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October 12, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals How Black Voters Got Played by Democrats

Wikileaks Reveals How Black Voters Got Played by Democrats

Establishment Democrats are attempting to distract voters away from the Wikileaks revelations by ratcheting up rhetoric about an unfounded Russian threat.  Given that the press is on the side of the Clinton campaign, it may very well be working. Still, the revelations on how Clinton’s operatives used race to manipulate black voters should not be ignored.

Here’s a Democratic operative suggesting that Democrats use tokenism, i.e. identity politics, to win over black people:



It was also revealed that Clinton’s camp, specifically Labor Secretary Tom Perez, intentionally cast Sanders as the candidate of white people to turn minorities against him:

“Nevada is an opportunity to fight back on so many levels,” Perez argued. “First, the current storyline is that she does not connect well with young voters. Given that Nevada is far more demographically representative of America, I am confident that HRC can do well with all African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans (don’t forget the sizeable [sic] population of Asian Americans in Nevada, including Filipinos.).”

Perez continued, “Emmy and the team have a good plan to attract all minority voters. When we do well there, then the narrative changes from Bernie kicks ass among young voters to Bernie does well only among young white liberals—that is a different story and a perfect lead in to South Carolina, where once again, we can work to attract young voters of color. So I think Nevada is a real opportunity, and I would strongly urge HRC to get out there within a couple days of [New Hampshire].”

This orchestrated plot included lawmakers like Rep. John Lewis, who said he’d “never seen” Bernie Sanders during the Civil Rights Movement, and Rep. Charlie Rangel, who said he “doesn’t know any black person who knows Bernie Sanders.”

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135 thoughts on “Wikileaks Reveals How Black Voters Got Played by Democrats

  1. Gerald Drake says:

    next week it will be northkorea

  2. Rick Manigault says:

    “It was also revealed that Clinton’s camp, specifically Labor Secretary Tom Perez, intentionally cast Sanders as the candidate of white people to” 

    The legacy of Obama is to take racial oppression and flip it to mean anything that ruffles the DNC, or other Globalist entities. Point me to the Clinton supporter that doesn’t openly call Bernie Sanders a racist.

  3. Robert Adams III says:

    Breaking Brown told us that before Wiki Leaks

  4. Ronald Towns says:

    Wikileaks aka Soviet union

  5. Brent Everett says:

    That is why i have never been a democrat. Hypothetically, lets say % 20-30 of black people register as independent. In some states, no vote in the primaries BUT in the general election those issues are more likely to be debated. I do not believe ANY party is worthy of complete allegiance. But 2016, Trump is a menace and needs to be beaten, badly to invalidate his racist positions and followers.

  6. Johnw11 says:

    This is a ‘revelation’ only to the perennially uninformed. Many of us were aware all along of the games being played on Blacks by the Dem outfit and its Black sycophants. (Please excuse my candor, but the matter is serious: we’re talking about the future and well-being of African American people and — given the history of the Clintons — Blacks the world over).
    It was sickeningly sad but not unexpected hearing John Lewis lie that he saw the Clintons in the “Civil Rights Movement.”  When he was deluged with criticism from people outraged that he would tell such a bald-faced lie in support of Clinton who was actually opposed to Dr. King — in fact, she was a racist / war mongering ‘Goldwater Girl’ during that era — Lewis never corrected the lie. Instead, he talked incoherently about not meaning to “disparage” Sanders’ “activism.” 
    But if a history of activism was the point, the litmus test,  how could Lewis possibly juxtaposed Sanders’ record with Clinton’s and still choose Clinton over Sanders, if everything was on the up and up? Why would Lewis ignore Sanders’ stellar history of supporting Black causes, including being arrested protesting for open housing in Chicago in 1964 (the same year Clinton was supporting as cheerleader one of  the most vile anti- civil rights persons of that era — Barry Goldwater, often believed to be the “father” of present day “right-wingism”?  Dr. King two years later became directly involved in the same open housing issue, and was attacked by white mobs in a highly documented protest incident two years later several blocks from where Sanders was arrested. One could argue with some veracity that Sanders was a pioneer of one of Dr. Kings most noted northern protests — open housing.
    Moreover, Sanders had a clearly defined curative (policy) prescription for addressing Blacks’ socioeconomic needs in the here and now. Clinton, on the other hand, had nothing of the sort and still doesn’t.
    So why did Lewis and his sociopathic(lying and not caring about the plight of others) ilk choose Clinton over Sanders? Shameless personal gain. They obviously felt not compunction about their sellout behavior. They saliently aided and abetted the lie that Clinton has a “civil rights” history. They said nothing about her taking intellectual advantage of Blacks whom they’d help keep uninformed at her behest when she lied in her debate with Sanders that she’d “met Dr. King at age fourteen” and the experience had changed her life. Yet, three years later, at aged seventeen, she was vociferously bad mouthing Dr. King in her role as Goldwater Girl. By telling these lies, Clinton and her Negro “HELP” are disrespecting not only the iconic history of Blacks, but the future of Blacks also. And then to cover their heinous tracks regarding the results of their actions– ruinous Black communities, they exhort Blacks to play crazy and experience their plight as “doing well.” They cannot use ignorance as an excuse. They know better. Their behavior is deliberate.
    The idea that Sanders’ supporters were mainly white initially did not distract me from supporting him. I understood that it was not his supporters’ fault if they had sense enough to look out for their own and children’s wellbeing and future. I understood the claim as propaganda and criticized its Black hustling purveyors like the agent # CI-7 (Sharpton) for deliberately sowing confusion amongst Blacks in order to trick them into continuing to support their own abuse and demise.
    The fact that Blacks are used by the Dem outfit as mannequins was also long known by many of us. All these revelations do is prove that many Blacks were right all along as we knew we  were. Otherwise, I for one, would never take positions of which I was uncertain due to a lack of analysis, or talk about things with which I am not conversant.
    Finally, another con game they played via their media partners was to make Clinton the preferred “Black candidate” by lauding her so-called dominance of Black voters in the early southern primary states. “She got 90%” they bragged. But they never explained that only about 10% of eligible Black voters were turning out. Thus, 90% of 10% is not a mandate. It was evidence of 90% of Blacks’ (those choosing not to vote) rejecting Clinton, since she, and not Sanders, was the well known one.
    And that’s why they are worried now. Their mission is to turn out Black voters with the belief that their con games have been effective and that a Black voting will automatically vote for Clinton.  But they’d better be careful, because they might end up “turning out” a lot of Black Trump voters. Which, if he would stop talking foolishness about “stop and frisk,” could happened.
    As for me, I’m voting Green Party. And I’m proud of it.

