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October 3, 2016

Obama Says Israeli Leader “Reminded Me” of Nelson Mandela

Obama Says Israeli Leader “Reminded Me” of Nelson Mandela

Like Congressman John Lewis, President Barack Obama is appropriating the struggle of Africans for the benefit of white leaders.

Lewis staged a stunt on behalf of corporate Democrats in Congress and called it a sit-in. Now President Obama is denigrating the legacy of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela.

Speaking at the funeral of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres on Friday, Obama likened the former head of state to Nelson Mandela. This was a curious comparison, considering that Mandela and South Africans have far more in common with the oppressed Palestinians than the oppressive Israeli state and its leaders.


While Obama spoke glowingly of Peres, others had a different recollection.

From Counterpunch:

Although he is remembered for his ordering of the bombing of a UN shelter in the Lebanese village of Qana in 1996 – which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent people – the list of war crimes associated with his name is as long as his career. He remained, until the very end a staunch supporter of the Israeli right-wing government’s wars on Gaza and the perpetual siege on that impoverished, forsaken region.

Even some political observers in Israel have declared the country an apartheid state, while Secretary of State John Kerry was forced to walk back his comments likening Israel to an apartheid state. 

Watch the video below:

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529 thoughts on “Obama Says Israeli Leader “Reminded Me” of Nelson Mandela

  1. Darryl Cox says:

    Nelson Mandela? ROTFLMBAO!

  2. Shavon Lewis says:

    This negro has lost his mind.

  3. Rick Manigault says:

    War criminals of a feather.

    1. Charlotte says:

      At last, soeonme comes up with the “right” answer!

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    7. Simpla subzistenţa biologica nu mai este, se pare, motiv de revolutie. Cei care o vor face sunt cei care gandesc ca nu doar salariul dat pe mancare este important, ci pe acelasi nivel, sau poate mai important, se afla alte drepturi (educatia, sanatate, cultura, etc., toate gratuite). Oamenii protesteaza in prezent doar fiindca li se micsoareaza salariile, neobservand ca pe furis li se reteaza si din celelalte drepturi.

    8. Hilarious. It’s not a problem in my life now except weekends like this when I babysit our two youngest grandchildren aka The Adorables, aged 3 and 4. So today, I hear ya!

    9. Chris RobertsThe Prospect is especially indulgent of using a racist word. That the author of “In Praise of Dead Whit Men” is allowed to call Caucasians “whitey” shows the magazine’s indifference to inflammatory words and Johns’ regression back to the ghetto.  

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    13. The Obama campaign, and the Democratic party essentially have two choices: 1. They find a way to deflect and/or sink the Republican swiftboat armada, because you know they are not going to campaign on anything McCain stands for–they’d loose for sure, or 2. Get out of politics. Because the Republicans are shameless, ruthless, liars and cheats. They will stop at nothing to win.Off topic: Those word verification character sets are getting to be like an IQ test. Is that a “q” and a “j” or a “g” and an “i”? Ack! If this gets posted, I’ll have guess correctly.

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    1. Star says:

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    2. Escribe tu comentario Puedes usar las siguientes etiquetas HTML: <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong> var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : ‘red’, lang : ‘en’ , tabindex : 5 };   #submit {display:none;}

    3. Really? IMO, Jacob’s section was the most tolerable of everything in this book (disregarding that hideous labor sequence. ew). BD is a bucket of fail. I liked the wolf dynamics and the snark that Jacob and Leah shared…as well as Seth Clearwater as a character. I am NOT a Jake fan, by the way.Now that book 2’s finished I’m not going to read on.Edited at 2008-08-05 02:30 am (UTC)

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    28. After "Jimmy", "Bill" and "Al", do we really need a "Rick" in the White House? It's the most immature of men's names– boys' names, really. The eternal teenager.Now "Dick"– that's a real man's name…

    29. I know exactly your situation, tiny flat does not = ability to decorate exactly how you would and could if you had space (and funds, lol). I do love the bunting on the end of the bed and it now has me thinking of alternative uses for bunting!! cheers 🙂

    30. I am short. Shorter than you (5’1″ on a good day). I don’t particularly care about being short, as there are always stepstools, chairs, desks, or tall people to help me out. Plus, I have no problem getting into small spaces. Like Mer, I have the same problems with things built for average people – cars, pants, etc. My only problem is that since we shrink as we age, I may fade away into nothing…

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    27. I don’t know, but it seems to me that telling someone to get over shyness is like telling someone to get over being short. For many people, shyness is deep seated and paralyzing.That’s a really bad analogy. I can’t do anything to get taller. I can, however, learn how to make small talk.

