February 3, 2017 12:09 pm

“Your Life Is About to Get Wicked”–Data From 2/01 Live Broadcast


1.) Data regarding the most recent polling on Trump’s “Muslim ban” came via a tweet from Nate Cohn at the New York Times.

2.) The Immigration Act of 1965 came around the same time that African-Americans were winning gains through the Civil Rights movement. Read more here.

3.) This headline pulls at the heart strings, but what they don’t tell you in the headline is that this family named their second son Trump. Read the article here

4.) Find the full story of the Syrians with buyers remorse here. 

5.) The Atlantic’s story about President Trump’s consideration of executive orders that would ban immigrants who become a burden to the U.S. can be found here. 

6.) BONUS–New Gallup poll on Trump’s “Muslim ban”. 


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  • JavaVon Hackett says:

    First of all I love you guys!! Is it possible maybe at the end of your shows you can suggest books to read, please?

  • Willie Daniels says:

    http://www.msnbc.com/am-joy/watch/donald-trump-s-african-american-agenda-870203459597 In Donald Trump’s draft executive order barring any immigrants who might need public assistance, there is a line on how the money saved from blocking the immigrants could be invested in “inner-city communities” and “disadvantaged youth.”

  • Mike0355 says:

    Yvette: My name is Michael Collins. I have been watching your show now for about five months it has been very informational. I am communicating with you regarding the media not focusing on how African-Americans issues are being ignored regarding poverty. CNNews has been showing White collapsing communities and listening to the people the people that live in those communities. Also, there has not been one Black Congress Representative that has spoken on Black people’s behalf or, experience dealing with their poverty, Illegal Immigration, Refugees (Arab-owned business) and the lost of their communities.  
    Arabs in this country acquire 91.4% in food stamps, and  68%.3 on cash welfare are the Black Caucus, and the Black media has failed Black people tremendously because this organization has failed to represent us in a proper manner then, our white counterpart.

  • Johnw11 says:

    The reason these Arab and Persian immigrants named their children “Trump” and voted for Trump is because they seek a privileged life in the U.S. for themselves and their children. Many voted for Clinton for the same reason. They are white by U.S. law (Directive 15, 1977).
    Although culturally, many of these MENA (Middle Eastern – North Africa) immigrants are different from the majority white U.S. population, their children are typically imbued with white cultural values and often blend right in with the flow. In terms of social racism; racist expressions against Blacks are readily transferred from their native  “A- word” (‘Adeed”) to the U.S. “N-word.” 
    Should they inter-marry, or otherwise procreate with U.S. whites, their children benefit from a race assignment method / system called “hyper-descent.” Unlike “hypo-descent,” where children of mixed heritage are assigned to the race of the parent ascribed the lowest societal status, in hyper-descent, children of such mixed parentage are assigned to the race of the  parent with the highest societal status. In other words, while children of Black / white, Arab, white Latina, Asian, etc., mixed parentage are ascribed “Black,” children of mixed parentage of white, Arab, white Latina, Asian, etc., are ascribed “sociologically white” status, with full privileges and benefits.
    It is because of hyper-descent that many social scientists disagree with the Census projection that the U.S. will become majority “non-white” in a few decades. What the Census misses in its projections are the nuances of social assignment of race in the U.S.

  • Miguelle Lee says:

    The following is an excerpt from yet another asinine email I received from Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office today –
    “These executive orders betray our fundamental values and are rooted in an un-American hostility toward the most vulnerable in our communities. Not only are these policies cruel, they’re also counterproductive. Building a wall on the border and demonizing Muslims doesn’t make us stronger — it alienates our allies and undermines our national security.”
    If you live in California (even if you don’t) call, email, Tweet, FB, IG, snail mail her and let your voice BE HEARD!!! She entitled this email, “Protecting Our Community”. Ask her how she can claim to do so when she is dismantling our society, undermining a duly elected president, supporting open borders, protecting illegal and criminal aliens in sanctuary cities, ignoring the broken and stolen lives of those victims of Islamic-inspired terrorist acts, and promoting the continued outsourcing of jobs both within and without our nation leaving millions without a means to support their families which results in violence and death??? Ask her which part of her behaviors are AMERICAN?? Ask her why it is ok for her to sponsor cruelty to and the demonization of American citizens??? TELL HER WE WILL VOTE HER OUT!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! ACT NOW!!!
    I have called both her local and federal offices – (510) 763-0370 and (202) 225-2661. I also emailed her and will be posting the same message on her FB page. WHAT WILL YOU DO???

  • Miguelle Lee says:

    Yvette, am here in Calif. There is a group called “BAMN” which stands for By Any Means Necessary. One of the leaders is a Filipina named Yvette Felarca. Your show on Wednesday touched on the resurrected strategy of the left in manipulating Black icons to lend moral authority to their shady dealings which do not benefits Blacks at all. Please speak more about this in coming shows!

  • Doug H Hughes says:

    The link I just put in this comment section is there any way you can look into this and maybe touch on it and bring some awareness I love the show keep it up we need you

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