  7. Johnw11 says:

    Apology: I apologize for the two or so typos above, sometimes the editing system doesn’t get along with me. But I hope my intended points were clear:
    1. Black semi-elites are being used as “mannequins” to attract Blacks to remain on the Dem plantation, just as mannequins are used to attract shoppers into department stores.  While the semi-elites are rewarded for their “showcasing” utility — helping the Dem status quo deceive Black voters— they, like the department store window mannequins, have no power or even influence in the Dem outfit’s decision making process, and the Black voters they take intellectual advantage of get nothing but farther and farther behind every other group in the country under their leadership.
    2. Blind identity politics is the worst thing to happen to Blacks. It is personality politics and generally devoid of any policy considerations. Voting for someone because of color, gender, religion, party, etc., is never wise. Don’t believe me, just look at Blacks’ plight excluding a small “sliver” and even that small sliver is far behind whites as regards economic well-being.
    Running the identity politics con-game, John Lewis declared at the 2016 Dem festival (convention) that “The Democratic Party gave us our first Black president.” That’s true. But what about policy?
    Recently a Black woman repeated Lewis’ empty identity politics statement to me. She agreed with him that “symbolism” was in and of itself sufficient to meet the socioeconomic needs of Blacks even without a related policy or effort on the Black president’s part., at least she did before I got through with her.
    I educated her with the following analogy. “Say you go to the market and, although your children are awaiting dinner, you are proud of everything with a Black face on it, see its symbolism  as ‘progress.’ All that you need. So you select for purchase a box of Uncle Ben’s rice because it has a Black face on its package. You tell the clerk to keep the content — the rice, the food– and request only the picture for your money (vote). You take the picture (symbol) home and cook it, and places it only your children’s plate. You tell them to be proud to dine on the symbol of a Black man’s face on a box of rice. What do you visualize their reaction would be to it all?”
    She said: “They would think I’m crazy. And since they are early teens, they’d ask me for the receipt and go to the store and demand the rice I paid for.”
    It is for that same reason — the connection of many Black youngsters with reality beyond mere symbolism —  that caused them to plead with their parents to vote for Sanders. Sometimes they pleaded successfully, sometimes they failed. But often they tried.
    3. There is no future for Blacks in either the Dem or GOP outfits. Those Blacks selling these failed approaches are deliberately selling out Blacks for their own personal gains.

  8. plcarter61 says:

    When did we as Black Americans not know we have been played by both political parties. What I don’t understand, when did we go stupid and give WikiLeaks our ear and credit as a source of information.

  9. nevereverhillary says:

    plcarter61 since Wikileaks has a 100% of truthful releases….unlike the 100% Clinton lies or her media’s stories

  10. nevereverhillary says:

    only in America you could paint someone who fought for minority rights as the candidate of the young whites while Clinton gets the votes in spite putting millions in jail for minor offenses or calling black kids super-predators. Is so sad. Bernie would have been a great president, now we have to chose between an orange clown and a corrupt warmonger who does’ t care about the “everyday american”.

    I will vote green or not vote at all.

  11. plcarter61 says:

    nevereverhillary plcarter61 Prove it…and tell me why you or me should not be weary at this type of leaks that is timely staged and bias to you the reader. Talk about dumb and stupid in relying on sources you can not trace to how they got the information in the first place. Do some critical thinking on this one…forget the political implications, and go with how will this help us in the future without verification and source reliability.

  12. Johnw11 says:

    nevereverhillary  Good point. I agree. Plus, “confirmation” with solid evidence is what makes “beliefs” become “facts.” Plus, it is incorrect to assume that all Blacks knew or know that the Dem outfit plays Blacks. Informed Blacks knew and know. The problem is all Blacks are not informed; the same as all members of other groups in society are not informed.

  13. Annette Christian says:

    We’ve known crap happens all the time. Stop pretending these ‘USSR’ leaks are new info. Even the crap ‘Soviet’ Snowden leaked wasn’t new info. Try again. I am concerned about who appoints SCOTUS and other federal judges. #vote Wanna make a difference,#VoteLocally Midterm elections are more important.

  14. Watchful says:

    I’m of the mind that many blk voters enjoy being played by the demoncrats.

    And for those who still believe that Sanders was sincere, all I can say is: y’all got played, too.

  15. Ella Lingard says:

    I have been saying that about democrats for years and, I have been saying that the black folks in Congress knew about it! The black in Congress choose Power over Justice. It’s good that this is finally out but this is not the right time to stop voting for democrats. We need to for democrats in 2016 and then black people should rethink whither or not they should keep voting democratic. Seriously!

  16. EmmVee says:

    I hope you vote for Jill Stein and all Green Party candidates on the ballot in November. If you liked Bernie Sanders, you’ll like Jill Stein because her platform is identical to Bernie’s. She too is for $15 minimum wage, expanding social security, reinstating Glass-Steagall, breaking up big banks, a truth and reconciliation commission, reparations for African Americans, Medicare for all single payer from cradle to grave, and much more. Please visit her website at Please let your friends and family know about Jill as well. Thank you.

  17. EmmVee says:

    Me too! I voted for Bernie Sanders, but since the democraps rigged the primary and stole the nomination from Bernie I’m done with them. I’m voting for Jill Stein and all Green Party candidates on the ballot. If you agree, and have Green Party candidates on the ballot in your state, please vote for them as well and let others know all Green Party candidates do not use SuperPacs or take any money from corporations or Wall Street or any other special interests.

  18. Johnw11 says:

    EmmVee  I agree.

  19. CarolAlamanSanford says:

    Who cares one half democrat is better than a truckload of stupid self centered ladder climbing republicans. They will sell their parents to make a dollar.

  20. Johnw11 says:

    CarolAlamanSanford  What is it that “Bernie could not win”?  The Dem nomination?  The evidence shows that you all stole that from him. The General Election? Polls consistently showed that he polled in double digits higher than Clinton against Trump: beating Trump in every instance, while she lost in almost every instance
    So what is it that he couldn’t win, other than the minds of people who needed him the most?
    You “true” Dems stole the nomination in service to Hillary. So now that you have her — elect her.
    The sad part is, laying socioeconomic issues aside for the moment, you people are trying to elect a racist war monger, who experts say will have the world in nuclear war with Russia within six months after taking office. Everyone paying attention can see her reckless provocative behavior as clear as a cloudless mid summer day. Everything is Russia’s fault; they get caught stealing the nomination– it’s Russia’s fault. She gets caught telling Wall-Street not to worry about her “public” positions because its just talk, that she will continue to direct over 90% of the country’s wealth to them — its Russia’s fault. She wants a “no fly” zone, which will inevitably lead to nuclear war, on and on. Everywhere one looks, there’s insanity when it comes to her.
    You say “true” Dems are supporting her. What about the Koch Brothers, ALEC, the neocons, the Bushes, Cheney, and some of the most vile GOP Neanderthals on record? They all support her because Trump disagrees with their wars and trade deals. Are they “true” Dems too?
    Have fun Ms. “true Dem.” But I bet she won’t let you anywhere near that nuclear bomb shelter when she misses taking her meds and starts a nuclear war. Lastly, she and her neocon ilk believe its possible to win a nuclear war. Do you believe that too? 
    And what about her being caught on tape secretly promising to give Social Security to Wall Street? Oh, I nearly forgot, that’s Russia’s fault too according to her.
    If that paltry amount of lunch, or mannequin dress, money they’re paying you to troll the internet on her behalf is worth destruction of life on the planet  to you, then strut on. But I dissent.