    28. UPDATE: made it through checking in and security with no problems whatsoever. TSA agent was very helpful and professional. No pornoscan or probulation, just good old fashioned magnetometer…

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    34. Yay! A house post! 🙂 What beautiful things. I do feel rather inspired to dust off the fisheye camera and make something for my new place, it is rather neglected. I'm afraid I have no patience with film anymore, a shame because it is a dying art

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    40. Clot,I would settle for sealing, our borders, tossing out all illegals (regardless of race, national origin, or economic class), and making available transportation to the fields and orchards for those receiving assistance from the government and the taxpayer. Work in exchange for suppport. What a concept.

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    57. Angie, this looks fantastic – so rustic and delicious! I've never made a savory galette but would love to try a variation of your recipe here. Thanks for sharing!

    58. absolut tänkvärt!!!doftande pläd…hmmm lät lite skumt först, men varför inte?! den kan man ju ligga Ã¥ fisa under helt uten problem;)f´lÃ¥t…dÃ¥lig humor;)kram

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    60. Moved again?! As if you didn’t have enough going on already?! But I’m with you. A new (or new to you) house provides a clean slate and so many possibilities. And Will is still “walking like a duck” today. . . but to him, that means he quacks and flaps his “wings”. . . on his tippy toes!VA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…

    61. I would say I am probably close, between all of the dairy and yogurt and chicken. I don’t count exactly. I am eating about 2200 calories per day, so eating lean for me is the only way to get what I need.

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    63. There was a Christian group in the 90′s that was promulgating the weird lie that Hillary was a Lesbian. I guess add this to the literature of Feminist studies, Islamophobia+Homophobia mixing for a combustible cocktail of stupid mendacity.

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    71. Great info on Asian retirement communities and health care. I work with clients who downsize in the US and have witnessed the development of retirement living options. It’s interesting to see how China is dealing with this as they have an aging population and so many older folks. Plus with younger workers going off to the city, the family care-taker model, so prevalent in Asia, is crumbling

    72. People use Facebook to search for friends or Facebook groups already, not sure what else you would be searching for? If they created a search engine for the World Wide Web don’t see what they would be adding to compete with google to steal that much market share of search..Sounds like your a pretty big Facebook optimist though. Stock is up 25%?! Haha yeah maybe for 1 or 2 individuals that bought at $17.73 and it’s up to $22.86 now in less than a month, still down for majority of investors since $36 IPO. I hear the Dow Jones is up 110% since 2009 too

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    74. A beauty, that jacket! Still a bit too warm for my "furs" yet, though not conplaining :)Love the bag as well.I have a tummy ache…..gonna go now :)I hope to take a bike ride tomorrow and enjoy a local park and the ponds/ducks and such…..xxxx and an o !

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    81. I think the Stamp of approval idea suggested by Ian197635 at the top of the page is the best, the ratings system has become a bit irrelevant. If I didn't like a video, I won't rate it. If it's a subscriber video, I'll rate 5. Loads of people, I imagine do what I do.

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    11. I’m glad you went to Moldova because as you’ve been living in Romania since the last couple of months, it sounds so natural to visit Moldova as it is at Romania’s doorstep. The best thing is not many bloggers have made their way to Moldova, so taking a peek at this country through your photos is really interesting.

    12. This blog is vehemently anti-taxation yet you support bringing boat people in when they would cost millions in welfare, healthcare etc. A bit of a discrepancy there

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    20. Kathy, Dave doesn’t have a regular beard, but he’s not clean shaven. I had never dated anyone like that. They had a mustache or a beard but usually they were clean shavened.

