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February 25, 2017

Immigrants Are “Stealing Our 14th Amendment Rights” Says Black Activist

Immigrants Are “Stealing Our 14th Amendment Rights” Says Black Activist

The Fourteenth Amendment, written as a Reconstruction amendment after the Civil War, was intended to benefit recently freed slaves who were being denied their rights in the South.

The first sentence of the amendment states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States.”

However, Sen. Jacob Howard of Michigan, author of the citizenship clause, expressly said: “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers.”

Open borders activists as well as legal scholars have disputed the intent of Howard’s comments, however.


Still, African-American activists are becoming more vocal in describing how this interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, which extends citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants, is hurting the African-American community.

In an interview with RT, activist Ted Hayes says illegal immigrants are stealing the birthright of African-Americans as extended by the Fourteenth Amendment.

“We can’t even go in neighborhoods that were once black for fear of being shot, beaten, what have you…”, said Hayes. Black people will be “eliminated” if we continue to extend citizenship to illegal immigrants,  Hayes added.

Watch the full interview below:

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238 thoughts on “Immigrants Are “Stealing Our 14th Amendment Rights” Says Black Activist

  1. Cree Seven says:

    Ted Hayes is the man.

  2. Sophia Brown says:

    This is true Dr. CLAUDE ANDERSON says the same thing they benifit from our civil rights movement. Black people need to stop supporting illegal immigrants and lgbt and worry about black people bcuz these groups do not support us.

  3. Sherron Pierce says:

    We are quasi citizens of the United States.

  4. Alvin Mahfood says:

    The greatest LIE ever told to humanity has been blown up
    Where is the WHITE JESUS
    That black people were forced to worship because they were not allowed to read and write.??
    Demonic criminals and GODLESS people in institutions of worship they have infiltrated all religions …whether it be Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Jewry, Buddhism, Orthodox,
    The TRUTH is taboo
    And labelled as a hate CRIME
    A lot of Black people don’t want to deal with Rasta because they feel threatened by Rasta. Well Rasta wasn’t the one that put them through 400 years of the most brutal system of slavery known to man. Rasta wasn’t the one who robbed them from their homeland. Rasta wasn’t the one who drowned them in an inferiority complex. Rasta wasn’t the one who lynched them. Rasta wasn’t the one who kept them in poverty. In fact those who violated them in such ways are the ones they’re flocking to, looking for guidance and religion. Rasta is really trying to uplift them. They should be turning to Rasta instead of shunning them. But they’re regarding enemies as friends and friends as enemies.
    Written by RASTA
    All ises to the King of all Kings

  5. Alvin Mahfood says:

    How do you truly feel deep inside when the white JESUS they had people worshipping turns out to be a “(TOTAL FRAUD)” taught for hundreds of years to poor people especially black “uneducated” poor people by corrupted churches infested with demonic PRIESTS.?….
    How do you actually and truly feel when you look at the fraudster politicians who are LEADERS of you nation/country giving glory/praises, also paying homage to your slave master, alien invader, foreign conqueror, half-man, HALF-BEAST, Neanderthal being, and giving reverence to the same white JESUS demonic teachings
    Aren’t These the same two political parties who both were created by and worked for the ENEMIES of the BLACKRACE that were teaching black PEOPLE lies as truth, “(Now)” being led by white college brainwashed educated imbeciles calling themselves preachers and educators..?? Communism & Capitalism, two white European ideological concepts being forced upon all humanity with only the bottomline intention of exalting white superiority.!!!!! And both claiming to be superpowers, Very interesting .!!!
    How do you feel when a RASTAMAN educated outside of the box.
    points out the real TRUTH to you in details about black history and not what the brainwash education SHITSTEM were and is still teaching in schools and churches.?
    Do you really look deeply within re-assess and accept .?
    Or do you continually indulge in the wrong teachings deeper, denying righteousness And Truth because you feel and look ashamed/like a fool to the public, your friends & children .?
    The white JESUS illusionary fantasy teachings is really a mentally destructive search adventure/challenge which causes you to be searching for nothing in nothing
    So you always end up with nothing
    And because you realize/know after a certain period of time or experience, it’s all in vain, instead of making that “u turn”/180% turn you SUCCUMB to peer pressure…
    “(i:e)” what will people think.!
    What will the neighbors say.?
    What will my job do.?
    And start calling it a norm because everyone does it, or most people do it, or quite a few people do it too, so it can’t be so bad/ wrong.!!
    That’s the exact point in time spiritually you make the wrong decision
    And that’s your right to choose…
    Big question is
    Can and or Will a enemy teach a conquered people the real truth
    Or their the conquered soul original historical traditional heritage.,??
    Thank you

  6. Alvin Mahfood says:

    To all ETHIOPIANS at home and those scattered across the globe in foreign countries adapting the foreigners ideologies traditions and cultural heritage.
    Do not fight the evil man demonic fight
    The EVIL MAN is using you to destroy your own legacy
    By continuously lying,
    to fit his agenda
    Do not buy propaganda
    The media outlets are selling propaganda from left to right
    ETHIOPIA, Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, saw the rise and fall of the Pharaohs.
    She saw the empire of Campuses, Darius, Cyrus and Alexander the great melt into nothingness.
    She saw the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome become heaps of stones. This most ANCIENT of the nation’s saw the rising and setting of the Caesars of the west and east. She saw the birth of ISLAM, witnessed it’s sweep across the entire old world, and aided in its CHECK…She saw the rise and decline of, the HOLY Roman empire and the discovery of the new world. She saw Blackmen become slaves in the new world and again win their freedom. She beheld the rise and fall of Portugal, Spain, Holland, Sweden;
    Was present at Napoleon’s rise to power and his eclipse. As also that of German Kaiser. She played the leading role in the downfall of two previous Mussolinis, Depretis and Crispi. and by the aid of her strong right arm and dauntless spirit, she will also see the discomfiture and disgrace to this latest MENACE to world peace—–DONALD TRUMPH
    Give thanks and praises to the Lord of creation JAH RASTAFARI
    Thank you

  7. J Ted Williams says:

    This is very Stupid, ignorant, selfish, and non-spiritual—we been here 400 yrs.–it ain’t immigrants holding us back!!

  8. Cree Seven says:

    Sometimes, sir, when it appears that someone is behind you on the track, it i actually *you* who are behind by several laps.

  9. J Ted Williams says:

    I totally agree

  10. Jayfrombackinthe Day says:

    I saw this piece….I said “when is this guy going to be on breaking brown?” !!he said what he said and I was waiting to hear Iromy’s voice in the background…….IJS good stuff

  11. Alvin Smith El says:

    News 14th amendment corporate person means you’re not even a real person……jokes on all y’all U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f609U0001f60e

  12. Laila Thompson says:

    So immigrants do not affect our chances obtaining jobs.. When you have an influx of immigrants, jobs are in competition and one group of people are going to be shut out of resources.. When American students finish college, there are not surplus of jobs available to accommodate graduates. There is alot of competition among citizens and immigrants especially with work VISAs.. And like construction, truck driving, house cleaning jobs, landscaping, restsursunts, private sectors jobs, these are the jobs immigrants have conquered that Black people need and once had.. And they will give those jobs to immigrants before Black people and alot career degree jobs as well.. Immigrants have their own ecomonic flourishing communities, Black people do not. All immigrants come into Black communities and exploit our resources and economic gain.. So yes immigtation hurts Black Americans..

  13. Will Progenitor Lamar says:

    Everyone loves to wrapped themselves in our pain and suffering.

  14. Lois Thomas says:

    This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve seen in a while

  15. Rebecca Briggs Cance says:

    Why does everything come down to self-interest? I find it interesting that The New Black Panthers are calling for use of this same tactic to take over states. Make life so miserable for the residents that they leave. As far as ‘stealing’ jobs, that’s not possible. It may be that illegals are working lower skill jobs because they can pass a drug test and will show up for work, while receiving lower wages, but that’s not stealing, and those jobs don’t have a race attached to them. Most folks have issues with illegals burdening taxpayers, which is valid. And just the fact that they’ve broken a federal law and are not being held accountable. Maybe time for some deeper thought.

  16. Archange Antoine says:

    This is so dividing and takes away from the real enemy. Also, there are many immigrants who are also Black. What do we do about that?

  17. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Nothing. African Americans aren’t immigrants and have our own battles to fight.

  18. Brandon Vasquez says:

    Misleading. Their trap

  19. Archange Antoine says:

    Black progress in America has always been achieved through the support of Black immigrants. Study your history. Remember a man called Marcus Garvey? Remember a country called Haiti? Remember the family of Farrakhan’s family?

  20. Wendell Lamar Hatcher says:

    He is paid… I hate coons

  21. Michael Lynell says:

    Side with white supremacy will not save us.

  22. Jenny Edwards says:

    True except i don’t think its burdening tax payers because many pay taxes and will never benefit such as social security

  23. Dennis Reid says:

    Black People continued to sleep…this man is U0001f4af correct in assessment. I went to this Bank where everyone in the bank that was employed was Hispanic. I asked the teller do they hire other races and she just stood there with this dumbfounded look on her face. The same in a Nail Salon they only hire Asians. The problem is Whites always been concerned with the black race for some unknown reason while other races been practicing discriminatory hiring. But I guarantee if it was a Black business and all the employees was black these same whites would take notice instantaneously. Bottom line, Trump is doing African Americans a favor in deporting these leeches who can care less about black People. Matter of fact they would join White Supremacy if they could. Blacks always opening their hearts and their neighborhoods. I bet you won’t be welcome in their neighborhoods. Time for BLACKS to open Both eyes and see the whole picture. Last chance and it’s coming from Trump.

  24. Cynthia Perry says:

    Stop marching for them period…you see our injustices and don’t see they ass out marching. With or for us.send they ass back NOW!!! SCREW THEM

  25. Chaya Camote says:

    We support them in fixing their own countries when they go back.

  26. Archange Antoine says:

    This is propaganda used to demonize immigrants. Sorry, this is dumb.

  27. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Archange Antoine strategies from 100 years ago don’t work today. And black immigrants, IN LARGE NUMBERS, aren’t supporting African-Americans today.

  28. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Archange Antoine study the present.

  29. Archange Antoine says:

    Gregory Cornelius You are lying! You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. You are talking to one right now. Step outside your box.

  30. Chaya Camote says:

    For the lurkers, the video is 6 mins. It says if we are really going to help people, we help them in their own countries. We can’t import everyone here.

  31. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Prove what you claim. And do better than “my black immigrant friends support me.” Before we go on, who you? Are you African-American?

  32. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Oh ok. I see. You’re an african. One african. Tell your ppl to step their game up and do what you accuse them of doing.

  33. Gregory Cornelius says:

    Ha is right. Your “support” is a joke.

  34. Hudy Wiley says:

    Stealing? The 14th Admendment was enacted as a result of the Civil Rights movement of 1866, the constitution is nevertheless a living document and has been adjusted by the surpreme court to reflect that. SECTION 1.
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

  35. Archange Antoine says:

    I don’t even know what you are talking about … regardless, I love you brother! Keep up the fight for the plight of Black people. We need more unity not division.

  36. CarlaKnight says:

    Sounds like a personal problem to me.  There are Black Immigrants who come here and hate on African Americans and treat us just as bad as any other races does, trying to be like their oppressors.  Let them fight on their own.

  37. Xuma Collins says:

    Ted Hayes and his followers are extremely myopic; for him to see African Americans (descendent of slaves) in the narrative of a microcosm of pain and suffering, due to the presents of immigrants in this country ( especially people of color) is very astounding.
    Are the immigrants the reason while some police officer would arbitrarily execute our darker brothers and sisters and walk away without punitive?
    A sizable number of our people are placed in jails; some for no major reasons, lies or minor offense but, will remain incarcerated for a very long time. However, when these folks are released, no company is willing to hire them. Is it the presents of immigrants that is hampering them from getting hire or is it a systematic and perpetually designed that way.
    Remember this Mr. Hayes; Marcus Garvey, Stokely Carmichael, Harry Belafonte, Luis Farrakhan and many other stood and still standing in the vanguard to defend our people; these were either immigrant or 1st generations of immigrants
    At this time when we should be forming better alliances and standing in solidarity against racism, bigotry and all forms narcissism, there you’re sewing seeds of divisiveness. SHAME ON YOU oldmanTed Hayes!!!

  38. Jeffrey Arnold says:

    Our oppressors are WHITE if your not gonna address tht fact theres no need to this conversation. Iamjx

  39. Kashta Jay says:

    you cant occupy a place illegally acquire a job in that place and it not be stealing … anything acquired is obtained illegally put whatever noun on it you like. self preservation is the 1st law of nature so self interest should not surprise you … the nation operates off self interest , lgbt work hard for their self interest… women work hard for their self interest …. seems its only a problem when blacks fight for self interest it becomes a problem . cause they can pass a drug test… it is those subtle shots at our people that will no longer be tolerated it is a fact whites consume more drugs than blacks yet there worst unemployment numbers are half what they are for blacks here….lastly anyone who says they care about a tax burden is another uninformed hypocrite who has no clue where this nations money comes from or where it goes…If we could get down to the real issue Many of us realize that we never wanted someones 14th amendment bondage in the first place..Our struggle for those who have not forgotten IS simply for freedom via Self Determination and as these and other groups continue to get added in as part of the american experience it dilutes the real horror and real victims who are the only ones in the world who have suffered a 500 yr onslaught of Oppression!

  40. Jeffrey Arnold says:

    White have NEVER given us anything we can actually use. Iamjx

  41. Jeffrey Arnold says:

    Its passed time tht we invest in each other and our own , we owe tht to our children, stop just looking for a job, start a business, our lack of unity is our flaw, and thz the bottom line. Iamjx

  42. Xuma Collins says:

    In situations like this, the oppressed can easily gets confused and he may ends up misplacing his aggression easily….. Especially, if if he realizes that the oppressor has far more greater strength.
    Quite often, he would turned and displayed his aggression on himself, or something that resembles him or has lesser strength than he does.
    When you steal the little that others have for their survival and bombard the hell out of them, where do you expect them to go?

  43. Patricia Jones says:

    Go tell that to black activists fighting for them all over the country. I remember a few months back a black lady ill with terminal cancer shot for no reason by two immigrants on the highway, most black neighborhoods in California now latino neighborhoods blacks not allowed and they want you to welcome them.

  44. carolaedw says:

    They want to share in the benefits but didn’t share in the lynching.;They don’t qualify for civil rights benefits, period. It’s bad enough they don’t want to owe us reparations, they think they owe everyone else our civil rights.

  45. Patricia Jones says:

    Jeffrey Arnold if black people are smart they will see how Trump is good for them. there is no place for stupidity in the world!

  46. Patricia Jones says:

    have you seen a latino or chinese establishment with black employees? not all blacks are bad why don’t they hire them? they suck us dry in our neighborhoods but they won’t hire us….

  47. Patricia Jones says:

    black immigrants are going through the same thing as black americans they look the same thus go through the same discriminations. if a black immigrant go into a latino neighborhood they will treat him/her the same as they would a black american. black immigrants are not the problem.

  48. carolaedw says:

    It is immigrants, when they start cutting back the benefits of legal citizens to feed those who jumped over the fence yesterday.  If there’s enough to go around, they shouldn’t be cutting benefits.

  49. Patricia Jones says:

    True – blacks for Trump they guy is not playing, support him we will rip the benefit don’t be blind!!!

  50. Patricia Jones says:

    Even Mugbe support this guy over Clinton or Obama who stabbed us in the back!!!

  51. Patricia Jones says:

    J Ted Williams they hire the one who mostly look like them simply put stop the ignorant!

