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October 17, 2016

Michelle Obama is Your Class Enemy and Individual Striving Won’t Fix the Black Community

Michelle Obama is Your Class Enemy and Individual Striving Won’t Fix the Black Community

In this short video, Irami Osei-Frimpong breaks down exactly why we don’t have independent black media in this country and what’s wrong with the black media pundits we do have. He also provides a class analysis which explains why Michelle Obama is not your class ally. Here are the top three points from the six minute video, which appears at the bottom in its entirety:

1.) Our class enemy is not the broke racist white guy voting for Trump. It’s the banking lobby which pushes cities to close health clinics rather than renegotiate bonds.


2.) Michelle Obama is your class enemy. She talks about dreaming big, but then keeps her mouth shut when her hometown guts public education, harasses teachers and even closes the neighborhood school that her kids would go to if the Obamas deigned to go to non-selective enrollment public schools.

3.) We are broke and we are being poisoned and no amount of individual striving can substitute for having a government that works for us to guarantee public goods.

4.) Both Democratic and Republican establishment lobbyists pay black media to tell other black people not to organize to make claims on the government regarding public goods.

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35 thoughts on “Michelle Obama is Your Class Enemy and Individual Striving Won’t Fix the Black Community

  1. Watchful says:

    While I agree with much of what Mr.Osei-Frimpong had to say, I wish we as a ppl, would get away from what I feel r meaningless and useless labels and terms, such as – left/right – liberal/conservative – which I feel have really done, little to nothing, to aid us in our plight to gain true justice and liberation.

  2. 44blue says:

    Yep. She took all those trips with entourages, to talk about girls’ education. Didn’t go talk about that in any American inner cities, though, did she? She cares about buying new clothes, bringing rappers to the White House, and generally making the taxpayers resent her and the consumerists she surrounds herself with. Her lunch program is a disaster, like Obamacare.

    Remember her scowling face as she held up a #BringBackOurGirls sign? That was so fake it was surreal!  Did she think Boko Haram was doing Twitter?
    2 1/2 years later, 23 girls have been returned in exchange for 4 terrorist prisoners, and “Moochy”  had nothing at all to do with that.
    She’s like Hillary; cares about herself and to H-ll with the universe!

  3. 44blue says:

    Watchful Yes. They mean nothing anymore.

  4. Gusella Mariam says:

    Michelle Obama is the enemy of no one.

  5. Quaneshia Holden says:

    This ain’t whatchu want. Don’t use her for clickbait

  6. Johnw11 says:

    Great video. It correctly argues that there must be what I call a “war on political ignorance” in Black America. Blacks have no major television or radio media that seek to inform Blacks about political decision-making, keeping the Black masses of all socioeconomic levels ignorant and continuously behaving against their personal and collective best interest. Politics is presented as episodes of “American Idol” or “Dancing With The Stars,” where personality — and not policies of delivering goods and services — are prioritized.
    No Black person, except the semi-elites (their family and friends) who are actors in the “great game of deception” ever benefit.

  7. Karen Baylis says:

    “Class enemy”, what a ridiculous thing to say!

  8. Johnw11 says:

    It should be common sense that what the media present as Black leadership is not working out for African Americans.
    Consider this analogy, or example: A tour group gets lost in the forest. It took them two hours to get lost, but they’ve been trying to find their way out for ten years. If it only took two hours to get lost, it should take a similar amount of time to find their way out, if they’d simply walk back in the opposite direction they walked to get in. But they’ve been following a self-appointed leader for ten years.
    At what point does someone realize that the “leader” is either deliberately leading them in circles, or is as lost as they are? It has to be one or the other.

  9. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  What do you mean by the terms  “left / right- liberal / conservative” have done or nothing to help us ‘gain true justice and liberation’?

  10. Watchful says:


    I mean just what I said, John … those terms have served no useful purpose in helping us gain true justice and liberation. All they do is serve the white supremacists who use them to divide and conquer the masses by persuading u to align urself with one ‘side’ or the other instead of focusing on the true culprit which r those in power who control and play both sides against the other while neither side gains any true power. When r we gonna wake-up and realize that?

  11. BreakingBrown says:

    Obviously no one watched the video. Carry on.–yc

  12. Langston Collin Wilkins says:

    The Kool-Aid is just too sweet I guess

  13. Ronald Towns says:

    So my question is exactly what have you done for black people besides run your mouth and spit venom on Michelle Obama

  14. Shamar James says:

    They emotional cuz all they see and perceive is Michelle is being insulted

  15. Willie Daniels says:

    Why this title? “Michelle Obama” really? A different title saying what the video is about could have work. But, I haven’t seen a word in the comment about this, Both Democratic and Republican establishment lobbyists pay black media to tell other black people not to organize to make claims on the government regarding public goods. do a story about that.

