Obama Says Israeli Leader “Reminded Me” of Nelson Mandela

by admin | October 3, 2016 3:06 pm

Like Congressman John Lewis, President Barack Obama is appropriating the struggle of Africans for the benefit of white leaders.

Lewis staged a stunt on behalf of corporate Democrats in Congress and called it a sit-in. Now President Obama is denigrating the legacy of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Speaking at the funeral of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres on Friday, Obama likened the former head of state to Nelson Mandela. This was a curious comparison, considering that Mandela and South Africans have far more in common with the oppressed Palestinians than the oppressive Israeli state and its leaders.


Obama Says Israeli Leader “Reminded Me” of Nelson Mandela

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While Obama spoke glowingly of Peres, others had a different recollection.

From Counterpunch:[1]

Although he is remembered for his ordering of the bombing of a UN shelter in the Lebanese village of Qana[2] in 1996 – which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent people – the list of war crimes associated with his name[3] is as long as his career. He remained, until the very end a staunch supporter of the Israeli right-wing government’s wars on Gaza and the perpetual siege on that impoverished, forsaken region.

Even some political observers in Israel[4] have declared the country an apartheid state, while Secretary of State John Kerry was forced to walk back his comments likening Israel to an apartheid state. [5]

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