  52. Patricia Jones says:

    true they will never march if it were us on the chopping block lol they are not stupid! they are busy building their empires and neighborhoods they know who their competitors are but black people with our inferiority complex think they love us shm

  53. carolaedw says:

    The interviewer failed to realize that the only group denied human rights to begin with in this country was the black slave.  Everyone else already enjoyed those rights and did not need a 14th ammendment. They just jumped on the bandwagon to get special privileges over and above what they already had. Then they felt they were above the black people in stature because they were able to progress through society, while society kept pushing us back further and further.  She herself probably feels more privileged than the black people in america, or else she would not even be questioning the validity of our civil rights.

  54. Greg McDonald says:

    Sad to see people buying into this divide and conquer stuff.

  55. Byron Brown says:

    We don’t have to focus on immigration legal or illegal non black countries. We don’t have to focus on white people we don’t have to focus on federal politics as much. We just need to focus on us and if we could focus on us we wouldn’t have to sit here actively trying to harm another people trying to come up. I think this looks foolish to demonize Mexican immigrants who have their own struggle and still not have our own well-functioning communities in place. Focus on us black people. Don’t throw hate other places, that’s what white people do.

  56. Jeffrey Arnold says:

    Laila Thompson, you covered all the bases, we are a oppressed people alwaz have been, now if we only begin to acknowledge and react to this fact, do to our conditioning and misinformation our children are living the same lies we lived, there should be know doubt of the intentions of those who oppress us, we have fail to respond to react over and over again, we must get real with ourselves, material things aren’t alwaz a sign of success, your stats are on point though. Iamjx

  57. Tanja May says:

    Primarily why I have zero concerns about who’s being impacted by deportation. #NotMyFight #SaluteToTrump

  58. Tanja May says:

    Speak on it!!!!! U0001f44fU0001f3feU0001f44fU0001f3feU0001f44fU0001f3feU0001f44fU0001f3fe

  59. Tanja May says:

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing your comment. Very on point brotha!

  60. Kenyarda Altwan Israel says:

    And they do so not knowing that Hispanics are our brothers and sisters. It’s funny that when the term illegal immigrants is mentioned, we immediately think of “Mexicans”. Why don’t we ever mention the immigrants from other nations that are let into this country by the powers that be? Vexing?…yeah right. Christian missionaries bring thousands of immigrants here yearly, only if they pledge Christianity and a white God

  61. Sheila Stephen Watkins Bryan says:

    BS. How about doing both?

  62. Willie Daniels says:

    Take a look at the 2010 U.S. census numbers and they are just the legal ones, Hispanics/Latinos outnumber AA/Black people in the U.S. just think if they add 10 to 12 million more to the list?

  63. Willie Daniels says:

    Reading the comments it look like people are mad at him for saying that, WTF!

  64. Kashta Jay says:

    Your framing a issue that is not the point….true some of them are not our enemy. .truth told some are and always have been. Know your history. .the issue is are they exercising rights that were not initially intended for them but on the contrary they were laws made in an attempt to Right wrongs as they pertained to the injustices done prior to their ratification.

  65. Gil Salk says:

    Anyone ever hear of Divide and Conquer? Don’t let Republicans lead down this path. Immigrants vs Blacks is NOT the problem. Trump & Republican racists are the problem, and they’d love to have the rest of us hating and fearing each other.

  66. Kashta Jay says:

    First off you can not debate a point and not know the position. No his point was not who to discriminate against. Your facts are off as well. First off the 14th amendment was drafted to further subjugated blacks not free them. Read the archives Lincoln and others never intended equal status a favoured shipping them back but equality nor Sovereignty were an option. So yes the did make the very argument you mentioned and they were paid compensation for loses…know your history. ..The whole point was about Illegal immigration so would not apply to all the other nationalities you brought up…last again it is real simple if anyone illegally enters the USA and stays they consume resources went for citizens only…taking away from others who need them…then they fight these court cases using laws drafted for AA as if they suffered the oppression that led to its drafting. America is built on white supremacy period and its immigration policy has always reflected this. Know your history. ..

  67. Pam A Jack says:

    yes ! none of the immigrants here today fought in the civil war .just look at the picture, no chinese who was in the USA during the civil war era but to sit out. all the picture show just white & black men

  68. Roger Williams says:

    But who created this situation? Isn’t it the racist, white supremacist system that this anger and frustration should be directed at?

  69. Robert Van Meter says:

    Also “RT” is “Russia Today”. See what Putin is doing here? These is Fascism 101.

  70. Sophia Brown says:

    As I stated I’ve noticed alot of black immigrants have benifited from our civil rights but I never see them out in force when black men are being murdered or speaking out. I do here alot of them putting AA down thinking they are better than. I usually ask myself since they are so critical of us why are they not back in their countries helping there people? Instead of here in America well we know why….just like some of the hispanics who treat us just as bad as whites do. Now all of a sudden these immigrants want to unite bcuz of Trump I say AA do you. If you are legal you should have no problems if you are illegal bye.

  71. Obi Nwachuku says:

    This dude is old and behind the times….we need to build unity with all poc……that’s the only way we will defeat the enemy…..

  72. Obi Nwachuku says:

    This guy is the white man’s wet dream…division is the white boy’s best friend.

  73. Sophia Brown says:

    Laila Thompson you said it all Dr. CLAUDE ANDERSON has been saying the same thing for years.

  74. Louis Antoine says:

    Your spewing full blown stupidity right now….Many black immigrants assimilate into the afro American community to one extent or the other…..It’s commonplace for them to intermarry into the afro American community….Alot of black immigrants and their children participate and attend rallies for better treatment of black people…..historically many people in the civil rights movement as well as other blacks who fought to better black people’s condition were west Indians (harry belafonte solely Carmichael Marcus garvey Louis Farrakhan Shirley Chisholm) …. Malcolm x mother was from Grenada not to mention one of the BLM founders is African…..And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

  75. Sophia Brown says:

    Thank you. But the problem is with black leadership they are down with this that’s why we need to get with Ted and Dr.Claude Anderson to stop this in our community. Bcuz the Democrats want more mass immigration that’s why I’m releived Hillary didn’t win she wanted thousands more of those refugees and open borders.

  76. J Ted Williams says:

    Laila Thompson awesome—and true—“and they– I assume are (white folk) will give those jobs to immigrants before Black people”—We (long ago)should have been creating our own jobs –and not still depending on someone else—back in the sharecropping days–they experimented with Asian labor—these people rebelled–they refused to get caught up in the general store trap that created slavery all over again — in three(3) generations their off-springs were competing for jobs in Law, Medicine, Technology — during the same period we were still trying to escape this new form of slavery

  77. Sophia Brown says:

    So your racist stereotyping came out saying that black people can’t pass a drug test or show up for work on time Troll. Many white people can’t pass a drug test and don’t show up for work on time see you are a problem go someplace else with that mess. Bcuz this problem didn’t just start it’s been a problem until it hit white folks back door now it’s a problem and that’s why Trump is President. These immigrants are just modern day slaves that big companies are using for cheap labor.

  78. Archange Antoine says:

    Exactly! Thank you Brother Louis Antoine

  79. Gregory Brown says:


  80. Sophia Brown says:

    Boom!!! People don’t even see the racial discrimination in that how asians get away with only hiring asians to work in their shops. I see lawsuits in the very near future.

  81. Sophia Brown says:

    Thank you Kashta that’s so true.

  82. Sophia Brown says:

    Go away troll. You go to Fox news with that Trump won bcuz white people like you are losing out on jobs and don’t want illegal or legal immigration. You are just venting your own racist views.

  83. Robert Van Meter says:

    You are the one defending the FOX News type story pitting African Americans against immigrants via Russian trolls.
    Do you think anyone really thinks that immigrants are killing you??? Lol name one case.

  84. Sophia Brown says:

    Troll go away we are having grown folks conversation nobody is talking about Russia.

  85. Chaya Camote says:

    Do you remember her name?

  86. Robert Van Meter says:

    Sophia Brown UM….look at who put the story out…RT . Google it.

  87. Lisa Spears says:

    Amen. The elites want a new slave worker.

  88. BreakingBrown says:

    People on this thread who are saying we are being “baited” really don’t know the data. Talk to me in numbers, not vapid emotion.
    “Borjas research paper titled “Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities” stated “The 1980-2000 immigrant influx, therefore, generally ‘explains’ about 20 to 60 percent of the decline in wages, 25 percent of the decline in employment, and about 10 percent of the rise in incarceration rates among blacks with a high school education or less.” Taken on its face this would mean that immigration influx has resulted in tens of thousands of additional African Americans serving time behind bars.”

  89. BreakingBrown says:

    Borjas research paper titled “Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities” stated “The 1980-2000 immigrant influx, therefore, generally ‘explains’ about 20 to 60 percent of the decline in wages, 25 percent of the decline in employment, and about 10 percent of the rise in incarceration rates among blacks with a high school education or less.” Taken on its face this would mean that immigration influx has resulted in tens of thousands of additional African Americans serving time behind bars.

  90. BreakingBrown says:

    Focus on the data:
    Borjas research paper titled “Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities” stated “The 1980-2000 immigrant influx, therefore, generally ‘explains’ about 20 to 60 percent of the decline in wages, 25 percent of the decline in employment, and about 10 percent of the rise in incarceration rates among blacks with a high school education or less.” Taken on its face this would mean that immigration influx has resulted in tens of thousands of additional African Americans serving time behind bars.

  91. BreakingBrown says:

    Because self interest is how EVERY other group operates. This is life. –yc

  92. Sophia Brown says:

    That was a very ignorant statement Gregory Brown you really think Hillary cares about black people? No she was just using people like you to get voted in. She wanted as I stated more mass immigration and more rights for LGBTQ she had no agenda for black people so you get off the Democratic plantation with that mess..

  93. Chaya Camote says:

    Those were immigrants of old. If Black (or Nonblack) immigrants and their children were so great explain Barack Obama. Most immigrants and their children have immigrants interests first not Americans interests first.

  94. BreakingBrown says:

    And by the way, dropping the “F” bomb is not an adult counter argument. –yc

  95. Roger Williams says:

    I am not denying that immigration has a negative impact on the lives of African Americans.
    However, let’s say that we get rid of all immigrants (including ones recently from the continent of Africa), wouldn’t we still be left with a rigged, biased, and highly anti-Black system that robs the wealth, mental health, and in many cases, the very lives of African Americans?
    Immigrants fleeing their countries is a symptom of a larger problem, a broader disease of white supremacist domination of the entire planet.
    THAT is what we need to fight.
    When we push back against White supremacy globally, people would be less inclined to flee their countries.

  96. Willie Daniels says:

    When y’all start talking about the data / the numbers, you may lose a few people with that data talk, but not everyone, it might be better off saying in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Charlotte and so on, that this is happening. I’m just saying.

  97. Louis Antoine says:

    Crack and draconian drug laws did that. Stop blaming black immigrants for problems that they have little to no involvement with.

  98. Gil Salk says:

    First, Black workers should not be passed over in favor of anybody – no argument.
    – – Second, “Hispanics” does NOT = “illegal immigration”, despite what the Trumpist and Republicans would like us to think.
    – – Third, the enemy here is not Hispanics or illegal immigrants. The enemy is employers who take advantage of Black and Hispanic and illegal immigrant unemployment issues.

  99. Louis Antoine says:

    Well let’s see hip hop wouldn’t exist without black immigration….Alot of cultural icons in black American culture were foreigners……Barack Obama has probably done more for black america than most of you armchair keyboard gangsters bitching and whining on a fb news article so there’s also that to consider….

  100. Chaya Camote says:

    The division is already there. Stop enabling the Antiblackness by supporting illegal immigration.
    “The disparate treatment given one of our own versus a man of a protected class hangs heavily on critics of the criminal justice system.
    “The mayor is going out of his way to protect this immigrant. Good for him,’’ Paul Prestia, a lawyer representing the Browder family in a $20 million lawsuit against various city agencies, told me bitterly.
    “But he did not show the backbone in going after those responsible for the tragedy that was Kalief Browder. Juxtapose the sanctuary law with young men and women in the city. Why wasn’t more done to protect them?’’.”
    Because he was BLACK.
    #nonblackbenefit don’t even have to be a citizen to benefit from Antiblackness as a Nonblack person, that’s how deep this system goes.

  101. Jeffrey Arnold says:

    Great point, whose doing the passing and why dont we have our own, as a people we must come to a understanding tht this total operation is founded on white supremacy, thz it thz all, we are oppressed by whites and should start handling our affairs with this logic this truth in mind

  102. Chaya Camote says:

    “You released 19,723 Illegal Immigrants with [convicted] criminal records?”, Carter grills Saldana

  103. Chaya Camote says:

    Even though the research shows that mono language English education helps Spanish speaking household kids learn English faster and deeper, you still have some areas that want to keep it bilingual? Why?
    Because a NonEnglish market keeps Black Americans out. Poor White people are gonna be hurt by this but hey they can get a hook up or move, Black people not so much.
    Multiculturalism/diversity mantra is refined racist/”liberal” tactic to keep Black people on the bottom where they dump the immigrants. Displacing Black people from neighborhoods and competing for the jobs that are barely there.
    The video is titled:
    The New Attack on Children Trying to Learn English

  104. Chaya Camote says:

    When you support illegal immigration Black citizenship ends being worth used toilet paper. Deep Generational Black Americans should be organizing and supporting for immigration reform.
    “The disparate treatment given one of our own versus a man of a protected class hangs heavily on critics of the criminal justice system.
    “The mayor is going out of his way to protect this immigrant. Good for him,’’ Paul Prestia, a lawyer representing the Browder family in a $20 million lawsuit against various city agencies, told me bitterly.
    “But he did not show the backbone in going after those responsible for the tragedy that was Kalief Browder. Juxtapose the sanctuary law with young men and women in the city. Why wasn’t more done to protect them?’’.”
    Because he was BLACK.
    #nonblackbenefit don’t even have to be a citizen to benefit from Antiblackness as a Nonblack person, that’s how deep this system goes.

  105. Sophia Brown says:

    You make it sound like black Americans have attributed nothing to this society. My question to you is why do they come here? If they have all this knowledge? Why don’t they go back to their countries and build them up? Nobody is any better than the next person but I’ve heard more black immigrants put AA down that’s not right. Nobody appreciates anyone coming from another country and putting down there people. Bcuz had it not been for the civil rights movement they wouldn’t be here thriving Bcuz on your fb I don’t see you holding a American flag but you are in America. The problem goes both ways and yes immigration affects our community it’s not always the people but it’s our government that wants cheap docile labor alot of times. So no one is whining just want things to be fair. Remember whites put Trump in office bcuz of immigration and that’s what this is really about.

  106. Sophia Brown says:

    You need to send your statement viral you rock….

  107. Robert Van Meter says:

    I support immigrants. Period.

  108. Corey A Thomas says:

    Archange Antoine that a stupid comment immigration doesn’t benifit black people

  109. Obi Nwachuku says:

    Exactly…….black,brown ,reds,and yellows…..better get it together…..the white boy’s love this division talk,it keeps them in power…

  110. Corey A Thomas says:

    Sophia Brown the drug cartel is tied to Chicago deaths from illegal immigration so stop

  111. Sophia Brown says:

    Neither was Jesus he gave us salvation. So you don’t have the right to come here and down Christianity. Christianity was not started in America but in a place called kush do some research. Nobody has time for no false god like rasta the devil i don’t feel threatened by him nor forced to worship JESUS THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD SEE HE SEES NO COLOR just souls like yours that needs to repent and get saved.