  16. Kevin Smith says:

    LOCAL VOTING!!!! get out and VOTE!! you see Ferguson they had no blacks in city government now council representing city

  17. Oscar Gray says:

    Who cares that’s a negro for you downing another black person,boogie stay in your lane

  18. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I hope this reply goes through. Apparently, some of the trolls have gone and snitched to the “Russians” that we’re talking about them (LOL). And the “Russians,” being worried about Black voter turn-out and all (LOL) have hacked my PC to prevent my criticism of Clinton who wants to start a nuclear war with them.
    But what I was trying to say is it would be great if everyone understood that the status quo is ripping-off everyone. But that failure to do so in and of itself, has not prevented what you described as “justice and liberation” for Blacks. There is no supportive evidence that  realization of that fact by those who need to realize it (not Blacks) will  lead to the outcomes you described, even if that realization would result in a mass “class” movement. Why? Because in the final analysis, class does not take precedence over race in “intergroup” values and activities. The only context in which class takes precedence over race, is in “intragroup” values and activities.
    At least that’s what I see when I observe the world.

  19. Dawn Gibson says:

    Why is it ridiculous?

  20. Watchful says:


    I don’t believe I mentioned anything about ‘class’, John. I was just saying that the terms I had mentioned r useless to our efforts to achieve true justice and liberation, which I would hope would be what most of our ppl r striving for. I don’t even get caught up in terms like ‘class’ either, which I view as just another term used to divide us. You know, like, one ‘class’ against the other, or one ‘class’ is better than the other. The only ‘class’ that should matter, IMO, is the ‘ruling class’, against which we should all be working together to eradicate.

  21. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful But how can you not be talking about “class”?  I’m having a bit of a problem understanding your point.
    If the beliefs / ideas people have that place them in categories such as “conservative” and “left / right – liberal”  etc., are what’s, in your point, keeping people from recognizing that they are being ripped-off by a common source (“the ruling class”), then on what basis would they form universality (commonness of cause) if not class?
    Moreover, the varying social beliefs that place people in the categories referenced, are not themselves “class” specific. Some in the ruling class are also “conservative” and “left / right-liberal” based on the criteria that define the terms. So are most in the “ruled” classes. So, just as class does not over-rule, it also does not over-rule ideology.
    And what does that have to do with “justice and liberation” for Blacks? Unless you are arguing that an overall class consideration would bring “justice and liberation” to Blacks, because racists would stop being racists and just focus on achieving class equality regardless of race? Such a thing, of course, is historically unprecedented.
    But if that’s not what you’re saying, then your point is lost on me. Because Blacks had nothing to do with the origin or socio-political maintenance of these terms or the mindsets they define. Therefore, Blacks role in them as regards to “justice and liberation” is beyond my comprehension.

  22. Watchful says:


    Ok, tell u what, John … if using terms like ‘left/right’ – ‘liberal/conservative’ – ‘upper class’ – ‘middle class’ – and ‘lower class’, work for u, then, by all means, use them. I’ll do my best not to.

    How’s that? : )

  23. Watchful says:


    Ok, tell u what, John … if using those terms works for u, then by all means, use them. I, on the other hand, won’t. 

    How’s that?  : )

  24. Watchful says:

    Seems there’s some type of glitch that’s preventing some of my posts from showing up. Oh well.

  25. Watchful says:

    That’s weird, now one the post just showed up. LOL

  26. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful  Now I understand fully. Thank you, very kindly.

  27. Watchful says:


    U’re more than welcome, my friend. : )

  28. Johnw11 says:

    Watchful I meant I understand that you, I, and everyone else have options of terms to use.
    To the extent that I understand your point which prompted the dialogue, it is more the result of my interpretation than your explanation.
    But I’m good with that.
    Until next time, take care, my friend.

  29. Watchful says:


    Well, whatever helps u reach a clearer understanding is ok by me, my friend. : )

    U take care, too.

  30. hgosborne says:

    This is an excellent point. We can agree the First Lady is affable, attractive, accomplished, etc. yet she is not an advocate of the middle class (or below) by far. While I too enjoy the imagery of the black first family occupying the white house, it does not exempt the President from being held to account. I just wish that we as a community exercised greater concern about the welfare of our elders and children via political aggression as opposed to being overly protective of the Obamas…they’re going to be alright, they’ve seen to that.

  31. tipp2 says:

    Why can’t we take constructive criticism?  When a Black person says something about another Black person i.e. Michelle Obama etc. and its so blatantly true.   Why don’t you just question it and stop saying we JUST pick on and criticize/talk bad about that person.  We should be able to discuss our views on a person and try to see if that person is for us or against us.  YES, we need real Black Independent Media who will inform us of the truth.

  32. surzekif says:

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  33. shbkyn45 says:

    When Michelle and Obama went out on the campaign trail for racist Hillary, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  
    A first time we have ever seen a first lady out campaigning for a presidential candidate.  Oh please.  Even if they were paid, they still sold their 
    image as poor money hungry African people, even the first lady and out going 1st African presidnet.  They really embrassed me.

    Point two, the establishment that controls charter schools, (for profits) was one of Obama’s campaign finance contributors, therefore, when they told them to jump they jumped for obviously reason, they were Hillary’s finance supporters as well.   Oh please.

  34. wuhanarig55 says:

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