  21. EmmVee says:

    Sadly, I agree with you Johnw11. Hillary is a psychopath. Trump is all talk and actually in my opinion, a Trojan horse so Hillary can look decent. Even though she’s still struggling because she’s an awful candidate.

  22. Johnw11 says:

    EmmVee  There’s emerging evidence that the Clintons helped propel Trump, thinking he’d be easier to beat. But I’ve not completed reviewing the info yet and therefore take no definitive position until the facts are manageable in that regard.
    Actually, Trump is not making her look good in my opinion. Polls show that most voters don’t want either of them. But she has the media on her side because she is the ultimate status quo (business as usual; everything for Wall-Street) candidate and the media are the propaganda arm of Wall-Street.
    To be honest, if I had to choose between the two of them, I’d choose Trump. At least with Trump there’d most likely be no nuclear war, and he would be gone in four years. With her, chances are we’ll never make it beyond six months with her reckless war mongering. This is no joke. The matter is serious. All one has to do is Google and read what the experts say about her propensity for war. She calls it “teaching Russia a lesson and showing them who’s boss.” It is sick and quite disturbing.

  23. Misti Henry says:

    Agreed, but on this election we have to pick Hilary because she is the lesser or of the two evils

  24. Misti Henry says:

    I am reluctantly giving Hilary Clinton my vote because she is the lesser of two evils, but I agree with this article.

  25. Dan Miller says:

    All Blacks need to go see Hillary’s Americathe movie to see how they’ve been played by the Democratic Party

  26. Darryl Miller says:

    Hello, we are all being played one way or another let’s just choose to stay aware and stop falling for it.

  27. ShawnMc1 says:

    Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford it dont matter what you say, black women were put in positions of power in hillary campaign and thats all black women need to vote for someone, they are obsessed, you can show them they are being played ,deliberately put in positions and they still go into idol worship mode

  28. ShawnMc1 says:

    Watchful its majority black women obsessed with hillary, they dont care if their being played, they see michelle obama and loss their mind

  29. ShawnMc1 says:

    plcarter61 ITS THEIR EMAILS MAN , this isnt witchcraft, someone logged into their servers and downloaded their emails . damn

  30. ShawnMc1 says:

    Rick Manigault they will use race as a weapon on anyone and now their using sex. these people are the worse because they divide americans for positions of power and dont care about the ramifications

  31. plcarter61 says:

    ShawnMc1 plcarter61 …And this is Ok with you?

  32. Watchful says:


    Sure seems that way, Shawn.

  33. Michael Cairo says:

    I no longer trust the Democrats Party

  34. Johnw11 says:

    ShawnMc1 I understand where you are coming from, but I disagree about Black women (or any other Black) having “power” in the Clinton campaign or any other Dem outfit function. There’s a difference between visibility and power. In fact, the most visible ones almost always have the least power. It’s television optics– show business.
    For example, the most visible things about a department store from the street (public) level are the window mannequins. Although the mannequins are the most visible, they have the least power in determining store location, operating hours, product line selection and pricing, staffing patterns, etc. Their purpose is to attract customers, nothing else.
    As I have noted before, the role of visible Blacks in the Dem festivals (they call them conventions) is to attract Black voters just as the mannequins’ role is to attract customers.
    In fact, if you read the highlighted sections of the above hacked email it tells you just that. They wanted a Black in a high visibility (mannequin) role to sucker “super-predators” (jungle animals) into voting for Mass Incarceration part II.
    On another point. Most people don’t know it because the media keep them ignorant, but ALL “Doomsday scientists” are worried about nuclear Armageddon being certain. Their consensus is Clinton is the greatest danger in that regard.
    So the uninformed ones may boast about being “with her,” but she has a miles deep underground nuclear bomb shelter for her and the 1% to hide. And none of her mindless, zealous, supporters will be allowed in the shelter “with her.”
    Even John Lewis, although his sinecure is in D.C. near the shelter, will not be allowed in. If he runs to the door trying to get in, he’ll be told the same thing the white folks told him during the 1960s when he tried to eat in their restaurant — “no n—–ers allowed. We’ll serve your dog but not you.”
    While even Trump has vowed to never use nuclear weapons on a “first strike” basis, adhering to the MAD (mutually assured destruction) paradigm which has prevented nuclear war up to this point, she has publically said that she will use them first if Russia “refuses to come to heel.” That is the highest level of insanity a president can possibly manifest. And only the biggest of fools are “with her” in advocating destroying the world.
    Those are facts.

  35. Carlton Brown says:

    They both or war criminals against humanity. Behold! the evidence!

  36. I think everyone missed the other comment about us HILLARY said which came out in the leaks,
    and from what i’m hearing far worse is on the way!

  37. charactorman says:

    ROBERT JORDAN That email is not from Hillary Clinton, not from her campaign, and doesn’t mention her.

  38. Watchful says:


    I appreciate u sharing this. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Hillary isn’t racist, just that this particular email can’t be credited to her.

  39. Russell Sprinkle says:

    They just love them with all of their soul

  40. ODDOWL says:

    Black voters make up the base of the Democrat party…  Why would the writer of this article wish to diminish our chances of winning the presidency by attempting to weaken Black voters enthusiasm  ??? Perhaps Breaking Brown are Bernie Sanders supporters or worst stealth Republicans who support Herr Donald “Birtherism” Trump…

  41. JoeHanussak says:

    ODDOWL Herr Hillary “Bitherism” Clinton.  Her people started that crap, Trump finished it.

  42. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful charactorman Actually, the emails are about the Dem Party which is the same as her campaign, which is the same as her. The leaked email that I have been responding to is the one contained in the above article on THIS site (so there will be no confusion).

  43. plcarter61 says:

    I have voted!!!! Now, to being played…WikiLeaks is trying to play us the voters…Who and the why?

  44. MadelineSandySanders says:

    ShawnMc1 Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford  For the record, I am a Black American woman who is NOT on the Hillary bandwagon– blacks haven’t benefitted from democratic presidents in power since President Lyndon Johnson who ushered in several significant pieces of legislation, weak provisions in some instances, notwithstanding.  What I abhor most about the Clintons is his signage of and her advocacy of the most draconian anti-crime legislation in the history of this country which among other mandates got us 542 new prisons between 1997-2002 and 70,000 – 80,000 nonviolent offenders languishing in prisons who could be released with an executive order signed by Obama.  Black Americans have little to nothing coming, substantially from Hillary, if she wins.

  45. JoAnneMartin1 says:

    Johnw11 I do not care, if other people say I am wasting my vote, I am writing Bernie in.  If all of those that supported Bernie did the same….he could still win this election!  A vote for Trump (who in my opinion, is only running to help Hillary win) or a vote for Hillary amounts to one and the same.

