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What About Radical Christianity?

Dear Honorable New York Senator Peter King, As a concerned citizen, I am writing you about the recent Homeland Security Committee hearings that you organized to get to the bottom

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President Obama, Stay the Hell Out of Libya

Mr. President, there are too many white boys on your staff and in the news media and in the cartoon character gallery (this means you, Newt Gingrich), white boys that

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Via Alumni Roundup: Google at Howard University March 30, 2011

Google will be at Howard University hosting a digital empowerment session on March 30, 2011. Read full details at Alumni Roundup.

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Facebook for Brown People

One of the most interesting aspects of brown blogging that I’ve personally noticed is the total ignoring of all things technical. It’s as if we’ve handed over social media savvy,

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Who Are the Middle Class?

Globalism is a recent phenomenon which, mostly because of its deteriortive affects on the American middle class, has become a steady topic of conversation. However, most armchair economists spend little

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Suicide Watch

Francis Holland is an abundantly talented political blogger with a proclivity for  suicide. Now, one may ask why doesn’t someone send him help, therapy, a watchman! Well, it’s apparent from

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