  112. Zeus Carter says:

    “Know your history”? “Your facts are off as well” Hahaha, don’t used words simply because you do not buy them Ok! Here is the historical reading of the 14th Amendment.
    In 1868, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States granted citizenship and equal civil and legal rights to African Americans and slaves who had been emancipated after the American Civil War, including them under the umbrella phrase “all persons born or naturalized in the United States.”
    A person born in the United States who is subject to the jurisdiction of the United States is a U.S. citizen at birth, to include a person born to a member of an Indian, Eskimo, Aleutian, or other aboriginal tribe.? A person can become a U.S. citizen in one of four ways. First, by being born in the United States or one of its territories. Second, if you were born to parents who are U.S. citizens, then you may be a U.S. citizen yourself. This process is called “acquisition” of citizenship. Third, you can be a citizen through the naturalization process, which generally involves applying for, and passing, a citizenship test. Lastly, you may be a citizen if one or both of your parents have been naturalized. This is called “derivation” of citizenship.
    Now I care less whether President Lincoln and others never intended equal status. Or whether it was drafted to further subjugate blacks. Had it not been for the Emancipation proclamation slavery may have never ended. A Civil was the only necessary option to ending the inhumane pratice of Slavery. Because back on the Southern Plantations, the value of slave labour (Cotton) was equal to or more than gold. Many White Southerners at the time made the same ridiculous claims that Ted Hayes is making. I am not here to get into innuendos or mere speculation. I am simply quoting what the document said. The devil is always in the details especially when it comes to interpretation.
    Now my point of contention was addressing the useless argument made by Ted Hayes that immigrants were somehow stealing their so called 14th Amendment. Go back and study the history of the Black Struggle. Its the cheapest excuse that’s made to scapegoat people as a result of others failures. This is same garbage White Folks uses to blame Black Folks for crimes, used of social programs, and the so called ills of society, which are incorrect. Yet they never take into account the vast and immeasurable contributions made by illegal or legal immigrants to the American society.
    So I am not impressed with all this bs you wrote. You’ll do yourself a big favor if you acquaint yourself with historical facts as it relates to the acquisition of United States territories. “America was built on White Supremacy” is news to who? The founding fathers of America were subjects of England under King George, children of immigrants and owners of slaves. This is the history upon which the United States was established, and is considered her original sin. So I don’t need you to lecture me on U.S. history, what I need you to be is open minded, inclusive knowing that your ancestors once face the same predicament that many of these people are facing today.

  113. Sophia Brown says:

    Jesus is alright with me.

  114. Mkimbizi Wa'Kilunda says:

    Your not even consider citizen in this country, but you worry about working?? It’s time to do for ThySelf. Economical slavery ain’t no joke. No one will hire you and pay you $10 per he, when he can pay $5 monthly.

  115. CharlesBeasley says:

    The movement of people is a natural thing. The circumstance in today world has 80 percent of the liquid wealth in the north hemisphere of the world. Surplus capital act as a magnet to surplus labor (poverty) It does not make a difference the nationality, color, or religion of the people. The boundaries of all the countries in the world are man made. There is not a single country in the world that has permanent boundaries. All of these artificial division being raised by certain people stem from ignorance of the history people. If we can celebrate the European coming to the Americas and committing genocide. The we are also giving legitimacy to the idea that in the future another group can come here and do the same thing. Mexicans Asians, Africans etc. It is better to build bridges of friendship than to build walls because the wall you build probably be ones own prison.

  116. Mkimbizi Wa'Kilunda says:

    When we talk about Black Lives Matter, that includes black immigrants and black people worldwide,” Lipscombe said.

  117. Mkimbizi Wa'Kilunda says:

    When we talk about Black Lives Matter, that includes black immigrants and black people worldwide,” Lipscombe said.

  118. Sophia Brown says:

    But you live in America lol. Go someplace with that bcuz some of your people treat AA just as bad I know people who live in Minnesota. Trump is just enforcing immigration laws that have not been enforced. And as usual you are only intrested in your people we are talking about African Americans. If you don’t like it here go back to Ethiopia. Islam is a false religion Jesus is the true and living GOD.

  119. Cynthia Kyles says:

    The Black’s are the most rejected for immigrantion.

  120. Sophia Brown says:

    Corey Thomas why name call? Come to Los Angeles you might change your mind.

  121. Sophia Brown says:

    Not talking about drugs. Some of these same people you are defending don’t like you and would not stand-up dor you. Yes the illegal do bring in drugs from mexico. Illegal is illegal and they should be deported. That’s the law and nobody is above it you being a black man should know this..

  122. Alvin Mahfood says:

    Sophia Brown
    Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization
    A Critical Review of the Evidence of Archaeology, Anthropology, History
    and Comparative Religion: According to the Most Reliable Sources and
    By John G. Jackson (1939)
    “It is pretty well settled that the city is the Negro’s great contribution to civilization, for it was in
    Africa where the first cities grew up.” E. Haldeman-Julius
    “Those piles of ruins which you see in that narrow valley watered by the Nile, are the remains of
    opulent cities, the pride of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. … There a people, now forgotten,
    discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of
    men now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the
    laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe.” Count Volney
    “The accident of the predominance of white men in modern times should not give us supercilious
    ideas about color or persuade us to listen to superficial theories about the innate superiority of the
    white-skinned man. Four thousand years ago, when civilization was already one or two thousand
    years old, white men were just a bunch of semi-savages on the outskirts of the civilized world. If
    there had been anthropologists in Crete, Egypt, and Babylonia, they would have pronounced the
    white race obviously inferior, and might have discoursed learnedly on the superior germ-plasm or
    glands of colored folk.” Joseph McCabe
    The late Professor George A. Dorsey noted that “H. G. Wells’ heart beats faster in nearly
    every chapter of his Outline of History, because he cannot forget that he is Nordic, Aryan,
    English British, white, civilized.” (Why We Behave Like Human Beings, p. 40.) This
    patriotic zeal of Mr. Wells’ has, in truth, caused him to suppress certain facts that do not
    fit into his pet theories. In the latest edition of his Outline of History, Mr. Wells ends his
    chapter on The Early Empires with the following remarks: “No less an authority than Sir
    Flinders Petrie gives countenance to the idea that there was some very early connection
    between Colchis (the country to the south of the Caucasus) and prehistoric Egypt.
    Herodotus remarked upon a series of resemblances between the Colchians and the
    Egyptians.” (Wells’ New and Revised Outline of History, p. 184, Garden City, 1931.) It
    would have been proper for Wells to have quoted the remarks of Herodotus, so as to give
    us precise information on the series of resemblances between the Cholchians and the
    Egyptians. Why he did not do so we shall now see. In Book II, Section-104, of his
    celebrated History, Herodotus states: “For my part I believe the Colchi to be a colony of
    Egyptians, because like them they have black skins and frizzled hair.” (See any English
    translation of The History of Herodotus. The translation by Professor George Rawlinson
    is the best. See also W.E.B. DuBois, The Negro, p. 31, and Count Volney’s Travels in
    Egypt and Syria, Vol. I. pp. 80–81.) After discussing the civilizations of Egypt

  123. Alvin Mahfood says:

    Sophia Brown
    Africans Wrote the Bible
    The Africans Who Wrote The Bible: Ancient Secrets Africa and Christianity Have Never Told
    Judaism is the African way of life. Judaism was the religion developed in Africa by African people. It was adopted and adapted in a similar fashion to the Yoruba Orisha worship (Vodoun, Santeria, Lacumi, Condomble, etc) and is still being co-opted and altered by non-Africans today. To speak of an African influence on Judaism is like speaking of an African influence on Orisha Worship. It is not an African influence. It is still African and represents an African way of life.
    Along with Cheikh Anta Diop, Alex Darkwah also traces Ancient Egypt to geographical Africa. Darkwah has DNA on his side; whereas, Diop?used archeological artifacts, culture, and documentary text to prove his research. He was still challenged by “Europe” and his findings were labeled “untrue” by the scientific world. Darkwah proves that Africans wrote the Bible even though your personal “King James” Version of the Bible may have pages laced with White Greek characters and distributed throughout the world. I thought that the following excerpts were extremely interesting. A website visitor suggested that I read the Darkwah’s book. Thanks to the website reader who suggested that I limit my research to Sub-Saharan Africa. You’ve started a greater quest to delve deeper into Europe’s concealment of our history and to shed more light on how the global world exists in its current state.
    The word Israel itself is an Akan word (Ghana). Darkwah points to the story of Jacob in Genesis 32:24-29, where the angel renames Jacob calling him Asrae or the European version, Israel. Asrae, Darkwah declares, is not the name of a nation, but instead means “the first one who visited.”
    According to Darkwah, if you as a Christian question the Bible, you were led by your pastor to believe that you were blaspheming God. Here there is a faith versus reasoning quarrel. Now he has been able to reason into faith. Originally, he just had faith. But, as he learned more, he began to reason himself into faith.
    It is almost impossible to understand the significance of many Old Testament events and themes apart from the geographical, cultural, and historical situation that existed during the Old Testament times. First of all, the name “Africa” was given to the Continent by Romans. Africa was also called Kemet, Libya, Ortegia, Corphye, Egypt, Ethiopia and/or Sedan, Olympia, Hesperia, Oceania, and Ta-Merry. The ancient name for Africa was “Akebu-Lan” (mother of mankind) or “Garden of Eden.” This name was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Hadddans (Carthaginians), and Ethiopians. Genesis 10:6-20 describes the descendants of Ham as being located in North Africa, Central Africa and in parts of southern Asia. Psalm 105:23 mentions the “Land of Ham” in Egypt, and Psalm 78:51 connect the “tents of Ham” with Egypt. In Genesis 10, Nimrod, son of Cush (whose name means “black”), founded a civilization in Mesopotamia. In Genesis 11, Abraham was from Ur of the Chaldees, a land whose earliest inhabitants included blacks.
    Ethiopia and Egypt are mentioned more than any other countries in the Bible. Ethiopia is known in the Bible as Cush. Egypt is known as Mizraim. Mizraim and Cush are two sons of Ham. Mizraim is translated–Egypt and Cush Ethiopia. Many readers of this website have contacted me to argue that Egypt is a land of White people. They write…I know your view is common among African American studies-types, but it doesn’t seem to be borne out by historical record. The pharaohs and their priests were certainly not Black. Here goes faith vs. reasoning again. The Romans didn’t get to Egypt until 300 BC. We are talking 6000 years before that. There weren’t any white people present before the Rome invasion. The original Christianity of Egypt was established by the apostle Mark in AD 42 in Ethiopia (Coptic Church–Coptic Orthodox Christianity). We have been told Christianity came from Rome. Does everything come from Europe? That is what we have led to believe.
    LAND OF THE BLACKS–LAND OF THE BIBLE: Ancient Egypt was known indigenously as Kemet (Land of the Blacks). Ancient Egyptians have pinpointed their own ancestral origins to Mount Rwenzori Range in the east African cradle, otherwise known as “Mountains of the Moon.” Some accounts state Egyptian civilization came out of Ethiopia, which as a term was used to designate the land south of Egypt (the Upper Nile Valley), or alternatively used to refer to the entire African continent. Chronologically, Egypt’s southern neighbor Nubia, which had its own distinct civilization, was the Nile Valley predecessor.
    Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People because of a theological idea the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (known in Biblical times as Israelites, later known as Jews) are the chosen people. It comes from the book of Genesis in which God chooses Abraham

  124. Alvin Mahfood says:

    Sophia Brown
    Go get EDUCATED in the proper manner

  125. Alvin Mahfood says:

    Sophia Brown
    Specifically for you
    Sophia Brown
    Marcus Garvey said when asked this question.!
    And I “quote”
    Are you a Jamaican Mr Garvey.?
    Mr Garvey replied with disdain
    How on earth could/would I give up a continent for an island.?? I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there.
    So those people who shun their true home that are scattered across strange lands
    Do you think a people who conquered your foreparents
    Decimated your true historical traditions ideologies and heritage is really going to allow you to become a real force to reckon with in his stolen lands
    Haven’t you learned from the manner in which these devils infiltrate to study up close to further divide confuse and destroy the poor especially poor black people.?
    Since Bob Marley and the real original creator of REGGAE music has already delivered the message to the world
    Can’t you see that the thing has been compromised by SELLOUT Blackmen
    Both from in the ghettoes and slums uptown downtown even the news medias promote and develop their programs to keep your minds in an illusionary utopia
    Common sense tell you
    If RASTAMAN created REGGAE music
    How come some brainwashed Bwoy who go get programmed inna brainwash institutions are the ones who dictate orchestrate and relegate the direction settings and tone of the music
    REGGAE get compromised by the no1 and biggest infiltrator compromiser
    religious criminals
    News Media
    Using the various ministries to demonize and antagonize RASTA
    Barry G
    Thru the jbc and rjr radio stations people were systematically and subliminally brainwashed thru repetitive negativity that had the RASTAMAN in a real demonic light.!!!
    At that specific point the whole REGGAE thing got diluted….
    What mesmerizes these DEVIL is fact that they could not conqueror nor kill the the HOLY Lamb, the “(GODking)” H.I.M Emperor HAILE I SELASSIE I this failure made it totally impossible for them to bury the real TRUTH
    If wasn’t for the HOLY LAMB King HAILE SELASSIE I breaking the seals that has bounded black people in perpetual slavery to the Roman Catholic Church
    Today 2017
    Blackman would still not be considered a human being
    Are you aware of your status in a black and white controlled oppressive SHITSTEM
    Innocent people, young and old being shot and killed by criminal elements put in place but now out of control of the criminal churches and politicians who first armed them.!!

  126. Alvin Mahfood says:

    And her name is
    Sophia Brown

  127. Alvin Mahfood says:

    And if you need more knowledge
    Sophia Brown
    I got some
    Not all but some
    Thank you kindly
    continent, which was the source of his wealth and well-being.
    Accordingly, Garvey was charged with mail fraud – soliciting funds
    through the mail – and on June 17, 1923 he was incarcerated in Tombs
    Prison in the United States of America … and the ships were impounded.
    The black man‘s attempts to escape his tortured exile in the lands of
    the white strangers, ended in frustration. But Marcus Mosiah Garvey had
    awakened reason, and brought a new understanding to several million
    among the black man who, without chains about their feet, recognized
    still their captive status. The white man was fully cognizant of the
    inherent danger in Garvey‘s teachings. The white man recognized that to
    a poor and dispossessed black people condemned to live on the periphery
    of existence, the lure of self-worth and achievement – promised in a
    black Africa, might prove too strong for the white man to contain. The
    white man in his wisdom therefore, determined that the black man should
    be provided a palliative in the illusion, at least, of progress and
    well-being … and a very small share, in a very large cake.
    So, over time, the white man sought out the most ineffectual and most
    insecure among the black man; the black man who longed to know the
    company and favor of his white overlords; the black man who harbored
    ambitions of being like unto the white man. And to these men of
    “ambitions” opportunities were given. These black men of “ambitions”
    were gradually afforded more and better advantages; they were very
    gradually given more coins of the realm, and fraternizing with the less
    favored and more “common” among their brethren was discouraged – after
    all, said the white man, you are different! These black men were placed
    in positions that elevated them above the ordinary mass of their own
    people. They were fawned upon and flattered, and encouraged to make
    impotent asses of themselves, by believing and behaving as if they were
    more one with the white man, than with their own “ordinary” black
    brother. In time, they would be allowed to send their children to the
    school’s reserved for the white man’s children. Soon they were allowed
    credit, and loans to purchase their modest homes, and hire-purchase to
    fill it with things. And these black men were held aloft for all the
    world to see that the black man was indeed free.
    The masses, who would not be accommodated at the ‘top’, were then easily
    dismissed as being simply “shiftless and lazy”. Now, more than ever
    before, the black man of “ambitions” needed to be seen as different; and
    so he openly despised and shunned the company of his less favored black
    brethren, who the white man said – and who therefore were -simply
    “shiftless and lazy”. Armed with his bright new coins of the realm, and
    the favor of the white man, the black man of “ambitions” affected an
    understanding and an appreciation of all things white. He liked what the
    white man liked, and he mistrusted what the white man mistrusted. The
    white man naturally had neither patience with, nor tolerance of those
    whom he chose to regard as ignorant troublemakers, namely, the black man
    who defended his right to be returned to his homeland. And the black man
    of dubious color and origin shared the resentment felt by his colonial
    masters’, and was vocal in his condemnation of all those who espoused
    such troublesome truths. He had achieved the impossible, the black man
    had become white … in all but color. His coins of the realm had bought
    him a very dubious salvation!
    So the black nation was divided, and the white man ruled. And the black
    man born and bred on the white man‘s slave islands, for many generations
    would sing proudly, in solemn and sonorous tones, in praise of his
    barbarian captors, and encourage his children to esteem those who were
    the despoilers of their heritage… send him victorious, happy and
    glorious, long to reign over us, God spare the barbarian! The black man
    is ignorant.
    …but unto us confusion of faces, as at this day: to the men of Judah,
    and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem,

  128. Matt Dendy says:

    Way to engage in classism. The tactic to divide & conquer is real & apparently effective.

