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October 6, 2016

“I’m Afraid He Would Put a Bunch of Blacks in Leadership”: Ga. Politician Sorry, Not Sorry for Racial Remark

“I’m Afraid He Would Put a Bunch of Blacks in Leadership”: Ga. Politician Sorry, Not Sorry for Racial Remark

A Georgia politician is defending himself after being recorded making racially offensive remarks.

Douglas County Commission Chairman Tom Worthan made the comments during a festival at the courthouse. The man with whom Worthan was speaking, Mark Dodd, was recording the conversation using a cell phone in his shirt pocket. Dodd supports black candidates like Tim Pounds running for office.


Fox 5  provides a portion of the recording:

Dodd: What are we going to do if Pounds wins and that girl wins? What’s going to happen? Be honest?


Worthan: Probably going to have to pack up and get out of here you know?


Dodd: I mean what’s going to happen? Be honest. It’s just me and the lamp post.
Worthan: Well, do you know of another government that’s more black that’s successful? They bankrupt you.”


Dodd asked again about sheriff candidate Tim Pounds.


Dodd: If Tim was to get it, what do you think would happen?


Worthan: I’m afraid he would put a bunch of blacks in leadership positions.


Worthan: I’d be afraid he’d put his black brothers in positions that maybe they’re not qualified to be in. So I’d feel more comfortable with Mike Barnhill myself.

To make matters worse, Worthan offered only a semi-apology.

Worthan said he apologized “to anybody that I might have hurt their feelings” and says he has Black and Hispanic friends.

Watch the video below:

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23 thoughts on ““I’m Afraid He Would Put a Bunch of Blacks in Leadership”: Ga. Politician Sorry, Not Sorry for Racial Remark

  1. Chevas Samuels says:

    I cannot fathom living my entire life thinking that way.

  2. Kent Adrian says:

    So wut he mad …this and read it ..white fear of us ruling them so they kill us hands up or not.

  3. Terrell Williams says:

    The POWER of Black Dollars can move mountains and change the course of mighty rivers… “The Birth of a Nation” will be a Theater Box Office SMASH this opening weekend and BEYOND! So turn off buffoonery black reality television, BET, & video game systems (Reduces Negro IQ Levels) and support this Film… And I better NOT catch anyone attempting to bootleg “The Birth of a Nation” in barbershops or anywhere else – BETTER NOT!!! Nat Turner is a Superhero that your children and grandchildren will treasure… See you in the movie theaters… Let’s go Black People!!!

  4. MD Matlock says:

    Not qualified lol… Meanwhile trump is not qualified for the presidency, but I bet he’s voting for him. Some of the smartest people in the world were and are black! That thinking is why they need to leave!

  5. Alvin Brice says:

    How do he think black Americans have been feeling when they were putting unqualified whites in those positions for hundred of years? Could it be that Karma is coming to bite him in his ass?

  6. Alley Catt says:

    Racism is still alive

  7. Eric Alexander says:

    U mean like bush’s son’s?

  8. Barbara Fair says:

    He’s simply voicing how others feel. Trump is giving them all permission to come out the closet .

  9. Vick McLean says:

    White dude has a point black Democrat “pocketicians” will destroy a city need any proof cause i got it!

  10. Vick McLean says:

    No hes afraid that Black”pocketicians” will create the same hell holes they have in cities like chicago.. he has a point

  11. Bobby Duce Love says:

    na he scared of blacks

  12. Bobby Duce Love says:

    not literally. ..scared of our power..melanin

  13. Denise Everhart says:

    Yet unqualified whites have always been placed in position. ARE YOU SERIOUS

  14. Mariota Benga says:

    Like all races do. ESPECIALLY white people who are in a better position to do so. That fear is real

  15. Joseph Harris says:

    Trust and believe this is the mentality of many lawmakers to this day this fool just got caughtU0001f601U0001f601U0001f600U0001f609

  16. Lisa Wilmore says:

    What makes him automatically qualified? #Loser

  17. Sandra Howze says:

    Vick McLean, whites run Chicago. So neither you nor he has a point.

  18. Bobby Duce Love says:

    lol aont that wat we just said? whites run everything out of fear lolol

  19. Vick McLean says:

    Sandra take a look at city council of Chicago nuff said or are you blind its plenty of Blacks many whites as well but all members are “Democracks”

  20. Johnsprtman11 says:

    Wow! We all know that Mark Dodd can never be trusted again. Mark Dodd is total garbage.

  21. tanya30134 says:

    Not voting for this scumbag!!

  22. revmarymartin says:

    “That girl” is also telling, revealing another white male with a superiority complex.

  23. 44blue says:
    Sometimes people do get jobs which they are not willing to do.  Racial quotas can create sick environments.

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