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November 30, 2016

For Donna Brazile and Roland Martin, Why Was Cheating for Hillary More Important Than the African-American Community?

For Donna Brazile and Roland Martin, Why Was Cheating for Hillary More Important Than the African-American Community?

by Yvette Carnell

In a blistering rebuke, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile was forced to resign her position as CNN political analyst. Brazile’s departures came only days after Wikileaks revealed that she’d provided the Clinton campaign with debate questions, at least two of which addressed the needs of the African-American community specifically.

During a contentious exchange with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly over the first Wikileaks revelation, Brazile struck a religious chord, intentionally deflecting away from Kelly’s pointed questions. “As a Christian woman I understand persecution but I will not stand here and be persecuted because your information is totally false,” Brazile said.

Brazile continued: “I am not going to try to validate falsified information…I do my homework, I communicate, I talk. CNN has never provided me with questions.”

It now appears that Brazile provided the Clinton campaign with not one, not two, but multiple debate questions.



For Donna Brazile and Roland Martin, Why Was Cheating for Hillary More Important Than the African-American Community?


Although the veteran political “analyst” claimed to be “neutral” during the primary battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, she’d already admitted in a 2014 Washington Post interview that “neutrality is something that gets you in trouble because, you ever notice someone who stands on the white line in the middle of the road? They get run over. And I don’t want to get run over. So I’m not neutral. I have to tell people that I’m neutral, but I’m ready for Hillary.”

We knew Brazile was playing for Team Hillary all along. What may be surprising for some, however, is how Brazile, in her desperate attempt to be of some use to the Clinton campaign, put the needs of corporate Democrats ahead of ordinary African-Americans.

At least two debate questions that Brazile allegedly passed on to the Clinton campaign were addressing the needs of the African-American community.

The first debate question Brazile sent, written by TV One’s Roland Martin, was on the death penalty. In the email to the Clinton campaign, Brazile prefaced the debate question with her concerns, writing: “Here’s one that worries me about HRC.”

In the second leaked email, Brazile warns John Podesta that “one of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash. Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint.”

In the first debate it was Ricky Jackson, an African-American exonerated death row inmate, who asked Clinton how she could support the death penalty in light of how many innocent people had been wrongfully convicted. Lee-Anne Walters, who is white, was the woman who asked Clinton about Flint’s water crisis.

This was the African-American community’s chance to have our issues in the national spotlight. In life outside of an election year, Hillary Clinton is only speaking directly to those who can afford her $225,000 speaking fee, but elections require that candidates mingle with voters.

It was the responsibility of African-Americans within the Democratic Party, such as Donna Brazile, and black media, represented by Roland Martin, to ensure that our issues got a fair hearing. Instead, Brazile acted against the interests of African-Americans in order to ensure Hillary Clinton was given an unfair advantage in the debate. Meanwhile, one can only assume Roland Martin shared the questions to gain favor with what he perceived as the incoming Democratic administration.

As I write this, Democrats are still coming to terms with the idea–made real on election day- of Donald Trump as president. Progressives have gone from protestations to planning sessions. African-American Democrats, however, have not come to terms with the absence of black mainstream media reporters who act in opposition to corporate Democrats and on behalf of the black community’s agenda.

For people like Brazile and Martin, the black community is only a backdrop for their own personal ambition. Here’s how it looks: Roland Martin leverages his role at TV One only to gain favor with Donna Brazile, who works for Democrats, and uses her position to further secure her own self interest.

For years I’ve been excoriating the black misleadership functionaries, both in print and on video. There is a sense that everyone agrees with me about the duplicity of this group in the abstract, but no one wants to name names. No one wants to punish. Well, if we want our politics to improve, we must speak plainly about these people, and dismiss them when they cease being effective messengers and negotiators for our interests.

In response to the allegations, Martin said he did not “share my questions with anybody. Literally. My executive producer wasn’t even aware of what I was going to ask.”

That’s a direct contradiction to the findings of CNN’s investigation:

Our investigation turned up a number of questions that Roland sent to CNN – and these two are included, verbatim, with all the same punctuation and capitalization. As we have said all along, Donna was never given anything by CNN. It is clear that these, like the others, were also sent from Roland to Donna.

And Brazile is still lashing out at CNN over her firing. “I wish CNN had given me some other things, like the ability to defend myself rather than ripping me a new one,” she whined.

Considering the selfish fashion that both Brazile and Martin intervened in all of our lives, an apology is the minimum they owe us. We have regrettably created a class of black political hacks who view themselves as above rebuke. The only way we change this toxic relationship is with their undoing.