  129. Matt Dendy says:

    Yea, lets attack immigrants and not the capitalist system that alienates individuals from society and divides and conquers the working and poor class. Way to engage in classism.

  130. Matt Dendy says:

    “Even today, domestic race relations and fears that certain immigrants (especially immigrants of color) are not as assimilable or desirable as others have reinforced the role of race in immigration policies” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 20).
    “Americans learned to define ‘Americanness’ by excluding and containing foreignness” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 21).

  131. Matt Dendy says:

    “Even today, domestic race relations and fears that certain immigrants (especially immigrants of color) are not as assimilable or desirable as others have reinforced the role of race in immigration policies” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 20).
    “Americans learned to define ‘Americanness’ by excluding and containing foreignness” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 21).

  132. Matt Dendy says:

    “[T]he Exclusion Act marks the first time in American history that the United States barred a group of immigratnts because of its race and class. The act also set the terms for the first large-scale deportation of an immigrant group” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p.2).

  133. Matt Dendy says:

    “Although there is ample evidence that undocumented immigrants are far less of a burden on American society than is often claimed–that is, that they do not compete for jobs, drive down wages, and use social services to such a great extent–that misses the point. Surely society will always require low-paid work in many sectors of the economy, but there is no requirement that that work always be done by ethnic minorities. Maintaining such a large proportion of the Mexican population of the United States in an ‘illegal’ status has a number of pernicious effects. It tends to reinforce the link between immigration and crime in the minds of many Americans, and hence places all Mexicans, whether in the country legally or illegally, at a disadvantage” (Timothy J. Henderson “Beyond Borders:A History of Mexican Migration to the United States” 2011 p. 5).

  134. Matt Dendy says:

    “Although there is ample evidence that undocumented immigrants are far less of a burden on American society than is often claimed–that is, that they do not compete for jobs, drive down wages, and use social services to such a great extent–that misses the point. Surely society will always require low-paid work in many sectors of the economy, but there is no requirement that that work always be done by ethnic minorities. Maintaining such a large proportion of the Mexican population of the United States in an ‘illegal’ status has a number of pernicious effects. It tends to reinforce the link between immigration and crime in the minds of many Americans, and hence places all Mexicans, whether in the country legally or illegally, at a disadvantage” (Timothy J. Henderson “Beyond Borders:A History of Mexican Migration to the United States” 2011 p. 5).

  135. Matt Dendy says:

    “[F]or most ordinary Mexicans nowadays it is virtually impossible to migrate legally to the United States. And yet the lack of jobs in Mexico and the availability of jobs in the United States have made immigration practically inevitable and most likely unstoppable. Certainly, walls and fences-the latest craze-have proved INEFFECTIVE and COUNTERPRODUCTIVE” (Timothy J. Henderson “Beyond Borders: A History of Mexican Migration to the United States” (2011) p. 5).

  136. Patricia DeBose says:

    Bruh, the deleterious effects of illegal immigration is not a figment of our imagination, it’s real. I live in a sanctuary city and have experienced its effects. Everything from overcrowded schools, clinics, hospitals…overcrowded everything! I’ve worked side by side with people who opening admit that they not not legal citizens, and I don’t mean working in the produce fields, I mean, working in doctor’s offices, hospitals medical billing offices, etc. Have you ever tried working in an environment where all the workers mainly speak spanish, even though they know how to speak english? It’s disrespect. So, what I’m saying is that, it’s real!

  137. Matt Dendy says:

    “Frost’s poems are darker than his reputation might suggest. Many deal with the isolation and loneliness of the human condition. For instance, do not forget that the memorable line in ‘Mending Wall,’ ‘Good fences make good neighbors,’ is uttered by ‘an old-stone savage armed…[and moving] in darkness’ (Joseph Kelly ed. “The Seagull Reader: Poems” Third Edition p. 119,121).

  138. Matt Dendy says:

    “In Texas’s 28th Congressional district, for example, Representative Henry Cuellar says the transition team requested suggestions for locations that would be appropriate for a “wall or fencing.” In Laredo, which is in Cuellar’s district, Mayor Pete Saenz tells the Times that he has spoken with U.S. Border Patrol about installing “additional fencing, lighting, roads, surveillance equipment and other security measures along portions of the border” (Adam K. Raymond “In Texas, Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ Is Morphing Into a Series of Fences” ‘New York Magazine’ 12/22/2016).
    “So, apart from possibly doing irreparable harm to the environment and causing hundreds of needless deaths, border fencing appears to be a colossal waste of money” (Timothy J. Henderson “Beyond Borders: A History of Mexican Migration to the United States” p. 144).

  139. Matt Dendy says:

    “[I]n 2008 the Absolute vodka company was obliged to apologize for wounding American sensibilities with its ad depicting Mexico with its pre-1848 border” (Timothy J. Henderson “Beyond Borders: A History of Mexican Migration to the United States).

  140. Matt Dendy says:

    “The language and symbols of an authentic American fascism would, of course, have little to do with the original European models. They would have to be familiar and reassuring to loyal Americans as the language and symbols of the original fascisms were familiar and reassuring to many Italians and Germans, as Orwell suggested… .No swastikas in an American fascism, but Stars and Stripes (or Stars and Bars) and Christian crosses. No fascist salute, but mass recitations of the pledge of allegiance. These symbols contain no whiff of fascism in themselves, of course, but an American fascism would transform them into obligatory litmus test for detecting the internal enemy.
    Around such reassuring language and symbols and in the event of some redoubtable setback to national prestige, Americans might support an enterprise of forcible national regeneration, unification, and purification. It’s targets would be the First Amendment, separation of Church and State (creches on the lawns, prayers in schools), efforts to place controls on gun ownership, desecrations of the flag, unassimilated minorities, artistic license, dissident and unusual behavior of all sorts that could be labeled antinational or decadent” (Robert O. Paxton “The Anatomy of Fascism” p. 202).

  141. Matt Dendy says:

    “[A]actually in the last four or five years undocumented immigration to the United States has reversed and more than a million people have gone back to Mexico. Not only because the U.S. was having a recession but eventually Mexico began employing those people who previously could not find jobs” (Roderic Ai Camp qtd in. “Book Discussion on Politics.” ‘Book TV.’ CSPAN2. April 2016. Television).

  142. Matt Dendy says:

    Breaking Brown, you are on the wrong side of the argument.

  143. Patricia DeBose says:

    And yes, we know who the enemy is. They allowed it for cheap labor and votes.

  144. Matt Dendy says:

    “David Roediger and Noel Ignatiev would place the decisive period in the formation of the White race later, in the period 1820 to 1850, when the United States was undergoing an industrial revolution and the White working class was affirming its White racial status (and eliding its class consciousness) by setting itself off from the Black working class, slave and free” (Paul Spickard “Almost All Aliens: Immigration, Race, and Colonialism in American History and Identity” p. 77).

  145. Matt Dendy says:

    “Another option would be to build a true ‘Maginot Line’ of fortifications along the entire 2,000-mile border with Mexico, extending or replicating the extant enforcement operations and squeezing illegal entries into ever-narrower corridors that could be monitored more closely. Such a project would require tens of billions of dollars in new expenditure and cause major disruption in the economies of border states and cities. Moreover, the record of the past decade is that fixed fortifications do not stop unauthorized migrants, any more than they stop mechanized armies; the simply rechannel them and create more opportunities for professional smugglers to cash in on the traffic” (Wayne A. Cornelius “Controlling ‘Unwanted’ Immigration: Lessons from the United States, 1993-2004” ‘Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies’ Vol. 31(4) 2005 p. 785).

  146. Matt Dendy says:

    “In some instances, the cultural domination was so complete as to amount to what Antonio Gramsci termed ‘hegemony’ : that domination so complete that the one dominated knows not he is being dominated, but thinks it the natural order of things” (Paul Spickard “Almost All Aliens: Immigration, Race, and Colonialism in American History and Identity” p. 24).

  147. Matt Dendy says:

    “If the central theme of American history, as Oscar Handling wrote, has been immigration, the central problem of American history, since slavery days, arguably has been the problem of race. Although ‘race’ may be a social construct, the concept has been used to order a system of ‘racial’ subordination and domination. Race has molded immigrant identity and structured the politics of citizenship. It has shaped U.S. immigration policy, but it also has informed the ways in which immigrants and their children have been incorporated into American society; how they have related to each other and to the native-born; and how the native-born have reacted to them” (John J. Bukowczyk “Immigrant Identity and the Politics of Citizenship: A collection of articles from the Journal of American History” p. 6).

  148. Matt Dendy says:

    BreakingBrown “If the central theme of American history, as Oscar Handling wrote, has been immigration, the central problem of American history, since slavery days, arguably has been the problem of race. Although ‘race’ may be a social construct, the concept has been used to order a system of ‘racial’ subordination and domination. Race has molded immigrant identity and structured the politics of citizenship. It has shaped U.S. immigration policy, but it also has informed the ways in which immigrants and their children have been incorporated into American society; how they have related to each other and to the native-born; and how the native-born have reacted to them” (John J. Bukowczyk “Immigrant Identity and the Politics of Citizenship: A collection of articles from the Journal of American History” p. 6).

  149. Matt Dendy says:

    Corey A Thomas “Even today, domestic race relations and fears that certain immigrants (especially immigrants of color) are not as assimilable or desirable as others have reinforced the role of race in immigration policies” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 20).
    “Americans learned to define ‘Americanness’ by excluding and containing foreignness” (Erika Lee “At Americas Gates: Chinese Immigration During the Exclusion Era, 1882-1943” p. 21).

  150. Matt Dendy says:

    (Wayne A. Cornelius “Controlling ‘Unwanted’ Immigration: Lessons from the United States, 1993-2004” ‘Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies’ Vol. 31(4) 2005).

  151. Matt Dendy says:

    “With their endurance still waining after their grueling desert crossings, Rosario, Marcelino, and Armando wore the prints off their fingertips picking cantaloupes twelve hours a day, seven days a week, in the burning desert sun until the harvest was in. And as astonishing as it may seem to those who’ve never endured such rigorous work, there were no picket lines of angry gringo farm workers shouting them down for stealing their jobs” (John Annerino “Dead in their Tracks: Crossing America’s Dessert Borderlands” p. 74).

  152. Archange Antoine says:

    Lol so Black immigrants don’t help the Black community?

  153. Matt Dendy says:

    Breaking Brown, you are being baited.

  154. Gaspar Santos says:

    When someone’s beating you down. You punch back, not sideways.

  155. Patty Wilkerson says:

    Borjas OWN LABOR ECONOMMICS textbook doesn’t even shows that illegal immigration doesn’t have a LARGE impact impact on the wages of ALL american workers in the LONG RUN(

  156. Patty Wilkerson says:

    IF YOU support TRUMPS economic policies towards immigration , YOU WILL continue will unintentionally drive up the demand for illegal immigration.(

  157. Patty Wilkerson says:

    . YOU WANT TO PREVENT POOR people from coming here to make a better life for themselves and the people in this country , even though economists shows that they help create demand for godos and services that americans want and create demand for new labor to create those goods and services that americans want. You ma’am., are an authoritarian witch. IF I was illegal alien and you try to use violence to stop me from coming here to make a better life for myself DIRECTLY, I beat your ass

  158. Kashta Jay says:

    I’ll respond quick and to the issue. First I care that the rulers of the USA have never offered us what they should have. You venerate the amendments as if they were a positive and not simply a continuation. You are find if the master just treated you better . People like me and many of my ancestors wanted Freedom , which was promised to us many times and rescinded. You really do not get it, saying things like scapegoating….While ignoring the systemic influences. So when I said know your history Ted like myself realizes that We made up a large percentage of this nation and The system has used the immigration policies of the country to dilute our power. In a democracy numbers matter. Lastly I still don’t think you even know what is meant by the title of the article ..stealing the 14th amendment birthright pertains to the power that comes with the right to reside, to vote, etc… and attempting to obtain this illegally in No Way resembles Our the black experience. So if you really think theirs and ours are similar predicaments then you are delusional.

  159. William Ballard says:

    Black people open their eyes and realize we do not have any friends all we have is each other. Those same people who we are marching with I wonder when it’s time for us will they be there.

  160. Adriene Leach Jamison says:

    I remember seeing a documentary wish I could remember the name of it, they were interviewing white people about the rising immigrant population they were talking junk about black people and most of they said was glad that the immigrants was coming here to take jobs from the black People the interviewer ask them were they concerned about the immigrants taking their jobs, they said “NO” because they are only taking the black people’s jobs because blacks was lazy and they didn’t want to work blacks want to live off the government THE TRUTH IS black People didn’t want to work for pennies and can’t take care of our own families unless they work two jobs, that is still a form of slavery. The only thing that we as black people have ever wanted was equality so that we can live a life in peace and take care of our families. This is America we do not supposed to be here suffering like this our ancestors did all the suffering for us through slavery so white people need to get over it, (Hypocrites all of them going to have to answer to God the ones that did not stand up for us) they blame us for racism but they are racist they are bigots they play the race card they blame us for everything. They’ve been reporting fake news about us a long time demonizing our race all over the news to the world. The fake news Donald Trump talk about yeah we know all about it, they’ve been trying to demonize and destroy black people for a long time Donald Trump know all about it because he was part of the fake news! Yeah, the media is the enemy to the black man.

  161. Melvin Satterwhite Jr says:

    No they are not. they are being use as a scapegoat.

  162. Alvin Mahfood says:

    A white mind in a person of COLOR
    it is extremely Quite easy to tell a brainwashed educated sellout individual especially one that is a lost soul.
    These individuals have no real intellectual depth.!!
    Their mind has been relegated to the heaps of the spiritually dead and their bodies are only vessels of filth perpetually living in the illusionary utopia and farfetched fantasies cast upon them by their conquerors
    So when a stranger from a supposed third world country as called/labelled by the conquerors enlighten their minds
    they do see CERTAIN truth which fits their agenda
    But deep down a majority of them have this mental block which causes them to say
    How can a third world person know more than I a first world person.?
    So they in their jealousy do conspire with the conquerors forever thinking that because they’re from a so called and labelled by the said conquerors they should be seen as the best /better than their own black brothers and sisters from the third world countries
    It was African Americans who sold out Marcus Garvey
    Because of jealousy
    Marcus Garvey said so himself in his autobiography
    The white minded Blackman is the most dangerous HUMAN being on the face of this planet…
    Where does your loyalty lie.?
    With family
    People regardless of color
    People of only your color
    Nation or world.?
    Wherever your loyalty lies it defines you as a person …
    Do you can talk Kush kemet Egypt and all the other black talk you can talk
    What really counts is HOW you’re living daily
    Do you pass the litmus test.?