  46. Johnw11 says:

    ODDOWL  Would you please answer two questions for me?
    1. What do you mean by “our” presidency, since the Dems have been caught red-handed plotting and scheming to not do anything for Blacks this time around except  what they’ve done for the past 50 years; use Black personality mannequins to lure Black votes? Unless you are one of the mannequins, what do YOU plan get out of it? Please explain.
    2. Since you are falsely accusing informed and thinking people of being “Republican” conspirators against ‘your’ Democrats, how do you explain that nearly all of the top Republican donors and leaders, including the Koch Brothers, Bushes, Cheney, ALEC et al. have said they are “with her”?  Please explain.

  47. Johnw11 says:

    MadelineSandySanders ShawnMc1 Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford  I agree. And don’t forget that the Clintons diverted half of the over $32 billion they used to build the new prisons from public education and anti-poverty programs. Moreover, don’t forget that they created a false “moral panic” about “super predators” (jungle animals) and “crack babies,”  etc. to justify the blatant genocide against Blacks which has resulted in nearly two million Black men being “missing” from general society as of 2015 (New York Times), thus causing a gender imbalance that leaves millions of Black women unable to find mates and form families in cases where they wish to do so (according to social science research over 90% of them wish to do so by age 30).
    Don’t forget that not only did the Clintons lockup millions of Blacks, but they passed laws that prevent these same Blacks from ever working, etc., for the rest of their lives. 
    Also, don’t forget that the U.S. Sixth Dist. Court ordered in circa 2012 that more than 12,000 of these Blacks (mostly men) be released due to having already served adequate time based on new sentencing guidelines, but the Obama administration appealed that decision thus keeping the men in prison.
    The Obama administration then pardoned or commuted sentences of 5 or 6 of them in a PR stunt and than declared they’d “reformed” the system.
    Your intelligence is refreshing.

  48. Johnw11 says:

    JoAnneMartin1 I thought about writing him in, but upon further reflection I’ve decided to vote Green Party since it is on the ballot in my state. Plus, what is needed is a new party in my view since the way Sanders was treated is evidence that the Dems cannot be reformed.
    But I respect your decision.

  49. DelvinEdwards says:

    plcarter61 You idiot these are real email. What’s wrong with your brain, they are trying to help you wake to truth. Emails only say what someone types in them and if you are not smart enough to know this, your vote should be taken away.

  50. DelvinEdwards says:

    CarolAlamanSanford  It’s people like you that are brainwashed and continue to allow them to use us and you make excuses for them. These people could care less about you and it is in writing. You mean absolutely nothing to them. We’ve been played ok. People like congressman use the past to pad their retirement because they have limited power and have to follow a script. Wake up expand your mind.

  51. DelvinEdwards says:

    plcarter61 Wake up ok these are emails and use them to wake yourself and quit playing dumb.

  52. DelvinEdwards says:

    If you notice only our woman are defending Hillary because they are not thinking about our future or their children’s future. It’s sad….

  53. plcarter61 says:

    DelvinEdwards plcarter61 If I would you would check the ‘real emails’ then you might notice some errors and omissions.  Why are their no leaks for Isis/Isscil and number of other persons or groups?  Then go to their website and get the low-down on their creator…still staying the  embassy after 6 years, ummm.  Genius, yes, stupid no…If I could afford my own server, I would. This is new frontier in technology and we can be’ played’ with knowledge you think you know to knowledge that is being used against your better understanding.  Thanks goodness  my vote does count, and that’s the genius of knowing..

  54. EmmVee says:

    If you’re writing Bernie in, please remember Bernie’s not running so he can’t win. I love Bernie too, but by writing him in when he himself said not to write him in, you’re hurting not only yourself and the rest of us, but the entire country. We need to unite to build the Green Party and that will NEVER happen if people keep writing in people who are no longer candidates. Please reconsider. If Jill Stein doesn’t receive at least 5% of the general election votes, we’re back to where we started before Bernie ran and all of his work, volunteers who worked for Bernie and the $$ donated to his campaign, will have been for nothing. Then the revolution will die because people will just say screw it and not bother getting involved anymore, including me. This is what the oligarchs want. For us to splinter and the movement to die.
    I will be 49 years old in a couple of weeks and I’ve never voted for any presidential candidate until Bernie Sanders because to me they were all liars. It sucks what was done to Bernie, but hanging on to what might’ve been, what could’ve been and should’ve been accomplishes nothing. Please don’t let this revolution die because you’re afraid of Trump or because you want to write in Bernie’s name. Doing that, destroys the revolution and we are doomed. The stronger the Green Party becomes the bigger threat the Green Party is to the corrupt Democratic Party. The democrats know this and that’s why they use fear to scare you back into voting for them. That’s all the democrats have is fear. Remember nothing will change until WE, THE PEOPLE stand up & vote FOR the change candidate. There’s only one candidate who fits that description, like it or not, that candidate is Jill Stein. Writing Bernie in accomplishes one thing only, destroying the revolution and staying in the duopoly. Before casting your ballot, please think about the ramifications of this very carefully.
    Thank you.

  55. EmmVee says:

    Wikileaks isn’t trying to play us. They’re trying to educate and inform us, because the MSM isn’t. Wikileaks has won numerous awards for their work. They have a 100% accuracy rating. Hopefully, you voted for an honest candidate who isn’t a puppet of the oligarchs. Good luck to you.

  56. Rick Manigault says:


    Home run!

  57. Rick Manigault says:


    He could have chopped her head off with the email stuff.

  58. Rick Manigault says:


    Very astute assessment. I see a massive escalation of war along with wall street welfare in the name of bolstering the first women President. The first black President was used to support droning, humanitarian bombing, and record wall street profits. Imagine what you can do with feminazis?

  59. Rick Manigault says:

    DelvinEdwards Black men are also ready for Hitlery overwhelmingly. She won the primary with the black vote.

  60. Rick Manigault says:

    Props to all the new commenters on the board.

  61. DapheneJohnson says:

    Why do so many people think that Black People don’t vote on the issues and a party’s platform, Well we do and there is nothing in the Republican Party platform especially this year to make me jump up and say I want to vote for them, and as far as Bernie is concerned, I don’t know anyone in my personal Circle of family and friends or even my Church and Co workers,  that knew him before he ran for President ..I did because I follow Politics, I have always liked him and his message, but he was to soft when it came to issues concerning the Black Community…Voting for Hillary!!

  62. Watchful says:


    Yeah, John … but I was just responding to charactorman’s reply to Robert’s post which was addressing THAT specific email. U already know how I feel about BOTH major political parties, in terms of the being racist.

  63. Watchful says:

    Rick Manigault 

    That’s true, Rick … and the fact that he didn’t just proves that he was with the demoncrats from the start. Sanders betrayed(played) all of his supporters by telling them to vote for Killary.