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47 thoughts on “For Donna Brazile and Roland Martin, Why Was Cheating for Hillary More Important Than the African-American Community?

  1. Gerald Drake says:

    both are brought and paid for by the D.N.C and the clinton news network

  2. DelvinEdwards says:

    Thanks for asking this important question. Black media needs to be on these people like white on rice….

  3. Michael Hall says:

    It is painfully obvious you do not know either of them

  4. Felicia Ervin says:

    Why no one else is talking about this is troubling.

  5. K Lynn Trice says:

    Roland didn’t share anything.

  6. BreakingBrown says:

    How would you know???

  7. K Lynn Trice says:

    Unless you are breaking a story, how do you know? I’m not the one who published the story. Sounds like libel to me.

  8. Deon Love says:

    What should they have done?

  9. Jim Sisk says:

    She is a lying political swine. Has been. Will be.U0001f400U0001f437U0001f400U0001f437U0001f400U0001f437

  10. Nikki Kirk says:

    Thank you for calling it out ma’am.

  11. Erik Moore says:

    I believe he did. He consistently played at Trumps golf courses while telling everyone else to boycott him a few years back.

  12. Frederick Baron says:

    Donna Brazille did not share questions in advance with Hillary. But I guess bitterness persists.

  13. Annette Christian says:

    Same thing happened on the other side. Fox gave Trump questions before the debate. They all play dirty.

  14. Tony Knight says:

    If only the DNC was that committed to black Americans.

  15. Helen Rose McCombs says:

    Sure as hell better than the animal the GOP stuck on us and Bernie was a disaster.

  16. Helen Rose McCombs says:

    If anything happens to the hood I stg we gonna burn Bougsie hoods

  17. BreakingBrown says:

    Did Roland Martin challenge the findings of the CNN investigation which concluded that he passed the questions to Brazile? Of course not.

  18. BreakingBrown says:

    You’re just wrong. She denied getting questions ahead of time from CNN, which was true. She got them from Roland.

  19. Bernadette Semple says:

    Yes he did.

  20. Johnw11 says:

    “For people like Brazile and Martin, the black community is only a backdrop for their own personal ambition.” Absolutely!
    What’s more, in addition to functioning as parasites, leeching freely off what’s left of the Black polity, Martin, Brazile, et al. are totally useless to Blacks seeking a political analysis to inform their voting interest. The reasons for their uselessness are two: (1) their loyalty is not to Blacks, but to their bosses on the Dem plantation, and (2) their self-serving behavioral pattern, rooted in their narcissistic values of “me, me, me,” has caused the development of what I’ve come to call a “self-serving analysis.”  In such analysis, whatever the narrative of their media and Dem bosses is, becomes theirs.
    Relying on the Black Establishment media to sanction them is to rely on them to sanction themselves. They are one and the same: all under the same tent. The conscious Black collective must lead the charge in punishing them socially with justified criticism at every opportunity and at all times.
    The crimes the Establishment Black media (taking its lead from the white media) committed against the vast majority of African Americans by undermining Sanders’ campaign will harm Blacks for generations to come. Most fundamentally, the harm will continue to be socioeconomically: jobs and wealth, health care expenses, affordable education on all levels, often talked about community crime and violence (actually poverty violence, which the Black media following their bosses in the white media mislabel “black-on-black crime,” etc.
    This they, along with many useless elected Black office holders, did against the political realities of early 21st Century America. This is an era of change! Yet they joined the obsolete purveyors of the past in a failed attempt to effect what the Clintons are fond of calling an “alternative reality.”  For example, everyone taking the time to read polls and talk to people outside of their own narrow (relatively speaking) social networks, knew that Clinton could not possibly win the presidency. In fact, she couldn’t possibly win the Dem nomination without cheating with “voter suppression” (including inflated media delegate counts, illegally changing voters’ registrations, limiting voting places and accommodations, etc). Beginning early in the primary season, polls consistently showed her losing to all GOP contenders and Sanders beating them all. Even though the Clintons ordered the media to pick Trump as her opponent, according to leaked emails. It’s sad.
    During the general election, daily tracking polls never showed her commanding a “30-point” lead, and that she was a “shoo-in” to win as the media claimed. In fact, the more rigorously designed polls such as the USC / L.A. Times poll predicted with a “95-percent” level of confidence that Trump would win up to Election day.
    So the media’s claim that the polls were wrong is a face saving clown-dance. The polls did not get it wrong. The media simply failed to effect the “alternative reality” it sought. In short, it failed to achieve a “self-fulfilling prophesy.”
    Now Blacks, having blown what may be the final chance to experience socioeconomic justice by rejecting Sanders, are left with only irrational whines from the very Black misleadership cadre that led Blacks into this mess in the first place. These narcissists (by every definition of the term) are still relying on emotionalism to control Blacks — partly because that’s their role, and partly because they want to save face and remain publicly relevant in order to “get paid.” 
    For example, they whine about Jeff Sessions being appointed AG. They say he is a racist and he probably is.  But what difference does it make since none of them can point to a single lyncher who’s been prosecuted by that office for civil rights violations in the last eight years.
    Finally, whenever we hear these people complain about poverty, privatized education, lack of federal resources, lack of prosecution for lynching, etc., we should remind them that it’s their fault, because not only do they fail to oppose these things as they are going on right now, they also led the rejection of the candidate who’d given his word — grounded in a fifty-plus year record — to fix the problem. And in the process of that rejection, they gave us Trump, whatever he may turn out to be.