  163. Alvin Mahfood says:

    In what way do you promote original Ethiopia /. Africa as labelled by white conquerors
    Do you see the word Africa in the BIBLE
    What country is first mentioned in the BIBLE.?
    Is it not Ethiopia.?
    How come your all are talking Christianity but you keep trying to stop at Egypt to kemet
    When the whole truth and nothing but the whole living TRUTH lies in Ethiopia.?
    Very interesting indeed.???
    Is it because it exposes your illusionary fantasies sold to you by white barbaric Neanderthal aliens
    Which you have embraced for so long
    Now the k k.k has amassed power legally you’re crying
    It was ALWAYS a white thing with SELLOUT Blackmen
    And as long as ETHIOPIA is called Africa and is run by alien foreigners no place on the face of this earth will ever live in perpetual peace
    If the beginnings/root is not cleaned and nurtured properly
    nothing good will come onto fruition
    So keep fooling yourselves sellouts….
    The people who brush aside their roots to idolize an alien foreigner ideologies shall go down with the GODLESS

  164. J Ted Williams says:

    We need to be preparing for a war with Bannon, Sessions, NRA, and Trump—not immigrants—their attack is on the horizon—-education and staying spiritual is the key to our success (survival) — these people will attack our HBCU’s and our right to vote while we sleep and argue with each other–this will be a terrible blow—WAKE UP——-of course there are lower wages, etc. that is contributed to people who are desperate to work—slavery vs. poor whites–this is nothing new—we lack leadership–which is being forced upon children “Black Lives Matter” standing out front–this is ridiculous–our leaders have gotten fat and soft–unless we formulate a viable plan–we may be running and hiding just like the Hispanics–the modern version of overseers and slave catchers are gathering–we have already witness their work on too many occasions

  165. Zeus Carter says:

    “Immigrants are stealing our 14th Amendment” Please explain it to me Mr. Know it all. I do not wish to turn this into a worn out dogma.

  166. Tommy E Moore says:

    Hayes is a fool.

  167. BA Richards says:

    “The authors are careful to point out that even without increased immigration, most of the fall in employment and increase in jailed black men would have happened anyway.” –

  168. Leigh Rivers says:

    Negro please. #SeveralSeats #OldRevolutionaryBlues

  169. Xuma Collins says:

    My question to Ted Hayes and his followers; do you really think 14th Amendment made you am American citizen? Just think for a moment, how when it comes to the 15th Amendment; the right to vote, some of our people are disenfranchised and denied the rights to vote, but you think that you’re a citizen. Some of us are placed into private prisons in order to work for penny on the dollar, like slaves. Checkout the natives at ‘Standing Rock’ DAPL , these people got no voice in their own land. So I say who are you Mr. American Citizen? Do you really feel that you are one of them? When the police is persecuting you, for being Black, don’t forget to remind him, that you’re am American citizen. He probably will treat you like he treats himself.
    I will leave you with a quote from the Hom. Minister Luis Farrakhan ” The constitution was never a guaranteed, but nobody defends it more than a Slave; who it does not applies to” Hahahah! He went on to show a slavery mind exquisiteness in defending the constitution.
    Pls. don’t fight to be a better slave, but fight to be a better human being. In reality most of the wealth brought in this country are stolen from the very immigrants’ land. Especially after bombing and running amok on their land, we share the spoils of war.

  170. Cree Seven says:

    Roger Williams , yes, we WOULD still be left with a GLOBAL SYSTEM of of Anti-Blackness, even without U.S. immigrants, I agree. HOWEVER, where I think you err is in thinking that it is a system of White Supremacy that is driving Anti-Blackness. No. It is clear to me that a GLOBAL SYSTEM of Anti-Blackness has produced a system of white supremacy. Put simply. Non-black people would rather submit to people less black than themselves than to allow black people to flourish. White people don’t coerce them into this behavior. There are more of them than white people and if they fought back with us, there would be no white supremacy. Other non-black people cooperate with the hierarchical Anti-Black system because they have more inherent aversion to/fear of us than discomfort with their subordination to white people.
    It is time to discard the white/Nonwhite paradigm. That does not match the evidence/data. The evidence is that the ruling paradigm is Nonblack over Black.

  171. Roger Williams says:

    Cree Seven, but it IS a system of Whtie supremacy mythology that is driving global anti-Blackness.
    Remember, white supremacy mythology isn’t only confined to the United States.
    Racist ideas about dark-skinned African people were globalized centuries before there was anything called the United States.
    Contemporarily, anti-Black rhetoric has been intensified by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, which helps to embed racist ideas in the mind of many immigrants, including Black immigrants from the Caribbean and continental Africa.
    What most elitist, White racist people won’t admit is that they benefit from immigration because they use it as yet another tool to denigrate Black Americans with this notion of the “model minority”, i.e.: basically saying, “Hey, Black Americans, why can’t you be more like the Jamaicans or the Nigerians… They’re Black too?”
    IT’s all an evil game, and African-descended people, whether immigrants or natural-born Africans in the US, need to stop playing into it.
    We need to intensify our unification efforts as a Diaspora, not create further division… Leave that to racist White people because that’s all they know: the two D’s: Division and Death.

  172. Aloysius Hatter says:

    I’m Not even on TV and I’ve Been Saying this!! It what this Country Been wanting for Years!! Its a Convenient Way 2 get Rid of BLACK PEOPLE in THE SLICKEST WAY!! ABSOLUTELY!!

  173. Xuma Collins says:

    My question to Ted Hayes and his followers; do you really think….14th Amendment made you am American citizen? The 13th Amendment establishes the abolition of slavery, but left a clause “except as punishment for a crime” and so the the whiteman used this clause to incarcerate a large number of color people and placed them into private prisons in order to work for penny on the dollar; like slaves, but you think that you’re a citizen. Just think for a moment. Do you think white and rich people don’t commit crime too? When it comes to the 15th Amendment; the right to vote, some of our people are disenfranchised and denied the rights to vote, but you think that you’re a citizen. Checkout the natives at ‘Standing Rock’ DAPL , these people got no voice in their own land. So I say who are you Mr. American Citizen? Do you really feel that you are one of them? When the police is persecuting you, for being Black, don’t forget to remind him, that you’re am American citizen. He probably will treat you like he treats himself.
    I will leave you with a quote from the Hom. Minister Luis Farrakhan ” The constitution was never a guaranteed, but nobody defends it more than a Slave; who it does not applies to” Hahahah! He went on to show a slavery mind exquisiteness in defending the constitution.
    Pls. don’t fight to be a better slave, but fight to be a better human being. In reality most of the wealth brought in this country are stolen from the very immigrants’ land. Especially after bombing and running amok on their land, we share the spoils of war.Brown

  174. Jordan Pauley says:

    Wow. Such Nonsense. There are a whole continent of black people in Africa. So this race elimination preposition is preposterous. There are issues surrounding immigration but this is a little extreme. Some valid points, but the conclusion takes it to a ridiculous level.

  175. Abdul Hakeem says:

    Hilary championed the Law & Order Bill that saw millions of blacks massively incarcerated under the 3 strikes law.
    And 89% of you Turkeys still voted for Hilary’s Xmas ?

  176. Mike Smithh says:

    Please! The ignorant blacks who come from these illiterate families..They’re the the ones who allow their children to continue the cycle of welfare and ISS dependency.. I wish these people would stop blaming immigrants.. Michelle Obama or Reginald F.Lewis Dr.Ben Carson didn’t! Get over it! Get a education or just remain left behind…

  177. DeBora Jones says:

    Divide and conquer…

  178. Rashid Rickey Usumbura says:

    Brought to you and sponsored by corporate authorities…..

  179. Patricia Bernard says:

    this reminds me of the South Africans killing other Africans for taking their jobs…..just nothing but slavery mentality…we protect our masters but attack each other…smh

  180. Margaret Haule says:

    Matt Dendy Black people know their communities better than you. It’s not for you to tell us what’s best for our communities.

  181. Margaret Haule says:

    Sophia Brown Black immigrants are the most educated of all the immigrant groups (Pew Trust). Black immigrants donate the most to support the local economy in their birth countries as well as America (Western Union data). Black immigrants are the most likely to emigrate back to their birth country and have the lowest immigration of all races. (US News and World Report). Please talk what you know instead of spouting xenophobia.

  182. Margaret Haule says:

    Gil Salk, it’s not for you as a nonblack person to be dictating our discussions. You don’t know what’s best for Black people.

  183. Cree Seven says:

    Roger Williams, east and south Asian literature and art show that their societies gloried in pale skin long before any wide-scale contact with white people. Arabs had black people in chattel slavery before white people arrived. Persians, too. It seems to me that black people have a hard time emotionally coming to the terms with the fact that we are disliked by everyone—seemingly inherently.

  184. Cree Seven says:

    And, lets remember, that black people have been virtually been stomped out of existence everywhere where nonblack peoples reside and where we once were the dominant population in terms of numbers….I.e., we were the first peoples everywhere on this planet. Do you think we decided not to remain or procreate in Asia, Arabia, Persia, the Americas voluntarily?

  185. Kenith Bolston says:

    I said this once and I’ve said it before after watching the gumball Theory posted by a scientist it will be cheaper and better to keep immigrants and refugees and their own land just stop destroying and attacking their Homeland and rebuild it and let them stay where they’re at

  186. Roger Williams says:

    Cree Seven current racial attitudes show a direct line to European and, to a lesser extent, Arab exposure.
    Yes, darker skin has been an issue for quite sometime before large scale Euroepean contact. HOWEVER, the assignment of the notions of moral depravity, slovenliness, and ineptitude to one’s dark skin is almost of purely European construction and imagination.
    It is the latter configuration that I’m referring to.

  187. Lisa Richardson says:

    Famous quote: “We have met the enemy and he is us”. By Walt Kelly. No offense…just saying its time to take stock and do for SELF. Its been done before. We have always known who the enemy is and its not hispanics.

  188. LS Elhilaly says:

    We aint gotta do that Kinda work no more like turning up & picking :poop: in a field Or doing lawn work in 115 degree heat , & House cleaning …. I aint mad at them

  189. TrevonBeckford says:

    Teach them Natty.

  190. TrevonBeckford says:

    We need to stop this ethnic devide.Speak with one voice.Remember no matter where in the World you are .All black folks ,have the African DNA .We are one and the same people  .

  191. Liliflor Arte says:

    You’re on Native Land….. Stolen Land!!!! Period…let that sink in, fighting for crumbs Ted Hayes gtfoh.

  192. Kingstro Linda says:

    Gil Salk Easy for you to say; the Anchor kids by illegals are racist as hell, and refuse to hire Black Americans. In addition, majority of the businesses here in America are owned by immigrants.

  193. Kingstro Linda says:

    LS Elhilaly This is the voice of 1 Black delusional person; the reality is that the majority of the jobs now done by Hispanics, were once done by Black Americans, and millions of those types of people still exist within the Black and White Community.

  194. Kingstro Linda says:

    Send they racist ass home too.

  195. Kingstro Linda says:

    Archange Antoine No!

  196. Derrick Thompson says:

    Black folks have known for a long time how the game is played…..Yet we continue to allow ourselves to be played…..At this point in time we are our own worst enemy…..Not our only enemy but our worst enemy,big difference.

  197. Guy Maxfield says:

    Lets change it.

  198. CesarGomez1 says:

    carolaedw dafuq?  When Americans Lynched Mexicans – New York Times

  199. CesarGomez1 says:


  200. Johnw11 says:

    CesarGomez1 carolaedw  No one is arguing that Mexicans were not lynched. All groups, including whites, have been lynched. The problem is, while no one deserves to be lynched, Blacks have been / are lynched far, far, far, greater than any other group.
    The primary matter of concern is what do Blacks have to gain by supporting people who immigrate to this country from societies culturally driven by the most vile forms of anti-Black racism. A racism they bring with them, which obviously prevents them from ever seeing a need to “coalesce” with Blacks — only talking “unity” and “people of color” when they need Blacks, but never when Blacks need them.
    According to the 2010 census report, only 2.5% of the 54 million Hispanics in the U.S. identified themselves as Black, or “Afro-Hispanic.” The rest self- identified as “white Hispanic.”
    Racism’s dominion in Mexico’s culture and society has been clearly documented. Even in it’s racial classification system, Blacks of mixed race with Mexicans or Spanish whites are called “Mulatto,” while native Mexicans mixed with Spanish (white) are called “Mestizo.”
    For some sense of the depth of anti-Black racism in Mexico, read the online article “Mexico’s Hidden Blacks,” Alexis Okeowo, The Economist, Feb. 9, 2010. And “President Vicente Fox’s Comment Reflects Mexican Attitude on Race,” New York Times, May 18, 2005.

  201. Anthony Saucillo says:

    Hayes is a fraud. I remember him claiming to be homeless while owning a huge Pasadena home. He is as irrelevant as those racists wanting the wall.

  202. Cree Seven says:

    Roger Williams, I hear you. The negative attributes assigned to black people have varied according to century, decade, and region of the world. White people used to say that black people were child-like and obedient during U.S. chattel slavery. At the end of that period as they do now, they said we were prone to criminality/moral/depravity. Other nonblack people used to describe black people as brave and cunning and to be feared. Now they say we are inept. The SYSTEM morphs according to circumstance but still for the designed product: Black Oppression. And, that SYSTEM, Anti-Blackness, has been going among all nonblack people of the world long before white people (the least black), were inevitably, perched in the top position.

  203. Alvin Mahfood says:

    unseen beginning of the seed of man. The figures of Adam and Eve, are
    used to symbolize and explain the inherent duality existing in all of
    Life, and more particularly, as reflected in the creature that is man.
    The two, symbolize the physical aspect of being, and the spiritual
    aspect of being – which, in man, may be understood as the body and the
    soul. Man -as the highest form in which Life is manifest – is a two-fold
    creation. Man is not merely the physical and seen body he presents;
    neither is he motivated solely by his physical being and environment.
    Whereas the beast of the field is governed only by his physical needs
    and environs, man is created with an added – though unseen – dimension
    to his being.
    Man possesses a soul; that is, he possesses the unseen garment of
    wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This is the truth of man, this is
    his dignity and this is his soul – that which makes him higher than the
    beast. And as a consequence, man also possesses an awareness of justice
    and right, which covers the nakedness of his purely physical self and
    its desires, and so lends dignity to the creation which is man. Thus,
    man, is more than the seen physical entity – he is also the unseen,
    which is wisdom, knowledge and understanding – and therefore he is also
    a spiritual entity.
    To the extent therefore, that man is both physical and spiritual in his
    whole make-up, the man who is without the spiritual garment which
    clothes and dignifies the physical self, may be said to be revealed in
    his nakedness. For his baser self is uncovered, and he is without that
    which makes him an acceptable social being. For without knowledge and
    understanding, man has no recourse to the higher and governing
    principles of truth and integrity, and in his social conduct, he
    descends to the level of the beast, and the law of the jungle becomes
    his code of conduct … the survival of the fiercest. He is without
    conscience; he is naked, and his nakedness reveals his potential to
    The story of Adam and Eve is used to elucidate this truth. Consequently,
    Eve is used to symbolize the purely physical aspect of man; Adam
    symbolizes the unseen which is wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
    Thus, Adam receiving the fruit, is symbolic of the man who is devoid of
    knowledge and without understanding, and who is therefore governed and
    controlled by Eve … his purely physical and personal desire. In this
    context, the story of Adam and Eve symbolizes the man of pure flesh –
    the beast – the man who is devoid of morals, and without principle, and
    who therefore responds to his own wants and desires, unmindful of the
    rights of others.
    Consequently, it may be said, that Adam and Eve represent the seed of
    the people of evil. It must be remembered that the Garden of Eden
    represents the womb of creation as it were; so that Adam and Eve
    symbolize the seed of a people, who were known from within the womb of
    Life, as a people of evil. A people naked from their beginning, devoid
    of knowledge and without understanding; a people without a spiritual
    awareness, and therefore a people motivated purely by their own physical
    and personal desires. A people made like unto the beast … a people of
    However, like all the Ancient Books of the Prophecy, the story of Adam
    and Eve reveals more than one truth. On one level it explains the two-
    fold nature of the being that is man, and explains the creation of the
    people of evil. On another level however, the story seeks to elucidate,
    for the first children of man, the essential nature of man and woman –
    such that the two are an indivisible whole and together make up the
    being, which is known as “man”. Man and woman together, represent one
    whole unit of life. As Life, in its fullest sense, is both spiritual and
    physical – so, man, as a reflection of whole life, is also two-fold
    creation. So that the being that is called “man” – is in fact, the man

  204. Alvin Mahfood says:

    Inbox me Sophia Brown
    You look like you need some HELP to innerstand yourself

  205. itstime17 says:

    Black people will focus on Black issues.  We must do this for our own survival and self preservation, so that our children and theirs will have a place in the future that is not on their faces begging bread.  The 14th Amendment is, was and always will be for the descendants of my ancestors, African Chattel Slaves in America.  Every other is using this fraudulently, sad to say.  The 14th Amendment birthright citizenship being granted to non citizens must no longer be applied as it does not apply to these people!  Black people must unite under the term, ‘Black’, and not “minority” for it lends to all non Whites the over 400 years plus of holocaust and torture and terrorism that my people have sustained simply for standing on American soil and being a non White person who is not male.  This ends.  Nothing personal but we can no longer stand and fight against our own best interests.  We, too, need to eat, to live, to breathe, and OUR Dreamers, our future generations, need the same.