  64. Johnw11 says:

    DelvinEdwards I agree Delvin regarding some of those posting here, but Madeline Sandy Sanders is very intelligent. Most of the others are simply broke trolls for pay or foolish trolls for free. Anytime someone is dumb enough to say that Sanders was “weak” on Black issues, when he was the ONLY one discussing Black issues means that such a person is either a fool or a troll or both.
    Although we must respect everyone’s opinion, we don’t have to agree with such uninformed opinions. I’m not a gambling man, but I bet DapheneJohnson (or any of the others — note that ODDOWL is yet to answer my questions) couldn’t articulate one Dem platform item that relates to “Black issues,” because there aren’t any. The Clinton reps on the Dem platform committee wouldn’t even let Sanders’ reps institute an anti TPP plank: a trade deal that will completely destroy what’s left of African American communities after the Clintons’ NAFTA.
    Moreover, anyone conversant with mechanics of politics know that party platforms are never adhered to after elections in the first place. That’s how I immediately knew that Daphene doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
    It’s not that she doesn’t care about her children, I believe she does, she’s just uninformed and doesn’t understand the relationship between “policy” and “personality,” nor, it appears, does she understand the relationship between past behavior and future behavior.
    Frankly at this point, the biggest fear for everyone in the world should be staying alive, because if Clinton wins it has been agreed by almost every known expert that she will start a nuclear war with Russia. She is obsessed with it, and in fact declared war on Russia in the last debate. She claims that Russia “hacked’ the Dems and blames it for the release of all the DIRT they’ve been caught engaging in. Of course it’s only a diversion from the consequences of the dirt, because they have not submitted one iota of proof, yet she behaves as if she has proof. Even Trump keeps telling her to show proof of her claims, or stop advocating for nuclear war with Russia which will end all life on this planet. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS; some people are trying to elect an insane person to the presidency who loves war, hates Blacks, and can’t stand up for ten minutes without fainting unless she’s drugged up.  There’s plenty of information about this in both the literature and on youtube. (Hillary Clinton’s mental / physical health issues.)  If you haven’t done so already, please review the facts and see how she slips without warning into loud, long, off-topic, inappropriate laughter, head bobbing, and coughing spells. She becomes irate instantaneously with no precipitant socio-environmental stimuli except hearing several voices at the same time. That’s why the media, in their effort to swindle the public with this damaged candidate, don’t allow applause at the debates — excessive noise will activate her condition and she’d start laughing, head bobbing, and cursing out people right on the debate stage. If her handlers should ever under- medicate her before debates the whole world will see it. Imagine, given her psychological instability, if she should catch her husband with one of those intern teens AGAIN: with her having access to nuclear weapons. IMAGINE THAT!!!
    None of us, if we are responsible, would allow a friend or family member who’s just caught, or learned of his / her mate’s cheating, access to a dangerous weapon of any kind. To do so would be the height of irresponsibility both socio- morally and legally. So why in the world would we want to let her have access to nuclear weapons? That doesn’t make sense to even a rat.
    Finally, her duped (or paid) supporters  like to trash talk about the GOP (which I agree is no good), but how is voting for Clinton voting against the GOP when almost all GOP elites are “with her”? To believe that a vote for Clinton is a vote against the GOP is paradoxical to the point of insanity — since they are “with her.” Even a five year old child would be able to think abstractly enough to know that a vote for Clinton is a vote for Bush, the Koch Brothers, Cheney, ALEC, Kissinger, and the other vile “I’m with her”  top GOP heads. There are no defined GOP-Dem lines anymore. There haven’t been since the 1980s when the Clintons changed the old FDR, LBJ, progressive Dem party into a replica of the right-wing GOP called “New” or “Third Way” Dems. Now she and the GOP have come out the closet and made it official. They ware “with her.”  But I refuse to vote for Bush and Cheney, which is what a vote for her would be–since they are “with her” and her them. They are one and the same! Poor Daphene, she has been so out-of -touch (trying to get money for her mannequin dress) that she didn’t notice. But she is probably a good person (Daphene not Hillary).
    It’s sad to know that some adults can’t think on the level of a child. This, despite the fact that children depend on them for guidance.
    I personally and professionally know of cases where teenage children had to take charge and tell their parents: “Mom, Dad, here’s how this is going to work– you are going to the polls next week and you are going to vote for ‘Bernie’ so I can have future. I will not be Hillary’s super predator. You all did not give birth to jungle animals.”
    Now that Sanders is no longer running, WE MUST VOTE GREEN! Unless we want to be incinerated in a nuclear apocalypse.

  65. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I know you know. Just wanted to make it clear so there would be no confusion with others which was the intent of the troll you responded to in the first place.
    It was good hearing from you.

  66. Johnw11 says:

    ShawnMc1 True Shawn, but “Michelle” has a spot reserved for her in that nuclear bomb shelter “with her.” But these women who are seeking an identity lost as a result of childhood trauma — have no spot reserved for them in that nuclear bomb shelter “with her.”

    Nor will Michelle’s children be in Hillary’s Mass Incarceration penitentiaries.

    The facts are as simple as that.

  67. tcchat51 says:

    DapheneJohnson We cannot believe the veracity of the in formation that Wiki is putting forth, the Russians are manipulating the data and we can no longer depend on wiki to bring forth accurate information anyone that believe this propaganda should re-evaluate their critical thinkingskills. (Lost all respect for wiki no longer credible)

  68. Watchful says:


    And yet there’s not a shred of concrete evidence that the Russians had anything to do with hacking any demoncratic emails. Just alotta baseless claims by the Clinton campaign.

  69. Watchful says:


    Likewise, my friend.

  70. SatchSeven1 says:

    Johnw11 MadelineSandySanders ShawnMc1 CarolAlamanSanford  so the black men who refused to open up a book and willingly put themselves in the crosshairs of the crooked justice system is a politician’s fault? those dudes were out their slinging because they knew they could get the women with a lil dope money.  the baltimore -dc area was arveraging 900 homicides a year in that period. the scumbags should have been locked up

  71. SatchSeven1 says:

    Johnw11 paid trump troll

  72. SatchSeven1 says:

    MadelineSandySanders ShawnMc1 Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford  why don’t you talk about the fools who kept walking into the trap the man set out there. trying to sell dope to get the rims,cars and the girls and got caught in a trick bag

  73. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Does everyone now understand what I’ve been saying for years about zealotry / fanaticism? A cardinal characteristic of zealotry/fanaticism is the tendency to irrationally “deny” reality when that reality conflicts with the need to worship a certain personality, belief, or idol-object.
    This is not intended to berate anyone, but only to describe the affliction.  The condition is caused by a stupefying event — or a pattern of prolonged exposure to another person or persons who is/ are afflicted — that results in a separation of the higher and lower levels of consciousness. Thus a gap (if you will) is created in the information processing centers of the brain causing incoming information to pass through without being processed cognitively. Only emotional responses are generally experienced. (You may recall the old folks used to call it having “a hole in the head” when information would “go in one ear and out the other” after they’d grown frustrated at trying to explain simple things to a person who just didn’t get it.)
    That explains why– although the evidence is irrefutable both in terms of the backstabbing scheming revealed by the emails, and the 50+ years history of Blacks getting nothing for their votes from the Dems– some are still refusing to accept facts: refusing to “get it.” Often times such persons have no idea that they are so afflicted.