  21. Leon Miles says:

    As I read the responses, this is one of the reasons Black Folks didnt cone out in high numbers for Hillary and Trump received 18% of black vote. We have many problems ,But our so called leaders forgot one main principal, No Permnant Friends, No Permnant Enemies Only Permnant Interests!! Thats why I voted for the New Yorker Trump!!

  22. Charles Craggett says:

    People need to learn to distinguish between the black establishment and the black community.

  23. Eric Parson Sr. says:

    Michael Hall and you do ???

  24. Martin Krongold says:

    The DNC dumped her because there was proof, not just stories. Neither Bernie nor Hillary were sure victors. But Hillary was sure arrogant.

  25. Jared Powell says:

    Those two definitely are establishment

  26. Jared Powell says:

    Stayed out the damn way! Go those extra miles for black people not no damn Hillary! Foh

  27. Deb Bell says:

    They got caught up. When will we learn…

  28. Johnw11 says:

    In the 21st Century, the most valuable commodity of all is information — being informed. Therefore, for your information, the GOP did not stick Trump “on us.” The GOP establishment opposed Trump. The GOP was with Hillary. And since you were “with her” too, that means you were with the GOP too.
    Moreover, if you’d been keeping up, you’d know that leaked emails proved that the Clintons ordered the media to promote Trump as her opponent because he was believed to be the easiest for her to beat, given her many scandals and overall weaknesses as a candidate.  Therefore, the Clintons and their supporters — including you — gave us Trump.
    Additionally, your comment that “Bernie was a disaster” is consistent with trolling comments posted on various internet sites throughout the primaries. That is because the Clinton campaign reportedly spent hundreds of millions of dollars paying trolls.
    Please explain why you think Sanders “was a disaster.” Please elaborate specific to (1) electability — cite polls, (2) the interest of Blacks — juxtapose his policies for Blacks with Hillary’s.
    With all due respect, if you are unable to explicate your position, I’ll consider you either brainwashed or untimely uninformed. I’d rather not think that you are a troll since the Clintons are no longer paying trolls with the campaign being over and all.
    Please respond and teach me, I want to learn.

  29. Johnw11 says:

    Annette, where can one find documentation that “Fox gave Trump questions before the debate”?  Seems like you are “rationalizing” in order to cover for Roland and Donna’s unethical behavior. The fact that their immoral behavior harmed Blacks seems of no relevance to you.
    While it is well understood that many Blacks, sometimes unconsciously, form personality-worshipping relationships with Blacks presented to them on TV, including those who read “fake news” scripts, it is not a good thing when such vicarious relationships get in the way of sound reasoning.
    Although cheating is never right, your point would be more understandable, in a Machiavellian sense, if they’d cheated in the interest of Blacks. But they cheated against Blacks — including your interest if your avatar is accurate.
    In addition to their behavior setting a bad example for children, one wonders why would anyone support someone for such a high office knowing that the person is so incompetent that the only way the person can win is by cheating.
    I’m not okay with that. And I’m sure once you get over seeing such Black faces on TV, and all, you wouldn’t be okay with it either.

  30. Rick Manigault says:

    The Black vote protected the Clinton’s from the reckoning they had coming in the primary, Roland and Donna led the way.

  31. THE black political establishment exist for one reason only and that is to deliver the black vote, they have no policies or agenda other than the one given to them by their JEWISH masters, the sooner we accept this the sooner we can remove them from office and get some real political representation and by the way I voted for TRUMP and I’M glad he won and I’M certain he will be the best president this country has ever had!

  32. Sea Pea says:

    If you had your choice for President who in the world would you choose? Pick anyone. I’m interested to know. Yvette, Obama, Farrakahn, Bernie, Cornel West…who?

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