  206. itstime17 says:

    CesarGomez1  I agree that ALL Americans need to unite to make our country great, strong and the undeniable leader of the future; however, I do question the call from Hispanics for Blacks to unite with them when, throughout our struggles past and present, they (Hispanics) have been quiet and nowhere to be found, even being the oppressor many times.  I know this from personal experience, from the stories of other Blacks and from research. Nothing personal but Blacks must focus on Black issues that ensure our self preservation.  This does not mean we are against you….but we can no longer take action that’s is against OURSELVES.

  207. itstime17 says:

    Non citizens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and it has been made clear in our founding documents to whom these documents were drafted.  These are not legitimate citizens through the 14th anyway.

  208. itstime17 says:

    Siding with brown supremacy will destroy us.  Nothing personal.

  209. itstime17 says:

    If he were being paid, he would  be yelling pro open borders from the hilltops as this is the goal of the one worlders who are the ones calling the real shots.

  210. itstime17 says:

    Black immigrants, though our technical brothers and sisters in mother land, are not descendants of African Chattel Slaves in America and, thus, the 14th does not apply to them either.

  211. itstime17 says:

    Johnw11 CesarGomez1 carolaedw  Sad, but so true.

  212. itstime17 says:

    Illegals cost Americans far more than they will ever pay into America.  Add to this, most illegals steal tax returns through itin fraud.  It’s easy and unchecked until now.

  213. itstime17 says:

    Too bad it’s true.

  214. itstime17 says:

    Being the wrapper is easy.  No work required.  It’s the internal parts of the meal that get scrambled, cut up, diced, seasoned to they no longer resemble themselves….then comes the wrapper….

  215. itstime17 says:

    It’s more the partaking in benefits earned by my ancestors which do not belong to them that is the problem.  This has been a magnet that has drawn in upwards of 50 million illegals, etc. into our country, most of who move directly into the Black community and, through being allowed through the application of police force etc., push Blacks out, scattered.  That is what has been happening to poor Blacks…middle class such as myself have watched it and sometimes experienced it….

  216. Chaya Camote says:

    From 2013 still relevant since there is a myth that perpetrated by Antiblack racists and the like, and ignorant more comfortable Black folks that say Black Americans won’t do the work.
    Let’s not pretend that:
    “Lazy Americans”
    is not coded jabs at Deep Generational Black Americans.
    From the article:
    But as Congress weighs immigration legislation expected to expand the guest worker program, another group is increasingly crying foul — Americans, mostly black, who live near the farms and say they want the field work but cannot get it because it is going to Mexicans. They contend that they are illegally discouraged from applying for work and treated shabbily by farmers who prefer the foreigners for their malleability.
    “They like the Mexicans because they are scared and will do anything they tell them to,” said Sherry Tomason, who worked for seven years in the fields here, then quit. Last month she and other local residents filed a federal lawsuit against a large grower of onions, Stanley Farms, alleging that it mistreated them and paid them less than it paid the Mexicans.
    Read more:

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    ?»?Auditing Test Cases in Software testing

    Experiment survey incorporates evaluating of experiments for manual testing, robotization testing, and relapse testing, and so on. What’s more, this checking on process is completed in the Implementation Phase of Software Testing Life Cycle.
    As the product analyzers or QA Engineers are associated with the product advancement life cycle from the exceptionally beginning stage, so composing experiments in light of the task prerequisite at the beginning period of the product improvement lifecycle and afterward looking into the experiments is one of the essential procedures which should be followed in Software testing process.
    Experiment survey is done premise on a few tenets or agenda. Investigating experiments guarantee the spelling and syntactic checking as well as guarantee that every single capacity which is specified in the product prerequisite report and client stories are secured. Experiment survey is for the most part completed in the Implementation Phase of STLC to guarantee the accuracy of the experiments.
    To guarantee the fruition and accomplishment of any experiments, it ought to be altogether assessed. Auditing experiments increment the experiment quality as well as upgrade the item quality and in this manner making item all around acceptable.The experiment which is to be survey ought to be sufficiently exact and ought to take after the principles for experiment composing.
    Download Testcase Review Template:-
    Experiments Review Process:
    Experiments survey is one of the imperative occupation forms for upgrading the item quality. Experiment survey is for the most part performed by:
    • Self-Review
    • The audit was finished by Peer.
    • The audit was finished by Supervisor.
    Let talk about, how the assessing procedure is completed and who are engaged with the inspecting procedure. How about we begin with
    Self-survey process is by and large completed by the analyzer or QA Engineer himself/herself who have composed the experiments from the Software Requirement archive or from the User stories. Experiment survey ought to be done to check whether all the usefulness and highlights have been scribble down in the experiments effectively or not founded on the Software Requirement Document or in view of the undertaking client Stories. In light of the yield of experiment audit, the analyzer can do the required rectification or changes and should give the close down with a specific end goal to continue the following level of inspecting process.
    Audit Done by Peer:
    Associate Review is the exact next process in test cases survey process after the self-audit is finished by the analyzer. Here, Peer alludes to another product analyzers or the QA Engineer who is there in the testing group. In spite of the fact that the other analyzer has not composed the experiments but rather ought to have the point by point and broad learning about the undertaking necessity and its stream. Companion ought to get somewhere down in the experiments and ought to altogether survey every last point.
    The key purposes of this audit are:
    • The test cases ought to satisfy the venture and customer prerequisite.
    • The experiment should cover every one of the functionalities and every conceivable field according to the necessity.
    • Removing the copy test cases made.
    • Checking the experiments portrayal.
    • Checking the testing steps given in the experiments.
    • Verifying the test information.
    • Peer ought to likewise concentrate on the positive, negative and other coordinated experiments.
    • The center ought to likewise be there for module test cases.
    This sort of Test case survey is additionally eluded as Checker audit.
    Survey was finished by Supervisor:
    Once the Peer survey is done, the arrangement of experiments is sent with the finding for the last arrangement of Test case audit, which is finished by the Supervisor. The Team lead of the testing group or the Manager or any higher expert who have broad and definite information about the venture can do the chief survey of the experiments.
    Experiments Review General Checklist:-
    • To appropriately check the spelling and linguistic errors from the experiment reports and guarantee that guarantee the rightness of the experiments.
    • The analyst ought to legitimately audit that all the experiments ought to have test information, inputs, real outcomes and expected outcome all around portrayed and archived.
    • Ensure that all the venture necessities are completely canvassed in the experiments record according to the Software/Project Requirement Document. To check all the conceivable experiments are determined or not.
    • The commentator ought to likewise guarantee that there ought to be both negative and positive situations according to the venture prerequisite.
    • Ensure that all the experiments ought to have the means (i.e; navigational strides) of how the testing is to be performed. It shouldn’t be muddled rather it ought to be straightforward and straightforward.
    • Ensure appropriate portrayal is included the experiments with a specific end goal to comprehend, the explanation behind composing this experiment.
    • The commentator ought to likewise center that the genuine outcome and expected outcome is legitimately specified and archived.
    • Test cases ought to be spared in a test store so it can be gotten to by each analyzer.
    • Ensure that the experiments are composed in view of condition and gadgets particular. For instance View of the experiments got from sites may fluctuate from that of the experiments got from the portable or tab.
    • Ensure the expulsion of copy or indistinguishable experiments.
    • The Test cases are finished regarding the Specifications Document on which they are based.
    • Ensure that the Pre-conditions for executing an experiment or an arrangement of experiments are determined or specified.
    • Ensure the requesting of experiments, which determines which test cases are to be executed together or to be executed in particular request.
    The experiments may shift in view of the venture necessity and in light of it the Test case audit process will likewise get marginally change.

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    General knowledge is an integral part of civilized human life. Various sources of gaining this knowledge are general knowledge quiz and various year books, news papers and magazines. Current affairs knowledge is a major part of general awareness and knowledge. This, knowledge is essential for our lives, starting from lower education level to competitive exams for higher studies as well as various recruitment tests in government and private sector of India. Many schools and boards keep general awareness as a subject paper in the study course in the primary and secondary levels of exam. Regular news paper reading and news channel watching can also be beneficial for improving general awareness.
    Utilities from general knowledge
    General awareness starts at early school life in childhood, when a specific paper is kept on general awareness. Thus, children gain knowledge on general awareness and happenings throughout the nation at their early school lives. This knowledge helps them in their later lives, when they sit for various competitive exams for higher studies and recruitment exams too. Most of the MBA entrance exams and bank recruitment exams of private and government sectors of India give much emphasis to general awareness as a major part of their question paper. This, knowledge is also important to mix up with educated and knowledgeable people of the society.
    Sources of general knowledge
    Year books, monthly and weekly magazines, news paper bulletins and news channels on television are good sources of general awareness and recent affairs. The internet is also a very big source of recent happenings and affairs round the world. People who read news paper bulletins and watch news channels daily and regularly gain a lot of knowledge about the recent happenings in India as well as the whole. People of all ages and from all the classes of the society should read news papers and watch news channels regularly to increase their general awareness.
    General Knowledge Quiz contests
    In many localities, general knowledge quiz contests are conducted to increase the general knowledge of the common people of the locality. These quiz contests are mainly based on current affairs and about the various important and recent happenings in the nation as well as the whole world. There are various topics in this quiz such as political, social, economic, cultural, sports and entertainment. Such quiz contests are also conducted in various educational organizations like schools, colleges and universities, to improve the general awareness among students. These are always useful for their later lives and future.

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    ?»?Acne And Blemishes: Know The Difference

    Everybody wants to feel and look good. Feeling good happens on the inside while looking good is about what people see on the outside. Feeling and looking good manifests outwardly as confidence, which actually exudes from the inside. In the present world, looking good is associated with having perfect, flawless and glowing skin tones and complexions. Blemishes and acne are flaws that affect this perfect, flawless and glowing skin tones that should come naturally as one was created.
    Acne and blemishes are both types of inconsistencies on the skin of an individual. Although all acne can be classified to be blemishes, not all blemishes are actually acne. Acne can be classified as a disease while blemishes are just a disorder and not considered to be a medical condition. The medical term for acne is ‘acne vulgaris’. The word acne itself is derived from the word acme which means ‘highest point’ and is in turn derived from the Greek word “acme” whose meaning is ‘spot’ or ‘point’.
    1. Appearance
    The first difference between the two is their manifestation. Acne is manifested as pustules, whiteheads, blackheads, papules and cysts. Pustules are small pimples that have pus at the top. Whiteheads and blackheads are open or closed comedones which are actually clogged hair follicles that are either open or closed. Papules are bumps on the skin while cysts are deep-seated pimples in the skin and are painful. Blemishes, on the other hand, manifest as skin discoloration. This results in having different levels of pigmentation on varied parts of the skin, inflammation that is accompanied by redness, bumps on the skin surface and visible veins near the skin surface among others. Where they occur is also a major point of departure between the two. Acne is commonly found on the face, back and upper chest. Only in severe cases does acne spread past these primary sites. Blemishes, on the other hand, can occur almost anywhere on the body. An initial appearance of skin discolouration or bumps on the legs is therefore not likely to be acne.
    Another difference between them is what causes them. Acne mostly results in excess oil production, which is known as sebum that leads to inflammation of the skin. The cause of acne is mostly said to be associated with the male hormone androgen. Acne is mostly prevalent in teens going through puberty but can be found in older people too. The causes for the blemishes, on the other hand, are varying. Some can occur naturally while others can be caused by an underlying condition such as a disease. The general causes of blemishes include; environmental factors such as over exposure to the sun, not taking adequate care of the skin by taking insufficient amounts of water, reactions caused by cosmetic products and hormonal causes. Medicines may also cause a side effect of blemishes.
    3. Treatment
    As the causes for acne and blemishes are different, their treatment also differs. Treatment for acne involves prescription of topical creams, administration of oral antibiotics for more severe cases such as where cysts are present and using skin care products containing active ingredients fighting acne. There are new acne products in the market that are said to be good for acne. One can also be administered with hormonal treatments such as family planning drugs depending on the dermatologist’s assessment.
    Blemishes, on the other hand, are treated depending on the cause. If a disease is determined to be the cause, doctors will administer drugs to fight the disease. Blemishes caused by other superficial causes such as sunburns can be resolved by methods appropriate to treat each case. For both blemishes and acne, one is advised to visit a doctor for them to determine the cause and advice on treatment to avoid misdiagnosis.
    4. The similarity
    A similarity between blemishes and acne is that they both affect an individual’s wellbeing. This occurs by mostly causing them self-esteem issues as they may feel less beautiful or even be told that they are not good looking.
    This directly affects an individual’s confidence. To counter this, individuals are advised to go see a doctor over any skin condition for early resolution as research shows that continued periods of disease may cause depression. In addition to this, seeing a counselor is also advised for guidance on how to accept chronic conditions and generally maintain mental wellness when going through episodes of having skin conditions.
    Blemishes and acne are both conditions that affect the skin. They appear as pimples, inflammation or colour change among other manifestations. The two are however different in many ways ranging from where they occur on an individual’s body to what causes them. Blemishes are not considered to be a disease but may be caused by an underlying disease. Acne, on the other hand, is a disease.
    Acne is mostly found on the back, face and upper chest unless in severe cases where it is found on the rest of the body while blemishes can occur everywhere on the body. The two also have different causes. Despite all the differences, the two can cause a person to have self-esteem issues hence it is advised to visit a doctor and a counselor.

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    ?»?Revealed – Two Most Powerful Words of a Website Copywriter

    For those who don’t employ a website copywriter, here’s a little helping hand. There are two little words that can have a dramatic impact when inserted into your website copy. This article discusses the power of the words you and free to make your website copywriting work.
    The most important website copywriter rule is to write for your audience. Who are your readers? What do they want to read about? What will appeal to them? The language you use must reflect this too. You need to speak directly to your audience as if you were sat right in front of them.
    The use of the word you throughout your copy means the focus is about them-your customer. Using business/company orientated copy is a common mistake. No-one cares whether you’re the largest, most established, most innovative company in your field. However, they do care about what you can do for them. You must answer WIIFM and you must do it straight away:
    “We are the largest online footwear retailer.” – Great, so what?
    “Our huge range of stocked footwear means we can guarantee you beautiful shoes in your size.” – Great, looks like this store will have just what I need.
    Using the word you will also help you focus on the benefits of a product or service rather the features:
    “This lawn mower has a powerful, high spec motor.” – Ok, so what?
    “The lawn mowers powerful motor means you’ll be able to mow your lawn in a fraction of the time.” – That means I have more time to do what I want at the weekend, where do I find out more?
    A good website copywriter will focus on the reader. Use you to your advantage! Use you and your in your headline, opening line and as often as possible from thereafter.
    This one doesn’t need much explanation. The power of the word free has been proven time and time again.
    A very interesting demonstration of the magnetism of free can be found in a promotion by Amazon. They launched a special offer; free delivery when you make a second purchase and enjoyed huge leaps in sales in every country apart from France. The Amazon marketing team investigated, thinking perhaps the French were rational enough not to be swayed into buying a second book. However, they found that the program had been slightly altered in France. Instead of free delivery, the offer in France charged a mere twenty cents. From a monetary perspective, the two offers are almost indistinguishable. But the 20 cents offer did not perform. Incidentally, France then adopted the free delivery offer and saw the same sales leap.
    We are programmed to seek value for money; no-one can resist a freebie. As the Amazon example suggests, free seems to speak to us on a subconscious level. Use it where you can in your website copywriting and unleash its magic.
    If you don’t currently offer anything free, you’re missing out. Here are some suggestions:
    FREE – trial, subscription, E-Book, brochure, download, delivery, video, training course, consultation, advice, gift, sample.
    If you already offer something free then be sure to tell your web users all about it. Sounds simple but it’s surprising how many sites for example bury their free delivery offers on FAQ or terms pages. Use the power of free throughout your website copywriting to entice your customers.
    A Website Copywriter can help you to significantly improve your site conversions.