  74. SylviaLitchfield says:

    Cornel West “Every Black Person Should Vote For Jill Stein Instead of Hillary Clinton”

  75. sweetsag says:

    Hillary has spoken many issues that concern me, I am a fostermother, she was the only one to speak about fostercare, and many other things. I have never seen these original speeches to compare them to these Wikileaks documents, so I am not just going to believe some hacker from another country. There objective is to turn Americans against each other, we cannot be gullible and believe everything coming from another country that wants to do us harm. The thing about Trump is he made his own bed now he needs to deal with it, he has never been to an African American church until recently, neighborhoods, school, or inner city, the Central Park 5, the comments about blacks have a lazy trait, vote for him and we won’t be shot, disrespect of women, he has offered no policy for me or my family. There are many other nationalities that are poor, not just black people. I will be voting my conscious, safety, future, VOTING FOR HILLARY!

  76. sweetsag says:

    Thank you! No one has read her original speeches so how could they say these speeches are hers. If Wikileaks can hack all of the Dems info, I’m just curious how come they cannot get Trumps taxes! Wink wink!

  77. Johnw11 says:

    sweetsag  All she has to do is release her speeches, then we will know, won’t we? Wink, Wink.

  78. Johnw11 says:

    SatchSeven1 Johnw11 MadelineSandySanders ShawnMc1 CarolAlamanSanford  You are so far behind that it’s useless to reply to you. Suffice it to say that the fact is whites were and do use more drugs than Blacks but the Clintons mostly locked up Blacks only. In terms of picking up a book, it doesn’t appear that you have “picked up” very many yourself, or you wouldn’t be so ignorant. Try reading the ‘book’: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in The Age of Colorblindness, by Pro. Michelle Alexander for starters.
    No more replies to you from me until you catch up.

  79. Watchful says:


    Maybe we should make it easier for him/her, John … after all, reading a complete book might be a bit too daunting. 

    Here’s a brief excerpt from a recent article dealing with this particular topic: 

    “In fact, police make more arrests for marijuana possession alone than for all violent crimes combined.”

    The report finds that the laws are enforced unequally, too. Over their lifetimes, black and white Americans use illicit drugs at similar rates, according to federal data. But black adults were more than 2½ times as likely to be arrested for drug possession.

    “We can’t talk about race and policing in this country without talking about the No. 1 arrest offense,” Borden said.

    And if he/she feels really embolden, they can read the entire article. : )

  80. Johnw11 says:

    sweetsag  Thank you for being a foster parent. I can understand why you feel Hillary spoke to your needs since her 1997 so-called “Adoption And Safe Families Act,” did to poor Black children what her Omnibus crime bill did to their parents, enslaved them, thus increasing your monthly check. The horrible act was criticized by many Black socio-behavioral health professionals and organizations as slavery because it forced children (almost exclusively Black) to be taken from their parents and given to others (mostly whites) for trivia subjective reasons like homes being unclean, or having no food in the home (this after they’d placed the poor on starvation status with their 1996 “Welfare Reform Act,” etc. Indeed, forcefully taking Black children from their families just like in chattel slavery, causing lifelong traumatic damage to the children.
    I don’t care about Trump in the least, but unlike you, I’m not stumbling around in a fog worrying about what Trump might do, while ignoring what the Clintons have already done and are thirsty to do again.. You mentioned Trump’s ignorant bigotry regarding the Central Park Five, when he said they should get the death penalty although they were later proven innocent. What a horrible thing for him to say. But how do you juxtapose his ‘words’ with the Clintons’ ACTUAL behavior of executing a mentally ill Black man who was so psychotic that he didn’t understand that his last meal would be his last, so he asked that his desert be saved for later. How can you condone such immoral, racist, behavior? This the ‘Dixicrats’ did while co-governor of the Confederate state of Arkansas. And although data show that mostly Blacks are affected by it, she is still proud of that behavior and states she favors the death penalty right now, even though it has been declared immoral by the entire world, and many polls show most Americans oppose it. 
    So, please stop playing the Trump boogeyman card. That doesn’t work with me. I stopped being afraid of the “boogeyman” at age four. But I must admit I still have trouble with the “witched witch,” because, unlike the boogeyman, who would only get you if you were bad, that witched witch could straddle her broom and fly everywhere sprinkling evil dust all over the planet as her shallow cast against the moon. She would get you whether you were good or bad.
    In fact, she was so mobile on that broom, she might be in Haiti one moment stealing earthquake relief money, in the U.S. moments later hurling the most vile racist terms at Blacks — “super predators” (jungle animals), and trying to start a nuclear war the next.
    You say you are “voting for Hillary.” Good for you, what else can you do? After all, she has helped you financially with adoptions and all. 
    But I know that you don’t know that what you are really saying is that you are “voting for nuclear war.” And the final fact is, you may be “with her” in the voting booth, but you certainly will not be “with her” in that nuclear bomb shelter. You’ll be atop the surface and incinerated “with us.”

  81. Janice Turner says:

    Still won’t be a Republican Goal of this election KEEP trump OUT!!!

  82. Abdul Alkebulan Muhammad says:

    Who are the local officials in your area?

  83. Marc Lewis says:

    That’s that slave mentality way of thinking talking about we have to pick between the lesser of the two evils. They’re both evil there’s no difference. It’s like choosing between a bigot vs a racist. We need to practice group economics so we can buy out or rent a politician to work in our best interest.

  84. Marc Lewis says:

    She’s just as evil as Trump.

  85. Annette Christian says:
    All republicans, all trying to keep this area from attracting anyone but them. As a result, this area is backwards, infrastructure sucks, no real job base other than the military. The only thing holding it together is the military and beaches. Pensacola is nearby and dying. This area is 70% republican. They constantly complain about the choices elected officials make but refuse to vote differently. Local officials affect our lives directly. We need more choices and more people voting when it’s not a presidential election.

  86. Annette Christian says:

    Who are your local officials?

  87. Misti Henry says:

    Yes she is

  88. Larry Ethridge says:

    The Democrats have been playing us since the Kennedy era, PERIOD!

  89. carolaedw says:

    Johnw11 sweetsag Your comment about the mentally challenged man’s last request struck me to the heart. I’m sorry, they’re both devils.

  90. SO far what we’ve know from the leaks which its authenticity has not been denied by the parties involved, only that the RUSSIA’S are behind it, is HILLARY and the DNC have rigged the primaries against BERNIE, she has openly taken money and sold weapons to countries who are aiding ISIS and other terrorist groups and also she has a public and a private position on any given subject depending on her audience.

    AS imperfect as TRUMP is, he looks angelic compared to this witch, and he’s literally fighting  the whole political 
    establishment[both party’s] and the media all alone and he holding his own.

    I for one have never even considered voting for a republican ever, but TRUMP will get my vote , he’s a nationalist and a fighter and that’s what this country needs , global government is not in our interest, black AMERICANS will not survive it.

  91. Brenda Johnson says:

    Shut up. If you are in the poor or almost poor category, remember who benefits from many social programs. Like it or not it’s true as far as I see it.