    21. Toilets are decidedly unfeng shui. Squatting over a hole in the floor is all the rage anyway. Retro.I loved the soup. I bought the pumpkin a while back in anticipation. It was so easy. I needed that combo for some reason. I am making it again over the weekend with winter squash.

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    30. …you are stinkin cute…I could so picture you in those "Ho Shoes" now…singing Brass Monkey or Willie Nelson! This post totally made my day…thanks for the laughs, I so needed them.p.s. I wish we could change the Pod at night but our little guy wakes up in the middle of the night for finger pokes so no can do…but I wish it was an option for us:(

    31. Mike – Excellent post. It seems like my generation (myself included) often is willing to exchange real experience for an e-version of it. We have smaller attention spans and less of an ability to focus deeply than those of previous generations, and I blame the induced-ADD on the instant gratification that comes from a million TV channels, Facebook, Twitter and the like.

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    37. “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

    38. "breaks" which makes me think that there was more than one to base your judgment on – and if there were multiple line breaks matching another text that would seem to me to be a different kettle of fish – or words, or papyrus, or whatever. 🙂

    39. Also – while I don’t think this is a place to define ‘moderate’ suffice it to say that it is the center point between two extremes – a reactionary extreme and a revolutionary extreme – and yes there is such a place…

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    43. Francesa is a pompous jerk who purports to know everything when it comes to sports. His opinion is always right, so don’t disagree with him! Even when he gets something wrong (as he OFTEN does), he’ll spin his way out of his mistake.

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    45. i so hear you, kristin, about the baby cards. i often do what rebecca does, too. also, i’ve found the cheapie ones at target (like in their 99 cent specials) are often really simple and not sappy/pukey. i LOVE that vonnegut quote. maybe that will be my new baby card inscription. also, hurrah for another starred review. how awesome!

    46. Let me assure you…and, yes, I have insider info…this is one terrifc read! Don’t let that beautiful, smiling blonde on the cover fool you–she is one tough, dedicated heroine. Final Accounting is a fast-paced, layered suspense with a nicely balanced romance for you conneissuers of the genre. And the wonderfully depicted details of Jamaica are simply icing on the cake. Great read! Joelle

    47. man you guys who are saying fuck drake he’s bad and all this fuck you guys for real he said one thing in his song and yeah it might have not been respectful to tupac but he’s still a great artist he can sing and kill it on the mic so to you guys sayin he’s just a chorus yall some fucken idiots, just cuz he wasnt as big of a pac fan as he is of jay doesnt mean he isnt a good artist

    48. how many times can you make the same video!? This is like the 10th “haul” video I’ve seen by you. Just brew something already, ugh.11 minutes is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for a youtube video.

    49. America has become… “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” — Revelation 18:2 (KJV)

    50. Stone the sluts, and kill the first born son. Luckily that doesn’t happen today, but how do you feel about people who have done harm in the past and continue to do harm in the present? For example,death threats to gay or transsexual people. Even bulling them to the point of death, sometimes by the own victim’s hands or by the hands of the abusers.

    51. Boi..but I doubt it. It’s the only thing he hasn’t been doing within the last couple of years. If I was him (talent and all), I would’ve called out at least half the industry by now.

    52. Lots of Catholics vote Democrat for stupid hereditary reasons. They need to wake up and think. No American political party aligns perfectly with Catholic teaching. Politics and religion are two different things.

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    54. Åhh vad det låter gott med hallonsylt och av vildhallon som det är så mycket smak i. Fina färger du har på din balkong.

    55. Cute outfit! Love your past couple posts and can tell you are totally pumped and ready for this race! I would like to say good luck, but don’t think you’ll need it…luck is when preparation meets opportunity! You are prepared and the opportunity is here!

    56. I’m not sure if it’s cheating or not, but I don’t like it; and this is coming from someone who has recently started using loops in my tracks. Before, I used to compose and play everything myself and my tracks had great detail, variation and emotion. Then I went down the loopy road, and now my tracks sound mechanical, boring and without feeling. The problem is, im finding it difficult to compose how I did before.My suggestion would be to stay away from them, as it affects your creativity IMO.Mark.