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    ?»?The Benefits of Tear Resistant Envelopes

    Many of these envelopes are coated in plastic which makes them water resistant. If you are mailing to a place with heavy rain or snow, it is much smarter to spend the extra little bit of money to protect whatever you are mailing. Despite the best efforts of our postal service, not all mailboxes and mail trucks are water tight. Tear resistant envelopes are available in all sizes, and often you don’t even need to fold your documents (even if they are on legal size paper) to fit them into the envelope.
    Another benefit of many resistant envelopes available on the market today is the fact that they are made of recyclable materials. Depending on the model you choose, fifty percent or more of your envelope will be made from recycled materials. This is extremely helpful to the environment, as a shocking forty percent of space taken up in landfills is made up of paper products alone. When paper decomposes in a landfill setting, methane (a potent greenhouse gas) is produced that is also bad for the environment. Virgin pulp, the material used from trees to make new paper, takes huge amount of energy to produce that recycled envelopes do not use. You are helping the earth avoid not only the loss of trees, but from releasing more pollution into the air as well. Just by using these envelopes, you can help the environment significantly!
    When opening an envelope, we all have torn its contents at one time or another. The shape and structure of tear resistant envelopes prevents this, which can be a huge benefit when mailing to someone who is too busy to pick apart a normal envelope, or when the contents are especially important. This gives these envelopes a huge advantage over the average white paper envelope. It is not uncommon for normal envelopes to tear during the shipping process as well, and tear resistant packaging can help protect your paperwork from mishaps at the post office as well.
    Envelopes made from Poly Film are also available on the market today, and are so heavy duty that they can be reused. This is perfect if you are shipping something a great distance, or want to take extra care with the contents, like a family heirloom or a last will and testament.
    For oddly shaped paper items, these are a great choice. Bubble wrap is available in some models that will protect the edges of your item from snagging on the postal centre equipment, and keep it safe while being handled on its journey from you to the recipient. In fact, you can find these envelopes that are not only reinforced with plastic to prevent tearing and water damage, but with polyester fibres for extra protection.
    Another factor to consider is that most of these envelopes come with a feature that enables your avoidance of licking an envelope. Very few people like the taste of envelope glue, and in most cases you just peel back the paper to expose glue that has already been placed on the envelope to stick down the flap.
    Completely plastic envelopes are available in every colour, for every occasion. Receiving a colourful package is a joy for anyone, and for personal mail it can be a great option to you.
    Resistant envelopes are the best choice for your mailing needs due to its ability to protect your mail from mishaps at the post office, rain and snow and from the person opening the package. It can even dramatically impact the earth in a positive way! Next time you are mailing an important package, make sure to look for envelopes that meet all of your needs.
    Envelopes Ireland have been supplying businesses and individuals with envelopes for a number of years, they have a large variety of envelopes available from their website.

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    LED signs have become quite popular among people nowadays. All over the city, you can find advertisements done in LED. This is because, LED signs are very attractive to look at, and people tend to get influenced by such a sign, rather than an ordinary traditional one. LED signs are used in almost all organizations nowadays. Business organizations, hospitals, schools, airports, malls, sporting events etc. all use them either to attract customers, or to send out important messages. Another important place which we see a lot of LED sign usage are at churches. LED church signs also have become very popular and almost all churches have an LED sign board in front of them.

    Advantages of using LED church signs ?–

    1. When organizations want to make a greater impact on the community and society, LED signs are used. Churches and other church-sponsored organizations use them to promote messages out to the people. A service that might be offered by the particular church is also displayed for the benefit of the people.

    2. Since church organizations quite often have to hand out church service schedules and prayer service schedules to the people, they have to spend a lot of money in doing so. Some churches also spend money on handing out some inspirational message or a ?‘thought of the day?’ quote to the passers-by. All the churches incur a lot of expense when they do all this. The best alternative is to use LED church signs. These signs are quite big in size and can hold many messages together. Thus, these LED signs have church services written on them along with the timings for special prayer services. Everyday, they have a different message displayed, or a different thought spelt out, without having to take the hassle of handing them out separately to people. These church organizations can indeed save a lot of money by using good LED church signs.

    3. Another advantage of using LED church signs is that they can be accessible to people any time of the day, and any time of the year. They use state-of-the-art technologies and they last for a much longer period of time as compared to the ordinary ones. In bad weather conditions, it might not be physically possible for people from the church to hand out leaflets. In such situations, these church signs can be used without any problems, and real-time information can be displayed in the public. Normally, these LED church signs need not be very high-definition ones but they should be very durable and reliable. Outside churches in Alaska, where weather conditions are frigid, or in Florida, a place prone to dangerous hurricanes, these LED signs are used because they are very sturdy and do not get easily destroyed.

    Almost all churches are now adopting this technique of using attractive LED church signs. Many companies manufacture them at a very reasonable price. Surveys have shown that churches which use these signs have an increase in their attendance every month! They make the right impression on people by displaying an appropriate message. So, next time you see a bright sign saying ?“God loves you?” outside a church, make sure you pay a visit!

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    Profit is the ultimate goal for all the business in this world. There are thousands of parameters for deciding success of you business but marketing of your products/services is the main thrust. Right now internet marketing services influence the great number of consumers and every small and big company taking this very seriously.
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    • SEO Services
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    Impact of SEO Services
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    Social Media Marketing
    The strength of social media sites (facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google+, etc) are increasing day by day and no company is able to miss the opportunity to quality visitors. Promotions of your products/services in these social media sites affect the brand awareness.
    Quality Web Services
    Quality web services are very essential for any ecommerce business success because having a website of your company is not enough to attract quality visitors to your site; most important thing is look and feel of your website which ultimately decides the success of online business. Megatraffik also offers latest and innovative web design and development services according to need of your online business.
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    ?»?Some basic Information of Total Station

    A total station is an electronic/optical instrument used in modern surveying. The total station is an electronic theodolite (transit) integrated with an electronic distance meter (EDM) to read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point
    1 The basic properties are unsurpassed range, speed and accuracy of measurements.
    2. Total stations are developed in view of the maximal convenience of work of the user.
    3. It is the geodetic device by means of which measurement of horizontal and vertical corners on district is made.
    4. Theodolite is used for measuring angles in triangulation, polygon measurements, bridging, application geodesy, and astronomo-geodetic measurements.
    The theodolite is also being produced and is intended for measuring angles both by standard and autocollimation methods, in industry when mounting elements and constructions of machines and mechanisms, for building industrial constructions and other purposes.
    5. Model is intended for measuring angles in geodetic bridging, application geodesy, exploration and surveying works, theodolite surveys, on-ground mining surveys etc.
    6. Theodolites are executed in ergonomic execution, have the direct image and are reliable in work. Presence of the equaliser at a vertical circle allows making measurements quickly and precisely.
    7. Theodolites are easy and reliable in operation. The compensator on the vertical circle allows to make rapid and accurate measurements. Differing from foreign analogous the theodolites permit to carry out works at lower temperatures.
    8. On all theodolites it is possible to mount light range finders of various design The device can be equipped with geodetic tripod.
    9. The theodolites are intended for measuring of horizontal and vertical angles and distances with the help of a crosshair range finder, levelling by means of the telescope level, determination of magnetic azimuth against the compass.
    10. Due to small size and light weight, ease in operation, rapidity of dial reading, the theodolites are widely used in construction, agriculture, engineering explorations and surveys, particularly, in expedition conditions.
    11. The instruments may be completed with geodetic tripod of, built-in optical centering device and lantern to illuminate the microscope scale.
    12. Optical-mechanical theodolites apply to measurement of corners in a triangulation, polygonal network, in geodetic networks of a condensation, in applied geodesy, astro-geodetic measurements.

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    If you are in college, than chances are you could use additional money. Also you realize that getting a job is probably not the best choice, as it can certainly get in the way of your class schedule. Your teacher might schedule a night test, or possibly a sudden paper which needs to be done on short notice, of course, if you need to work often how will you manage your schoolwork? Staying up through the night after your shift is an option, but that only increases the problem as you start to wear down from lack of sleep. Imagine if you could earn additional income out of your dorm room, and with the schedule that works for you? Let’s consider five cool ways for you to earn some extra income while relaxing in your pj’s in your dorm:
    Online Tutoring and Homework Assistance: If you are particularly great in a subject such as mathematics, physics, economics, or any other common college course, it might be helpful to become an online tutor. Not only can you earn some extra money helping other college students, you receive the satisfaction of helping other individuals out. There are a variety of web sites that you can go and offer your services at. One particular website is , which is a website that students can post specific questions or problems they may be having and you can respond to them for a set amount of money. If you have lots of experience in a certain subject, than it could be simple enough to earn some extra money simply answering other college students questions. One more web site you can make money just responding to questions is .
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    Complete Surveys: When a lot of companies want suggestions on a service or product, they release surveys to ask specific concerns to gather details about what their industry wants. Students make great survey takers, because they are well educated and also have a little extra time, so you can make a little bit of money filling out surveys. Websites such as , , and enable you to take surveys and earn a little cash while doing it. Surveys most likely are not the most inspiring way to make money, but with a little dedication you can earn a large amount of income.
    eBay and Craigslist: There are many methods for you to earn money on eBay or Craigslist which do not involve you selling all of your valuables. Don’t get me wrong, if you aren’t using something that could be valuable to someone, it is possible to make some money selling some things. However, you can also offer your services, for example house-sitting or mowing, on craigslist. Also, if you’re a creative type person, you could earn money creating and selling things on eBay.
    Start Your Personal Website: Starting your personal website can be an very profitable method to generate income without ever leaving your dorm. You do not always need to know about web programming languages (HTML, PHP, CSS, Etc) to start a web page, as there are a variety of free scripts that will essentially make your website for you – such as wordpress, joomla, and drupal. Then again, generating income online can be very hard to do if you do not understand what you are doing. With plenty of exploration and a good strategy, you can make a good amount of money owning your own website. The key is getting people to come to your web site. This is where you need to be inventive since there are huge amounts of other websites around competing for traffic. The best way to get free visitors is to get it from the major search engines. Getting your site ranked high in Google is another story for another time, however, if you can figure it out you possibly can make a fortune.
    As you have seen, there are many different ways that you can market your services to other people from your dorm room. Earning extra cash while in college can eliminate a lot of stress, as lacking cash when it’s needed is very stressful. Disposable income while in college is very uncommon, however, if you apply the tactics listed above, you ought to be able to make some extra cash for yourself.

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    ?»?Money Making Tips for Copywriters: Long or Short Sales Copy?

    Anyone who debates whether long copy is better than short copy doesn’t understand the sales process that well…or copywriting at all for that matter. Length isn’t what matters when it comes to writing good copy, what matters is whether or not the reading of the copy ends in a sale. This has absolutely nothing to do with how long the copy is, it has to do with how the copy is structured. If you want to sell products, you need a strategy from start to finish.
    Otherwise, the customer is going to either get lost, bored or confused and walk away. The strategy which you use to sell your product will determine the structure of your sales copy, and as long as you focus on this, you need not worry about length. I mean who sits down and says: “I’m going to write a 200 page book.” or “I’m going to shoot a movie that’s 90 minutes long.” No one but a fool, that’s who. Instead, they come up with a storyline or an idea and they create the movie, the book or the song according to that.
    In other words, they follow a strategy from start to finish, and the length is born out of the structure created by that strategy. So let’s look at a good selling strategy which will provide the structure for all of your sales writing…
    An Example of Well Structured Sales Copy
    To give you an example of what I’m talking about here, let me share the structure which I use to create sales pieces:
    1. Attention: If you want them to read, you must have their attention first. The best way to get your customer’s attention is with a trance breaking method or a statement which drills down to an end result benefit.
    2. Problem: Talking about the problem shows the customer that you understand why they’re searching for a solution and it helps you build rapport. Think about it, talking about problems is how people connect with one another…why do you think that people spend most of their conversations complaining and gossiping?
    3. Solution: Here, you talk about the solution, but you don’t pitch the product until you’ve sold the customer on the method which the product will use to solve their problem. This way, you sell them on the product before you present it, which keeps them from getting the impression of “being sold to.”
    4. Proof: Here you overcome objections and provide the logical justification for why your customer should purchase your product. People buy products to fulfil emotional needs, but they need logical justifications to “give themselves permission” to buy. As the saying goes: “There are two reasons people buy a product, the real reason and the reason they tell you that they bought it.”
    5. Offer: Here, you talk about your bonuses, the discount that you’re offering and the “sweeteners” you’re using to make the deal irresistible. In other words, the offer is more than just the product, it’s what you’re offering to them as an incentive for buying your product.
    6. Action: If you’ve done your job well up to this point, writing your call to action ought to be easy. A good call to action does three things: tells the customer exactly what you want them to do, reminds them why they need to do it and tells them what is going to happen as soon as they do.
    As you can see, the above structure is based on a strategy to get the customers attention, connect with them, present a solution, give them logical justification to purchase and make them an offer that they can’t refuse. If this is done right, they’ll be ready to take action and the sale will be made. So don’t sweat the length of your sales letter. Instead, have a plan from start to finish which is directed towards achieving the only goal that matters in copywriting: making the sale.

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    ?»?You CAN Make Money Selling Affiliate Products

    There has been a lot of talk on the web amongst marketers on how to make money selling other people’s products.

    Who wants to spend the time and money creating your own when you don’t need to?

    This article is about selling affiliate products and doing it the right way.

    First, you need to find the ‘right’ affiliate product. One that is in a hot niche market. Say weight loss. But it’s very crowded you say? Right, that means it also is very lucrative. People don’t spend time and money on a market that isn’t returning a healthy profit.

    The easiest way to find a hot product in weight loss would be to go to and search the marketplace. There are a couple of factors to keep in mind. One, look for a product that is popular and has a high percentage of affiliate sales. What that means is the product is selling well and most sales are created by affiliates indicating that the product owner has a good sales page and isn’t competing heavily with his affiliates.

    Secondly, there are two web sites, one free and the other offers a free trial that gives you a ton of metrics or statistics. and are excellent places to look for that golden affiliate program.

    They offer insider info as well as Popularity Rank, Gravity, Earned Per Sale, Percent Per Sale, Commission, or Referred values. Armed with this inside knowledge you are ready to find the ‘perfect’ product to promote.

    Next, create a landing page or review page. It doesn’t have to be more than a couple of paragraphs but should offer something to make you stand out from the rest of the affiliates. A time-limited offer or a bonus of value are two ways to separate yourself and help the prospect to click on your link rather than someone else’s.

    There are many ways to start getting sales. Free ways and those that cost some bucks.

    A few of the free ways are blogs, forum posting, article writing and sending an email to your list.

    Those that are worthy of your hard earned money are:

    Newsletters and pay per click search engines.

    Make sure you check out the newsletter first. Subscribe and see how many ads are in each issue and ask what the wait time is for your solo ad. Only use solo ads.

    The top ppc’s are of course, Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). You can start to get hits or clicks to your landing page with a 15 minutes with adwords. Make sure you understand how to find keywords (use only the most direct keywords to test your campaign). Also how to write attention getting headlines and since you only get 25 characters per line, how to get people to click through.

    These are the easiest and fastest ways to start making money with other people’s products.

