Americans Are Still Being Left Behind Economically

wealth gap

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago found that African-Americans are still being left behind economically and the trend will likely continue unless systemic disparities are addressed.

As it stands, African-Americans are more likely to fall behind (or remain behind) economically and this troubling inequality is likely to continue to depress the economy if policy makers don’t enact policy prescriptions.

From Bloomberg:

Such stagnation isn’t just troubling in the framework of American history — it’s bad for the economy, said Richard Reeves, a fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington. If blacks don’t have the opportunity to rise, income inequality will become more severe, labor markets more inefficient and welfare rolls more burdened.

Reeves also discusses how some have been led to believe that African-Americans are doing much better simply because of the number of high profile, wealthy African-Americans.

“It’s nice to look at Obama and the higher-profile African Americans who have done well, but the U.S. is very far from being a post-racial society,” Reeves said. “Crudely, we can’t afford to maintain such sharp divides in the life chances of black and white Americans.”

The point is that many African-Americans are stagnant and haven’t made any inroads toward upward mobility. For example, a senior economist at the Chicago Fed found that “50 percent of black children born between the late 1950s and early 1980s who lived in households at the bottom 20 percent of the income scale remained in the same relative position in adulthood.” This means that black people in the labor market aren’t being fully developed and utilized, proving that the current labor market is inefficient.





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Black People Are Only Hurting Themselves By Opposing Homos*xuality

Black People Are Only Hurting Themselves By Opposing Homos*xuality
Black people proudly holding up their sammiches.

Black people proudly holding up their sammiches.

by Yvette Carnell

I couldn’t agree more with Forrest Palmer’s assessment of how opposition to homos*xuality in the black community greatly diminishes our ability to do good:

After going back to that thread I referenced earlier to see where a few cats have been going H.A.M. (Hard as a motherfucker) in defense of repressing homos*xuals and homos*xuality, I have come to one conclusion after these 41 years of residing in the most ultra-religious, ultra-conservative, ultra-homophobic, ultra-macho culture here in Amerikkka and across the globe, the black/African community:


If black folks worried even 1/1,000,000,000th about anything else of importance as we worry about homos*xuality, then we wouldn’t be incarcerated at genoc¡dal levels, cloistered in some of the most reprehensible places known to man, forced to live in environmentally destroyed communities, taken advantage of everyday economically across the globe, giving up all the arable land in Africa for fiat money, dying due to malnutrition, famine and thirst and all the other vagaries of life we face with nary a f•cking peep from most of us, especially the men who are more concerned about their f•cking bench press and whipping somebody’s ass in the greatest case of disconnect known to man since we are the most dominated people on the f•cking planet…Talk about fiddling while f•cking Rome burned…

It’s what my friend Darryl calls ‘work avoidance.’ I’m sure passing anti gay laws gave Uganda something to take attention away from everything falling apart around them. That’s the job of the anti-gay movement, to get religious folks riled up about something they can’t and shouldn’t even want to change. When you fight against the LGBT movement, it’s just you, chasing your own tail. As the Flinstones character said, “Hello, dumb dumb.” Living in a country where people view buying fried chicken sandwiches (a-la-Chick-fil-A) as activism makes me feel as if I was dropped off on the wrong planet. I don’t belong here.

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