    57. Very nice indeed! I used to keep mine in one of those boxes, but decided to "upgrade" to the plastic bobbins + metal clip ring. This backfired on me, because now they get unraveled, and I have a ring of messy, "hairy" threads all over the place. I might need to go back to the box organizing again.

    58. Hi Adi,Thank you for the answer. So almost 50 % of trafic of your media creation come from your sharing options ! that’s a very good score.I’m a little bit curious When they talk about your creations on TV, big pikes come from search engines or direct trafic ?That must be funny to see the keyword people have understood : do they remember the name of the product (trek yourself) or just what the product does (become mr spock).

    59. Thank you for this beautiful review of Cuir de Russie, Tara! It is one of the very few leather scents I adore. It is beyond elegant and sophisticated. I’m happy with the EdT though, the parfum would be a bit much for me…

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    62. En siste eller kanskje nest siste kommentar:)) Tenk sjakkspill..Hvilket omrÃ¥de pÃ¥ brettet er viktig Ã¥ erobre for spillerne..Flankene eller feltene i sentrum? Sentrum sÃ¥ klart!!! Men motstanderen vil alltid forsøke Ã¥ “underminnere” sentrumstrekk:))

    63. Ohhhh. Soo sweet! I so live our picnic lunches n blowing rock!!! Fresh air beautiful views no chairs t b forced t sit straight n. heck if u don’t like the cheese on ur sandwich the animals r happy t help! Glad u hv tasted the true pleasure of picnic lunches!!

    64. Asa-i…. e perturbata busola asta! Dar… daca avem grija sa o izolam bine impotriva perturbatiilor, daca invatam sa le privim in context, atunci… sansele de a vedea nordul adevarat sunt mai mari.

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    66. I’m beginning to suspect that alcohol & testosterone were factors in this cyst extraction. Could be wrong. Nice & cheesy payload. I betcha the “patient” was a tad sore the morning after. Good find datentime.Well-loved.

    67. No clear winner in Russia? Take a look at the numbers for LDPR and Just Russia! If this goes on, the flag will go from red-white-blue to white-black-gold. If you think Putin is bad, just wait until Zhirinovsky's goons try to run a country!

    68. a écrit ::la France, notre République est née dans le sang, que voulez-vousOui, et notamment celui de Louis XVI, des victimes de la Terreur, de la Vendée…Le sang impur, cela fait quand même un peu frémir. Je sais bien que la Marseillaise date d’avril 1992, avant le début de la Terreur, mais quand même.Cela dit je suis d’accord avec vous : il faut assumer, les ombres comme les lumières, et je n’aime pas trop les réécritures.

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    71. Yup, I know who Joey is and have been a fan for years…just haven’t had time to link up everyone….not enough time and there is simply too many cool people to link

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    75. We have been buying our beef and pork from local farmers and rancers at the Farmer’s Market. I like being able to buy small amounts instead of a quarter or half of a steer. I agree, if I can’t raise it myself, I’ll certainly support the local farmers and ranchers!

    76. In order to get it printed I think that you may need to add some colorful language. How about changing “residents of Jesusland” to “slutty residents of Jesusland” and change “bunch of very sorry Canadian wannabes” to “bunch of very sorry assholes”.Just a thought…

    77. That’s a good point Judy! We looked at all of United States, as ultimately that is what decides the final outcome. But it would be interesting to see the results from state to state.Simonas

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    81. Hoi Joop,Voor het gehele verhaal, kun je de inschrijfkaart downloaden, invullen en opsturen naar het adres wat op de site staat. Dan zul je de hele analoge blog thuis ontvangen waarin het hele verhaal te lezen is en word je op de hoogte gehouden over de expositie van mijn eindwerk.Het is niet verplicht, maar het zou fijn zijn als je 4 postzegels mee zou sturen omdat een analoog leven een stuk duurder is als een digitaal

    82. Curieusement, les fameux « ÃƒÂ©léments de langage » évoqués ne font jamais référence au camp de Hollande mais toujours à celui de Sarkosy.