  92. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful Actually, SatchSeven1 is so far behind it is virtually useless trying to explain anything to him / her. He /she has been trained to blame the victims of racism and support racism, and with the Clintons there is a whole lot of racism for him / her to support. So he / she is happy and just wanted to let everyone know about it.
    Whenever we encounter someone that ignorant this late in the game, it is best to leave them be. He / she will not read anything you posted. As widely known as this information is, he / she should already know by now.
    I responded only to let the person know that he / she is fooling no none by accusing others of not picking up books when he / she has not picked up any his her / self.

  93. Antawan James says:

    Wikileaks is a propaganda pushing think tank. Keep believing the garbage it is pushing.

  94. Antawan James says:

    Wikileaks is a russian propaganda pushing think tank. Keep believing the garbage lies it pushes all you want. If it was truly leaking “truth” and unbiased why hasn’t it dropped any “truth” about racist ass trump.

  95. Leonard Walker says:

    No deep analysis required. All we need to do is ask two specific questions. 1st what have WE specifically received for our votes? 2nd what are Democrats saying they will give us for our votes?
    Not them I’m advocating voting Republican. I’m just saying we have to get something for our votes. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a clear insult to our intelligence and when we accept that reasoning shows that we have no understanding about voting.
    How can you do worse than nothing? This why the lesser of two evils strategy is ridiculous. First we have nothing because we demand nothing. We listen to politicians and if they say the right things then we are sold.. Same results every election..

  96. Johnw11 says:

    carolaedw sweetsag  I am glad you could “feel” how racist and indecent executing the Black man was. But keep in mind that he was not simply “mentally challenged” as in an intellectual disability, such as learning, etc., but he was totally mentally ill. That means that he had absolutely little to no connection to reality. The Dixicrats (Clintons) staged a well publicized temporary suspension of their 1992 presidential quest to go back to the Arkansas swamps and execute the man to show how tough they could be on Blacks for white votes.
    Those are facts.
    That stunt (to them) worked so well in getting “Bubba” elected that the Clintons once in office created a false “moral panic” about Blacks (jungle animals on drugs, having nonhuman babies, munching on welfare, parental irresponsibility, etc.) to get reelected with some of the most vile GOP racists known thus far in history in his cabinet and as chief advisors.
    Those are facts.
    Every policy, every implementation of ideas, every act of the Clintons’ administration was anti Black in its very nature and every one of them has caused great harm to Blacks.
    The Clintons managed to do this great harm to Blacks, while at the same time being supported by Blacks. They pulled it off by using the same method that they are using now, as revealed by the leaked emails. They used Black human mannequins, whose roles were to take photo ops, smile and giggle at his jokes, place their hands on his shoulders, ride on golf carts with him, etc.
    Many Blacks, yearning to be accepted by whites, were ecstatic. He’s “one of us,” some declared in their depraved delusions.
    Now they and their mannequins are back again. Same smiles, same lies, same plans to harm Blacks further. But Black America cannot take too many more blows. Times are hard. Blacks, having access to alternative sources of information, have begun to raise a fundamental question: “What’s in it for our communities?” While the Clintons and their mannequins still have the minds of many — which is not surprising, given TV’s influence and the mannequin worshipping Black media –they do not have as many as they once had.
    That worries them. Thousands of internet and talk radio trolls laid off after they stole the nomination have been recalled to work. Black deceivers posing as leaders have been given their orders :”Get  your a__ out there and get me my votes!”
    “Yasum, boss,” the misleadership mannequins say.
    One can tell whenever they’ve been scolded, because that’s when they increase pushing the Trump boogeyman line. He’s going to eat your badies, put you back into slavery. Those Blacks still asleep, still admiring the mannequins, eat it up.  
    But many Blacks, alert and intelligent,  are saying in various ways “Go to h—l. We already know Trump is bad news, but what about the Clintons?”
    As you stated, since both are bad news, what is there to choose from between the two of them? 
    Fortunately, we do have a choice, and I’m “with her” —- Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party ticket. Why? Because over 95% of their policy positions (available on their website) are consistent with my own values. I will not be intimidated by the irrational arguments made by Black misleaders as they, for personal gain, try and reach an assigned quota for turning out Black voters for Clinton to behave against their own interests. To vote to further destroy the Black community for certain, and highly likely the whole of life on planet earth.
    Some Black Green voters are being harassed by Clinton Blacks with lies about they would vote for Stein themselves, but she “can’t win.” But how can she, if one doesn’t vote for her? No candidate can win, unless voted for. That is the level of logic these people operate on, and the level is very low.

  97. Gerald Brooks says:

    We believe everything we read !!!!

  98. Clarence A Cavness says:

    And what exactly will/has any Republican done for anyone except the rich?! Either way it’s bad but seriously with these stupid articles!

  99. Vel Thescholar says:

    Did you not hear Ginsburg remarks, it don’t matter unless your OK with the status quo, and that system of racism, and white privilege! Politicians like Hillary only answer to the wealthy! And, Trump answers to no one, that’s why they all panicking to defeat him, Repub and Dem! It pains me for my people to think there’s a difference in the two parties, its not, they both answer to the wealthy elite!

  100. Annette Christian says:

    Vel Thescholar don’t make assumptions when you don’t know them. There’s virtually no difference. There are those on both parties that actually want to make a difference but they are a minority. However, when I see neo-Nazis and KKK in love with a candidate, I’m not voting for them. Both candidates were okay with the birther crap and that’s why I don’t like Clinton. But I cannot find any comfort with the thought that I voted for someone that puts a person on the SCOTUS whose decisions completely dismantle our legal gains. Who sits in federal judge positions makes a difference. That’s why they wouldn’t let Obama appoint that many. Local judges get there by vote and local appointments. Your toe does matter. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be trying to keep you away from the poles or manipulating the power of your vote.

  101. Annette Christian says:

    Vel Thescholar don’t make assumptions when you don’t know them. There’s virtually no difference. There are those on both parties that actually want to make a difference but they are a minority. However, when I see neo-Nazis and KKK in love with a candidate, I’m not voting for them. Both candidates were okay with the birther crap and that’s why I don’t like Clinton. But I cannot find any comfort with the thought that I voted for someone that puts a person on the SCOTUS whose decisions completely dismantle our legal gains. Who sits in federal judge positions makes a difference. That’s why they wouldn’t let Obama appoint that many. Local judges get there by vote and local appointments. Your toe does matter. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be trying to keep you away from the poles or manipulating the power of your vote.

  102. Annette Christian says:

    Vel Thescholar then lets work together to make a difference and change things. The biggest lie ever told was that our vote doesn’t matter.

  103. 44blue says:

    As well as warning Progressives not to waste your vote on “corporate Democrats who will betray you”, Jill Stein says, “It should be clear to everyone that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.”
    Does this trouble you?
    “On the issue of war and nuclear weapons, it is actually Hillary’s policies which are much scarier than Donald Trump who does not want to go to war with Russia. He wants to seek modes of working together, which is the route that we need to follow not to go into confrontation and nuclear war with Russia.” – Jill Stein
    John Podesta has 75,000 shares in a Putin-connected company ( which he failed to fully disclose, too!). Trump has zero ties to Russia. The Dems appear to be the most evil liars possible. There has not been one shred of evidence linking Russia to these Wikileaks, just the say-so of liars, whose chairman does have ties through his stocks.
    Jill Stein will not win, and so she in good faith is warning us what will happen if Hillary is elected. She is not saying she supports Trump, but she is certainly warning us what may happen. Please don’t vote for nuclear war.
    Diamond and Silk may not be intellectuals but they are right when they say, “Get off the Democrat plantation!”