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    ?»?The True Value Of Handmade Silk Ties

    Some may balk at the asking price of branded silk ties, questioning, is it just the name we’re paying for, only true to a point. There is a lot more than meets the eye inherent in a handmade, or machine made tie, each priced accordingly.

    Quality by degrees, the difference between handmade, or machine made, silk count, individuality, and general specifications: The interlining, muslin, and wool, or synthetic fibre: Tipping; silk or taffeta: The make; labelling, elf loop, stitching.

    My aim was to draw comparison between handmade and machine made in less than 600 words. Having interacted at all points along the supply chain, from design concept to retail, I had to learn the basic constructs of a tie and its components before I could honestly profess knowledge on the subject.

    A hand made is identifiable by opening up the small tip at the narrow end, you will notice a small thread of cotton looped. This is known as the slip thread, and, in spite of technological advances in the sartorial trades can only be achieved by very skilful hands, its labour intensive, hence the additional cost.

    Another thing worth mention is you can get only tow ties out of one meter of fabric.

    From it are three pieces, known as the blade, the gusset and the under end; threaded together correctly intently to prevent the tie from twisting.

    The slip thread will ensure many years’ good knottage and spring back into shape after every use. And there is less friction too, extending its life span.

    Now the scale of economies starts to favour.

    However not all budgets can stretch so far, in these cases a good machine made will suffice quite adequately, besides most laymen cannot tell the difference, or even distinguish between silk and polyester.

    The choice of fabrics from Italy, England, China and Japan are enviable, offering and infinite selection of finely woven silks in any colour and pattern combination you heart could possibly desire.

    They too vary according to silk count and dying method, either weighted dyes or acid.

    English weavers choose acid dyes, which result in an iridescent three dimensional appearance, un-weighted; they require a much higher silk count to achieve density, resulting in a raw brilliance and luxurious handle quite unique to England. Most Savile row tailors and many internationally renowned brands cut a regular path to the doorways of these bespoke weavers scattered sparsely throughout the country side.

    Italian weavers are a completely different culture, preferring the muffled colours given off by gum based dyes. And the choice of colours is muted in comparison, shades of greys and blacks, or at the other end of the scale soft pastel colours. Italian style is governed by North South.

    No one can compete with China on sheer mass production, affording the masses a little luxury; 100% silk ties.

    Now days China is working more in coalition with the west and less in competition, as there are mutual benefits to be shared and past on to the customer.

    In conclusion; there is no accounting for taste, suited to style, no matter how great or small the cost.

    Here are a few brands that stand out from all the others; Zegna, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Simon Carter, Duchamp and Victoria Richards. Other noteworthy names; available mainly online; Shane McCoubrey, Ian Flaherty, Patrick McMurray, Mira and Michelsons. All adhere to key elements of good design and have a constant ebb and flow of styles.

    On the cufflinks front, well that’s another story on its own.

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    ?»?Things You Should Know About Knife Throwing

    The hobby of Knife throwing has become hugely popular. This is coming from as far back as the 15th century where Gypsy circuses would use knife throwing acts to amuse the crowds. What was most magnificent is that these men and women were throwing at real targets, even from time to time actual people in attendance.

    The art is relies on the techniques that are utilized. The use of the wrist is where most of the trick is. Not to mention the fact that you need excellent eyesight the wrist and arm is the key in ensuring that there is accuracy in the throwing art. Much like a baseball pitcher everything counts, even foot action can mean the difference between life and death for the knife throwers assistant.

    While knife throwing is commonly used in the circus it was common place in warfare in the past and is now common place once again. Hand to hand combat does include the use of sharp objects and the ability to wield every weapon can mean the difference between a fatal blow to you or to the enemy. So this is used both as a defensive or an aggressive measure. In stealth the use of the knife is crucial. Throwing the knife means that you can maim or injure your adversary without placing yourself in mortal danger easily. Not only stealth is of grave consideration, speed in disabling your opponent is also important. You can quickly put your opponent down with an accurate knife throw before they can get or cause damage to someone or something. This is critical and one major reason why the US army still uses knives as a standard part of hand to hand combat training.

    Throwing knives are available in various shapes, sizes or forms. They can be double edged, double sided, serrated, unbalanced, balanced and so many more options are available to buyers. The prices also vary and this is also important. The key here is because knives are used as household utensils. This makes it the most accessible deadly weapon to people. In fact research shows that knives are the leading weapon used in most crimes committed in the USA. This fact reinforces the easy accessibility of a deadly weapon. Knives have been around since the Stone Age. Knives were carved out of stone, using stone, chipping away at the edges and making them very deadly and sharp. This is the genesis of knife throwing as sharpened stones were thrown by early civilizations as they hit with deadly force, bludgeoning the victim and sometimes causing an immediate fatality.

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    ?»?Vedic Astrology – The Fundamentals

    Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish Shastra, refers to the ancient study of celestial bodies, their absolute and relative positioning on the universal plane and their overall influence on earthly being. This fundamental principle governing this ancient study is based on the Universal Law of Nature and the wisdom representing the Vedic Astrology is not limited into the boundary of time or space.

    According to Vedic Astrology, there is a unique interrelation between every animate and non-animate being as they exist in this earthly plane and thus all of them are integrally related to each other. Vedic Astrology sheds light on the fundamental principles of Nature and tries to find out the necessary spiritual tools that improve the quality of life by means of harmonizing an individual to the essence of Nature.

    Zodiac Symbolism and Their Relation to Western Astrology

    The difference betweenWestern astrolgoy and vedic astrology is considerably significant. The most important difference is identified in the application of Zodiac symbols. Vedic Astrology puts a special emphasis on Sidereal or static or eternal zodiac method. On the other hand, Western system exclusively considers Tropical or dynamic or vibrant method. Both the system differs from each other in about 230. This is why, Western system counts one sign back than the Vedic astrological signs.

    Another considerable difference lies in the understanding of the treaties for these two different systems. While Western system deals with dynamic psyche or overt human behavior, the principle of Vedic astrology is much deep-seated surrounding an individual???‚?„?s karmic outline.

    Fundamental Elements

    Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Shastra considers 9 heavenly bodies or planets, 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs. Since this rich ancient study was exclusively written in Sanskrit language and to keep the essence and implication intact, the same terminologies are used till date. For example, planet is referred to as ‘graha’, house as ‘sthana’ or ‘bhavan’ and zodiac as ‘rashi’. The common general names and their corresponding Sanskrit names are Sun (Ravi), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu and Ketu.

    The 12 signs in Vedic Astrology are Aries (or Mesha), Taurus (or Vrishaba), Gemini (or Mithuna), Cancer (or Karkata), Leo (or Simha), Virgo (or Kanya), Kibra (or Tula), Scorpio (or Vrischika), Sagittarius (or Dhanus), Capricorn (or Makara), Aquarius (or Kumbha) and Pisces (or Meena). The 12 houses are respectively first house (pratham sthana or lagnasthana, tanusthana), second house (ditiyo sthana or dhyana sthana, kutumb sthana), third house (tritiyo sthana or bhatru sthana, parakram sthana), fourth house (chaturtha sthana or matru sthana, sukha sthana), fifth house (pancham sthana or vidya sthana, putra sthana), sixth house (sastha sthana or ripu sthana, roga sthana), seventh house (saptam sthana or bharya sthana, maraka sthana), eight house (astham sthana or mrityu sthana), ninth house (nabam sthana or bhagya sthana), tenth house (dasham sthana or pitru sthana), eleventh house (ekadash sthana or labha sthana) and twelfth house (dadash sthana or vyaya sthana).

    Relation of Karma to Vedic Astrology
    Vedic Astrology puts primary emphasis over Karma. According to Karmic belief, an individual???‚?„?s life is governed by both of his past good action as well as bad action. This belief is absolutely fundamental in understanding the core principles of Vedic Astrology in terms of analyzing one???‚?„?s Karmic path with a desire to enhance one???‚?„?s own self reflection. In true sense, Karma in association with Vedic Astrology can be illustrated by considering the birth time of an individual.

    During the astrological calculation, the birth moment is taken under consideration in order to understand the position of celestial rays in relation to their mutual conjugation satisfying the mathematical concord with individual karma. The calculation explains an individual’s current condition as a by product of our previous actions and thoughts. Hence Vedic astrology defines the comprehensive design of individual talents, crisis, and desires and offers a detailed guidance to deal with both internal and external crisis, while keeping a close focus on karmic consequences.

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    Sell Your Domain Names
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    Then listen carefully to everything I am saying to you right now. Wherever you are reading this from ~ your home or office or college ~ take this step.
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    Sign up as a MEMBER now.
    Here is what you will find in the special Member Area…
    Domain Sellers Club® Members Access

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    ?»?Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being A Mary Kay Consultant!

    10. Corporate Discounts. One of the privileges of being in Mary Kay is the discount savings from diverse companies. T-Mobile, Sprint, Dell, and Gateway are just four companies where consultants can save. Through the years, i’ve personally purchased three computers from Dell with my Mary Kay Corporate discount. I also save every month on my cell phone bill thanks to my business.
    9. Adoptee Program. It’s never a problem finding support when a Mary Kay Consultant moves out of town. Thanks to the adoptee program, a director can take a consultant under her wing and welcome her into a new Mary Kay family. The consultant can make new business friends in her new neighborhood and have all the support and training that she needs. You’ll always have support because there are consultants all around the world. I’ve moved twice in the past 8 years and it was effortless to get local support.
    8. Gifts. There are so many various gifts that you can earn in this business. There are prizes for achieving mini goals, long-term goals, and winning goals as well. Gifts includes, but not limited to jewelry, cash, free products, office supplies, China, pins, ribbons, clothes, furniture, trips, and even cars. Gifts and recognition are fun and every consultant loves to experience it. I have an exceptional collection of amazing gifts from my business.
    7. You get to be a teacher. Every consultant is expectant to teach their clients how to properly take care of their skin and apply cosmetics. This gives customers the chance to enjoy whatever they purchase. There are so many horror stories out there in the department store beauty world. The representatives apply all the cosmetics and the customer purchases the products but they don’t know how to use them on their own. The customer has to try to recreate what was done by the makeup artist while lacking any form of guidance. As a result, the customer feels trapped with a lot of products and don’t know how to use them. Mary Kay customers don’t only know how to use their products; their personal consultant is only a phone call away.
    6. Beautiful Cards. The corporate office celebrates with each and every consultant. Consultants receive cards from the company for every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas. It’s always great to receive a little extra love from the company.
    5. Work around my schedule. Mary Kay Consultants can work while taking care of our families, working towards our education, traveling, and enjoying our vacations. There’s nothing better than being able to work on your own time.
    4. Security. The job market is very unpredictable and Mary Kay Consultants have the security in knowing that no one can take our businesses away from us.
    3. The Products. Mary Kay Consultants has access to the best skincare products. Mary Kay’s skincare line has solutions to every skincare issue whether its acne, dry skin, oily skin, uneven skintone, mature skin, ect. The cosmetic line is very trendy and fun to play with. It’s great for everyday wear, special occasions, and business.
    2. Principals. Mary Kay Ash’s principals of God first, family second and career third is like none other. In the corporate world, we often neglect ourselves and our family. When priorities are in order, it’s easier for everything to fall into place.
    1. Meet New People. Thanks to this business, Mary Kay Consultants can make a new friend every single day. Our customers are teachers, home makers, doctors, actresses, news anchors, nurses, college students, lawyers, models, and high school sttudents. This business is more than selling, it’s a platform to meet dynamic individuals. Most importantly, through this business, we have the honor to get to know you!

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    ?»?Leaving Blog Comments When Seeking Help!

    Blog comments left by site visitors is something every platform administrator loves to see since it shows and interest and involvement in the content posted. In fact the most popular blogging sites found online are regularly inundated with visitor participation like this. Often times people post comments in the form of a question and since blogging sites are really highly targeted ‘social sites’ an answer is normally expected to their query. Unfortunately not all these request are met with a response and you may in fact have experienced this yourself. So how do you post comments regarding questions or concerns of yours that platform administrators or even other site visitors will respond to?
    Here are what we will refer to as 5 rules of social engagement you want to keep in mind when you do post comments looking for answers to questions you may have!
    Be Clear
    Know what it is you want to know and know how to ask it, does that make sense? When you know what to ask and how to ask it there is little room for confusion and/or delay to your query. Bloggers spend much time responding to people who post comments that require their attention but if they can not understand the question they will immediately dismiss it.
    Keep it Focused
    Some site visitors have a tendency to ‘ramble’ when they post comments which results in others not even understanding the point that is trying to be made. Keep your questions brief and focused thereby making it easier for all to read and understand.
    Be Polite
    Sometimes our own frustration or lack of patience leads to conveying a belligerent tone in our question and this should always be avoided. Belligerence will usually be ignored and therefore the question will be disregard. Always be polite and remember you are asking for the favor of the help of another so it only makes sense to be respectful and courteous!
    Be Patient
    Bloggers are like worker bees in that they are very busy so give them time to get back to you. Remember, you are not the only person with a comment or question so be patient as you await a response!
    Compose Your Query Carefully
    Make sure your questions make sense and are presented in such an order’ that minimizes confusion or invites misinterpretation! Once again any questions you have that do not make sense will likely be viewed as spam on many blogging sites and dismissed immediately
    Not all blog comments are simply reactions or responses to what has been posted but rather many are questions posed by site visitors. As a commentator yourself you have also likely left queries some of which have gone unanswered, and this can be frustrating. The 5 ‘rules of social engagement’ discussed above serve to help you post comments that stand a better chance of gaining a response to questions you may have. Behaving in a polite and respectful manner always gets noticed more so than rude and selfish behavior. Also remember that most blogging sites are contending with several people who may be expecting a response from a comment they left so be patient. Simply be clear in what you ask and always remember, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar!

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    ?»?411 Locals Expands SEO Sales Affiliate Partnership Opportunity

    411 Locals, an internet advertising agency for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the U.S., has recently expanded its sales affiliate partnership opportunity for its “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Presence Package.”
    The program began when 411 Locals was founded in 2007, however, now 411 Locals relies solely on its 50 sales affiliates throughout the U.S. Most of the partners are small and medium local marketing agencies, and 20% are private entrepreneurs working from home or from 411 Locals’ corporate office in Las Vegas.
    “We have had sales affiliate partners since our inception, however; recently, the affiliates of 411 Locals have completely taken over our sales in the U.S.,” said Emanuel Oncu, 411 Locals’ Affiliate Division Manager. “Over the years the program has proven to be successful for both parties. Some of our affiliates have already made over $1 million from payouts from 411 Locals. The earning opportunities are unparalleled in comparison to any other sales affiliate partnership program out there.”
    The main offer 411 Locals’ affiliates make money from is a monthly subscription-based “SEO Online Presence Package” with setup fees ranging from $99 to $1,000 and monthly fees from $99 to $299. There are two sources of earnings for 411 Locals affiliates:
    1.) 100% commission on setup fees, paid weekly
    2.) 25% residual earnings from the monthly fees, compacting the accumulation of amounts paid month over month to a progressive increase in earnings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.
    411 Locals offers its affiliates free business leads from desired categories, a free CRM, a free dialer and phone minutes and free seats in its Las Vegas office. The affiliates can rely on onboarding with a dedicated affiliate manager, continuous in-house or remote training and support, and an open book policy on sales scripts, rebuttals and handbooks.
    Due in large part to the affiliate program, 411 Locals has reached the milestone of more than 50,000 clients served. The next goal is 60,000 clients by the end of this year.
    About 411Locals:
    Established in 2007, 411 Locals is an Internet Advertising Agency specializing in local search engine optimization (SEO), web design and online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. With its corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada and more than 50,000 client businesses in a variety of industries, 411 Locals is one of the fastest-growing, most successful online marketing companies in the world. 411 Locals is a Google All-Star Partner, an elite group of top-performing Partners, and employees hold 69 individual Google certifications. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For further information, visit

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