    83. Dona, I am Ed Pasholk’s youngest daughter (and one of the Jack and Joan’s dozen). I just wanted to let you know that I will be going “Up North” tomorrow for the 4th (the first 4th without Aunt Marcia) I printed out what you wrote about her and the house building in Hazelhurst. I am sure the family will love it. I found your blogs by accident my husband and I were looking lakes in hazelhurst and I came across your blogs.

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    6. Absolutely agree, I had an Iphone and it caused me Soooo much grief. I don’t know how many times Itunes crashed my computer. the ringer stopped working on the phone, the rotate screen function stopped working. I got the HTC Raider a couple weeks ago and it does everything the new Iphone does AND i don’t need Itunes to load it with music and videos. I can say NOTHING bad about this phone, I love it. To HELL with Apple and its DAMNED Iphone!!!

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    14. Was soll ich sagen? Ich stimme euch mal wieder weitgehend zu, meine Meinung steht mal wieder ausführlich auf meiner Seite geschrieben. Der Film schafft es sicherlich auch in meine Top 5 des Jahres, ich bin nur nicht gaaaaaaaaanz so euphorisch wie ihr. Daumen hoch für das Arsis-Shirt! Ich dachte nur der Good Cop ist in der Richtung unterwegs.

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    17. I get panic attacks just thinking about being separated from my laptop. I’m a visual person so I save to my desktop too. A couple months ago I got a virus and luckily was able to save everything, but I still feel discombobulated by the whole thing.

    18. Love the shop and the fabrics… sorry to say I live in the State and am not eligible for a chance at your great giveaway… but I'll stop by

    19. vous confondez deux choses Lookfire : la rémunération d’un travail (bien qu’en en l’occurrence ici bénévole) n’ a rien à voir avec le droit d’auteur : on peut me payer pour prendre une photo, cela ne rémunère pas son droit d’exploitation ultérieur.

    20. Tina I think it is great that people need to be buzzed in after school starts. However I do also have a concern about Adventuretime. What about parents having a card that you have to use to open the doors. Just like teachers do when they need to get into the building. When I went to pick up my son the other day for a doctors appointment I had to be buzzed in but the office is half way down the hallway. Whoever gets buzzed in could just go wherever.

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    22. Fan vad fett av dig Jonna, beundransvärt! Jag känner Rasmus, och jag kan inte tänka mig någon som förtjänar att få åka mer! Killen är utöver en standup dude socialt engagerad och gör massvis för folk i sitt område!Nu fick du min röst med, 1154 kom från DK!Hoppas att fler som läser din bloggpost här tar sig den minimala tiden att rösta på Rasmus!

    23. I knew you’d find something new to add to your St. Paddy’s Day repertoire! These look great. Maybe I’ll make some and share with MIL who adores key lime anything. Shirley

    24. It's much simpler…you canceled AAR's best show Morning Sedition. This time you can find failure and fault my simply gazing into a mirror.

    25. Good post, Dave.So if an NBA team needs a SG, who might you recommend?As a Wolves fan, I’m very wary of the possibility we could end up with Gordon or Mayo. Let’s just say I’m really hoping for Beasley.

    26. Looks more like a floating, tacky, tasteless casino. A smarter thing to do would be to construct some super colony ship just in case things go to hell from global warming.

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    28. It is nice to see more and more people viciong their support for same sex marriage and equality for the LGBT community. The words in the editorial are very well written and very true!

    29. I agree traveling to new places can help you see your own neighborhood in a new light. Photographers are many times attracted to the exotic…of course what is exotic depends on where you come from!

    30. In most cases, it takes quite some gumption for a supplier to sue its present or future customer base!Though, where the genuine articles are so exclusive that the genuine and counterfeit customer bases don't overlap, the "real" customer would probably appreciate some enforcement action against those "gud" copies running around.

    31. A little over-the-top, David. Careful…you’ll lose credibility and get lumped in with the Warmocaust Collusionists, who think scientific observation is simply a matter of saying things like “oh, yeah, right!” and “puh-leeese!”