  104. 44blue says:

    ODDOWL “our” chances? COUNT ME OUT

  105. 44blue says:

    Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford TRUTH. Thanks.

  106. 44blue says:

    Watchful Rick Manigault I respect Jill Stein so much for coming out in favor of Trump over Hillary.

  107. 44blue says:

    JoAnneMartin1 Johnw11 You’re just faciltating nuclear war. Bernie sold out for good endorsing her. I guess the $600,000 THIRD home he purchased a few weeks after that might be related to his sellout.  Hillary et al are good at funneling funds.

  108. 44blue says:

    Rick Manigault ShawnMc1 Takes a lot of courage to call Obama out for the puppet he has been. Bravo.

  109. 44blue says:

    DapheneJohnson You’re exactly the short-sighted person Hillary is counting on.

  110. Watchful says:


    I’m not sure Ms.Stein actually endorsed Mr.Trump, but she did support his foreign policy positions, particularly regarding Russia, over Killary’s … which is a good thing IMO.

  111. 44blue says:

    sweetsag You’re a bit sad.

  112. 44blue says:

    EmmVee The DNC and the Republicans are fighting Trump tooth and nail. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Hillary. Dr. Stein knows she can’t win; therefore, she is concerned about Hillary and nuclear war.

  113. 44blue says:

    Is Hillary hugging Hank Johnson, who was so embarassingly stupid he asked in a Congressional hearing whether Guam would “tip over and capsize” if more military was sent there?

  114. 44blue says:

    Watchful 44blue No she did not endorse Trump, nor did I say she did. What she most emphatically did do is UNENDORSE Hillary the psychopath.

  115. Watchful says:


    Had she endorsed Hillary?

  116. Johnw11 says:

    44blue  Great comment. Except if enough people vote for Stein, she will win. Moreover, victory is not limited to number of votes received, or receiving a key to an office, victory is when enough people get the knowledge and courage to say “no more business as usual.”
    I’m glad you posted, because I’ve been trying to inform readers here since the day Clinton announced her candidacy, that she is a dangerous threat to world peace and her erratic mind-set will inevitably lead to nuclear war.
    Ironically, she is running TV ads accusing Trump of being a nuclear war threat, when she is the one publicly calling for “no fly zones” against Russia, and falsely, or at most prematurely, accusing Russia of hacking DNC computers and interfering in “our” elections (it’s been proven that she stole the nomination — but it’s “our” elections according to her) with no evidence, in order to distract from the crimes and other under-handed dirt the email leaks revealed.
    Anyone can see she is setting up an excuse for war with Russia, by using the same category of lies Bush (who has endorsed her) used about WMDs. The only difference is, the world survived long enough to learn (those who didn’t already know) that Bush was lying. Unfortunately, that will not be the case when she attacks Russia. It’s the height of insanity!

  117. Johnw11 says:

    plcarter61 DelvinEdwards  John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, nor anyone else has denied that the emails are theirs. The only response they’ve emitted is to attempt to divert from the incriminating evidence the emails revealed by threatening nuclear war with Russia. So why are you denying the authenticity of the emails for them?
    Why you do support nuclear war? If you have a problem with living, then seek help. If you chose not to seek help, then that’s on you. But please, leave the rest of the world out of it.

  118. Johnw11 says:

    44blue Johnw11 CarolAlamanSanford  Thank you back.

  119. 44blue says:

    Watchful 44blue Hey, try this: JILL STEIN HAS REPEATEDLY ISSUED DIRE WARNINGS AGAINST VOTING FOR HILLARY. She has not done that to/for/against Trump.

  120. 44blue says:

    Maybe this isn’t the right thread, but Ijust came across this : (Huma the Moslem)

    Condaleeza Rice was an EMPRESS compared to Hillary, as Secretary of State!

  121. Watchful says:


    But that’s not what I asked. U specifically stated that she ‘UNENDORSED’ Hillary which led me to ask if she had ever ‘endorsed’ her to begin with.

    She would have to have endorsed her in order to ‘unendorse’ her. Kinda hard to ‘undo’ something u never did in the first place, don’t u agree?

  122. 44blue says:

    I just read this about rude, insulting Hillary and her Moslem aide, Huma.

    Condaleeza Rice was an EMPRESS Secretary of State compared to Secretary “Slovenly Hillbilly Hillary”!

  123. 44blue says:

    Condaleeza Rice was an EMPRESS compared to Secretary of State Slovenly Hillary and her Moslem girlfriend :

  124. 44blue says:

    Johnw11 plcarter61 DelvinEdwards AA little off point, but vaguely relevant.
    Condaleeza Rice was an Empress compared to that Slovenly Hillbilly and her Moslem aide, Huma.
    I didn’t agree with Rice’s politics, but she was a true class act IMHO.

  125. Jonny Wilder says:

    Keep not voting guys our grandparents and their parents did it. What a utopia it creates.

  126. Kenneth Beasley says:

    A so is trump supporters U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  127. Johnw11 says:

    SatchSeven1 Sir, I reviewed your profile of internet comments just to get a sense of your intelligence level. Most of your comments concern sports, and even then you don’t know what you are talking about.
    As much as I try not to, I cannot help but pity you. You are not intellectually qualified to participate in this discussion.

  128. Jay K. Nye says:

    Only retarded people “get played.” A lot of the problems we have in the world could simply be avoided via common sense.

  129. Rick Manigault says:


    One of many reasons I got on the Stein or die train.

  130. Rick Manigault says:


    Every one of those black men and women are victims, like slaves captured or born to a plantation master. The Clitnons were directly involved with the crack epidemic at a higher levels than all of those imprisoned black men combined. You forgive the Clintons, CIA, FBI and local police departments who shipped in all the drugs, but scumbag black teenagers deserve to be locked up.

  131. amirimizan says:

    What always gets me is why the presence of Trump made Hill look like a legitimate choice. We were and are so very bound up in binary thinking when voting. Both are bad choices. But notice how people who are economically secure play game: they play whoever runs. By economically secure, I really mean that they are more insular, insofar as the dollar turns many times in their community. Black dollars don’t. Had we gotten that together, Trump or Hillary would not have mattered because they’d be in the pocket. They both have a constituency of influence, and we needed to form a bloc as one of those, not as ones who are told to just show up on Side A or Side B. Either we grow our own leadership and send them to Washington, or leverage the hell out of the ones sitting in there already.

  132. MyreeWilliams says:

    you do realise, they’re all rich and cater to who gives them funding? and you can look up their networth.

  133. MyreeWilliams says:

    I actually just read somewhere that WikiLeaks work for our government-FBI and CIA , so I wonder who telling the truth.
    We don’t really have to worry about Russian Propaganda, America has been using propaganda on it own people for over 40yrs plus.

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