    32. I will start this challenge Monday September 6th………..I can remember years ago when I was off the sugar addiction….I felt good and never craved it…it is time to happen again.

    33. Suggerimento per qualcuno bravo: si riesce a leggere l'ora sull'orologio dell'amico? Stabilito quello, si può controllare se essa è compatibile con la posizione del Sole rispetto alla casa.

    34. Don’t we both?You don’t seem to be able to breath without having something bad to say about “The Atheist”.I just think that that is a direct cause of your creationist outlook, not sure if YE or OE, you are a bit circumspect about that one.

    35. disse:Oie. Na verdade queria comentar no post passado mas não sabia se vc leria. Amei sua tatuagem, sempre quis fazer uma, é uma coisa que me encanta, mas falta-me coragem, rsrs, enfim amei muito. Enquanto ao filme ainda não assisti, mas pretendo. Beijinhos !!!

    36. Am Sonnabend war die “Bild” im Briefkasten, am Montag der rote Umschlag. Der Postbotin ist nicht bekannt, dass es Ausnahmen bei der Zustellung gibt.

    37. April 18, 2011 at 7:22 amSerena,I wonder at times what m life would have looked life it had turned out the way I planned and it doesn’t take long to realize it probably woudln’t be very interesting. As you said you really never know what tomorrow will hold, and that’s just the excitement of the life we live. Reply

    38. I’m interested in very nice DP scene, but personally I hate scene’s where they make the chick gag because it always gives me the feeling of puking and that’s never a good feeling…unless you sick in the head.

    39. You lost me, friend. I mean, I imagine I get what youre saying. I realize what you are saying, but you just appear to have ignored that you’ll find some other persons inside the world who look at this issue for what it really is and may perhaps not agree with you. You may perhaps be turning away a decent amount of people who may have been followers of your site.

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    42. Funny that Brian should say that; I was thinking the other day about how interesting it was that so many folks al least from my generation (I was born in '77), listened to that older music. I'd think it hadn't changed that much with later generations, especially considering the folks I went to college with, born in the mid '80s, were listening to stuff like the Beatles, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top.BL and Dave, Metallica was my gateway drug. The Black Album, then Ride, Master and Justice, and later on I discovered Priest, Megadeth, Queensryche & Iron Maiden. And Motorhead too.

    43. Powerful story, you really gave her a voice with your photographs. Read Half the Sky, or watch the documentary. This is going on all over the world, and its time to raise awareness and put an end to it!

    44. hey killerAlways a pleasure to see that KU education displayed in public. Nothing much was expected of MU bball this season, it’s a young team. But…whoa boy, KU was going to win the whole thing, two times over. UNI and now VCU. That’s gotta hurt Mr. Entitlement. Killer, do you know what that means? Now why don’t you get back to what your school does best….Go 3-9 in the football season, launder dirty athletic directors and choke to double digit seeded teams. See you in the fall when Mizzou eats your football team for lunch…again

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  8. Sean Higgins says:

    Rich man walking…. Must have been all that cocaine he has been snorting.

  9. AnthonyAllen says:

    Obama what a clown. Glad hes out. Pretending to be a black man for 8yrs.

  10. MorganaLeFay says:

    I think that very few political leaders will survive the test when it comes to their foreign policy records. We are in an age of fashionable comparisons, with which I disagree. Peres should be judged on his own record.

    I would, however, question some of the statements here:

    1- “This was a curious comparison, considering that Mandela and South Africans have far more in common with the oppressed Palestinians than the oppressive Israeli state and its leaders.”

    In the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict, both sides are at fault for prolonging this conflict. It could and should have been on the path to ending at least 20 years ago.

    2-“He remained, until the very end a staunch supporter of the Israeli right-wing government’s wars on Gaza and the perpetual siege on that impoverished, forsaken region.”

    I strongly disagree with the current blockade of Gaza, but part of the poverty comes from the financial corruption of Hamas.

  11. romeoicq says:

    reminds me  More of the Racist Apartheid leader The Clerck

  12. Terrell Williams says:

    The POWER of Black Dollars can move mountains and change the course of mighty rivers… “The Birth of a Nation” will be a Theater Box Office SMASH this opening weekend and BEYOND! So turn off buffoonery black reality television, BET, & video game systems (Reduces Negro IQ Levels) and support this Film… And I better NOT catch anyone attempting to bootleg “The Birth of a Nation” in barbershops or anywhere else – BETTER NOT!!! Nat Turner is a Superhero that your children and grandchildren will treasure… See you in the movie theaters… Let’s go Black People!!!

  13. wiseoldsnail says:

    MorganaLeFay ah, so … in your estimation, palestinians are occupying parts of israel, eh?  and imprisoning israeli children … and using bulldozers to demolish israeli homes and orchards … and using u.s. drones and munitions to indiscriminately bomb israeli civilians … you’re a joke

  14. VivaHabbitVanAssen says:

    This man is pure fool every time he open his mouth. Just because he suck up the to Israel there is no way that statement is truth.  He just needs to speak from himself and stop trying to speak for Mandela he gone.

  15. MorganaLeFay says:

    wiseoldsnail None of those conclusions were made in my original comment. What I did say is BOTH sides are responsible for prolonging this conflict, and that it could and should have been on its way to ending at least 20 years ago. The Palestinians have done things to damage their cause, just like the Israeli’s. Indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel, terror attacks and continual refusal of peace offerings are no better than the Israeli side.

  16. wiseoldsnail says:

    VivaHabbitVanAssen israel is a criminal, and obama has, just like his predecessors, supported israel’s criminal activity by providing drones and bombs for the incessant indiscriminate bombing of palestinian civilians . both clinton and trump would continue the same criminal activity

  17. MorganaLeFay says:

    The issue is no way near that simple. Hamas were firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel, after which Israel responded in kind. The Palestinians in Gaza suffer disproportionately because of the densely populated area and aid money not being spent on defences. The key is, both need to find a resolution to this complex conflict: too many lives have been lost.

  18. 44blue says:

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  21. Either teachers are mobilizing and voting en masse, or there are bots voting for JenniferESL. Doubtful she has anything to do with that at all, but refreshing the page over the last few minutes has been unreal.

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  25. Yogamama, so sorry to hear about the bad Planet K experience. I was originally planning to attend the Tribal Jam in August; those plans have been scrapped, but I was considering going in either June or July for an R&R. I’m hoping maybe your sub par experience was due to the fact that you are highly enlightened now (through Yoganand and Holosync) and “above” the Kripalu you once knew…because I still look forward to going!

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  29. One more thing to reiterate:Assad’s forces are not alone in causing the bloodshed we see every day in Syria, but I do believe that in any context it is the responsibility of the state and the government to protect its people. Assad’s government has let go of that responsibility.

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  31. Wonderful card Vicky, love the 'ickle kitties and the black against the pastels look stunning. Ooh! I neeeed those nesties! Enjoy your crafty playtime hun and how nice to have the sun shining too. :o)Donna x

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  38. Dear Heather – You are so dear to me. It was a magical trip in so many ways. There will be a few more posts – so stay tuned. That was MY photo of the rainbow out my window that Cape Kidnappers put on its Facebook Page. Life is good this day. Love you,Evie

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  42. What a fun activity! We sometimes have stuff like this in our area in the fall, but not so much in the summer. Looks like she had a ton of fun!

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  56. What a wonderful post, Becky, and one that I so needed to hear! That is the perfect verse, too. This past year has been a tough one, and I admit that I've not always chosen peace and joy. But I am trying to do so right now! Thank you SO much for the sweet and gentle reminder:) Have a joy filled day!!!

  57. If its about Universals why are whites getting to be the universal?Yellow-face is racist. Anna Mae Wong, probably one of the best actors of her time was passed over for the leading role in the film adaptation of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. German actor Louise Rainer got the parts and won all sorts of awards for it. Heaven forbid that people with lived experience participate in the depiction of themselves. Perhaps directors fear it because white privilege would be challenged

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